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There Are No Media Accidents In Presidential Debates

August 10, 2015




Who Knew!

Donald Trump turns black women into Republicans and against FOX News - TheAmericanMirror
Source: YouTube


Don't You Just Love It!

African-American women on YouTube ask what I hinted at today on Facebook. Just who was behind the Megyn Kelly's attack on FOX News in the Presidential debate this week?


We know that Establishment Republicans (RINOs) have been attacking Tea Party candidates since 2010 along with Democrats. John McCain himself had personally taken pleasure going after U.S. Senators on the Senate Floor promoted by Tea Party organizations across the nation. Remember this response just a few weeks ago from Cruz?

Ted Cruz responds to RINOs on (cough) "Senate Decorum." - YouTube


"Conservative U.S. Representative Meadows Files to Oust Boehner." - AsChapter1

These RINOs have even used Democrat minority voters to go against candidates in Tea Party elections, the RNC sending out political ads hinting a Tea Party candidate would take away minority voting rights.

And we know Carl Rove puts together PAC money against Tea Party candidates. Remember my recent HTML e-mail on the attack by RINOs against Tea Party candidate Mark Meadows, a U.S. House Representative from Western North Carolina?

And don't forget it was John McCain and all but two Republicans U.S. Senators that pushed socialist Ruth Bader Ginsburg onto the Supreme Court in 1993, a known follower of Margaret Sanger and a former executive for the ACLU.

Ginsburg wrote earlier in a book she wanted the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts combined into one organization along with the offensive words "husband and wife" removed from marriage documents to be replaced by "spouse." Ginsburg through support of the ACLU was getting America ready for gay marriage twenty years ago. That's how progressive technocracy operates. How's that working out for America's traditions in 2015 aided by the establishment Republican Party?

So exactly who was behind The FOX News attack against Trump last week? Carl Rove? The RINOs of the RNC? The RNC? The DNC? Roger Ailes?

You thought it was a conservative news outlet. Now you know why it's called FOX.

After reading the news stories today about "bad blood" between Kelly and Trump, you realize Trump holding up his hand to the first question by Megyn Kelly in the first presidential debate of 2016 was on the mark after seeing Trump being disinvited by the RNC to a Republican forum just two days later. In other words his concern was well founded in the same week that you couldn't trust standing with RINOs of the Republican Party.

And Ms. Kelly? Well she has not always put forth an image of being the motherly type.

However, it is simply amazing how fast Americans forgot about another opening question in another media attack in yet another presidential debate just three years ago, this one also by a journalist with his agenda video taped in January 2012. It was a debate hosted in part by ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

We know today from recent reports that George was a consultant and huge donator to Bill and Hillary Clinton at that time and continuing through this year. Yet ABC "News" in 2015 has kept him on the payroll, which says volumes about why you never watch ABC News if you want the truth.

However Stephanopoulos's attack at the time was also against a front runner, Mitt Romney, Obama's DNC wanting the public to view Romney as being at war with women's rights. And therefore it was no mistake that George's first question out of the gate was to be on birth control, a question coming out the blue and unrelated to anything Romney had alluded to during the campaign.

The purpose of George's question was obvious. It was to isolate, freeze, and eliminate Romney, an old socialist technique right out of the playbook of Saul Alinksy's Power Points taught to ACORN members by Barack Obama on the south side of Chicago in the 1990's. The Obama administration later under an Obama president would run its policies in Washington D.C. as if written by Alinsky.

Stephanopoulos's bizarre opening question to Mitt Romney makes perfect sense to the Democrat Party - TheBlaze


Then sadly last week that technique from the 2012 debate was used again, this time by FOX News' cocky host Megyn Kelly against Donald Trump, interestingly enough the very first question out of the gate to another front runner in another presidential debate. Can anyone say, Hmm?

Just like back in the 2012 election and ABC's debate host asking an opening bizarre question to the Republican Party's leader in a presidential debate, here goes Megyn Kelly three years later. - TheBlaze


So it seems again the more things change the more they stay the same, no matter what the call letters for the American TV or cable "news" network. - Webmaster




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Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
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Looking around America today, George Bailey did get his wish.

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