Heidi Cullen, Al Gore, Hollywood Celebs, and Radical Secular Progressives want YOU to buy these bulbs TODAY in the name of Global Warming!

We say, "Derail this train before it poisons us all. Let's aim our efforts at LEDs."

You must manage this product when it comes into your home in accordance with EPA disposal laws.  Click on the photo to read all 26 pages.

One broken bulb pushes contamination to 300 times EPA limits
"Poisonous vapor so bad, researchers recommend families no longer use CFLs"
- Aug

"Here's my sad collection of bulbs that didn't work," said Karen Zuercher, displaying a cardboard box of worthless glass. Of 16 CFLs she purchased at Costco, Zeurcher reported one didn't work at all and three died within hours – not the 10,000 hours the package promised . . . read more


Lights Out: Government Making War on the Light Bulb?

Liar, liar, Pants of Fire - Hide CFL bulbs from your children!

The health of Americans is based on political correctness, not on common sense. When someone stepped on a CFL bulb, look what happened to their body.

Duh, they're bad products! . . . Read More


Yet the political correctness continues . . . Read More


Notice something about this replacement, compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) that progressives such as Dr. Heidi Cullen don't want to talk about over at the Weather Channel? Heidi just keeps on gushing about its benefits, pushing viewers to buy CFL bulbs in the name of global warming as if nothing is wrong with the product.

Even the local Gannett newspaper, when comparing these bulbs to standard ones for its readers, failed to mention the fact that these CFLs contain a dangerous chemical. So what are Progressives failing to warn users about, CFLs potentially being required for lighting around the American home when standard bulbs are forced from the marketplace around 2012?

Their wonder CFL bulb contains life changing Mercury.

That's why, as seen in the above photo, the warning label on the back of the bulb's packaging demands, "Manage in Accordance with Disposal Laws." OUCH!

Go now to www.lamprecycle.org to discover how you, the consumer, is supposed to handle these bulbs once their life span has been reached in your home. You can also add this to the warning. Don't ever break one. Because if you do, the government doesn't want you to put the pieces in the garbage. They will want you instead to recycle it as a product that contains dangerous Mercury.

So what is it about Mercury when the CFL's container has been compromised? Its vapors can float around the air in your home. That's all! Read the EPA language about the dangers of Mercury, the link located at the bottom of this page, when the chemical is free to enter our breathing environment.

Of course, consumers are not going to want the government to know they have tossed a worn or broken CFL with Mercury into the home garbage can. So for those who want us to buy these CFLs by the dozens, we ask the following question:

"When all these hundreds-of-millions of bulbs hit the landfills over the next ten years, how are you going to protect us from the Mercury that will either seep down in our water supply or be forced into our air as huge earth movers rearrange the garbage in the landfill?

Oh, I forgot. No one wants to talk about it."

CFL proponents will laugh at the above statement, saying that if large amounts of uncycled CFLs hit landfills across the nation the mercury damage to the environment wouldn't be more than what comes out of coal plants now, labeling doubters as if those who believed in flying saucers and abductions. What? I thought these small emissions of mercury were why humans were supposed to be getting rid of coal-fired plants in the first place. And of course, the proponents don't want to talk about the green, as in money, that their heroes such as Al Gore make off of the global warming chaos.

While Gore flies around in private jets, do you think he has ever considered the inventory of the thousands of manufactured parts that make up just one of these airplanes and the pollution created by their very construction? Of course he has. That's why he doesn't seem to care about the electricity used at his Tennessee home, either, or the idling of those limos as they wait outside for "His" presence.

We suspect that other wealthy radical progressive, (do you know of any poor ones), such as Gore have already invested money into the stock market in companies that produce these CFLs, eager to have you purchase them in massive quantity to increase the price per share. How convenient, eh? That, of course, increases their personal wealth as consumers follow their advice as if senseless lemmings, buying the CFLs in the the tens-of-millions at local stores across the country.

It reminds me of the nutty TV images shown in the 2007-2008 VISA ads, humans posed as hungry purchasing machines that have nothing better to do with their lives than use their VISA cards to buy, buy, buy, buy, buy!

