Date: August 6, 2012

Boobs, Clowns, & UFOs

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About a decade ago, I was researching the Internet looking for a retirement home for an anticipated move from New Jersey to Western North Carolina in late 2003.

The puff pieces written for seniors gave images of panaoramic mountain views, landscapes dotted with gated communities, golf courses, and famous resorts surrounded by a land filled to the brim with waterfalls.

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They wrote about low taxes and conservative small towns sitting on back roads filled with antiques and aroma-filled restaurant, listing a diversity of artists and annual events buried in 23 counties of tree-filled valleys across the state's western reaches. It was all candy wonderment for tired eyes occupying an empty nest.

But those writers always left out details about a city called Asheville, facts revealed to us over time as we talked with locals about the area, some who had been called to service our small mountain home. Through those conversations we discovered details such as Asheville being named the Freakiest City in America circa 2001 by Rolling Stone Magazine. Hmm, it quickly made sense why the downtown had been omitted drawing retirees into the area by leaving out that little dot in Buncombe county.

Self magazine is reported to have labeled Asheville the Happiest City for Women while a local weekly newspaper ran a contest for the "Best Of" bumper stickers. The winner? Keep Asheville Weird.

Then several years later the city would move up to Boobs, Clowns, and UFOs.

Plato warned that as a successful Democracy failed, you would see even puppy dogs demanding their freedoms, too.
Asheville's GoTopless Event!

In the summer of last year, Asheville was at the center of a controversy of a few women, including a teenage girl, who took off their bras and blouses in the public square to the delight of 2,000 in attendance including children, cell phones held high in the air.

Men had already gone naked on the streets of San Francisco for years in the famous Folsom Street Fair, some seen with chains around them while enjoying the broad daylight shown from photos from recent 2009 and 2010 fairs.

A 2007 photographer, on the other hand, had thought it important to warn viewers of the upcoming images of activities on the streets of San Francisco in daylight, which usually would be reserved for the bedroom. But in following years no one seemed to think the warning was needed, you know, it is what it is, get over it.

Of course women walking around with their bras left folded in their home dressers is not really unusual today when compared to the Obama-supported OWS in New York City. And of course there were other events such as in Venice, California, for a Topless Parade where Asheville gets an honorable mention along with 11 other cities.

So Asheville was simply an extension of a progressive movement that has married freedom with diversity, giving birth to moral chaos. That wonderful "diversity" could be felt all around the Asheville event last year with some saying on camera, If you don't like it here, leave!

Now a repeated event is reported to be scheduled for late August of 2012.

Of course, watching the promotional PR video of Asheville called The Spirit of Asheville, you would never know about the Topless Parade. Nor from Good Morning, America or Romantic Asheville, either. Nor a promo for the Biltmore House, or its annual Christian Christmas Display where people from across the nation pay to come visit? Hmm. What happened to, If you don't like it here, leave?

Asheville's Mountain Xpress found that women and some teens taking off their bras in the town square was simply an issue of humor of course, dissing people who were offended such as in this cartoon the pub posted on page eight of its September 4, 2012, issue and drawn by artist Brent Brown. The artist, of course to be politically correct, left out any drawing of the events where strangers were actually photographed fondling the breasts of women while young children were videotaped with their naked moms on the street. But maybe that's for another issue, too much to cover at one time.

As a note, the Mountain Xpress is the same newspaper a city counsel member had worked for who believed a fetus was a parasite to its mother. Maybe the counsel member was making a statement for his bio.

Cartoon by Brent Brown, posted in the Mountain Xpress on page 8 of its September 4, 2012, issue.
Cartoon by Brent Brown, posted in the Mountain Xpress on page 8 of its September 4, 2012, issue.

It's typical of far-left progressives who try to take over communities, calling themselves champions of their definition of diversity. However many other communities can choose to take a different stance, instead welcoming their citizens and visiting tourists to enjoy their cities all year round without conflict or intimidation, such as Charleston and Savannah that are within a half-day's drive of Asheville.

So why am I writing this HTML e-mail for my list of people located across the country?

Others may want to know the rapid changes that are happening in the American culture. They not only offend the Biblical beliefs of people of faith, but are on a dangerous collision course with Islam. And they may also want to know who is behind these events, trying now to bring them to a nearby city or town.

You're now going to probably say that I'm making the rest of this up, but I'm not.

A 59 year-old man is part of a profession where he dresses up as a clown for private or social events around Huntsville, Alabama. His wife runs a pediatrics center in Huntsville where he is an employee. Everything okay so far?

But this elderly man has a special addiction for women to run around showing their breasts, calling it a right he wants to defend. Since they don't allow it in Huntsville, he drives north to Asheville where taking off your bra is not only welcomed but celebrated.

He was questioned by the local daily Asheville newspaper about his objective, where he is reported to have replied, “How’s a bra different from a burqa?”

You can read more about this gentleman from an article from a local Huntsville TV Station along with a video news story.

But this story doesn't end there. It moves into outer space.

A paranormal Web site has gotten into the topless issue with this headline from August 2011, UFO cult Raelians declare August 21st ‘Go Topless Day’ across the U.S.

The editor writes,

"Many young men out there have a fantasy of a hot, female alien showing up at their respective doorsteps. My Stepmother is an Alien is one such movie that depicted such a scenario. Even better if the alien showed up topless.

