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The Truth About Who Is Behind Keeping COVID-19 Alive And Well . . . And It May Have Nothing To Do With Medicine.




The Carnegie Awards Three Months After 9/11


Below is the news story that backs up the photo that follows it, which the left's Obama national media has never shown to the American public. If you wonder why, just look at the characters in the photo from 19 years ago.

This news story is all about those who attended the Carnegie Foundation Awards On December 10, 2001, just three months after radical Muslims drove commercial airliners into the Trade Towers on South Manhattan Island, reducing them to seven floors of trash and vaporized bodies.

It wouldn't be long before a corrupted AP would say to its journalists that there was little point in calling those who drove those planes into the towers as Islam terrorists.

From then on the AP executive said those few Islamist radicals who killed thousands on 9/11 would now just be referred to as plain old vanilla "bombers," the executives using the ASNE playbook of "coloring the news" for the American people.

The AP, along with other media outlets spitting on the public's right to know, seem to have been feeling for years that citizens were no longer capable of running their own lives in a progressive world that needed a heavier hand on who would have freedom of expression and who would or should not.

In the photo below that follows the press release of the awards ceremony, you will note that Dr. Fauci from 19 years ago is standing with several of the winners from that night. They included three committed globalists; Ted Turner (founder of CNN that ran a terrorist "Snuff" video in 2006 of an American GI being shot in Iraq), Gates Senior (vaccine investor and long time enthusiastic supporter of Planned Parenthood's abortion on demand) and George Soros and his Marxist Open Society.

It was George Soros as a teenager, with reports he was a Jew pretending to be a Christian, who helped the Nazi's catalog belongings of Jewish families removed from their homes and taken off to camps in rail cars. One of those events was called the Night of Broken Glass.

Soros decades later was interviewed by a major television network at a time when the networks were still pro-American. Soros was asked about his involvement with the Nazis. He smiled for the cameras and said someone would have done it, that he was just an innocent bystander. If interested, see more on George Soros at the bottom of this page.

Twenty years later, a new hostile Muslim congresswoman elected by Minneapolis leftists that wanted to defund the police, would refer to the event on 9/11 as "Some people, did something." Yeah, entitled American voters who no longer feel they have an obligation to defend those patriots who died for freedom have now fallen a long way from heaven to face burning neighborhoods and dreams of middle class citizens crushed on their watch.




Carnegie Foundation Press Release, December 10, 2001



Photos From Carnegie Foundation Awards Of December 10, 2001

"Shocking image surfaces of Dr. Fauci with George Soros, Bill Gates Sr., David Rockefeller and more, showing a young doctor Anthony Fauci with a number of elites all the way back in 2001, which raises [I think you might agree] a number of very serious questions and concerns [in 2020]." - PatriotSoapbox

Photo Source: PatriotSoapbox


The awards were being given to those being referred to as "visionaries," which at the time included George Soros of The Open Society, Ted Turner, founder of CNN, and Gates Senior, the younger Bill Gates still angry about the Communist China Party (CCP) being blamed by Trump for the spread of the COVID-19.

Others who have received the award included The Annenberg Foundation. You need to know this is the same organization that hired Barack Obama, (CAC), over two decades ago to pass out funds to teach the Marxism of social justice to Chicago public school children.

And the one who wrote that curriculum for the foundation?

It was Bill Ayers, the same person candidate Barack Obama in 2008 said he didn't know, that he was only a young boy when Ayers was part of the Weather Underground. Sure, Barack, just another lie among many.

Interesting how all these same globalists have now come together in 2020 against our freedoms and a Constitution that guarantees them.

And never forget the United Nation's Agenda 2030, which is to be finalized in 2030 and where it gets its name, with a commitment to force the world to accept their faux global warming. It would give the UN and its world health organization, W.H.O., maximum control of world populations, as we have experienced a bitter taste of from the COVID-19 where elected officials have decided to control what you can do and where and when you are allowed to do it.

One of the those attending the awards was Dr. Anthony Fauci, and why he is in the photo. I should be amazed this photo is not being shown by other news agencies of globalists being honored only a few months after the attack of 9/11 against the United States of America. But I not, our universities after 20 years of lies are now filled with traitors and Marxists that need to be pushed out of classrooms across the country. - Webmaster




So When Qualified Doctors Challenged Fauci . . .

