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New York Times CEO: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Mark Thompson.   Photo Source:  The Wrap   CNN CEO: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Jeff Zucker.   Photo Source:  Breitbart   ABC CEO: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Bob Inger.   Photo Source:  Seattle Times   CBS CEO: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Leslie Moonves.   Photo Source: Townhall    Media Matters David Brock: Discover the Networks   MSNBC & NBC / Comcast CEO: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Brian Roberts.   Photo Source: KOMO News   Huffington Post: Progressve Liberal Media Darling, Arianna Huffington.   Photo Source: TheGuardian
New York Times CNN ABC CBS Media Matters Comcast / NBC HuffPo

The New York Times believes its ideology is more important than what America's Founders had envisioned, writing: "But that view is myopic. In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates." - Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, March 6, 2007



The Shepp Report

A Summary Of The Week's News

October 25, 2015


Conservative News Stories



City Leaders Walk Out Of Meeting: Atheist Leads Prayer To Mother Earth, Allah, And Satan

"As atheist Preston Smith approached the podium to lead the prayer – Mayor Pam Triolo and three city commissioners left the chambers." - CNSNews - Video: URL

'Church Of Lucifer' Opening In Texas - TruthRevolt



Muslims Use Alinsky Tactics To Stop Tennessee Parents From Outlawing Islamic Indoctrination In Public Schools!

"However, The reality is that Common Core pushes Islam to the forefront because of the fact that it is funded by Arab Gulf states like Qatar and Saudi Arabia." - EagleRising - Video: URL



Journalists Decline To Stand For National Anthem At Democrat Debate

"At Instapundit, Sarah Hoyt points out that most of the journalists in the press room at the Democrat Debate on Tuesday night failed to stand for the National Anthem, saying 'oikophobia is so in this season.' That's fear of one's own home, a malady never too far off in Democrat circles." - TruthRevolt - Video: URL

Even Sheryl Crow Couldn't Get Media To Stand For Our Anthem - YouTube

It's why the media doesn't live with us. They only live among us like aliens from another planet. - Webmaster



MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin: Dead Palestinian Terrorist Not Armed . . . Then Corrected On Air

"After asserting that the Palestinian terrorist was an unarmed victim of Israeli brutality, and being caught in a lie, Mohyeldin attempted to backtrack from his aforementioned claim." - Breitbart - Video: URL

1.) MSNBC Reporter Caught Lying On Air About ‘Unarmed’ Palestinian Terrorist

"MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin, a reporter who has time and time again displayed bias in favor of Palestinian terrorists and against Israeli Jews, was caught lying about a terrorist attack by his own anchor on air Friday while reporting on the newest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mohyeldin was on the scene in Jerusalem reporting on an incident where Israeli police subdued an armed Palestinian terrorist.

'Particularly at the time of this incident, we did not see any individual be stabbed, or get stabbed within this vicinity. You can see our overlook gives us pretty good access. We would have been able to get a sense of where something like that could have happened,' Mohyeldin said in asserting that Israeli forces killed an 'unarmed Palestinian' man.

'Israeli police… suggest that this individual attempted to stab one of the Israeli police individuals that was here. We didn’t see any Israeli police officials being treated on the scene… We haven’t seen anyone here injured among the Israeli police,' Mohyeldin insisted." . . . Breitbart - Read More

- "NBC's Fletcher Grudgingly Admits Palestinian President 'Inciting' Violence Against Israel." . . . Newsbusters - Read More

- "Arrogant, Secular, Progressive American Jews Send Millions Of Dollars . . . Wait For It . . . To Anti-Israel Organization." . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

2.) Palestinians Terrorists Torch Joseph's Tomb, As Israel Prepares To Go To War

"Jerusalem, Israel – Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, under pressure over recent comments that some have labeled incitement, quickly condemned the fire at the site in the northern city of Nablus known as Joseph’s Tomb. Video showed what looked like an extensive blaze and the Israeli army called it 'a despicable act' of desecration. The arson came as Palestinians called for a 'Friday of revolution' against Israel, and Jerusalem police barred men under 40 from attending the main weekly prayers at the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque, seeking to keep young protesters away.

Israeli security forces have deployed massively in Jerusalem after two weeks of Palestinian attacks in the city and across Israel. Beginning Sunday, some 300 soldiers will reinforce police, stretched thin by the unrest." . . . NowTheEndBegins - Read More

3.) Muslim Guest Gets Brutally Honest About Islam During MSNBC Appearance

"Philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris joined fellow author Maajid Nawaz in an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday to discuss their new book, 'Islam and the Future of Tolerance,' with both accusing some on the left of refusing to address realities surrounding Islamic extremism.

