"Still Get Your News From A Media That Sees You As The Enemy?"

Check the links below for news story you may not know about, buried or pushed aside by the mainstream media.

New York Times CEO: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Mark Thompson.   Photo Source:  The Wrap   CNN CEO: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Jeff Zucker.   Photo Source:  Breitbart   ABC CEO: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Bob Inger.   Photo Source:  Seattle Times   CBS CEO: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Leslie Moonves.   Photo Source: Townhall    Media Matters David Brock: Discover the Networks   MSNBC & NBC / Comcast CEO: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Brian Roberts.   Photo Source: KOMO News   Huffington Post: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Arianna Huffington.   Photo Source: TheGuardian
New York Times CNN ABC CBS Media Matters Comcast / NBC HuffPo

The New York Times believes its ideology is more important than what America's Founders had envisioned, writing: "But that view is myopic. In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates." - Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, March 6, 2007



The Shepp Report

A Summary Of The Week's News

October 11, 2015


Conservative News Stories



As America Sleeps, The Dark Days Ronald Reagan Warned Us About Have Arrived . . .

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”Ronald Reagan, 40th American President. - NowTheEndBegins - Video: URL
Source: NowTheEndBegins



. . . As Hillary Makes Terrifying Vow Every Citizen Needs To Hear!

"Hillary Clinton has set her sights on America’s guns. 'I am going to get those guns out of people’s hands,' the Democratic presidential candidate said Monday as she responded to last week’s Oregon college shooting with a bevy of proposals." - WesternJournalism - Video: URL
Source: WesternJournalism

E-Mail To Hillary Assures Her State Department 'Planted' Questions With '60 Minutes' - NewsBusters



. . . And Army Veteran Warns Anti-Gun Advocates: I Walked Through The Ruins Of A Gun-Free Society

"Retired Army veteran and conservative commentator Kurt Schlichter responded harshly to the latest round of calls for increased gun control in the United States, telling TheBlaze TV’s Dana Loesch that he’s witnessed firsthand what a 'gun-free society' can lead to." . . . Dana / TheBlaze - Video: URL
Source: TheBlaze



Whittle On Guns, Global Homicide Rates And Gun Control

"Bill Whittle on guns and homicide rates globally. In light of the current acrimonious debate about gun control after the recent shooting at an Oregon community college, Frontpage deems it appropriate to rerun Whittle's words of wisdom." - Frontpage - Video: URL
Source: Frontpage



Active Duty White Soldier Beaten By Black Gang

"Sgt. Kari Thompson of the Kansas City Police Department said Friday that the injured man accidentally bumped into another man inside the restaurant, which is at 620 W. 48th St…" - Gateway Pundit
Photo source: GatewayPundit

1.) Army Captain Suffers Several Broken Bones After Brutal Beating by Black Gang Outside KC Restaurant 

"An active member of the U.S. Army was viciously beaten by a group of six young men outside a Country Club Plaza area restaurant, and Kansas City police haven’t made any arrests. The investigation was hampered because the dining establishment, Zocaola Mexican restaurant, didn’t have any working security cameras, according to Kansas City police.

The 37-year-old Army caption suffered a significant loss of blood after he suffered numerous broken bones in his face, possible optic nerve damage to one of his eyes and a skull fracture. The man’s injuries were serious, according to a Kansas City police report." . . . GatewayPundit - Read More

- "Police Officer Ambushed In Anti-Cop Attack In Sacramento." . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

2.) TIME Magazine Wets Its Panties Over Satanic Statue: "The statue itself is impressive: almost nine feet tall, and weighing in at around a ton. The horned idol sits on a throne adorned with a pentagram . . ."

While the Ten Commandments were being removed in the dark of night in Oklamhoma, a satanic statue honoring satan was being praised and unvailed in the daytime in Chicago with 700 people looking on." - TIME
Photo Source: TIME

"A little before midnight on Saturday, a crowd of around 700 gathered in an old industrial warehouse a few blocks from the Detroit River for what they’d been told was the “largest public satanic ceremony in history.”

