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March 30, 2016



Man Cites Gender Identity Law To Undress In Front Of Girls


[Why does Donald Trump appeal to so many Americans in the race for president for 2016? This is why Donald Trump appeals to so many Americans. He deals directly with the political correctness of the current Obama Administration Regime's use of your tax money to deny funds to schools that do not meet this radical, socialist president's expectations of cultural fascism on everyday young women in America.] - Webmaster

Article by Philip Hodges, Constitution, February 18, 2016


"A man entered a women’s locker room at a Seattle, Washington public pool and started undressing. After he removed his shirt, women who were in the locker room reported the man to authorities who asked him to leave. He replied, 'The law has changed, and I have a right to be here.' He was referring to a new state law that allows a person to use the restroom or locker room based on his (or her) gender identity.

The man reportedly did not ever specify his gender identify as a woman or transgender. No arrests were made as the police were never called. The man even returned to the locker room when there were young girls changing for swim practice.

This is apparently a new issue for Seattle Parks and Recreation who are still working on a policy solution. KING 5 reported:

'It was a busy time at Evans Pool around 5:30pm Monday February 8. The pool was open for lap swim. According to Seattle Parks and Recreation, a man wearing board shorts entered the women’s locker room and took off his shirt. Women alerted staff, who told the man to leave, but he said 'the law has changed and I have a right to be here.'

'Really bizarre,' MaryAnne Sato said. 'I can’t imagine why they would want to do that anyway!'

Sato uses the locker room a few times a week, but she says this is a first for her. It’s also a first for Seattle Parks and Recreation. Employees report that the man made no verbal or physical attempt to identify as a woman, yet he still cited a new rule that allows bathroom choice based on gender identification.

The issue drew protesters from both sides to Olympia (Article by Philip Hodges, Constitution, February 18, 2016) on Monday. Opponents claim the rule opens up bathrooms to voyeurs but supporters say that’s an unrealistic fear.

If the man had 'identified' as a woman, then if authorities had asked him to leave, they could be charged with discrimination. Supporters say that it’s an 'unrealistic fear' to think that the rule opens up bathrooms and locker rooms to predators, but all that predator would have to do is claim to be transgender or 'identify' as a woman. In fact, the person wouldn’t have to identify as anything.

The fact that people might question why he was using the women’s facilities would also be grounds for discrimination. He shouldn’t have to specify his gender identity – he might argue – just like other women and men don’t openly identify their gender before entering their respective restrooms or locker rooms. Why should transgender people be treated any differently?

Opponents’ concerns about predators are of course not farfetched at all. Why would a sexual predator not take advantage of such a rule? He could spy on women and girls, and there’d be nothing anyone could do about it. If they tried, he could sue for discrimination, and he’d probably win."


Article by Philip Hodges, Constitution, February 18, 2016




Been There, Done That?

The Party Of The Collective Puts Its Boot Heel Again On The Throats Of State's Rights Over Cultural Issues Using Its Favorite Tool Of Fascism


"Why These High School Girls Don’t Want A Transgender Student In Their Locker Room." - LifeSiteNews, January 4, 2016

"Finally, Some Common Sense On 'Gender Ideology'” - Constitution, March 17, 2016

"San Francisco Mayor Bars City Workers From Traveling To North Carolina." - AmericanThinker, March 26, 2016

"New York Governor Cuomo Bans Official Travel To NC Because They Have Men's And Women's Restrooms." - TruthRevolt, March 29, 2016

North Carolina's governor fires back at New York governor's administration, [reminding New Yorkers they have limits on where they can travel to under the Cuomo Regime when leaving New York State. However they may now want to move, instead of just visit, North Carolina to experience real American freedoms our forefathers fought for against these kinds of thugs.] - FOX News




History Repeats Itself

Never Forget . . . What These Fascist Democrats Did To Chick-Fil-A In 2012 During The 2012 Re-Election Campaign Of Obama. - Week'sNewsSummary, July 29, 2012

"Who knew chicken sandwiches could be so funny." - Patriot Post
Patriot Post has progressives nailed! Click here for more!


FIK Warned You In 2011: Fascism Comes To America - USAForkInTheRoad, FreedomIsKnowledge (FIK), November 2011


Never Forget What The Democrat Party Is Capable Of!

Successful Conservative Blacks were murdered in North Carolina's Wilmington Massacre of 1898. Over 2500 Blacks fled from their businesses and homes for their lives while others were killed with no justice. The Black Republican newspaper burned to the ground. The Democrat Party then controlled the state's politics for over 110 years until 2012.

During 40 of those years the party named in-part its annual Democrat state fundraising dinner after Charles Aycock, the White Supremacist who created the environment that made the 1898 massacre possible. In 2008 candidate Barack Obama attended those fundraisers across the state of North Carolina, never raising an eyebrow to the name.

Source of massacre information- Wikipedia




- The Trojan Horse In The White House -


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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Looking around America today, George Bailey did get his wish.

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