'The challenge we’re facing today is that there are plenty of people on the politically correct side of this debate who are prepared to take the view that [Islam's] not a religion of war,' Nawaz told host Lawrence O’Donnell. 'The problem is, at the same time, what they’re not prepared to do … is to recognize that, though it may not be a religion of war, it’s also not a religion of peace.'

Nawaz, a Muslim who said that he spent 13 years working in an Islamist organization that went after former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s regime before going to jail and becoming a liberal activist, believes that there’s a connection between belief and action when it comes to extremism and that this is a reality that must be addressed.". . . TheBlaze - Read More

- "16 States Make A Huge And Brave Move Against Islam [And Its Push For Sharia Law.] . . . ClashDaily - Read More

4.) Al-Aqsa Preacher: Jews Will Worship The Devil, Then Be Exterminated By Muslims

"This isn't the first time Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi has incited Jew-hatred in his sermons in the mosque." - TruthRevolt - Video: URL

"According to Palestinian Media Watch, Sheikh  Khaled Al-Mughrabi, who teaches Islam twice a week in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, said in his lesson this week that Jews are destined to build a Temple outside the area of the Temple Mount, where they will worship the Devil.

At the End of Time, Muslims will seek out the Jews everywhere and exterminate them. The Sheikh cited the well-known hadith which foretells that one day Jews will hide from Muslims, but the rock and the tree will call out: 'O Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'" . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

5.) Surprise, Surprise: Muslims In Sweden Tell Christians, "Convert Or Die!"

"The Assyrian community in Gothenburg, Sweden are being tormented by the threats and police have now launched a probe. Markus Samuelsson was shocked after radicals covered his restaurant in the city with graffiti this week. They daubed the terror group's logo alongside the disturbing phrases "convert and die" and "the caliphate is here" over the walls on Tuesday.

The Arabic letter for 'N' – which has been used to identify Christians and drive them out of their homes by ISIS fighters – was also painted on the restaurant. Samuelsson, one of the city's 3,000 Assyrian Christians, said: 'I felt a sudden chill down my spine. It's terribly painful, we feel threatened.'" . . . EagleRising - Read More

- "Swedes Agree: Sanders Best Choice For USA." . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

- "Europe Welcomes Thousands Of Muslim Syrians While Sweden Orders Pakistani Christians Back To Where They Came From." . . . CBN - Read More

- "Open Borders Activist . . . Wait For It . . . Beaten And Stabbed In The Back By Arab Migrants." . . . GatewayPundit - Read More

- "Anti-Immigration Party Wins Swiss Election In 'Slide To Right'" . . . TelegraphUK - Read More

- "Hungary Stops Migrant Influx" . . . YahooNews - Read More

- "African Kenyan President On Obama’s Push For Gay Rights: Africans ‘Have More Pressing Issues’" . . . PJMedia - Read More

6.) The Not-So-Subtle Ways Tennessee Public Schools Promote Islam At The Expense Of Christianity

"Here in Tennessee, the public battle over Islamic indoctrination in public schools rages on. Last month, I reported that parents in my home county were upset after their Middle School-age children were forced to recite the Shahada – the declaration that there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.

Following this revelation, my old colleagues at the American Center for Law and Justice filed open records requests with Tennessee school districts, demanding to see copies of policies, communications, and curriculum related to instruction in Islam and other world religions. Incredibly, several school districts flatly refused to comply with the request. And now my state representative, Sheila Butt, has introduced a bill that would ban the teaching of all 'religious doctrine' in public schools until at least the tenth grade, a bill that CAIR says is rooted in 'Islamophobic claims.'. . . NationalReview - Read More

- "CAIR Demands Muslim Indoctrination Of Tennessee 12-Year Olds." . . . Frontpage - Read More

- "Texas High School Marching Band Members Suspended For Racist Gift Basket." . . . Breitbart - Read More

- "Judge Declines To Halt New Texas Birthright Citizenship Law." . . . NewsMax - Read More

- "Atlanta Officials In Court: Christian City Employees Not Allowed To Express Their Beliefs." . . . HermanCain - Read More

7.) Activist Warns Students: Islamophobia Industry Exploits Weakness Of White Liberal Guilt

"Standing before a room full of University of Michigan students on Thursday evening, Canadian Muslim activist Raheel Raza offered them a warning: the Islamophobia industry exploits the weakness of white liberal guilt. Muslims have become 'that silent majority who are sitting on the fence,' Raza explained. 'If there is garbage in my house and garbage in my neighbor’s house, I believe it is my ethical responsibility to clear my garbage before criticizing my neighbor.' Raza would know best – that sums up her life as an activist.

