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Why New American Female Role Models May Require Schools To Give Out Condoms To Children

San Francisco Committee To Discuss Handing Out Condoms To Middle Schoolers - ABC7Local

March 2, 2016


Political Correctness Censors Truth In Real Time


This special edition HTML e-mail is being brought to you today because the genie has escaped from the bottle with no way to put him back. American society may now be guaranteed to plunge even more quickly into history's cesspool short of an unseen Sea Change or a more serious Paradigm shift in culture that would undo the pagan teachings from Planned Parenthood supported by the leadership in the Democrat Party.

STP® product distribution began to grow, and soon STP® products were available in more than 200,000 gasoline stations across the U.S.  - STP History
The 1960's, an age when teenagers were more concerned about protecting their engines with STP than their genitals from STDs - Graphic source: STP History

These organizations through their progressive values in the faux name of "sex education" have enabled 50% of American teens, as reported by the CDC, to be guaranteed an STD by the time they reached 25 years of age. The CDC also reported in 2010 that "over 50% of youth with HIV in the United States do not know they are infected."

Timeline: flickr
Graphic Source - flickrhivemind

Pushed by the Clinton's for decades, the progressive movement in just 50 years has degraded the benchmark of human morality once lead by America's Constitution, where in the 1960's the only acronym coming close to an STD was STP, an oil treatment for hot-rod engines.

It was a time when America was the greatest country in the world along with the moral leadership to back it up, sodomy at the time ranking up there with those who savored pimps, and if seen on the streets would assume to be out on bail.

I grew up never hearing the F bomb at home or in school, let alone in lyrics on 45 records by popular artists such as Elvis. Today, on the other hand, you can see modern fathers using the F word on Facebook for their children to not only agree with but "like."

Looking at a few news items selected for posting to a recent e-mail news summary I sent out, you can quickly discover how America has become what Islam sees today as the Great Satan. Americans may not like that but these news items have not been taken from the streets or the inner city. They come from role models at Disney and those who have played in world-wide popular movies such as the Harry Potter series.

Below are just two recent examples that describe a society in decay, gone mad on sexual symbols and sex acts with couples, which too often has been promoted by the teachings at Planned Parenthood. It is a place where progressive women leaders have become so vile reports have come out of their selling baby parts for profit while giving donations to their support group, the Democrat Party and its crotch-salute leader, Barack Obama. Obama, as a candidate in 2007, even went so far as to tell a Planned Parenthood audience that "Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’" (See Video)

(Warning: the second story below has images for adults only, shown by a Web site recommended by the lead actress in Harry Potter, one who has become a role model for tens-of-millions of girls around the globe.)


What Is Going On Over At Disney?

"'When I name my role models, it’s women like you and women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and people like that who have really taken something and driven it forward,' Blanchard said to Richards during a Q&A published Saturday." - Breitbart

Photo Source: AP/Getty

Report That 14-Year-Old Disney Star Calls Planned Parenthood President Her ‘Role Model,’ Along With Socialist, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. - Breitbart

Planned Parenthood's president was reported to be involved in the selling of baby parts, the group making sure that important organs were not damaged while the baby was being aborted, those selections making for the best profits not unlike when tusks are taken from slaughtered elephants. Ginsburg, on the other hand, was recommended by President Bill Clinton and put on the Supreme Court in 1993 by all voting Democrat Senators along with all but two Republican Senators. One of those voting "Yea" was a new senator from Arizona, John McCain.

Those U.S. Senators had been warned before the vote that Ginsburg had wanted the words "man" and "woman" removed from marriage certificates while wanting the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts combined. The Girl Scouts today are being treated like adults, and not young girls, under lesbian leadership. Even a Catholic Church recently announced it might no longer work with the scouts, their learned values an antithesis to the 2,000 year old teachings of the Bible. - Webmaster



America Now Officially Europe?

In 2010, the Nobel Peace Prize Polish Freedom Fighter from the early 1980's, Lech Walesa, announced that America had fallen so far into the gutter that the country could no longer be seriously called a role model for the world's populations.

"Watson recently announced she is taking a year away from acting to read and learn more about feminism." - Page Six

Photo Source: Getty

"Emma Watson, [Of Harry Potter Fame, And A Role Model To Millions Of Young Girls Around The World], Reports To Be A Big Fan Of This Sex Site."

