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China, Like A Cougar, Patiently Watches When To Attack Its Prey.

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

March 11, 2021



Communist China, as of this week, is reported to be offering President Biden its software resources to run a world database on who has received a COVID vaccine shot and in response will be provided with a passport. They report they can have it running in only a few weeks.

The passport will reward people, such as when and where they can travel and shop. It is based on a facial recognition rating system already in operation in China to its hundreds-of-millions of citizens.

Arrogant corporate CEOs who run companies such as for Disney, Walmart, AT&T, Warner Brothers, etc., think they're clever and can beat the Communist Chinese at their own game. But it is instead their weakness.

In fact, America may already be changing into an easy trophy for the Communist Chinese. This is as "self-identified" Marxist BLM leaders and their supporters in the Democrat party, joined at the hip by a fawning progressive media, continue to weaken America's resolve in protecting individual freedoms, self-achieving capitalism and the independence of the American family unit.

These Marxists and their associated journalists who live among us and not with us, now push division among the people that is generated by hate created from identity politics, (the color of your skin and what you believe), which is then promoted across the country by arrogant and corrupted media hosts. They in turn are in bed with the agendas of global corporate CEOs, like AT&T and Comcast, who respectively own and control CNN and MSNBC.

The objective also includes the destruction of the authority of local police forces and the promotion of black against white, torches ready to light and burn down everyday American businesses for another summer, no matter who owns it.

They don't care. Their objective is to weaken and overwhelm.

One could call it a perfect storm. America's new president, as I write this, is weakening our military. He claims our troops may not be trusted and that each soldier should be checked for too much patriotism. From day one in office, he has already attacked institutions such as womens' sports and encouraged disrespect for the patriotism seen for decades at NFL and NBA games, now almost gone.

With an approval rating of around 48%, you can see the media has been extremely successful in dumbing down the knowledge Americans have about their leaders and the agendas they have for running the country.

This new president seems to see patriotism as dangerous to the nation. "Seventy-four million traitors to democracy," his fawning media hosts shout out from ABC to CNN. To that end he has allowed a razor-wire topped fence to surround the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

The fence, ironically or intentionally, resembles the one that surrounds the concentration camps in Communist China.

This new disrespect for patriotism, which Obama as president referred to as dangerous "nationalism," was already illustrated when two popular NFL announcers dissed military flyovers of a NFL stadium in 2020. They bantered over a hot mic, that under a Biden & Harris administration the waste of gas from those planes flying overhead would have never been allowed. Yes, they said that.

Photo source Epoch Times.

Reenactment from testimonies of Uyghurs who have escaped. Notice the string tied to each fingernail. Photo source Epoch Times / Minghui

China has 1.5 billion people and is reported to have incarcerated over one-million Uyghurs, torturing them in concentration camps. Reports have come out of China of live organ harvesting and forced labor in producing Chinese products for overseas profits.

Do you think the Communist China couldn't manage America's food basket, its energy and land expanses if taking over the nation? If you believe that, then you haven't been paying much attention to the resiliency of the Chinese government and its people.

After reading the article below from Breitbart, you can scroll down to see that resiliency on full display when watching the trailer to the documentary film titled, The Last Train Home.

It is about the people who make your jeans. I suspect they are growing tired of their lives being treated as if servants to the buffoons in the West. But if Obama's BLM thinks blacks would be treated with open arms by the Communist Chinese, they may need a reality check, reported in the story below.

The cougar is waiting. His claws are out. You might want to fight now to bring America back to its former strength or be eventually forced to forever shut up when your freedoms to do so are lost through gun control, mocked free speech and voter harvesting in future elections starting in 2022, up for vote in House Resolution (HR) 1. - Webmaster


Article Source: Breitbart



Warning Comment You Need To Read, Posted And Related To The Above Article From Breitbart.

"This past week, Dr. Anthony Fauci shared a platform with a Chinese Communist Party “health expert,” and it went largely unreported by any Western media outlets.

Chinese state media, on the other hand, could not get enough of it, because Fauci delivered a propaganda coup for the communist regime in Beijing.

Countless state media outlets and CCP official praised the co-panelists for endorsing the endless amounts of anti-American propaganda shared during the event, which included demanding more devastating draconian restrictions in order to “combat” COVID-19.

Dr. Zhong Nanshan, a top “expert” in China’s National Health Commission who has been described as “China’s Fauci,” shared a panel with the NIAID chief over Zoom last week.

The two discussed COVID-19 policy in a webinar organized by the University of Edinburgh, which also featured “experts” from the Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization [W.H.O.]" - Comment On Breitbart, March 11, 2021


39-Year-Old Healthy Utah Mother Dies After Taking Second Dose Of Moderna Vaccine. Medical Examiner Says He's Investigating. [Who will back up his findings so there's trust in the system ?] - EpochTimes




Never Forgetting The Strength Of The Chinese People As Shown In The Last Train Home

Click Here if the video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"Each year in China more than 130 million migrant workers travel home for the New Year's holiday—the one time they'll reunite with family all year. The mass exodus constitutes the world's largest human migration. Amid this chaos, director Lixin Fan focuses on one couple who embark upon a two-day journey to see their children." - ZeitgeistFilms

Video Source: ZeitgeistFilms







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