Google Blackballs URL at Whim?

"I did it because I could." Former President Bill Clinton

From the company with the mission statement, Do No Harm.

"Mr Walker also defended Google's decision to allow the Chinese government to restrict content on the Google search engine in China, saying there was a balance to strike between such control and the spur to free speech and reform offered by the availability of the content that remained." . . . read more

Yet six years later nothing has changed, Google shutting down Conservative Blog

Google tosses Democracy out the Window, sees small sites as "Rubbish!" Google says don't worry. Google will determine what small sites are valuable!

Author of Google series: "Oh, I didn't mean to blaspheme Jesus."
Compliments, if you want to call it that, of Google Author's series.
Google Author Series - the "Do No Harm" company

Author says to Google employees when showing the above video, "People are a little sensitive but I can't understand why," while Google employees laugh.

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Suddenly we were invited back on Google's search engine in August of 2005, and we thank the billion-dollar company. But why was our URL removed for three months after writing a letter of complaint to Google's PR manager, along with our URL registration being deleted soon after we lodged this complaint on our Web site?

You decide.

We wrote an e-mail to the PR manager of Google, David Krane, during the first week of May 2005 complaining that while Google had allowed an ad to be run by the DNC against a leading Republican Senator accused of possible misuse of lobby funds, Google would not allow a counter ad to be run with identical copy paid for by, only the name changed in the ad to the lead Democrat in the Senate . . . this individual clearly proven to have accepted similar funds for personal travel, many newspapers holding back these stories.

Rightmarch had asked people on its e-mail list to write to Google about this obvious bias, their providing a contact list to a few of Google's key managers.

We saw this act by the DNC as the pot calling the kettle black. But we were more disturbed to read in earlier news reports that Google's employees only donated political funds to the DNC.

To prove that the media itself is biased like Google, many outlets refusing to print stories that offend its left agenda to sway and taint opinions, you probably were never allowed to read about this story on Google's bias unless catching it on an independent news site such as the Drudge Report.

In this same e-mail, we also complained that our URL would never come up when the words "freedom is knowledge" were typed into the Google search engine for a test. Yet other URLs, such as "freedomofknowledge," would quickly come up in that Google search, our checking beyond 25 pages.

While Mr. Krane did not respond to our e-mail in writing, he did respond behind closed doors. A few days after we sent our e-mail, suddenly we saw search words that used to bring up our URL in Google no longer worked.

We checked other search engines that did not use Google's service, and our URL still came up in their searches with words we knew would be unique to our URL. In fact, our URL came up within the first two pages on these searches.

We had followed the suggested guidelines of Google for Webmasters, such as proper meta tag copy, no frames on the homepage, search text copy on the homepage page, along with proof that our URL was in fact registered with Google using their own test.

Knowing freedom really is knowledge, we were very disturbed to see one of the world's top search engines biased in their searches . . . a very dangerous event to a free society and for an Internet that was supposed to be free from control by arrogant corporate suits.

You think you're getting all the information gleaned from the Web, only to discover your search for information is being censored by watching eyes at Google for its political gain. We had no idea Google was filled with this much abuse of power until it happened to our URL

If Google can stop a specific URL from appearing in a search, they are in effect saying in search results that a URL does not exist on the Web. Think of it as if a publisher had removed words from a dictionary that offended its political agenda.

With American citizens running around today with too few patriots among them, they have become like cattle too easy to move around the ranch while never challenging what they are being fed. Google has obviously learned that Americans who are fat, rich, and lazy can be easy targets for abuse as they graze.

One of our professional contacts has told us they have heard complaints from other Webmasters concerning Google's bias, but Google being a private company, not much can be done to Google's billionaires.

We wrote a second e-mail to Krane a month later, asking why Google was scrubbing our URL from its searches. Again we received no reply.

So we put up a simple page when surfers came to our URL from other sources such as, informing them that our URL had been blackballed by Google.

Within a week, our test for our site being registered on Google also failed. If you thought the Web was free from censorship, you were wrong. If you thought control of public relations and manipulation of ideas, such as mastered by the Third Reich was a thing of the past, you are wrong. They've just gotten better at it.

You would think freedom-of-speech media-types would be concerned that the largest search engine in the "free" world would be blackballing small sites behind closed doors. We e-mailed our complaint, with a test to prove our point, to a local radio station that promotes citizens to"Standup," but they didn't our receiving no interest or reply.

And we e-mailed the same to the O'Reilly Factor on FOX, to the Scarborough Country on MSNBC, to the Republican Lawyer's Group at Harvard, to our state's congressional Senator, the Honorable Elizabeth Dole, and a second complaint to Google, asking the basis for their blackballing our URL. We even sent a registered letter to RightMarch's CEO,William Greene, concerning our support for his organization had gotten our URL blackballed by Google.

Not one responded to any of our correspondences.

Finally, we see we're not the only ones having a problem with Google's Enron-like ethics, Microsoft in July 2005 feeling their arrogant bite, too.

And in May of 2004, the New York Times was already on top of this asking in a headline that read, "Is a Do-Gooder Company a Good Thing." The article asked the question . . .

"But will Google be able to adhere to its famous corporate ethos, "don't do evil," with its role as the Internet's chief gatekeeper bolstered by the several billion dollars a stock sale is expected to raise? Supporters and critics alike agree that the public would do well to scrutinize the effects of Google's outsize influence, whether or not it adheres to its promises of trustworthiness?"

Obviously the public isn't, and the media won't. Our experience shows that everyone seems to have been "Googlized," as if deaf and dumb through an alien abduction. Hopefully, the word will finally get out.

One professional who knows the truth said it this way:

I’m sorry to burst the bubble about Google and its “Don’t Do Evil” motto. Google has the power to block certain websites at its whim and does.

If a Web site is on the wrong side politically or in some other way (at Google’s discretion), the Webmaster may wake up one morning and find all references to the URL and key words to that site on Google wiped away like magic. Suddenly the site no longer exists in cyberspace unless someone searches through another engine such as AlltheWeb.

It’s a well kept secret and especially unfortunate since Google made this statement in the NY Times, 5/2/04: “Searching and organizing all the world’s information is an unusually important task that should be carried out by a company that is trustworthy and interested in the public good.”

The company that “should be…” is not.







"Freedom is Knowledge"