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February 10, 2016



What All Americans Need To Know About Hillary Clinton's Alleged SAP Compromise

By Ed Coet, January 24, 2016, Posted by Randolph County Tea Party, Asheboro, North Carolina


My name is Ed Coet.

I am a retired US Army Intelligence Officer. In my last job in the Army I was the Chief of the Human Intelligence Branch for the U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany. In that capacity I was also the “program manager” for a Special Access Program (SAP) like the SAP that Hillary Clinton is alleged to have compromised in the most recent State Department Inspector General's Report to congress and which has been widely reported in the news.

Here is what I personally know about SAP’s and what I can attest to in an unclassified forum:

1. The names of each SAP are themselves classified Top Secret because the information within the SAP are far and above Top Secret.

2. SAP’s are so sensitive that even people who have security clearances giving them access to Top Secret Sensitive Compartment Information (TS SCI) , an enormously high security clearance level, cannot have accesses to a SAP’s unless they receive a special indoctrination in to the SAP based on an operational “must know” that exceeds all other “need to know” standards.

3. Being “read on” for a SAP is far more then acknowledging in writing that you have been briefed on the SAP? It is an in depth “indoctrination” in to the given SAP and each SAP is itself compartmented separately from other SAPS. Having access to one SAP does not give you access to another SAP and in fact rarely does. Only a tiny handful of people have knowledge of all SAP’s. SAP’s are the most stringently compartmented and protected information in the entire US government.

4. Unlike Top Secret SCI which is maintained in highly secure Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilitates (SCIF’s) managed by specially trained Special Security Officers (SSO’s) at various levels of command, every single SAP is managed by an individually designated “program manager” for each individual SAP covering an entire theater of operations. In other words, SAP program managers are far fewer in number than there is SSO’s. SSO’s are not cleared to even know about SAP’s or to maintain information about them in their already enormously secure SCIF’s. How SAP’s are secured cannot be discussed because of the sensitive beyond Top Secret nature in which it is done.

5. Unlike individuals with the highest Top Secret SCI access security clearances, who must undergo a special background information with periodic “bring-up” black ground investigation, those tiny few who have access to SAP’s must also endure periodic polygraph tests in addition to the most comprehensive of special background investigations. I used to have to schedule four star generals and admirals to be polygraphed in order for them to maintain their access to my SAP. Many generals and admirals who obviously have the highest security clearances still did not rate being indoctrinated in to may SAP. In fact, they didn’t even know the SAP existed.

6. Compromise of a SAP is the single most dangerous security violation that can ever happen to the USA. Even the enormously damaging revelations of the Edward Snowden’s TOP Secret SCI security compromise does not reach the level of a SAP compromise.

7. To put SAP information into an unsecured sever like Hillary Clinton’s unsecured server is a class one felony that could, in some cases, result in life in prison. That is because such a compromise is so dangerous that it could and likely will result in the death of people protected by and within the scope of the SAP.

As a former SAP program manager I believe it is inconceivable that if it is verified that Hillary Clinton’s server actually had SAP information on it that she could possibly escape indictment and criminal prosecution. As hard as it is to imagine, that would even be worse then electing to not prosecute a mass murdering serial killer because even they could not inflict as much damage on our country as the compromise of a SAP.

Compromise of a SAP not only could but without doubt would cause serious damage to our national security.

If it is true you that Hillary Clinton had SAP information on her unsecured server, whether is was marked or not, you can be sure that the FBI WILL bring charges against Hillary Clinton and do an exhaustive investigation to trace back to every single person that had even the tiniest role in this unbelievable security compromise.

If the attorney general through “prosecutorial discretion,” elects not to prosecute this crime I believe Congress would have no alternative but to impeach her . . . and the FBI would have no choice but to conduct a criminal investigation of her for a deliberate cover up – so grave is this security violation.

If President Obama were to pardon Hillary Clinton for a compromise of this magnitude, he would render himself in history to be an “enemy of the state” and could himself face criminal prosecution – so grave is such a security compromise.

Nobody, not even the POTUS, gets away with something like this. If anyone could escape persecution for compromising a SAP we are done as a nation. No president who loves his country would ever allow anyone, not even his or her closed and most loved relative, to get away with a SAP compromise. It is simply unimaginable that this could ever happen.

If this it is true that Hillary Clinton compromised a SAP then we all should know with certainty, regardless of political persuasion, that she is entirely unfit to hold public office of any kind let alone President of the USA - and ALL Americans should never tolerate it.

Compromising a SAP is an absolute “disqualifier” for public office and access to our nations most sensitive information - "period."

Ed Coet
Major, US Army (Retired)

P.S. It is my sincere hope that each of you will both like and share this article, if you find it worthy to help other Americans understand how grave Hillary Clinton’s alleged SAP compromise is if it proves to be valid.

[We] can’t allow anyone so careless with this level of information to ever have access to any classified information ever again for as long as she lives. This would surely render her unqualified and unfit to hold any public office let alone POTUS if this allegation proves to be true.


By Ed Coet, January 24, 2016, Posted by Randolph County Tea Party, Asheboro, North Carolina

(Note: Webmaster has taken the liberty of correcting a few typos within this original letter. Click on the above Tea Party link to see the original posting.)

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