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Obama's Final Legacy

June 10, 2015


Graphic source: TheConservativeHammer

More Made-up Moral Crusades for Miserable Liberal Puritans - SuckersOnParade

“Caitlyn Jenner’s highly choreographed emergence has precipitated an important national conversation about transgender issues, but it has also led to a useful discussion about the stereotyping of age, the valorization of a certain form of beauty, and the perpetuation of damaging gender norms.”— Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker - Source: SuckersOnParade


"Why Were We More Bigoted When We Were More Religious?"

By Bernie Goldberg, June 4, 2015

"A few more words on that Gallup poll that says Americans are becoming more liberal on social issues. I was on Bill O’Reilly’s show recently and he said the reason we’re moving to the left on social issues is because Americans have become less religious – and when that happens, he opined, we become more tolerant of all sorts of things, both good and bad (gay rights on one side, I would argue, having babies out of wedlock on the other side. Gallup found that we’re more “morally accepting” of both today than we were in 2001).

Bill said that his parents’ generation was 'much more religious' than we are today. I agreed.

But, I said, when we were more religious as a nation we were also more bigoted as a nation –bigotry aimed at all sorts of groups. Like it or not, that’s a fact. America may have been more religious 50 years ago but there were also more bigots among us 50 years ago."
. . . BernardGoldberg - Read More



My Comment Posted To Bernie Goldberg

"I believe it was old guard Conservative Republicans of many decades ago, the so-called Religious Right during the times of that bigotry you write about, Bernie, that fought to free blacks. The Democrats, on the other hand, wanted to bury their KKK sheets so if asked they could say, 'What sheets?' We know from the 1898 Wilmington Massacre in North Carolina exactly what sheets those Democrats believed in.

We also know they believed in those sheets up to 2012, because in the mid 1960s the North Carolina Democrat Party named its state fundraiser in part after Charles Aycock. The Party only dropped Aycock’s name in 2012 after realizing it could lose a critical up-coming election. Aycock was the White Supremacist who created the environment that helped Democrats to murder well over a dozen Republican black businessmen in the aforementioned Wilmington Massacre of 1898, the state then going Democrat for over 112 years.

It is also the Democrats that not only acknowledge but worship eugenist Margaret Sanger as their progressive hero, Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood. According to the late Chuck Colson, who established a nationwide prison ministry for all colors of inmates, it would be Sanger’s cause that would eventually lead to more blacks being murdered on the abortion table in three days than the KKK had murdered during its entire history. Some even say the abortions were so numerous that the population of African Americas has been reduced to half, reports estimating that 50% of those women “volunteering” to get abortions had already had one.

Because of this there are untold numbers of blacks whose talents will never be recognized. It was from blacks, prior to the 1970s, where some of America’s greatest musicians were born. Even whites such as Benny Goodman today would be under the abortion’s scissors, Goodman’s family extremely poor when he was born.

I say this because the Democrat Party also follows Charles Darwin in his theory that the best of the species will determine the rest. Yet for the human species, it is the Democrat Party that puts Sanger fascists at the gates of the birth canal of American women to determine who will live and who will die, which defeats Darwin’s “natural selection.” And of course it’s never nice to fool Mother Nature.

"As the paterfamilias/house eunuch of the Kardashian seraglio—both in real life and in the fake reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians (now in its tenth smash season)—Jenner allowed viewers to witness him getting ignored by his daughters and serially humiliated by his wife. “Momager” Kris (her self-appointed nickname as her daughters’ tireless manager) would leave him behind on trips, confiscate his ATM card, and generally keep his huevos in her purse, well before he started carrying one (the two recently divorced)." - Weekly Standard

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner; Breakfast Of Champions

- "In the ’90s, I don’t recall Jenner at all, as I was rather busy ignoring him. By the mid-2000s, however, Jen-ner had become much more difficult to ignore. He’d plighted his troth to the Kardashian clan, America’s First Family of publicity tapeworms, who are as long on fame’n’money as they are short on talent, unless you consider leaked sex tapes and Instagram butt-selfies a talent." - By Matt Labash, Transjennered America, June, 2015, WeeklyStandard - Read More

And it is America’s national media, now owned by the liberals of the Democrat Party, which refused in rank step across the country in 1999 through newspaper and electronic media to report on the torture and murder of a 14-year old white teenager from Arkansas, sodomized and then crapped on by his murderers. I think my Web site may be one of the few in the world that still has a memorial to the boy, which provides the police report of his brutal death. The elites in the media had purposely buried the child a second time, as if he was the dirty one.