"Emma Watson recommended fans [to] check out a website about sex called OMG Yes during a talk with Gloria Steinem in London on Wednesday. The 'Harry Potter' actress told the crowd it was 'a complete study of female sexuality.'

The site conducted research with more than 2,000 women in conjunction with Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute and offers up advice on sexual techniques. An introductory video features a nude woman introducing her vagina as 'Hillary Clinton.'" - Story Source: Page Six

"We finally have the openness and research to take a clear-headed look at the many nuances of women’s sexual pleasure." - Omgyes

"Pleasure is the gift that keeps on giving. New tools for your toolbox for women, men AND couples. It’s about time!" - Omgyes

The taboo isn’t helping anybody. - Omgyes Web site

"I have said so frequently about Hollywood, they must think that if a standard is good then a double-standard is twice as good. How very disappointing." - ParentsTelevisionCouncil

[When liberal sexual freedoms become so intense they act like a religion.] Muslim Nanny Brandished Head Of Four-Year Old Female Child On Moscow Streets, Criticizing Democracy As The End Of World - AOL





Now For The Rest Of The Story


Celebs Who Have Accidentally Shown Too Much Skin

The following article was posted on the Web domain, Mom.Me

"Before Brad Pitt was playing house with Angelina Jolie, he and then-fiancée Gwyneth Paltrow were photographed while cavorting in the French West Indies in 1995. Pitt was photographed totally nude while standing on the back patio, and the photos were published in Playgirl, much to Pitt's chagrin. The Hollywood hunk filed a lawsuit against the magazine, which was ordered not to ship any more copies than it already had.

Years later, Pitt again claimed a photographer sneaked onto his Los Angeles property and took photos of the actor while he stood on a balcony. Pitt's publicist claimed, "They were on his property shooting, and that is illegal."

Maybe someone should advise Pitt to stay off of balconies, or to put some pants on." -

(Note: Here is one of the comments allowed on the page, this one leading as of 2/28/2016.)



Mission Statement From Mom.Me Domain

The editor of Mom.Me posted the following on its About Us page several years ago. It is an excellent mission statement that most reasonable mothers would probably agree with. It reads as follows:

" began as a conversation among a group of moms. We wanted a site that reflected every aspect of our lives over the whole span of motherhood — from getting pregnant to having an empty nest. We believed we could learn something from a community that embraced every state of motherhood. We also wanted a site that didn’t treat us like parent-bots. Yes, we are moms (awesome, exhausted and busy), but we are also women (with jobs, partners and friends).

We also knew that, as moms, we were time-poor. We needed a beautifully designed site that was easy to navigate. (Why is it that when you become a mom, the entire Internet suddenly looks as if it were put together by a sweaty 22-year-old boy?)

We launched on Mother’s Day 2012 — a smartly designed destination made by moms for moms. It's put together by a hard-working team of parents who have kids in every stage of life.

We always find the joy and humor in parenting. Kids are the apples of our eye — and the pains in our rear, but we adore them just the same. We offer our fellow moms advice and support when things get hard — because, let’s be honest, things do get hard. And we try to make living beautifully a real option, one easy dinner recipe at a time!

Prepare to laugh and cry along with our incredible bloggers as they share their stories every day. Also, our quick-read daily news will keep you in the loop with what the world is talking about while you've been changing diapers or running the carpool.

We’ll be here with you for the whole crazy, wonderful motherhood ride. We wouldn’t miss it for the world." -




A Reality That Can No Longer Be Ignored

In looking at the hopeful mission statement from, the domain needs to realize its complaint of naked photos being hacked and posted online has little to do with Hollywood and instead with what children have been allowed to be taught for decades as captive audiences in thousands of public schools across our nation. needs to understand if it is to change anything it cannot simply tell Hollywood celebs to put some pants on to protect their naked images from being hacked off personal computers and dropped onto the world's stage for viewing. It is much deeper than that.

The current world we live in has instead been shaped for decades with Planned Parenthood being allowed into classrooms to teach captive students sex education across the country, the instruction allowed to be turned into porn pushed upon tens-of-millions of American kids as normal and healthy. But as you can see from CDC reports, it is anything but healthy for our nation.

Planned Parenthood has easily survived in this mission because it has been directly sponsored and supported by the Democrat Party with its progressives allowed to decide "lesson plans," those plans today by Planned Parenthood looking more like porn from Penthouse Magazine, which will be going to 100% digital this year.