Most of them professed to be adherents of Satanism, that loosely organized squad of the occult that defines itself as a religious group. Others came simply because they were curious. After all, Satanists exist in the popular psyche as those who casually sacrifice goats and impregnate Mia Farrow with Lucifer’s child; if this ceremony was indeed unprecedented big, who knew what could be in store?" (Note the children admiring satan - Webmaster.) . . . TIME - Read More

3.) As America's Judeo-Christian Roots Are Removed And Hauled Away In The Dark Of Night.

"Ten Commandments Monument Removed from Oklahoma State Capitol After Court Order" - TV4

"Naturally, plenty of Oklahomans are unhappy about the move, especially Governor Mary Fallin. Fallon put out a lengthy press release saying, 'Moving forward, I believe the people of Oklahoma should have the opportunity to vote on a proposed Constitutional change to ensure that historical monuments like this one are not pushed out of public spaces. I strongly encourage lawmakers to take up this issue in the next legislative session.' State legislator Mike Ritze, who gifted the monument to the state, plans to repeal the amendment that the state Supreme Court cited in its decision." . . . TV4 - Video: URL

4.) Governor Brown Signs Assisted Suicide Law

Doctor: 'Right To Die' ends medicine as we know it." . . . CBN - Video: URL
"'In the end, I was left to reflect on what I would want in the face of my own death,' Brown wrote in a signing message. 'I do not know what I would do if I were dying in prolonged and excruciating pain. I am certain, however, that it would be a comfort to be able to consider the options afforded by this bill. And I wouldn’t deny that right to others.' The new law is modeled after Oregon's assisted suicide law that went into effect in 1997." . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

- "ACLU Sues Catholic Hospital System For Refusing To Perform Abortions." . . . CNSNews - Read More

5.) High schoolers Revolt After 'American Pride Day' Nixed By Latino Population In Jackson Hole

"Many other students worse similar ensembles, the newspaper reported. One student even drove a American-flag adorned diesel truck around the school parking lot after school." - WND

"A group of students who may not identify as Americans were able to convince high school officials in Jackson, Wyoming, to kill its annual 'America Pride Day.' Jackson Hole High School’s homecoming tradition was shelved Sept. 30 because some students may have felt “targeted and singled out,” the Jackson Hole News and Guide reported Oct. 1.

The school’s principal, Scott Crisp, told the newspaper the decision was made after seeing results of a student survey. 'Three times as many students indicated that they were not in support of selecting the title ‘America Day,’' Crisp said. 'I’m charged with looking at a school with 660 kids, and I have to ensure that all those kids feel part of a student body.'

Jackson Hole High School assistant principal Mike Hansen told the paper immigrants from a growing Latino community may not identify as Americans. He also serves as the school’s activities director." . . . WND - Read More

Surprised? Watch This 2010 Video And Why Crotch-Salute Obama Wants Them In Country

Monterey County Tea Party demonstration in South Main St, Salinas, California, election day June 8, 2010. - Salinas Copwatch - Video: URL

- "Military Students At SDSU Forced To Take Down American Flag Under Threat Of Expulsion." . . . TheCollegeFix - Read More

- "University Of Missouri Students Organize ISIS Flag Burning Demonstration." . . . TheCollegeFix - Read More

6.) Jobs Up ONLY For immigrants, +14,000, Down 262,000 For 'Native-Borns'

"For a third month in a row, native-born Americans saw their job numbers tumble while immigrants experience solid gains. According to the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers just released, "foreign-born" jobs numbers increased by 14,000, while those for "native-born" Americans fell off a cliff, by 262,000.

Over the past three months, the job numbers for native-born have dropped by nearly 1 million, exactly the number of jobs President Obama promised to add when he ran for re-election in 2012. During that period, jobs for immigrants grew 218,000." . . . WashingtonExaminer - Read More

7.) Obama Loses Yet Another War . . . Wait For It . . . That He Said He "Ended"

In a single day in September, the Taliban had captured a city of a few hundred thousand people. Tajikistan saw the fall of Kunduz coming months ago, but Obama’s vaunted intel operation was too busy cooking the books to make it seem as if he was winning in Iraq to waste time lying about another war.

