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There Goes Obama's Divisive Media Again


October 7, 2015



Of five choices, which one is responsible for killing innocent people?
Graphic Source: 56packardman


Progressive Editor At Washington Post Pushes Against America's Constitution, "Says Repeat After Me: 'A Gun-Free Society'" - TruthRevolt

New York Times Reports Shooter Was Man Of Few Words, Except For Guns - NewYorkTimes


Progressives try to make Oregon shooter look "white."

Altered Photo Of Oregon Shooter Found On Social Media. While Source Says Consider The Image Suspect, Questions Then Come Out Asking Why Was Mother's Image Suppressed By The Progressive Media?

When reporting the news becomes creating the news: National media outlets are accused of suppressing photo of Christopher Mercer's mother, Laurel Margaret Harper. - ClashDaily

Google the mother's name and see now many national progressive media outlets come up. I only found the New York Times, but it, too, didn't publish the mother's photo. Then check Google images. Good luck, Charlie Brown. - Webmaster




Source For Altered Photo Explains How It Surfaced

"On the left is the selfie Christopher Mercer uploaded to his social media. On the right is how *CNN presented the same selfie in broadcast stories about him.  Why did CNN need to change the complexion (color) of their broadcast?  Why is no-one showing pictures of mom, Laurel Margaret Harper.

NOTE*Since the original discussion thread was posted on Friday October 2nd, the comparative image above has become the matter of some controversy. On Thr/Fri a twitter acct (we did not record who) posted a video vine on showing a CNN broadcast (TV) including that image. Additionally the same source posting a side-by-side as above. We captured the side-by-side image and shared it – as shown.  We did not create the image, we copied it from a twitter feed. According to various comments posted: CNN denies attribution.  Absent our ability to return to source origination for further inquiry, the comparative side-by-side image should be considered suspect, and quite possibly false. ]" - ConservativeTreeHouse



Webmaster's Note: Keep in mind that anything is possible with CNN that attacks conservative values while promoting a progressive agenda, calling it news and sometimes acting as if it is a rogue news outlet.

When a CNN crew met with a family of a lost soldier, the family was stunned to hear them say, "if it bleeds, it leads." CNN's control room was also reported to have put up an X over Vice President Cheney's live image while later running a chyron over a video of the British Prime Minister that "Bush resigns."

CNN also picked up what was called a "snuff" video of terrorists murdering an American soldier, the translated audio hearing the terrorist say for the American audience CNN would push the film to, "Wait until women and children are out of the way." And don't forget CNN's support of al Qaeda over president Bush. In 2011 CNN's Fareed Zakaria also suggested America should get rid of its old Constitution, comparing change to Iceland's new government. Finally, it was CNN that negotiated with Saddam to be the only media outlet to stay in Iraq as long as it didn't report on his atrocities to citizens. And don't forget the CNN series questioning Christians and Jews, "God's Warriors."

So let's not be so fast to give CNN a pass. While Snopes reported CNN never published the split photo of Mercer, it was also Snopes that claimed when candidate Obama said "57 states" he was just tired. Snopes could have said if Obama had attended American schools all his life he would have known there were not 57 states. It's why Snopes is good at what it does but not great.

October of 2006: Anderson Cooper ran snuff video on CNN, endangering our troops. He has been rewarded a spot on CBS 60 Minutes. Hmm? - FOXNews





The Progressive Media's Agenda Is Not New


When Florida's George Zimmerman defended his life, progressives at the New York Times mocked him as a "White Hispanic," the Times following Obama's interest to cause problems between the races.

The person who made this video asks what is a 'white Hispanic?' - YouTube



What DailyKOS Got Out Of Mercer's Mixed Race Claim

Progressive media continues Obama's push to create a divide between the races and thereby 'crisis on demand.'

DailyKOS talks about killer's "mixed race," mother black, father white, and then refers to whites hating Obama whose mother was white and father black. Here is text from their site:

"Mercer identifies as 'mixed race': his father is white and his mother is black. In America's one drop system of racial hierarchy and identification Chris Harper Mercer is considered "black". During America's centuries-long slave regime, he could have been auctioned off as human property; Mercer would have been subjected to the rules of Jim and Jane Crow.

But in America, there is an odd dynamic when a 'mixed race' person does something noteworthy or infamous.

When Barack Obama was elected president, there were many white Americans who could not, and many still cannot, accept that he is a black man. Obama's mother is white. He identifies as black. Obama does something legendary in winning the White House; there are white folks who want to credit claim as white privilege deems that they must always get all the toys. But, if Obama was a young man who was arrested for selling drugs or committing a violent crime, his "whiteness" would be fully ignored and he would just be another 'black' criminal." - DailyKOS




In 2009 Dangerous Progressives At MSNBC Edited Image To Create A lie. See The Truth On The Right.

How the corrupted progressive media early on followed Obama's hidden directive to create divisions between the races.

MSNBC edits tape in 2009 so progressive hosts could say whites were trying to shoot the first black president. - NewsBusters   Now see the truth of what MSNBC was trying to hide for its vile agenda, the camera now pulled back to reveal the man with the gun was not white, but black! - WakeUpAmerica








Some Predictive Statements about Mass Killings

By Dr Ellen K Rudolph, September 28, 2015


Let me say it again: Americans will never fully understand or be able to predict mass killings by trying to determine the killer’s motives.

Motive-based inquiries have gotten us nowhere. A killer’s motives are present-tense ideations that often have little or nothing to do with their underlying reality. These jumbled ideations are deduced by others, leaving gaping holes in their wake.

To truly understand these events we must significantly broaden that focus to encompass the killer’s all-important relationship history including the nature of his relationships over time with key family members. It is this history that serves as the petri dish where he has grown into the killer he is today.

In other words, mass killers come from the angry and dysfunctional and impoverished families that produced them. The typical dysfunctional attributes of such families include:

(1) an environment of seething, enraged parenting that the killer has grown to hate from childhood;

(2) parents who grew up with similar feelings and relationships between themselves and their parents;

(3) an environment of volatile and strained if not totally impoverished relationships between key family members over several generations;

(4) evidence of a significant level of immaturity and social inadequacy in all family members including the killer; and

(5) a simplistic view of the world around them

The family is a system of interconnected relationships characterized by repeating patterns. In seriously dysfunctional families these patterns engulf family members in certain key relationships that have historical, problematic roots. The higher the basic life anxiety that characterizes these relationships, the more rigid and predictable the relationship patterns that emerge over time." . . . Dr. Ellen Rudolph - Read More






- The Trojan Horse In The White House -


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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Looking around America today, George Bailey did get his wish.

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