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The NC Bathroom Bill

April 25, 2016



"PayPal had initially pledged to build its global operations centre in the state’s largest city, Charlotte. It was poised to provide some 400 high-income jobs there.  However, the USD$9 billion tech company pulled out after North Carolina passed a state law that would require people to use the bathroom based on the gender assigned on their birth certificate." - FMA
Malaysia dragged in for its tough anti-gay stance after PayPal cancels plans to open global operations centre in North Carolina over anti-LGBT state law on using bathrooms. - FMT




Fighting Obama's Fascist Media, His Socialist Democrat Party And The Laughable Freedom-Protecting ACLU



The ACLU, along with its progressive secular membership, would troll in their cars circa 1990's looking for any lighted reindeer or other holiday images sitting on a northern New Jersey Court House lawns so they could sue the city governments. seeing it as a opportunity for profits.

The citizens of Northern New Jersey had not complained about the long holiday traditions of their state. But that never stopped the fascist membership of the ACLU from doing whatever it wanted, an organization originally founded by a communist, not from Russia but from Boston, USA.

Decades later in 2016, the ACLU would finally announce with delight that it would no longer defend Christian's religious freedoms, as if the radical organization had really cared in the first place.

It should be noted that it was all but two Republicans who would put secular Jew Ruth Bader Ginsburg onto the Supreme Court in 1993, a former executive with the ACLU. One of those voting "Yea" was John McCain. The Republicans had been warned about the socialist writings of Ginsburg. But that didn't seem to matter.

She had wanted the Girl Scouts merged with the Boy Scouts and didn't want "husband and wife" on a marriage certificate, the words offending her. She demanded only "spouse." She hated any man as a leader and of course was in favor of dropping the age for children for consensual sex. And yet all Democrats and all but two Republicans put her on the Supreme Court bench, recommended by none other than President Bill Clinton. It should be no surprise that his wife is now running for the office in 2016, as America begins to look more like the former Soviet Union than the nation where Mr. Smith went to Washington.

Therefore it should be of no surprise to anyone in the country of the darkness and growing pagan atmosphere planted by a demonic political party, a quarter century later filling the heart of a newly born hedonistic nation.

From acceptable corruption at the highest offices of the federal government to ghouls supported by America's first African-American president, female auctioneers are filled to the brim with carefully removed organs to sell for profit. The view is not unlike someone visiting a local butcher shop with prices posted, not by the pound, but the quality of the freshly cut deboned meat.

As a final note, when candidate Obama was asked in 2008 who he would appoint to the federal court, he noted his most admired member was Ms. Ginsburg. Who would have guessed.



Never Forget Murphy's Law: If It Can Happen, It Will


Another One: Dude Enters Ladies Restroom And This Happened Next. - ClashDaily

Twenty-Five Events Add Fire That Target’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy Is Dangerous to Women And Children- Breitbart

[Look, A Field Of Pink Fascists]: LGBT Operating Professionally-Run 'Smear Campaign' Against The Citizens Of North Carolina. - CNSNews

Target Changes Restroom Policy After Hearing Concerns From Customers - AssociateMediaCoverage

GoodBye, Old Man. You Should Have Stuck To Your Music - PJMedia





The letters that follow were released by North Carolina's Governor, Pat McCrory.

They explain in full detail of what was going on in North Carolina's decision to not allow men into women's bathrooms or women into men's bathrooms, public and private, which were to be based only on "sexual feelings" pushed by an activist reported to be a convicted sex offender in the Charlotte area.

Graphic Source: Johnsville News

While the Governor is disappointed that North Carolina's good old boy Attorney General Roy Cooper will NOT get involved, he shouldn't be.

This is the SAME Roy Cooper who legally masturbated all over the North Carolina's Duke LaCrosse Team, allowing Nifong to run the show until it was discovered Nifong's findings were a sham.

Also parents had to become involved with defending their sons at huge legal expenses and fees because Democrat Cooper wouldn't do his job, instead protecting the agenda of the North Carolina Democrat Party. His incompetence made news around the world. Yet there he still sits with no shame compliments of the North Carolina Democrat Party, one who could have worn those sheets when Democrats attacked conservative blacks in Wilmington in the massacre of 1898.