In March, Obama was crediting himself with having shifted the momentum against the Taliban. Now the Taliban have shown him which way the momentum had really shifted. Last year, he declared the war was over. But Obama and reality have never been on speaking terms. The war had not reached a “responsible conclusion”. The fighting wasn’t over until the Taliban said so.

Obama claimed that the combat mission of American soldiers was over and that they were only there as advisers. This comes as a surprise to the Americans who are fighting the Taliban in Kunduz, trying to relieve trapped Afghan forces. The official story is that they’re 'advising' the Afghans. The real story is that Obama lied to American soldiers and to the American people. Again.

Like the rise of ISIS, the Taliban victory was only a surprise to the foreign policy cocktail crowd circuit. The Taliban had been moving in on the city for months. While Obama golfed, partied and selfied, the Jihadists tightened their grip on the city and its under equipped forces. The Taliban still don’t golf, but now they’re the ones partying and taking selfies in the streets of the provincial capital." . . . Frontpage - Read More

8.) Progressive Obama Frees 20th 9/11 Hijacker . . . Allows Another Muslim Who Hates America To Walk The Streets Of The World To Attack Again.

"The Obama administration quietly shipped Osama bin Laden's bodyguard back to the Wahhabist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last week despite warnings that the Muslim terrorist remains a serious threat to the United States.

The newly released terrorist detainee is Abdul Shalabi, 39, who trained to be the 20th hijacker for the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Shalabi was set free even though military officials deemed him too dangerous to be unleashed on the world and too valuable as an intelligence asset to be released from U.S. custody. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said last week that the liberation of Shalabi, whom he referred to as a 'dangerous detainee,' is 'another example of President Obama playing politics with national security and putting campaign promises ahead of U.S. national security interests.'

Shuttering the terrorist detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has long been a goal of President Obama, going back at least to the campaign trail in 2008. Shalabi's unshackling should have Americans wondering which bloodthirsty jihadist is next to be released by the soft-on-Islamism president of the United States." . . . Frontpage - Read More

9.) Results Of A Communist Elected To Office. Liberal Madness As New York City Honors Soviet Spies

"At the time, American liberals believed that the couple had been railroaded and that perhaps a miscarriage of justice had taken place. However, we now know that the government did indeed have ironclad proof that the couple were Soviet Agents. We also know that they are still honored among the agents of Russia’s SVR (their modern version of the KGB or Secret Police).

The Rosenbergs were traitors. They were spies for the communist Soviet Union, and they were actively working to steal state secrets on nuclear weaponry in the hopes of passing it on to the USSR. Indeed, the Rosenbergs were about the business of helping the Soviet Union dominate America by gaining powerful weaponry that could have led to the death of millions of Americans. None of this matters to New York City’s liberal community who took the opportunity this past week to HONOR Ethel Rosenberg for 'demonstrating great bravery.'” . . . EagleRising - Read More

10.) 'Beyond Belief': Obama Moves To Close Last U.S. Uranium Plant

"The Obama administration plans to close the last remaining American-owned uranium enrichment facility in the United States, even as it moves forward on a controversial nuclear deal with Iran that permits the Islamic Republic to conduct ongoing and significant uranium enrichment. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has informed Centrus Energy it will end the American Centrifuge project in Piketon, Ohio, on Sept. 30. Notices have been issued to some 235 workers that their jobs are in jeopardy.

'We have concluded that continued support from the federal government for additional data from Piketon operations has limited remaining value,' a joint DOE/National Nuclear Security Administration statement said, reports the Chillicothe Gazette.

'This is beyond belief,' Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, responded in a statement. 'While this administration is green-lighting uranium enrichment in Iran and legitimizing 6,000 Iranian centrifuges, they're shutting down domestic production here in America.' Wenstrup called the closure decision 'a dangerous threat to our national security.'" . . . NewsMax - Read More

11.) Obama's JV Team Blows Up Historic Palmyra's Arch Of Triumph

Hey progressives.  You voted for him, your president the real JV Team.

"Maamun Abdulkarim, the country's head of antiquities, on Monday told Agence France-Presse he was told the "icon of Palmyra," which stood at the entrance to the UNESCO world heritage site, was destroyed by the militants on Sunday. Abdulkarim also said that other antiquities have been booby-trapped with explosives.