Those young children taught over a decade ago by Planned Parenthood are now adults themselves, teaching in public schools and at universities, which now of course push "Sex Weeks" where too often anything goes.

Also, these adults are now in leadership roles in American corporations and their HR departments, not to mention in our state and federal government, serving for the last seven years under a U.S. President directly influenced by Saul Alinsky while being mentored in Hawaii as a young man by Frank Marshall Davis, a known Communist identified by the FBI.

"Dinesh D'Souza: Saul Alinsky learned his tactics from the Capone mafia." - The Ed Show, MSNBC


To that end I posted the following comment on the Web page mentioned above, hoping to help those mothers understand that what they have complained about is not going to change, but has come so far from previous American cultures it is as if those values of the United States of America had never existed.

Going back to the title of this special e-mail, "Political Correctness Censors Truth In Real Time," I watched my post shown below disappear in less than two minutes, pulled by the domain's moderator probably for being in her eyes offensive and intolerant.

It proves the amazing and rapid change to America with the assistance of a candidate for president in 2008 that wanted to "fundamentally change" the nation, one of the most successful republics in world history. In seven years in office this candidate, now president, would then be supported by a Supreme Court whose decision has now resulted in allowing a single transvestite teenager in any public school to report if he thinks he is a girl, he must be allowed into the girl's private locker room.

So why is this important?

Several high schools and administrators have had to deal with this new norm in American education, (thanks to justices such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg), forced to bow down to Washington D.C. Education Department's directive that if you don't allow the transvestite boy into the girl's locker rooms we will withhold the "people's taxes" from your school system until it submits to our will. In fact in one school, where the girl's dared to complain, the teenage transvestite laughed and called them "bigots."

In closing, below is the post I placed on Mom.Me that was pulled within just a few minutes as I watched in real time. It has been re-edited, dropping links into the copy that were shown originally as URLs.


"You can give thanks to Planned Parenthood and the millions of naive parents who allowed this fascist organization to indoctrinate America's children for "decades," students trapped in public school classrooms with Planned Parenthood using the laughable excuse of needed sex education.  These students are now adults who teach in our universities and run many of America's corporations and national media centers.  

The results of that so-called education, as reported by the CDC, would be 50% of American teenagers ending up with an STD by age 25, some of those STDs incurable, life changing and then spread to others, with condoms providing only some protection.  Then add the progressive Marxist university administrators that allow "Sex Weeks," and the result is probably one of the most sexually diseased generations in American history. 

(Graphic owned by Channel 5 Chicago.) Wonderful chart you need to read before having sex.  It might just save your life!

Compliments NBC Channel 5, Chicago

These are the same educators whose salaries are paid for through tuition given by too many willing parents along with the granting of expensive student loans that will only continue to prop up these socialist agendas at failing universities. 

And this is while a candidate for president in 2016, Bernie Sanders, wants to provide 100% government funding of college education, an act that if approved would guarantee irresponsible administrators rewarded with EVEN MORE funding off the taxpayer's dime.  It is sad to watch the efforts and memories of so many lives that had protected this country for over 200 years, now being washed away into this cesspool of progressive values.

As a finally comment, hundreds-of-millions of everyday Chinese have worked hard for years to provide products such as designer clothes to the West, worn by the aloof and arrogant from Planned Parenthood's mass training classes.

(If you want to understand more about their lives, watch the documentary below, the "Last Train Home.")

The Last Train Home: Official U.S. Trailer - YouTube

However because of how smart the Chinese are becoming with solid STEM education programs and a strong work ethic, they might just move on and inherit this country. And at the same time, having lived under Communist rule, they could also welcome a Constitution that so many socialist educators in American colleges diss and make fun of today.


First High Schoolers, Now Middle Schoolers. You Know What's Next.

Public schools are moving down the ladder in pumping out condoms to kids, which only addresses the problem and not the solution to fix it. - News Source: WochitNews


'It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.' - J. Krishnamurti







Watch This Ad, Asians The New Moral Authority For The World

"A simple act of caring creates endless ripple that comes back to you again." - Best Video Ad of 2014






- The Trojan Horse In The White House -


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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Looking around America today, George Bailey did get his wish.

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It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society - J. Krishnamurti




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