The Raelians have decided that it’s time for women to show off their assets in a series of organized events, as shown on their web site. For those who don’t know, the Raelian Movement teaches that 'life on earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials, which they call the Elohim.' (Wikipedia)

The body is beautiful and shouldn’t be covered up, they say. The event’s slogan: Exposing the “COVER-UP” for what it is!" Source: paranormaloldpueblo

The Raelians are reported to have been formed by Raël. This Web site reports:

". . . he was, 'born in France in 1946, was a poet and songwriter, a successful racecar driver and a journalist. In 1973, following his first encounter with the Elohim, He created the International Raelian Movement.;"

And it continues!

"Following the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1997, Raël founded Clonaid, the first company in the world to offer human cloning. Raël stated, "Cloning will enable mankind to reach eternal life. The next step, as the ELOHIM have done with their 25,000 years of scientific advances, will be to directly clone an adult person without having to go through the growth process, and to transfer memory and personality into this person. Then, we will wake up after death in a brand new body just like after a good night's sleep!" Source: Light-Science

Raël, the founder of the Raelians, says he was inspired by a direct meeting with a alien from another planet.


And then another related Web site,, reports that Robots will replace Capitalism, while this Web site, Paradism, reports:

"Technology can free humanity from the slavery of work and money. Paradism is a political system that will lead humanity safely through the transformations that will give birth to a true paradise on Earth. It is based on new technologies, such as robotics, genetic engineering and nanotechnologies. All production, tools, services and resources that can be efficient without the involvement of a human being can be nationalized. The nationalization of all production, services and tools provided by robots renders money obsolete since these products, services and tools can now be free." Source:

It's also the promoter of the newer Open Source Movement, which reports:

"The open source concept started on the internet with computer software such as linux, php, firefox... Communities of programmers have formed and delivered for free an amazing range of products that have most of the time surpassed in quality their corporate equivalent. This is the living example of how a paradist society could function without the money as the source of motivation to create the products that fulfil our needs.

The open source community is motivated by the sheer desire to contribute positively to society. The spirit of making our creations available for free to everyone is the spirit that will drive paradism.

The open source movement is now spreading to the hardware. The technology, the design and the instructions for building products are made open source, available for free without any copyright and royalties. This is allowing anyone on earth wherever they may be to enjoy other people's creations in a "build it yourself" way." Source:


But then something simply amazing happens. The movement morphs to the future development of programmable matter that it refers to as Claytronics.

From these ideas of what could be, two incredible world-wide organizations evolve to encourage people to create outside the box, which has absolutely nothing to do with bras. One is the Instructables and the other the Kickstarters.

A. The Instructables' mission is to create "a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others. The seeds of Instructables germinated at the MIT Media Lab as the future founders of Squid Labs built places to share their projects and help others.

See more on YouTube or visit the Instructables Web site. Watch this wonderful demonstration!
"Instructables is a web site specializing in user-created and uploaded do-it-yourself projects, which other users can comment on and rate for quality. It was created by Eric Wilhelm, a mechanical engineer, and launched in August 2005."

Check out the CNC Jamboree at the Long lake Park Campground in Ohio, September 28 - 29, 2012

Also experience basic American innovation with Light Doodles.


B. The Kickstarters' mission is to create "a funding platform for creative projects — everything from traditional forms of art (like theater and music) to contemporary forms (like design and games). These guidelines explain Kickstarters'’s focus. Projects violating these guidelines will not be allowed to launch."

For instance check out one of their many projects of the day from the Kickstarters, which seems to be the real hope and change never promised by a narcissist politician, everyday people working on and accomplishing real change while having outsiders invest in them from around the world.

If you remember it was our president who saw investors as the rich stealing from the poor, Obama going on to push his personal agenda that "You didn't build that, somebody else make that happen!"

But he never said, as Democrats cheered all around him, who exactly paid for that superstructure . . . that dream . . . which is on the backs of every single individual working American in the form of taxes since the country was formed.

Click here or on the photo and THEN press play to watch an excellent documentary about a Kickstarters' Mission, 17 year-old Claressa "T-Rex" Shields, the youngest woman - and one of the first - to ever box in the Olympics!

This is the funding of REAL hope and change, not just a slogan shoved out in the daylight to get elected to office. T-REX itself has 653 backers with $64.507 pledged. Stunning stuff!


Amazingly, we have gone from women taking off their bras to people actually making common sense in the above two very innovative movements, the Instructables and the Kickstarters. These truly reflect a redo of the American dream of the past where Americans are delighted to invest in other Americans who can prove they have a dream worth investing in for a more productive and enlightened tomorrow.

Wow, and for that people only need to take off their hats to celebrate!

So from Boobs, Clowns, & UFO's, women taking off the bras turns out to be the real diversion from ideas that may be the future of America as seen above with T-REX along with many others. These people seem to want to keep their clothes on, having more important things to focus on . . . better ideas to achieve . . . and more meaningful goals to accomplish. They believe the actual bottom line is to improve the lives around them along with the one inside of them.

Sorry Asheville, but this creativity has nothing to do with hating or the loving of Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, Conservatives, Atheists, Liberals, Spiritualists, Marxists, Communists, or Progressives. It instead goes back to what America has been since its very beginnings in 1776. That is to honor the potential of the individual outside the suppression of the collective . . . in other words in the spirit of our forefathers, "lead, follow, or get out of the way!"

- Webmaster

A city mayor is upset with Obama's campaign against investors, seeing them as needed for America to survive and grow. But later the thugs of the Democrat Party would tone him down. Gee, I liked this real guy coming out. - YouTube



Warning from the Polish Freedom Fighter and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Lech Welesa, who risked his life and family fighting the USSR in its occupation of Poland. Walesa reminded Americans in 2010 that under Obama the U.S. was no longer the moral authority of the world.



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