But we say "No," and instead recommend American industry invest in LED lights over the next few years to begin to replace the standard home light bulb, maybe even being able to run 100% off of future on-site solar panels. If CFLs were not becoming available in such large numbers pushed by governments via radical activists as they are today, the LED light development would be streaming forward. But with investors like Al Gore already making his millions off of global warming, the true light source that will change our world is being compromised. LEDs could give out more light over more time with less energy than standard CFL bulbs without the fear of later adding mercury to the environment that would equal today's "lower coal plant emissions."

Brightstar - 100W Directional Equivalent!

Starlight - 9.5W Consumption, 60W incandescent light output. Usable as an outdoor floodlamp (250 Lumens)

Note: This product was selected by Freedom as Knowledge, without remuneration of any kind, as an alternative to CFL lighting,; silly bulbs that contain dangerous Mercury promoted by Al Gore, his henchmen, and previously the Weather Channel. The Weather Channel's original creator, John Coleman, has reported his former creation has left its original mission to separate weather reporting from politics.

LED's, not CFL's, are the Future of Lighting!

Replacing one of your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents can save about $30 of power over the lifetime of the bulb.

The new LED light bulbs are tons brighter, don't flicker, don't require special handling, and last fifty times longer than incandescents! What's more, they use even less energy than fluorescent bulbs.

The Bright Star bulb puts out as much light as a 100 watt bulb, but uses only one-tenth the power. Plus, it can burn for 11 years!

All told, factoring in the cost of bulbs, that's an estimated savings of $430 throughout the life of the bulb.

Sure, they cost more than a normal bulb. But because they last so much longer and save so much more in electricity costs, they more than make up for it in less than a year's usage . . . read more for available LED lights for the home.

MORE - See September 2010 Article in Popular Science Magazine, Updating Edison

Finally, a few sites we came across are also bringing up complaints from users that CFLs can irritate people whose lives have already been compromised with migraine headaches. If you have ever had one of these attacks, you know how they can totally immobilize you.

One site read:

"If you're prone to migraines or if you have epilepsy or lupus, energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs may be your enemy and not your energy-saving friend. Why? Because a recent study done in the U.K. has shown that these bulbs may increase migraine occurrences, trigger seizures and cause physical pain in those who suffer from lupus."

This stuff all comes down to one source, and it directly relates to the global warming hysteria.

The most disturbing thing we have heard related to global warming is that this PC train is trying to run over a lot of people while starving out technology that would be cheaper, better, and more environmentally safe than CFLs, as mentioned above. Just the fact of putting Mercury into landfills should make people angry enough to take their PC politicians and kick them back to where they came from, shove them into their private homes, lock the doors, and throw away the keys.

Humans have learned the sad lesson of Nazi Germany and what political correctness can do when moving mass populations, changing humans into cattle that are made to stampede no matter what the damage. Any politician, such as Al Gore, that allows his followers to threaten the livelihoods of those in the scientific community, simply because they disagree with his findings, falls into that category of hate born of those who led the hysteria of the Third Reich.

At best Al Gore could be categorized as a dangerous self-serving capitalist, who has put his money into technology that he's now trying to force upon the rest of the world. At worst, he is not much different that a passionate Nazi saying, "My interests are only in the Fatherland."

Some of his radical followers, the ones who had wanted to spread soot all over the earth's poles in the 1970s, say today they want to put people in jail who disagree with them when the cities flood. How about hanging a bunch from the nearest light pole when the cities don't flood, like maybe should have been done forty years ago when they were screaming about global cooling.

These out-of-control activists are not just nuts. They're dangerous to your life and the lives of your families.


EPA warning concerning the Mercury in Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

"The report found that anthropogenic emissions of mercury to the air rival or exceed natural inputs. Recent estimates place the annual amounts of mercury released into the air by human activities at between 50 and 75 percent of the total yearly input to the atmosphere from all sources.

Some of the air emissions are deposited on land and water within several hundred miles of the source. The remainder enters global circulation, from which it may be deposited on land or water at great distances from the source. Mercury deposited on land or water may be re-emitted and reenter the global circulation to be redeposited

When mercury enters water bodies, either through direct deposition or through run-off of mercury deposited on land, a series of transformations occur resulting in conversion of some of the mercury into a methylated form which is more toxic and more conducive to bioaccumulation in fish."

Read the complete 26 page .pdf document.




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