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When Freedom Of Speech Is Reduced To Sedition

January 24, 2019



Excellent Break Down On What Happened At The Washington D.C. Mall On A Very Sad Weekend That Was To Honor MLK.

Tucker breaks down the media's break down!

"Viral video of interaction between Covington Catholic high school students and Native American Nathan Phillips leaves out key details, media rushes to bash the students [with MAGA hats.]" - Carlson / FOXNews

Video Source: Carlson / FOXNews

'This Is Evil': Steyn Blasts Right And Left Wings For Jumping To Condemn MAGA Hat Student. - FOXInsider



The Gestapo Of 1933 Or Leftists Of 2019. In 86 Years, It Seems Only The Names Have Changed!

A "SAD" time when a major political party turns to Alinsky for its messaging. - Webmaster

"The [1 hour, 46 minute] video shows a group of men who identify as Black Hebrew Israelites, angrily shouting and protesting near the Lincoln Memorial, where the students have gathered to catch buses back to Kentucky. When one of the Hebrew Israelite members spots the boys wearing red Make America Great Again hats, he can be heard saying, 'Then you got those pompous bastards over there wearing Make America Great Again hats. Why you not angry at them?'

The men now focus their attention on the students, calling them 'crackers,' 'incest children,' 'future school shooters,' and much worse. The harassment goes on for over an hour. The boys respond by chanting their school pride song to counter the hate-speech being shouted at them. At this point, Nathan Phillips enters the picture, encircled by several people with drums and cameras. Phillips appears to be drumming along with the students' school chant. One voice can be heard saying, 'He came to the rescue.'

Members of the Hebrew Israelites, who earlier in the film were heard disparaging the Native American marchers, immediately and repeatedly announce that the students are mocking Phillips' for his drumming." - TheBlaze

Video Source: TheBlaze

Hollywood . . . As Ugly As Ever! - Breitbart

Abusive Media Reports On Covington School Children Like Gestapo Tactics. - GatewayPundit






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