Her world-renowned documentary 'Honor Diaries, which profiles women seeking to expose the subjugation Muslim women face through forced marriages, female genital mutilations and other abuses within the Islamic world – has been a lightning rod for controversy." . . . TheCollegeFix - Read More

8.) Ahmed ‘Clock Kid’ Mohamed Wins ‘American Muslim Of The Year’ Award At CAIR Event


"The Council of American-Islamic Relations awarded the 14-year-old the honor over the weekend during the organization’s 21st annual banquet in Arlington, Virginia. The Washington Examiner reported that the award was in the shape of a clock. 'I just want to stop discrimination for everyone, not just for religious, but for all races as well,' Mohamed said at the event, according to the Examiner. CAIR said on Facebook that the event was overpacked and extra tables were needed to accommodate all of the guests." . . . TheBlaze - Read More

- "‘Clock Boy’s’ Father: Deals In 9/11 Conspiracies, Says Son’s Incident ‘Will Spread Islam In USA.’" . . . TheCollegeFix - Read More

- "‘Ahmed the Clock BoyMeets With Genocide Leader And War Criminal." . . . GatewayPundit - Read More

9.) Media Yawn At Medal Of Honor For Army Captain Who Rushed Suicide Bomber

"ABC, CBS, and NBC's morning and evening newscasts, along with the on-air programming of the three major cable news networks, have yet to cover the Wednesday announcement that Florent A. Groberg, a retired U.S. army captain, will receive the Medal of Honor on November 12, 2015 at the White House.

Captain Groberg is being recognized for 'his courageous actions while serving as a Personal Security Detachment Commander for Task Force Mountain Warrior, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division during combat operations in Asadabad, Kunar Province, Afghanistan on August 8, 2012.' Correspondent Eugene Scott detailed the naturalized American citizen's beyond heroic confrontation of a suicide bomber in a Thursday item on CNN.com:" . . . Newsbusters - Read More

- "A Kosovo Citizen Living In Malaysia Is Accused Of Stealing U.S. Military Members’ Personal Information And Passing It On To ISIS Terrorists." . . . PopularMilitary - Read More

- "75-Year-Old Veteran Saves Library Of Children From Teenager Allegedly Planning A Mass Murder." . . . TheBlaze - Read More

- "Report: Black Lives Matter Protesters Cheered NYPD Officer’s Death." . . . LiberyUnYielding - Read More

- "Liberal Sanctuary Cities Release Almost 10,000 Criminals Back Onto The Streets In Less Than A Year!" . . . EagleRising - Read More

- "Obama's Trick Or Treat On The Safety Of American Citizens: 6,000 Convicts Go Free." . . . WND - Read More

- "Doctors Without Borders' New Charge On Hospital Strike: 'Premeditated Massacre'" . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

- "Progressives Rape The Image Of Captain America Into Villain." . . . Breitbart - Read More

- "Arrogant Bigoted Cornell Professor Says Hiring Republicans Would Decrease Faculty Quality." [Is this What The Third Reich Said About Jews?] . . . CampusReform - Read More

- "Over the Last 6 Years - 92% of Mass Shootings have Come in 'Gun Free Zones.'" . . . EagleRising - Read More

"Pagan Rituals Taking Place In Northern California Hills." . . .Zonica - Read More

- "Grotesque Decapitation And Necrophilia During Family Hour On 'Scream Queens,' Brought To You By McDonald’s." . . . ParentsTelevisionCouncil - Read More

- "Progressive Membership Of The ACLU Sues Missouri Schools For Denying Tuition Benefits To Illegal Immigrants." . . . CampusReform - Read More

- "America’s ‘Uncle Joe’ Not So Cuddly: ‘Terrorized’ Staffers, Called Them 'Dumb ****s.'" . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

10.) Obama Government Tells Texas Rancher His Land No Longer Belongs To His Family

"In the end, McGuire said, the process for determining what happens to the disputed land is lengthy and complex — a final BLM plan won’t be ready until 2018, he said. But Aderhold — who said his family has never been bothered by the government in over 70 years — isn’t laying down over what he told KAUZ is 'a land grab.' And it’s a big one: After redefining the boundary to a half mile inland from the river, the BLM has claimed up to 625 of his property’s 1,250 acres, Aderhold said.