. . . would you be surprised they were "immediately demonized," usually the same day or even within hours by the left's media in rank step.

They release a script or the day's words of hate, which is then passed around from outlet to outlet resulting in what we call today the media's "echo chamber" . . . those chosen words repeated again and again across many of the left's lying media from ABC to CNN and beyond.

It should remind those who know history of a similar media that served the Third Reich. That media was programmed to demonize Jews to the general German public. It was reported those who didn't agree could find themselves in the cattle cars with their Jewish friends.

In America in 2020 the leftist media does the same thing, except this time it also hides any positive news about president Trump achievements even when he is trying to defeat a virus that is destroying the lives of people through faux lock downs and fear.

It is a hostile environment where the playing of professional and college sports has been attacked by the media while children may not be allowed to go back to school in many states. Parents then are not able to go to their jobs, affecting the country's economy and the food they can put on the kitchen table.

Too many media hosts seem to have become filled with joy, watching daily the attempted destruction of the country being lead by a Republican president they hate, with only a few months to go before an election.

And therefore, any mention of a drug that would help people survive the virus has been attacked viciously by the left media, such as the 60-year old drug "Hydroxychloroquine." A low-priced existing drug like Hydroxychloroquine would also get in the way of anyone trying to make big bucks off of vaccines such as Bill Gates, having told a media outlet that profits could be 20 to one for investments. - Webmaster


First There Were Revelations From Dr. Judy A. Mikovits On What Was Going On Behind Closed Doors By Fauci . . .

Click On graphic above to watch overview of the Plandemic Movie.

"What a video that goes behind the scenes with an experienced expert virologist, Dr. Judy Mikovits, who worked under Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. She was jailed and now tells all why." - VaccineWars

Video / Photo / Graphic Source: VaccineWars

Judy Mikovits Bio: Vantunews


Look who is smiling when viruses give absolute control by some over others.


How The Media Has Tried To Silence Dr. Mikovits

I have a simple homework assignment for you. Go to Google and type in the word "Plandemic," the title of the above video you may have just watched.

Then look at page after page of attacks on Dr. Mikovits that Google gladly lists to keep the fear of the virus alive. You will note as you bring up one page after another that Google has made it basically impossible to find any support of Mikovits.

But what is good for the people is seeing the list of names of corrupted media that are on those many pages of searches. Those are a list for you to remember of media outlets that hate your freedom, the ones who hate your being a deplorable. Trump had warned you they were after him because he was protecting you.

Again write down those media names and then think about them as if poison to your right to know, leftist pariah trained at our Marxist universities where if you can find one conservative professor at a major university you would be lucky.

In the 1960's the ratio of conservative professors to liberal ones was reported to be about 4 to 5. But in 2020 it is reported those professors being hired today into leftist university teaching positions will now represent a ratio of 50 to 1. It is so bad you have to check on what is even being taught to your children in elementary school.

Nothing is off the table with these Marxists and their national teaching union. Their retiring president in 2009 called conservatives who challenged their personal thirst for power over parents in schools as "*******." And that was eleven years ago!




And Then Along Came ER Doctor Simone Gold.

Click Here to watch video if taken down by YouTube's so called "community standards."

"If your only source was the mainstream media, you might think hydroxychloroquine is an extremely dangerous drug. But ER Doctor Simone Gold speaks to Glenn, and she sets the record straight: not only is it a non controversial drug that's commonly used around the world, but it could even be bought over the counter in some countries (like France).

So why, then, did that all change when President Trump spoke about its potential use in the fight against COVID-19? Why did France remove it from its shelves? And WHY did the media begin praising another drug -- Remdesivir -- when early trials didn't show immense promise? Gold answers all these questions, and more." - GlennBeck

Video Source: GlennBeck



And Then There Was FOX News Daytime Cable . . .

. . . whose guest were proclaiming there was no need to talk about George Soros anymore. Really FOX News? Watch this 1999 interview by Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes with George Soros and the decisions he made in his life.

Click Here to watch the Soros interview if taken down by YouTube's "community Standards."

Video Source: CBS News 60 Minutes, 1999

Interview of George Soros by CBS 60 Minutes, Steve Kroft, produced by Leslie Cockburn, Columbia Broadcasting System. - CBS 60 Minutes

Here is the full script of the 13 minute interview.

