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Success Beyond His Wildest Dreams

July 15, 2015


Mission Accomplished!

By William Pollack, Truth Revolt, July 11, 2015


Photo Source: TruthRevolt

"Depending on how you define success, President Obama is arguably the most wildly successful President in U.S. history. Historians will have a difficult challenge proving otherwise. Not only has he made good on his promise to fundamentally change America, but his efforts continue to thrive unabated. 

In the summer of 2007, Obama gave the playing of our National Anthem his personal crotch salute, as photographed by TIME Magazine.

Obama's 'hope' was to 'change traditional American values, re­write our glorious history and undermine the culture we share - mission accomplished. One would think that the abundance of corruption and lies should have been enough to derail his deconstructive efforts, but too many American citizens have mentally stepped aside, and his Republican opposition has failed to brake this high-speed train of change.

From the beginning, his goals were made easier by a destructive mix of distraction and ignorance among the voters, and by the pass given Obama by a biased media. And now our country is spinning out of control as if the very axis of the earth has been altered. Obama's dizzying number of policies dictated by executive orders and/or rammed through Congress have had a debilitating effect on life in America. Per the the majority decision of our activist Supreme Court, your most intimate and private medical history once shared with only your doctor is no more. As the President said, Obamacare is here to stay. Get used to it.

Medical records and advice once solely in the hands of your physician are now in the clutches of unseen, unknown government employees and their easily-hacked hard drives. Insurance premiums cost more, deductibles are skyrocketing by 20 to 35% or more, and services are notably diminished. The White House brags that Obamacare enrollment is rising.

More and more people are signing up, they say; but what they don't tell you is that private insurance can hardly meet the demands of Obamacare, causing widespread cancellations. So how will this massive Obama entitlement of socialized health care be paid for? The same way as Amtrak and virtually every other liberal endeavor: by robbing Peter to pay Paul.

The White House touts a low unemployment rate of 5.5%. Sounds impressive - except when one realizes that the Department of Labor no longer counts the 93 million Americans out of the workforce. The real unemployment number hovers at nearly 12%. Yet with so many of our fellow citizens underemployed or not at all employed, our porous borders allow illegals or 'undocumented immigrants' (or whatever the latest liberal term is for those breaking our immigration laws) to usurp jobs Americans need.

Only lower taxation and less government interference will fuel our economy and vastly increase job opportunities for all, but this practical common sense is rejected by the White House and the Democratic Party which wins elections by spreading freebies and encouraging government dependence, as opposed to freeing those who seek self­-reliance and independence.

Obama can't wait to transform the United States of America with the backing of liberal progressives who infect the free reporting allowed by America's national mainstream media. - YouTube

The Nobel Peace Prize winner in the Oval Office has also succeeded in throwing our national security and foreign policy into a dangerous state of affairs, perhaps the most dangerous ever. At one time, American foreign policy had clear red lines that our ardent enemies thought twice about crossing. But today they pursue their interests with little respect for this President.

Putin rolled into the Ukraine, China is constructing military bases in the South China Sea, and Iran is spinning 19,000 centrifuges well on their way to nuclear weaponry as our negotiators collapse to the mullahs' demands. As we celebrated our country's Independence this past weekend,we were alerted to possible ISIS terror attacks on our homeland. Only a short time ago, Barack Obama referred to this worldwide Islamic terror threat as merely the 'JV Team.' Today we are reopening our embassy in Cuba and probably tomorrow in Tehran. Yet this White House refuses to open an embassy in the capital of Israel, the only pro-­American, stable democracy in the Middle East.

The pride of the South, the Confederate Flag, is accused of inspiring a horrific murder by a lone despicable racist; and so now, reruns of a silly 30-year-old TV comedy featuring the flag in a few frames of film are canceled, as if that politically correct gesture will somehow cure racism. Political correctness has also been wielded as a weapon to drive Christian bakers into bankruptcy. 
And what could be better proof that Obama has succeeded in fundamentally changing America than this past week as we witnessed the banning of the Ten Commandments display in Oklahoma on the same day that the White House was lit up in rainbow colors celebrating the Supreme Court's affirmation of same-sex marriage?

The Presidential election of 2016 cannot arrive soon enough, along with a a chance to reverse the downward spiral of the past six years intentionally navigated by the Obama administration. We need leaders who clearly understand that his kind of success is, for the rest of us, a colossal failure."


By William Pollack, Truth Revolt, July 11, 2015

William Pollack is a Memphis, Tennessee, based owner of radio, television stations and movie theaters.





The Establishment Republicans Have Remained Clueless Since 2008

In 2008 Sara Palin mocked Obama as a community organizer. How did that work out, as McCain during his presidential debate patted Obama on the back and said, Good job, good job? Obama acted as if a fly had landed on his jacket. - YouTube

As seen in the above video, the Republican Party in 2008 was simply clueless about Obama and the support he would get as a community organizer from the newly-born far-left liberal Democrat Party of 2008 and its fawning progressive mainstream media long supported by the ASNE. The ASNE had been directing media outlets across the country for decades on how to color the news to promote progressive agendas. The Democrat party had even told former conservative members that their views were no longer wanted and to leave the party.

Then in 2012 the Democrat Party at its convention in North Carolina would try to vote the word "God" out of its platform along with recommending the City of Jerusalem be given over to the Palestinians. This was while a voice vote was taken three times from its delegates on the convention floor that could not be determined. The chair on its own made a decision to scrap the proposals to protect Obama in the coming November 2012 presidential election so moderate conservatives would not be alienated. That's how far the party had moved to the left in just four years under Obama's direction.

From its loss in 2012 the RNC would still avoid serious discussion of Obama's socialist ties. It also failed to challenge a media that refused for years to report on the president being born into a Muslim home or had been later mentored as a young man through the efforts of Communist grandparents.

So it was no surprise that Obama as a candidate would give American patriots his infamous "crotch-salute" at a Democrat fundraiser in Iowa in the summer of 2007. And it was no surprise that Obama, serving as America's new president, would go on to promise in his 2009 Cairo speech that Muslims around the world must be allowed to practice their religion "as they see fit," such as Sharia Law, in Western counties.

This was while the Obama White House would work directly and openly with the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR to go through the training materials and efforts of federal security agencies that tracked Muslims being radicalized in Mosques, which Egypt had already discovered. The moderate Egyptian and Emirate governments were already warning the White House that the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR were terrorist organizations. Those warnings would fall on deaf ears that already knew the truth.

Obama, himself, during his six years in office, had also avoided having to meet with a well known and respected moderate Muslim leader in the United States, one who had served as an officer in the United States Navy. So Obama's interest in moderate Muslims fighting terrorism was a lie to distract from his real goal to push Islamic interests forward onto the United States as long as he sat in the White House. In the end the Democrat Party's progressive voters would give Obama a blank check to continue to fundamentally change the nation as he saw fit.

During this time the establishment Republican Party has moved so far to the left it refuses to bring up any conservative issues that will alienate liberal progressive voters in 2016. This is as the RNC pushes aside more and more concerns from its former Republican base as irrelevant to its success as a national party. You couldn't make this up if you wanted to. - Webmaster



- The Trojan Horse In The White House -


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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