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2017 Presidential Inaugural Of Donald J. Trump

January 20, 2017



The Inauguration Schedule Of Donald J. Trump -



"We showed America the silent majority is no longer silent. Today, we created an America that WINS again. Today, we made our hopes, our dreams – our limitless potential – a reality. Today, we made history. Today, we created a government that is once again of, by and for the people. Thank you, America. I will not let you down. I will always be your voice. I will always be your champion. Now it’s time to get to work – to unite, to prosper, to become stronger. Together, I have no doubt we have taken the first step to Make America Great Again!" - DonaldJTrump

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OMG. Left's Fascists Now Go After Trump's Inaugural Pastor - WND

Mainstream Media's Love Child Jimmy Kimmel: Trump EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt a ‘Piece of Sh*t’ - Breitbart



"Rep. Lewis, You’re No Stephen Douglas!" - The Spectator

The Democrats also wanted Lincoln dead before he could become president, many also not attending Lincoln's Inaugural while supporting the KKK and fighting Lincoln on the keeping of slaves. The party of hate and racism hasn't changed, just new faces. - Webmaster


CNN, The Snuff Network, At It Again

CNN continues its heritage and contemplates, that with good timing, if Trump and Pence were murdered before taking the Oath Of Office the presidency would fall upon existing Obama appointees since the Senate hearings have stopped any of Trump's being nominated by January 20th. - Webmaster

Don't Remember? "CNN Hosts Terrorist Snuff Videos." - GatesOfVienna

CNN Wonders: "Who Is 'Designated Survivor' At Inauguration?"

CNN: "Assassinating Trump Could Keep Obama Administration in Power." - Breitbart

Video source: YouTube



Bikers For Trump To Protect Trump And Inaugural Attendees

"Bikers for Trump posted an announcement of their plans for Inauguration week on Facebook." - GatewayPundit

Video Source: YouTube

DISRUPTJ20 Scaling Back Inauguration Attacks After O’Keefe’s Second Video: D.C. Metro Issuing Bolt Cutters In Case Protesters Chain The Trains. WATCH - TruthRevolt



Goodbye, Good Luck And Good Riddance


These Charts Are Frightening For Americans Under Democrat Rule

"Consumers face increasing health insurance deductibles in 2016, faster-growing than earnings and well above general price inflation, featured in the Kaiser/HRET Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Benefits, 2016. This report, updated annually, is the go-to source on the availability of, cost for, and trends in U.S. employer-based health plans." - HealthPopuli

Graphic Source: HealthPopuli



" Premiums are growing seven times faster than wages.  The report calculates that high-deductibles for health insurance have grown 67% from 2010 to 2015. In the same period, wages grew a paltry 10%, while the Consumer Price Index rose 9%. ." - HealthPopuli

Graphic Source: HealthPopuli



"If you had exactly $25,826 in your pocket today, would you rather buy a new Chrysler 200 sedan, send a son or daughter to a year of college at Wake Forest University, or pay for your family’s health care in an employer-sponsored preferred provider organization? Welcome to the annual 2016 Milliman Medical Index (MMI), one of the most important health economic studies I’ve relied on for many years." - HealthPopuli

Graphic Source: HealthPopuli



"American workers are feeling financial stress and uncertainty, struggling with health care costs, and seeking support for managing finances. 75% of employees feel financially insecure, with 60% feeling stressed about their financial situation, according to the 2016 Workplace Benefits Report, based on consumer research conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch." - HealthPopuli

Graphic Source: HealthPopuli



"The first was an announcement by the feds that food stamps can be used to have groceries delivered right to a recipient’s door. Service with a smile. The Obama administration says it is too much of a hardship for those on welfare to actually travel to the grocery store. What’s next? Cooking the meal for them? If only the DMV would do home deliveries for drivers licenses." - WashingtonTimes

Graphic Source: WashingtonTimes



You Won't Find This On Netflix Or Amazon Prime!

Watching Progressive Democrats drown in their own spit.

"It just seems right that on the eve of the Inauguration, we should be reminded of all the Liberals that were SO CERTAIN that Trump had no chance. IN YOUR FACE, DOUBTERS!" - ClashDaily

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Finally . . .

The End Of Eight Painful Years Of The Obama's View Of . . . Wait For It . . . Peace Through Strength

"First lady Michelle Obama got in the game of pleading for the safe return of the 200-plus Nigerian girls abducted from their Nigerian families by radical Boko Haram members — with a Twitter photograph of herself holding a sign and wearing a sad face." - Washington Times

Graphic Source: WashingtonTimes







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