Now 16 years later I have to ask again about natural selection, as America through decades of liberal indoctrination now suddenly worships sodomy. This is while the Chinese on the other side of the world protect their ancient civilization and its values of hard work. I remember a tribute to those amazing families from the movie dedicated to their lives titled ' The Last Train Home,' where grandparents watched children in the countryside while parents lived and worked in the cities for months or a year at a time to send money home.

Look out America, especially to the millions of young, the arrogant generation of “me.” Charles Darwin is watching you!  Rome could fall again with this country’s breadbasket tilled to feed someone else. Then it will be your turn in history to wait on table scraps." - Webmaster / FreedomIsKnowledge

Official U.S. Trailer; Last Train Home - ZeitgeistFilms - Video: URL



But There's More Under Obama's Legacy


A.) Here's a news story I posted in 2002, 13 Years Ago. Watch how these things progress when left alone to metastasize through the culture.


"This Couple Already Had One Deaf Child."

A lesbian couple in the U.S. have provoked strong criticism by deliberately choosing to have a deaf baby.

Sharon Duchesneau and Candy McCullough, who have both been deaf since birth, were turned down by a series of sperm banks they approached looking for a donor suffering from congenital deafness.

The couple, who have been together for eight years, then approached a family friend who was totally deaf, and had five generations of deafness in his family. He donated sperm which was used to impregnate Sharon Duchesneau.

Baby Gauvin McCullough is now four-months-old, and has a slight amount of hearing in one ear. The couple have said they will let him decide when he is older if he wants to wear a hearing aid.

The man has already donated sperm for the couple's five-year-old daughter Johanne, who is profoundly deaf and can communicate only through sign language.

Bonding . . .

The women, both in their 30s, are part of a growing movement in the US which sees deafness as a cultural identity, not as a disability.

Many oppose surgery to correct deafness.

While she was pregnant, Ms Duchesneau said: "It would be nice to have a deaf child who is the same as us."

"I think that would be a wonderful experience. You know, if we can have that chance, why not take it? A hearing baby would be a blessing. A deaf baby would be a special blessing."

The women, from Bethesda, Maryland, are both mental health therapists and deaf therapists. They told the Washington Post they believed they would make better parents to a deaf child, because they would be better able to guide them.They say their choice is no different from choosing what gender the child would be.

Ms McCullough added: "Some people look at it like 'Oh my gosh, you shouldn't have a child who has a disability'."

"But you know, black people have harder lives. Why shouldn't people be able to go ahead and pick a black donor if that's what they want? They should have that option. They can feel related to that culture, still bonded with that culture."

Reaction . . .

Stephen Rooney, spokesman for the British Deaf Association, told BBC News Online: "The real issue is not whether people are trying to design deaf babies, but how society currently denies deaf children to enjoy the same rights, responsibilities, opportunities and quality of life as everyone."

But the couple's decision has attracted fierce criticism. Peter Garrett, research director for LIFE, told BBC News Online: "This is another example of reproductive technology running riot." "To deprive a baby of a natural faculty is unethical behaviour." He said the principle could be extended to deliberately having a baby which was blind, or a dwarf.

"We are saying no to deselecting a baby because it is deaf, and no to deliberately choosing to have a deaf baby."

But Dr Richard Nicholson, editor of the Bulletin of Medical Ethics, said: "This is an inevitable result of deciding that we allow people to have a choice over what sort of child they are going to produce."

Dr Vivienne Nathanson, head of science and ethics at the British Medical Association, said: "There are two sides. In general, is this a good or a bad thing.? I think most people would say it was a bad thing.

"But in this individual case, I think this is on the borderline of concern about the 'slippery slope' of designer babies."