'We are living through a catastrophe. Since the capture of the city, it has been one shock after another,' he told AFP.

ISIS has destroyed several monuments in Syria that pre-date Islam, claiming the monuments promote idolatry. Last month, news emerged that they destroyed the city's ancient tower tombs, which date from 100 A.D. In August, they beheaded archeologist Khaled al-Asaad, a caretaker at the site and in July, militants released a video apparently showing a mass execution of soldiers within the ruins." . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

12.) Who Is Teaching Your Kids Today? She Is!

University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler called Presidential candidate Ben Carson a “coon” for claiming that people have the right to display Confederate flags on private property. - TruthRevolt

University of Pennsylvania Professor Calls Dr. Ben Carson a "Coon." Maybe black lives like these really don't matter. - Webmaster

“'Swastikas are a symbol of hate for some people too … and yet they still exist in our museums and places like that,' Carson observed during the event in North Carolina with NASCAR legend Richard Petty. 'If it’s a majority of people in that area who want it to fly, I certainly wouldn't take it down,' he added, noting that NASCAR races are held on private property.

In response to a tweet linking to that article, the religion studies professor Butler responded, 'If only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award…' It's offensive enough that a university professor doesn't know that the verb in that phrase should be "were" and not "was." But "coon" is a very offensive racial term for Africans. It derives from the Portuguese word 'barracoos,' which is a hut-like dwelling used to store slaves during auctions, according to Online Etymology." . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

- "Campus Speaker Touting Men’s Rights Has Fire Alarm Pulled On Her." . . . TheCollegeFix - Read More

- MADNESS! "UCSD Says Term 'Minorities' Is Offensive, Tells Students To Say ‘People Of Color.’ . . . CampusReform - Read More

- MADNESS!: "Liberal College Offers Course To Dismantle Whiteness." . . . EagleRising - Read More

- "Can You Spot The Difference Between Tim Tebow And Michael Sam?" It's All About Being Taught Character . . . EagleRising - Read More

13.) Brave New World: Parents Are Ordering These Controversial ‘Devices’ For Their Transgender Kids

Image Credit: TranZwear.com

Jake’s mother Ellie told News.co.au that he had been waiting patiently for his package to arrive in the mail, and that he was very excited to get it. She also explained why he felt the need for such products: 'It’s desperately important for him in order to feel comfortable and pass [as a boy] all the time. I was watching him at a gymnastics class and he was being held and guided over the bars. At any of those points he could reveal that he’s not a boy with a penis.'" . . . IJReview - Read More

- "School District Bans Game of Tag For Students' 'Emotional Safety.'" . . . LastResistance - Read More

- "Lesbian Couple Trying To Force A Christian School To Teach Their Child." . . . EagleRising - Read More

14.) Surprise, Surprise: Clock-Kid Ahmed's 9/11 ‘Truther’ Dad

"Only in the America of 2015 would a boy who built a 'clock' that looks like a bomb and whose father promotes 9/11 conspiracy theories be invited to the White House and celebrated by the President of the United States.

If it were not enough that clock-kid Ahmed Mohamed's parents impeded their son's school from telling its side of the story and may have engineered the entire clock-bomb-debacle as a desperate PR attempt to bolster the senior Mohamad's political aspirations in Sudan where he has run for president not once but twice, it's now being reported that the elder Mohamad might also be a 9/11 'truther.' Shocking, no doubt.

In a report for Townhall, Kyle Shideler uncovered Mohamad al Hassan Mohamad's (also spelled Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed) extracurricular activities, which seems to focus on disseminating 9/11 conspiracy theories via his personal and professional social media sites. Posting on his 'National Reform Party' Arabic-language Facebook page, clock-kid's dad posted articles, video and photos claiming that the 9/11 attacks were a hoax engineered by the U.S. to catalyze a war with Muslims." . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

15.) Surprise, Surprise: Obama-Led National TV Networks Hype Muslims Targeted In Chapel Hill Shootings 12 Times More Than Christians Murdered In Oregon

Not surprisingly, the president also 'forgot' to mention religion even once in his speech after the Oregon school shooting. Instead he pushed for gun control and so did many in the media.