This is also the same Attorney General that refused to become involved in a Democrat-Run City Council from Asheville, North Carolina, where a literal clown who entertains children in Alabama was allowed to arrange a day without bras with women seen walking the sunny streets of Asheville, their breasts bouncing with each step. Even a teenage girl was reported to have been allowed to join the group.


In addition, Cooper would not rule on an elected council member in Asheville who challenged the updated 1971 North Carolina Constitution, which other elected officials had followed since its establishment. Asheville's newly elected councilman had refused to put his hand on the Bible, as required for anyone taking office in the state.

Cooper, as state attorney, seems almost bored in defending what's been on the books, the North Carolina Constitution making it very clear his job is to "defend the state and its statutes in court." Cooper's mocking the responsibility of the office of attorney general for the state of North Carolina made the atheist councilman a hero around the world. This wasn't just any atheist, but one who called a child in its mother's womb a parasite and the world renowned Billy Graham a god of war. But to Cooper's political party, these were just a few of the entrance requirements to carry their liberal card.

This good old boy who serves as North Carolina's attorney general is so noncommittal he makes Obama look like George Patton. But as a sage reminded us, sometimes the voters get the government they richly deserve. So guess who the Democrat Party is running for North Carolina governor in the next election?

In 118 years before the advent of Henry Ford, nothing has changed with the Democrat Party in North Carolina. Someone reported Democrats were so stiff in their ideology that the only way to bury them was to screw them into the ground.

However this should be no surprise, coming from the same Democrat Party that had partly named its national fundraiser in the 1960's after the White Supremacist, Charles Aycock, and kept the name for more than forty years. They said he was chosen because he was an educator, Aycock wanting to help, as he said, "those negroes" and making speeches about it until his death in 1912.

Although the organizational structure of the Red Shirts is unclear, the brigades were carefully orchestrated displays of Democratic Party militancy, used at intervals both to stir up white sentiments and to oppress black or Republican voters. The Red Shirt movement likely grew out of, or was managed by, the White Government Unions founded by the Democratic Party.

Armed Red Shirts in Laurinburg on Election Day, 1898. Image: State Archives, North Carolina Office of Archives and History, Raleigh - Source: 1898 Wilmington Race Riot Commission, Chapter 3 - Practical Politics

It was this same Charles Aycock who had supplied the atmosphere that allowed the Wilmington Massacre of 1898, where over a dozen black Republican businessmen were murdered by Democrats who burned down the black-run newspaper while over 2,000 blacks had to flee their homes and businesses for their lives.

Not one murdering Democrat was brought to justice. North Carolina politics would reward these murderers by allowing the party to run the state until 2012. What happened after that?

After a century of arrogant rule the people had finally tired of it all, electing Republicans to run the government. And now you know why Governor McCrory is in office today, doing everything possible to fight a national fascist Democrat Party lead by America's first crotch-salute president, Barack H. Obama.


Click On Image To View The Massacre Memorial Site

While Charles Aycock advanced education in North Carolina, his motivation was still guide by his obvious White Supremacist ideology.


Oh, did you see Obama's BS on national television the other day to the British about the bust of Churchill in the White House on the second floor, and how he looked at it every day.

The truth is Obama hated the man, wanting the bust that had been sent as a gift to the American people returned to England. Obama by then had well accepted the teachings of Reverend Wright's Black Liberation Theology on the south side of Chicago, the ideology believing Christ would return as a black man to avenge the whites.

And the media has to ask why so many Americans are drawn to Trump?


Springsteen: Boss Or Bully? - FIK





McCrory's Recent Letter Along With Fact Vs. Fiction Of The Passage Of The Infamous Bathroom Bill









- The Trojan Horse In The White House -


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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Looking around America today, George Bailey did get his wish.

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North Carooina's Attorney General (for too many years) was dragged kicking and screaming into the Duke Nifong case.  Now the woman he believed saying she was raped by the boys is convicted of murder in this TV news report. - Webaster  Johnsville news showed the results of Cooper's relutance to seek justice for the Duke LaCrosse team, bowing to the good old boys in North Carolina's Democrat Party. Above photo is of Roy Cooper, who in 2007 wouldn't defend the Duke LaCross team nor the state of North Carolina in 2015.