Script to the full 13 minute video from 1952 on 60 Minutes. - Webmaster



Keeping An Eye On All That Is Happening Around You Through The November Election

You must realize by now that it's no accident that the Obama media is doing all it can to protect the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) during the COVID-19 shut down.

The CCP's ties to the UN and W.H.O. is no accident.  The media and DNC have already called Trump a "racist" in front of the American public for having stopped infected Chinese people from flying into American airports at the end of January 2020. This was as the to be DNC's presidential candidate, Joe Biden, was calling Trump's decision Xenophobe and racist against the Chinese people.

Add to that the hundreds-of-millions of dollars given to Biden’s son by the Communist Chinese under the watch of President Barack Obama, and there is little doubt that the DNC has already been working with the Communist Chinese Party for decades. And they want to continue to do so if they can push Trump out of the way in November.

Having allowed China to take over much of our manufacturing, the nation's resolve was weakened with Hillary's comment about "deplorable citizens," the ones who had worked in those empty factories during the Obama / Biden years when their jobs were lost to overseas companies.

Obama was also looking at the UN's Agenda 2030 in his 2008 promise to "fundamentally transform" the United States of America. He showed little to no care about ISIS murdering hundreds-of-thousands of Iraqi Christians, mother's raped and daughters sold as sex slaves with children beheaded who would not submit to Islam. 

It's why it was Trump, and not Obama, who had the resolve to take out all the territory that ISIS had gained, noting that the Obama media today, from ABC to CNN, is doing its best to keep that success a secret, leaving voters in the dark.

The left wants America morphed into a secular nation with Christian influence crushed as the new entertainment industry starts to embrace pedophilia, the "+" symbol you see after the gay acronym we all heard about since the late 1990's.

You need to also never forget it was the globalist corporation, Google, that decades ago agreed to censor the Internet from tens-of-millions of innocent Chinese citizens, requested by the Communist Chinese Party around circa 2006.

But it goes with YouTube, owned by Google, being caught taking down videos of American doctors who did not agree with W.H.O.'s directives, W.H.O. run by a revolutionary Marxist put into that position by the CCP. Then there is Twitter, reported to be writing an algorithm that will analyze the words being typed by people to make a decide on the writer's intentions and then act on it.

This has become a dangerous arrangement to our Republic, all these factions working together against an American president and those who voted for him. Trump's sin? To try to make America great again, MAGA, with some progressives saying it was never great to begin with.

We need to fully understand we may be looking at a dangerous cold war with Communist China in the near future while Pelosi, Schumer and the DNC work quietly in the background with America's enemy to bring back the good old days of cash filling pockets like the high-end ice cream found stacked in Nancy's $12,000 freezers.

To that end, America’s Constitution may be only months away from being ripped apart like Pelosi's copy of Trump's "State of the Union" speech in January of this year. If you notice, like the Communist Chinese, Pelosi started to rip each page of her copy of the state of the union to ensure they would be easily ripped at the end of Trump's speech as the camera focused on her in the background, just as the Communist Chinese are trying to start a rip throughout America's traditional family units and its traditions with its dangerous software.

And then there is the troubling fact that the Supreme Court, along with some judges across the nation, has been watching all this come about in total silence, as the rights of individual American citizens across the country disappear one by one into the night as if they never existed. - Webmaster




"The Logan Police Department confirmed the encounter and told the Marietta Times that the incident is under investigation. Logan athletic director Theresa Schultheiss told the Times that Kitts and her mother were the only two in a crowd of 300 fans who were "having issues" complying with the state's mask requirement." [Schultheiss seems to believe that if you do not wear a mask police are to first tass you and arrest you. And Democrats are worried about Putin? - Webmaster] - TheBlaze

Video Source: TheBlaze




"On Tuesday, the city council extended the mandatory masking order, set to expire on October 6, until January, despite the fact there have been no deaths, or even hospitalizations, due to the COVID-19 virus in Latah County.

Wilson wrote at Blog and Mablog after the event, “This was not an assembly of scofflaws. It really was a peaceful protest, a petition to our city government for a redress of grievances, and a religious assembly, all in one. Everything about it was proper. We sang three songs and the doxology, and then went home.”

He pointed out that on the day the city council voted to extend the mask order, the mayor of Moscow presided over an outdoor wedding, where he did not wear a mask. Nor did a city council member who was allegedly in attendance." - GatewayPundit

Video Source: GatewayPundit







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