At the moment the BLM is figuring out what to do with the land through a 'scoping' process. Aderhold said the agency could designate the land for activities such as bird watching or horseback riding or exploring foliage. Or it could condemn it. It also could lease it back to him — or to somebody else. Whatever the outcome, none of it sits right with the rancher." . . . TheBlaze - Read More

- Federal Judge Kicks Family Off Property Near Area 51, Hands The Land Over To U.S. Air Force . . . TruthRevolt - Read More

11.) Obamacare's Latest Casualty: Largest Health Insurer On Colorado Exchange Abruptly Collapses

"This wasn't supposed to happen! According to AP, the health insurer announced Friday that the state Division of Insurance has de-certified it as an eligible insurance company. That's because the cooperative relied on federal support, and federal authorities announced last month they wouldn't be able to pay most of what they owed in a program designed to help health insurance co-ops get established.

Wait, wasn't the whole point behind Obamacare to subsidize health insurance for everyone, and especially the poor? Or was the whole point of the "Affordable" Care Act merely to herd as many Americans into the clutches of the few for-profits, after the non-profit cooperatives finally read the fine print and realized they have no chance of being profitable under the new regime?

[And] the plot thickens:" . . . ZeroHedge - Read More

- "No, Your Medical Records Are Not Private!" . . . DailyCaller - Read More

- "Why Six (6) Government-Funded Insurance Companies Created Under Obamacare Collapsed." . . . DailySignal - Read More

- "Malkin: Obama Lied, My Health Plan Died, Twice!" . . . MichelleMulkin - Read More


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On Global Warming: 2015 Antarctic Maximum Sea Ice Extent Breaks Streak Of Record Highs
"More remarkably, this year’s maximum is quite a bit smaller than the previous three years, which correspond to the three highest maximum extents in the satellite era, and is also the lowest since 2008." - WattsUpWithThat - Video: URL


High School Coach Stands Ground On Post-Game Prayer
"A high school football coach is putting his job on the line because he plans to pray Friday night after the game, just like always." - CBN - Video: URL


High School Football Coach Defies Ban: Watch Who Bowed Their Heads
"After groups opposing public prayer threatened a lawsuit against the Bremerton School district, assistant coach Joe Kennedy began issuing a generic address at midfield with no mention of God or faith. That is, until Bremerton High School’s homecoming football game Friday night." - TheBlaze - Video: URL


In New Interview CNN Attacks Producer Behind Planned Parenthood Videos, And Not Planned Parenthood That Sold Baby Parts For Profit
"On Monday’s Anderson Cooper 360, CNN’s Drew Griffin hounded David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress over his insertion of outside footage into his undercover videos that targeted Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted babies’ organs and tissue. Griffin underlined to Daleiden that 'the problem people are having is, that this is not an aborted child…that does seem very deceptive to me.' He also played up that 'the confusion of David Daleiden’s sloppy edits has made its way into the Republican presidential race.'” - LifeNews - Video: URL


Mike Rowe Takes On Ahmed, The Clock-Bomb-Building Kid CAIR Sees As A Technology Wizard
"Rowe was amazed at how quickly the media flew into a rage about this kid being mistreated, when any reasonable person in the same situation may have reached the same conclusion that those around Mohamed did. 'The first thing that struck me was how disconnected the country has come from what bombs really look like,' Rowe argued. 'The average person wouldn’t know a bomb from a sofa.-” - EagleRising - Video: URL


"CNN's Don Lemon Denies Media Bias Exists - But Our Tapes Don't Lie."
"On the site of the Las Vegas debate on Tuesday, new MRCTV correspondent Brittany M. Hughes asked CNN prime time host Don Lemon if the media tilts left. He made faces like the question was preposterous, and denied any such thing. 'People see what they want to see.' It's the latest version of 'Bias is in the eye of the beholder.' - NewsBusters - Video: URL


Terrorist Disguised As Journalist Stabs Israeli Soldier
"According to initial reports, the terrorist - who wore a yellow vest with 'PRESS' written on it and who carried photography equipment - loitered near the checkpoint, with Hamas's Al Quds television station broadcasting live." - IsraelNationalNews - Video: URL
Jimmy Carter gave Putin secret maps of ISIS locations for better bombing - NowTheEndBegins


Thousands Of Muslims Attend Funeral Of Palestinian Terrorist Hero Who Posed As Journalist
"According to the Obama administration, both sides are at fault." - GatewayPundit - Video: URL


Surprise, Surprise: CNN Andrea Mitchell Accuses Israel Of ‘Inciting Violence’ By Shooting Terrorists
CNN Hates Israel! "Dermer responded: 'Andrea, if someone was coming at you with a knife, would you want the police officer to take out a knife and to try to stop him or would you want that police officer to shoot that person before he would attack you?' Progressive Mitchell proclaimes: 'Not shoot to kill.'" [Now the police know what to do when Mitchell is confronted: Leave her to figure it out] - NewsBusters - Video: URL


