Letter to The Honorable Governor Schwarzenegger


July 12, 2008

Dear Honorable Governor Schwarzenegger:

I read in the news today that you were upset with President Bush for not accepting global warming being caused by human interaction. 


I have a suggestion for you to check out detailed research on global warming, and it's in your own state just a few hours’ drive to the south.

John Coleman, a straight talking certified weatherman, who developed cable's Weather Channel and ran it for eight years, is right down the road from you in San Diego.  He started reporting the weather in Chicago and worked his way up to the national networks, later developing and running cable's Weather Channel with a scientist friend, who now runs the Web site "Ice Cap."


John had recently reported that when he saw Al Gore's report he went ahead and tried to duplicate Gore's studies with other scientists.  But after a year, his research could not support Al Gore's findings all though he said he tried again and again. 

It was then he discovered all the hate mongers that were attached to the global warming effort and Al Gore, seeing his friends that agreed with him fearing for their academic careers if they openly sided with John's findings.  He then realized Al Gore's mission had nothing to do with global warming but instead personal gain.

As you know, Al Gore has increased his wealth over global warming investments and John Coleman has not.  Gee, that should say tons about global warming being green in the accumulation of money and in not saving the planet.   Corporations have joined this cash cow, trying to turn global warming into green profits for themselves.  The magazine, Fast Company, called it "Green Washing" because 99% of the promotions they checked into had nothing to do with new ideas to slow down the [faux] global warming concept.

But if you really are the characters you played in all those faux movies, then go down and sit with John Coleman and have a chat in southern California.  John is a stand-up American who simply speaks what he knows.  The weather!

If you can convince John to follow Al Gore and his political drama, let me know and I will tap my red shoes together and believe again in the Yellow Brick Road.

Meanwhile, you can look at my Web page global warming hype.  I started this single page on my hobby site when over a year ago a friend of mine in Canada said he could find only stories on Google searches that supported global warming by humans with little debate listed in the early opening pages to challenge it.  

I reminded him that he should have expected those results since Al Gore was on the board of directors at Google.  I then told my Canadian friend I would search the Web on my own, and the page below was born with now over 280 direct links to other views on global warming, such as maybe it’s being caused by the sun and earth's natural cycles.


You will also find on this page a link I discovered by accident to a serious and real Communist connection with global warming.  I did research into a group that completed a sit-in at NOAA's headquarters about a year ago, which asked NOAA's director to resign.  I investigated the Web for the name of the leader that headed the group and ran into his and his friend's early writings on the Web in 2000, which focused on Communist ideas in running a world without borders.  At the time the writings had nothing to do with global warming, but obvious a perfect mission today to complete their goals.   I published the writings on this same link on my site, their link suddenly disappearing a few months ago.


If you say you are in connection with radicals like these in global warming, then maybe you really are the Terminator . . . you know the bad guy that doesn't give a damn about humanity and only the mission.

Let me know how your conversation goes with John Coleman, since I believe you really need to hear what this great American has to say about his personal studies into global warming.  If you don't meet with him, then I guess you really are the real Last Action Hero.

The Last Action Hero

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"Freedom is Knowledge"