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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2015



New Year's Eve In Times Square - Earthcam/New Year


Earthcams from all over the world / U.S. / Live Stream Times Square 2016 - Earthcam/World



Eiffle Tower is scheduled to have live fireworks show on New Year's Eve.
New Year's Eve / Paris 2016 - Eiffel Tower Web Site

Paris Webcams - GoAndRoam



Click on arrow and watch stunning promotional video from Dubi in the Emirates.
Dubai Downtown 2016 Spectacular New Year's Eve -DubaiNewYear
Downtown Dubai YouTube - YouTube

Note: Huge downtown hotel skyscraper fire on evening of 30th may delay or cancel fireworks. Cause unknown going into New Year's Eve.




Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From The Cruz Family

Imagine the greatest Christmas stories, told by the U.S. Senator who once read "Green Eggs and Ham" from the Senate floor during the middle of the night to an empty chamber devoid of its normal pariah. - YouTube




A Barry Manilow Traditional New Year's Eve Song

"Another New Year." (1981) - Barry Manilow




An ABBA Traditional New Year's Eve: From Another Time

Happy New Year From ABBA (1980) - YouTube





What Man Is Capable Of Without An iPad In Sight

Click on graphic to open interactive Internet site.  Use your mouse to expore every painting and floor tile.   While exploring all six sides of the chapel, can you fine the copywrite logo?
Sistine Chapel. Rotate picture 360 degrees and magnify (left bottom icons) using your mouse. - Vatican





A Reminder Into The New Year That "Necessity Is Still The Mother Of Invention," Proven To Us Again By The Less Fortunate Around The World.

The "Landfill Harmonic Orchestra:" Amazing hope that comes from poor yet creative and humble children, a special simple hope that is too rarely found in aloof and arrogant Western Countries.

The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra - YouTube
Source: YouTube
The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra





"As you gaze down at your Smart Phone at a red light on your way to the airport while sitting in your $50,000 SUV with GPS and satellite fed radio, or view this page with your new $2,500 Mac Book Pro while sitting in your comfortable centrally heated home, ever wonder what is was like to live 100 years ago? Here's just a sample." - Suckers On Parade

Graphic source: SuckersOnParade




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