Bill Donohue of The Catholic League called out the media and the president for the double-standard. In a statement released yesterday, Donohue stated the following: 'If African Americans or Muslims had been singled out, President Obama would have gone ballistic, Al Sharpton would be calling for street rallies, and CAIR would be asking for congressional investigations. But because Christians are being cherry picked for murder, there is no call to arms. Indeed, many major media outlets aren't even telling the truth. It's obvious — 'Christian Lives Don't Matter' — either here or abroad.'" . . . NewsBusters - Read More

16.) Don't You Just Love It! Scientist Leading Effort To Prosecute Climate Skeptics Under RICO ‘Paid Himself And His Wife 1.5 Million Dollars From Government Climate Grants For Part-Time Work.’

"Leader of 20 scientist effort to prosecute climate skeptics under RICO revealed as 'Climate Profiteer'! 'From 2012-2014, the Leader of RICO 20 climate scientists paid himself and his wife $1.5 million from government climate grants for part-time work. George Mason University Professor Jagadish Shukla ( jshukla@gmu.edu) a Lead Author with the UN IPCC, reportedly made lavish profits off the global warming industry while accusing climate skeptics of deceiving the public.

Shukla is leader of 20 scientists who are demanding RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) charges be used against skeptics for disagreeing with their view on climate change. Shukla reportedly moved his government grants through a 'non-profit'. The group "pays Shukla and wife Anne $500,000 per year for part-time work," Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. revealed." . . . ClimateDepot - Read More

- Now The Rest Of The Story: "Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics." . . . DailyCaller - Read More

- News Org That Supplies Newspapers With Daily News Stories: AP To Reluctantly Stop Calling Climate Change Skeptics 'Deniers.' . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

- "Approximately 92% (or 99%) Of USHCN Surface Temperature Data Consists Of Estimated Values." . . . WattsUpWithThat - Read More

- "California’s Drought: Not an Environmental Problem. An Environmentalist Problem." . . . DailySignal - Read More


- Click on bottom right icon for full screen. Use 'esc' to return -

Muslim Refugee Riots Ignored In A U.S. Progressive Goose-Step Media Blackout
"Sweden, along with Germany, make up Europe’s two most generous welfare states. They are also the most welcoming of Islamic immigrants, more than a million of which have flooded into the continent this year from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and North Africa. The unrest and destabilization in Sweden, which has received zero coverage in the U.S. media even as President Obama plans to ramp up his own refugee welcoming program, is exactly the type of upheaval that the global elite have planned for all of Western Europe and America, analyst Paul McGuire told WND in a Oct. 6 article." - WND - Video: URL
German city seizes private property to house refugees - FreedomForce



Chris Cuomo Demands Oregon Sheriff Rethink His Second Amendment Support
Rogue news outlet: "CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday repeatedly lectured an Oregon sheriff, demanding John Hanlin rethink his support for the Second Amendment in the wake of a shooting at a community college in his county." - NewsBusters - Video: URL
Another Rogue Reporter: "Piers Morgan: Blame 'Vile' NRA for Oregon, Mass Shootings 'Very, Very Good for Business'" - NewsBusters


CNN Boosts People Magazine's 'Call To Action' Against Gun Violence. But Who Is Pushing People Magazine?
"On Wednesday's New Day, CNN's Chris Cuomo and Michaela Pereira marveled over the 'huge step' and 'unprecedented move' by People magazine in publishing a 'call to action' on the issue of gun violence. The celebrity-centered publication printed the names and phone numbers of all 535 members of Congress, and called on 'readers to contact their elected representatives to make their voices heard' on the subject." - NewsBusters - Video: URL
"One presidential candidate just went after the Oregon Shooter’s father with some brutal words." - WesternJournalism
"Campus killer’s father blames guns — not his son — for the slaughter; ‘What about parenting?’" - BizPacReview
"Congressman fights for Social Security recipient's gun rights." . . . FreedomForce


Rice, Hillary, Obama "Nest" That Blamed Benghazi Attack On A Video Is Now Accused Of Trashing Military Personnel For Not Holding Back The Truth About Our Enemy Before The 2012 Presidential Election.
"Whistleblower claims Mideast terrorism facts downplayed. Retired Army sergeant says omitted information did not paint an accurate security situation; Adam Housley reports on 'Special Report' at FOX News." - Special Report / FOXNews - Video: URL