What Has Sparked New Surge Of Violence In Israel?
"Dovid Efune, editor of Algemeiner, speaks with Judge Jeanine about the effects of anti-Semitic rhetoric." - FOXNews - Video: URL


Germans Told To Hand Country To Mohammedan "Migrants" Or Leave
"Town of 4,000 finds out it will receive 3,000 migrants, 'If you don’t like hosting refugees in your town, you can leave the country,'” - WindsOfJihad - Video: URL


Why Christians Should Care About The Attack On Joseph's Tomb
"Palestinian youths torched Joseph's Tomb near the city of Nablus Thursday. This is just the latest in a series attacks against one of the most revered sites in the Jewish faith, and it should also mean a great deal to Christians as well." - CBN - Video: URL


Among The Modern SkyScrapers, 28 Muslims Beheaded By Saudi Officials Over Holy Mecca Stampede
"1,300 Muslims died in this year’s Mecca stampede. 28 more Muslims just joined them." - GatewayPundit - Video: URL


Ken Taylor Passed Away, The former Canadian Ambassador Who Saved Americans in Iran During The Failed Carter Administration
CBS Evening News and CNN carried the story of this hero, who risked his life for American citizens that had been captured in Iran, while ABC and NBC blew it off as unimportant. - MRCTV - Video: URL


Reaction To Farrakhan's Call To 'Stalk And Kill' Whites
Interviewer goes out and asks how they feel about stalking and then killing whites as directed by Muslim-activist. - WND -Videos: URL


MSNBC Host Asserts that President George Bush Was Responsible For 9/11 Attacks And Deaths In Benghazi
MSNBC Matthews insisted that Republicans seeking to lay blame for the deaths of U.S. State Department personnel on that fateful night really have Bush to blame for setting in motion events in the Middle East which inevitably, apparently led to Libya." - NewsBusters - Video: URL


What Happens When You Mix Oil And Water? Ann Coulter On ‘The View.’
"Predictably, she was confronted by a hostile panel of co-hosts on Friday when the topic turned to the divisive issue of illegal immigration. But one exchange in particular is likely set for viral status. Co-host Raven-Symone, who came under fire last week when she admitted to being “very discriminatory” against people with exotic names, asked Coulter why she can’t keep her mouth shut if she 'doesn’t have anything nice to say.'” - TheBlaze - Video: URL




And Then There Is This . . .

Louie Giglio Presents Laminin
"Laminins are major proteins in the basal lamina (formerly improperly called 'basement membrane'), a protein network foundation for most cells and organs. The laminins are an important and biologically active part of the basal lamina, influencing cell differentiation, migration, adhesion as well as phenotype and survival. Fourteen other chain combinations have been identified in vivo. The trimeric proteins form a cross with one long arm, giving a structure that can bind to other cell membrane and extra cellular matrix molecules." - NowTheEndBegins - Video: URL




Woman, Who Walked With Dr. King In Selma, About Problems Of Living In The Projects

"In one of its newer ads titled 'My Rights' an elderly black woman who walked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma tells how guns are not allowed in the housing complex where she lives. The woman was threatened with eviction by the government housing authority after she decided to purchase a firearm for personal protection." - GatewayPundit - Video: URL



Return To The Hiding Place

Official Trailer - YouTube - Video: URL




- A Trojan Horse In The White House -


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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What will America look like under a second Obama presidency?  If you don't have a clue, you better find one! Check alpha by state/city where this film is playing before November 6, 2012. Unofficial bio of Gerald R. Molen. A picture is worth a thousand words!  This photo was not actually aT the White House, but, regardless of WHERE it was taken, the fact is that he cancelled the National Day of Prayer, said that we are no longer a Christian nation, and has no problem taking part in Muslim prayer.  U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area. "Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to abhor nostalgia ("Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be"). But he has been thinking lately about the past—both his and the country's—and soon he will likely be engaged in what he calls "a dialogue" about the sixties, the antiwar movement, and the radical life he led. The spur for this dialogue will be the publication of Fugitive Days (Beacon Press, $24), a memoir Ayers has written about the trajectory of his life, from a pampered son of the Chicago suburbs to a young pacifist to a founder of one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history."  Allow video to download and start in Window's Media player. “The North American jet that flew Obama and his traveling crew around for much of the primary season was refurbished with new seats and power for each passenger a must on the campaign trail. And the plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama ‘O.’”