Nancy Rarus, a member of staff at the U.S. National Association for the Deaf said: "I can't understand why anybody would want to bring a disabled child into the world."

Webmaster: But the couple did what they wanted to do anyway, screwing the morals of the rest of the world.

Source: BBC News, April 8, 2002


June 2015 Commercial From Wells Fargo, And One Of The Top Favorite Stocks For Investing By The U.S. Congress

Reflecting Obama's legacy, this is a social engineering commercial from one of America's largest banks. The financial corporation calls it, Learning Sign Language. - Wells Fargo - Video: URL


"We’ve been on a slippery slope for the past 50 years. Liberals want to deny it, as is their wont. Just expect these things to get progressively worse in the near future. All they need is the media to convince people that perversion is beautiful and natural and that God’s moral framework is ugly and bigoted, and everybody will fall for it. They already have." -  Last Resistance
UK Green Party Considering Polygamous Marriages - Last Resistance




B.) And while there are many qualified judges to be selected to run the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), The Obama Legacy selects yet another progressive African-American to continue to go after America's local police for sensitivity training to tolerate minority drug dealers and anarchists such as the Black Panthers. To that end America is now being run not unlike the failed American cities such as Detroit, Gary, and Baltimore lead by Democrats for decades.

Watch the results.

Had Enough Of Obama's Legacy, Yet? Here's More!

More of Obama's Legacy, this time a social engineering agenda that results in the racism of the "White Privilege Movement" in U.S. colleges: "Baltimore Sheriff Candidate: ‘White People Should Shut The F*ck Up, You’re The Most Violent People on the Planet’" - - Video: URL



C.) Obama's Legacy continues to embrace terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR to make American policies. The Egyptian Government kicked The Brotherhood out of Egypt as a Terrorist Organization while The Emirates warned Obama of the same. Obama blew them off! The result is news stories like this one that our cupcake Republican Congress continues to ignore.


U.S. Embassy Moves July 4th Celebration to June ‘Out of Respect for Ramadan’

"When Robert Amanti assumed the office of President of the United States, during a time of total peace and prosperity in the world, little did he know how one economic conference could topple the world in just six months? The entire balance of global economic power will change forever. Life on earth will take on a new meaning, as everything from energy to food supplies will be controlled by one terrorist state and the madman who has the ability to control it all. Peace, in the name of one religion, Islam, threatens to dominate mankind. What develops is a different form of terrorism - one, which doesn't require the firing of a single shot or the shedding of one drop of blood. However, it could lead to a new world order." - Amazon / Author, Michael Solomon
"Although fiction, the pages of this international political thriller will leave you wondering, if there really is a Manchurian Candidate? Can this really happen - or has it already begun? - Amazon / Michael Solomon

In a mind-boggling gesture of official US Government dhimmitude, the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, celebrated our sacred Independence Day holiday on June 4, so as to avoid any conflict with the month-long Ramadan celebration. If you think any Islamic countries – there are 57 of them (not counting ISIS) that count themselves officially Islamic – will move their DC embassy’s celebration of Ramadan to accommodate our Independence holiday, I have some bridges to sell you.

The Jakarta Post (hat tips: Pamela Geller and Jihad Watch) writes: “U.S. Embassy celebrates 4th of July earlier out of respect for Ramadhan,” by Dylan Amirio. The United States Embassy enjoyed its annual 4th of July celebration on Thursday, June 4, one month early, in order to respect the upcoming Ramadhan month, which will begin on June 17 and last for one month." - MinutemenNews




D.) And while the Obama Legacy continues to push radical gay groups to approve marriage outside a man and a woman, in the end their goal is to destroy it as shown by this gay activist who has no problem showing the real agenda.


Gay Marriage is a lie! Destruction of Marriage is the Goal: Masha Gessen. - YouTube - Video: URL



But There Is New Hope Coming Out Of Texas Of "Enough Is Enough."

Glenn Beck announces a ‘New Journey’ that he believes has been in the making for five years. - TheBlaze - Video: URL





- The Trojan Horse In The White House -


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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Looking around America today, George Bailey did get his wish.

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