Rev. Franklin Graham . . .
"Obama Administration is Celebrating Sin and Pushing Sin' -- It's 'Defiance Against God'" - MRCTV - Video: URL


Matt Drudge: "Supreme Court Justice Says That To My Face?"
"Drudge then warns the American public about such cases making their way up the court system. '“You thought Obamacare was shocking? You thought some of these other decisions were shocking? Wait until these copyright laws work their way up and the Supreme Court decides you cannot have a website with news headlines linking across the board,' he said. 'Then that will end for me.'” - TheBlaze - Video: URL (Great discussion on the media massaging a public that needs to wake up. - Webmaster.)


"CBS This Morning Smacks Chick-Fil-A for Values that ‘Ran Afoul of Public Sentiment’ on Marriage."
"As part of a piece on Friday’s CBS This Morning about the opening of the first freestanding Chick-fil-A in New York City, correspondent Vladimir Duthiers couldn’t help but harp on the company’s conservative Christian values and how they had to supposedly draw customers back." - NewsBusters - Video: URL
“I was very shocked by the amount of people lining up to support this company,” said Lila Trenkova, a founder of Collectively Free, an animal and gay rights activist group. “I think that it’s ignorance rather than people actually not caring.”  Trenkova and about two dozen others staged a demonstration outside the three-story behemoth to protest Chick-Fil-A’s history as a conservative-owned chicken palace. - NowTheEndBegins
Thousands line up at Chick-Fil-A Megastore in NYC, as Gay fascists try to shut down the business. - NowTheEndBegins


Former Baseball Star Takes On Houston's Lesbian Mayor And Her Anti-Christian Government
"Participating in its public information campaign, baseball legend Lance Berkman is asking Houstonians to vote 'no' on Proposition 1. He expresses his concern for the safety and privacy of his four daughters and other women and girls from potential assailants who under HERO could freely enter women’s showers, bathrooms, and locker rooms– without legal repercussions." - EagleRising - Video: URL


BlackLivesMatter: An Early Threat, Beat White Man With Hammer
Obama's OWS Under DBA - Webmaster: "A Berkeley protester was clubbed in the head with a hammer after he attempted to stop looters during a BlackLivesMatter protest in December." - GatewayPundit - Video: URL
"BlackLivesMatter activists meets White House officials." - TheHill


Conservative Reporter Kicked Out Of An American "Slut Walk."
"Check out how slippery and devious some feminist journalists have been in covering up the dismal turnout." (Warning Graphic Content) - Breitbart - Video: URL


Senate Conservatives Action
"Senate Conservatives Action is fighting to elect principled leaders to the U.S. Senate who will speak the truth and stand up to the DC establishment." - SenateAction - Video: URL


Curtis Houck . . .
The reality of the shooting in Oregon that Obama hides for political gain: Gun-Free Zones That 'Lead Lambs To The Slaughter' - MRCTV - Video: URL
Tennessee Lt. Governor urges Christians to acquire guns for protection." - MinutemenNews


Replacing Boehner
U.S. Rep. Dave Brat talks Boehner's replacement on the Dana Show. - Dana / TheBlaze - Video: URL [Give the video a few seconds to load.]
Did Someone at DHS edit the Wikipedia pages Of Kevin McCarthy and Renee Ellmers? - DailyCaller
Newt For Speaker? - Hannity


Hispanic Democrat Congressman To Add More To America's Debt: Obamacare For All Illegal Immigrants!
"U.S. Representative Luis V. Gutiérrez (D-IL) stood on the House floor Wednesday and pledged legislation that would expand healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act to all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States." - TruthRevolt - Video: URL


Networks Ooze ‘Emotional’ Hillary Clinton ‘Was On Fire Today.’
"The 'big three' of ABC, CBS, and NBC pulled out all the stops on Monday night to carry water for 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, proclaiming that she’s “on fire” with 'new wind in her sails' as she 'unveil[ed] a tough new stance on gun control' and coming “out swinging today at the Benghazi Committee.” - MRCTV - Video: URL
No ****! Trust in media drops even lower: Gallup - TruthRevolt


ESPN Cuts Away From Football Coach As Soon As He Mentions God . . . Or ESPN In 1936 Germany When The Coach Mentioned The Amazing Jew. Now You Know How Six-Million Died.
"As we have written here before, there is a gag order on God in the sports media. In the ending of Saturday night's Notre Dame vs. Clemson game proved this point once again. As soon as victorious Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney mentioned God in his post-game on the field interview, ESPN ordered the Code Red. - NewsBusters - Video: URL


Give Teachers In Poor Communities 50 Percent Raise By Releasing Half Of Non-Violent Criminals From Jail
"Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said on Thursday that if states and localities could shift $15 billion used to incarcerate non-violent offenders and use it to pay teachers more who work in the nation’s poorest communities, it would retain teachers and be 'life transforming' for students." - CNSNews - Video: URL


Levin . . .
"Liberalism does not appreciate human life." - MRCTV - Video: URL


Comedian Colbert Suddenly Becomes Middle East Expert: HaHaHa?
Colbert wishes John Kerry 'Congratulations on the Iran Deal.' - MRCTV - Video: URL


Hey Ray Stevens, You Didn't Build That!
Ray Stevens reminds America of what Obama has said about their efforts, "Hey, you didn't build that!" - RayStevens - Video: URL




And Then There Is . . .

‘What in the World?’
"Witnesses Watch in Awe as Semi-truck Driver Tackles Historic South Carolina Flooding." - TheBlaze - Video: URL



The Face Of Progressive Fascism In America

Wealthy, intolerant arrogant bullies are Obama's new Brown Shirts. We warned you what his socialist party was building.


GQ Magazine Blogger: 'F*** Ben Carson' - CNSNews

Backlash On Hillary Supporter, Seth Rogen - Breitbart

Esquire Magazine Headline: 'Punch Jindal In The D*ck' - TruthRevolt


Photo / Screen Capture Source: Breitbart

Fascism Comes To America - A warning posted online in October 2011

- Obama's Brown Shirts -


Reminder To My Visitors: I have been saying three things since the election of Obama in 2008:

1.) If you want to know what Germany was like in the early 1930's step outside your front door.

2.) If fascism comes to America it will come through the Democrat Party and its dangerous fawning media.

3.) America is ignoring the Jews who survived the Holocaust. They warned us decades ago, "You will not believe how fast it happened. Who would believe your own government would attack you."


Alan Keyes Warning February 2008 - Keyes2008




- A Trojan Horse In The White House -


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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Looking around America today, George Bailey did get his wish.

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Too many of the Americans in this May 2013 video had a problem understanding what a Benghazi was, maybe a new popular drink at a local bar near Times Square? It proves that the mainstream media has morphed into the useless media, one that Washington, Jefferson and Adams would have probably spit on.

Why? Because with today's information technology, our media has no excuse for not having the details of a news story that would help educate the general public with their right to know the truth. Video source - FOXNews - Video: URL


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Freedom is Knowledge

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What will America look like under a second Obama presidency?  If you don't have a clue, you better find one! Check alpha by state/city where this film is playing before November 6, 2012. Unofficial bio of Gerald R. Molen. A picture is worth a thousand words!  This photo was not actually aT the White House, but, regardless of WHERE it was taken, the fact is that he cancelled the National Day of Prayer, said that we are no longer a Christian nation, and has no problem taking part in Muslim prayer.  U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area. "Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to abhor nostalgia ("Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be"). But he has been thinking lately about the past—both his and the country's—and soon he will likely be engaged in what he calls "a dialogue" about the sixties, the antiwar movement, and the radical life he led. The spur for this dialogue will be the publication of Fugitive Days (Beacon Press, $24), a memoir Ayers has written about the trajectory of his life, from a pampered son of the Chicago suburbs to a young pacifist to a founder of one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history."  Allow video to download and start in Window's Media player. “The North American jet that flew Obama and his traveling crew around for much of the primary season was refurbished with new seats and power for each passenger a must on the campaign trail. And the plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama ‘O.’”