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Freedom is Knowledge is a Web portal to assist any conservative interested in discovering non-liberal news events the mainstream media usually ignored or refused to publish . . . otherwise important information for citizens who need to make correct decisions about their government and its programs and promises.  The domain has passed two-million words in content, all searchable using its custom search engine along with thousands of links.

Weekly HTML e-mail news summaries are sent out to a short list of those who would like to read a collection of news stories the mainstream media either dropped onto the editing room floor or tried to re-spin into a negative optic during each week of the year against conservative values.

The homepage also contains quick access to general information such as Internet search sites, the weather, airline arrivals, sports, information on government services, fun cool sites, personal commentaries, special modules, job search engines, conservative books, games for kids and steaming audio . . . etc.  There is no blog on the site, the URL simply an area where one looking for research on a decade of news headlines can explore at their leisure.


So What Motivated This Domain To Be Created?

The domain was developed around 2004 when I discovered a local Gannett daily newspaper had purposely buried an important news release from the Center for Disease Control (CDC.) Editors had strangely posted it back near the comics in a small box on a left-hand page. The CDC had reported that STD's among teens in America were out of control. But the newspaper understood that their progressive readers might find the article offensive, questioning their open lifestyles. So the article was buried.

I wrote to a Gannett executive, explaining one would think in a country that allowed a free press a local newspaper it owned would want to start a discussion between the hospital, parents and city government to help stop the spread of STDs that were overwhelming medical systems across the country.

Gannett then wrote the editor, who wrote back with a copy to me giving the excuse "Well, we did publish it!" That was of course if anyone happened to discover it that day not far from the obits.

About a decade later and around 2013, by chance I saw the front page of this same newspaper on a table when grabbing lunch at a deli, the headline reading, and I kid you not, that STDs were becoming a problem among local teens.

But this newspaper was only following a progressive agenda the national press was already dictating to newspapers across the country. For instance, one year after 9/11 an AP news mogul decided that those airliners that crashed into the Trade Towers in 2001 in New York City really weren't flown by terrorists but instead . . . wait for it . . . only "bombers." 

AP also decided that attaching Islam to Muslim terrorists was not productive to pass onto thousands of newspapers across America, which the AP pushes out daily as if spoon-fed candy for those in the media that would rather eat it than investigate it.

So it therefore is no surprise when local liberal newspapers across the country seem to delight in following AP's progressive agenda. The above mentioned local Gannett-owned daily newspaper in Asheville has had, for instance, large color photos for a few local soldiers who have fallen in war, flags waving as it should be.

However when those heroes are instead outside the newspaper's subscription area, it always seems to go out of its way to purposely ignore those same kind of stories, as happened with the Metal of Honor winner, Michael Murphy.

For example, this daily newspaper promoted an AP story where a young teenage terrorists in Iraq, who had murdered an American soldier, was captured. He later wanted his mommy that lived in Canada, a politically correct story promoted by two lawyers representing the teen using the AP as their mouthpiece.

The Army had reported the murdered soldier had saved Iraqi children the previous week when walking into a mine field to save them.

That was important because the soldier not only left a wife and child behind, but had lived within a hundred miles of the newspaper in North Carolina.  The liberal managing editor, even when advised of the soldier's heroism, STILL IGNORED honoring his name on its pages, instead in favor of sticking to the AP's nauseating political correctness. 

Years later the young teen finished growing up in Canada. That is where a new progressive Prime Minister allowed the former terrorist to be awarded millions of dollars by the Canadian government while the widow and her kids in the United States got nothing but grief.

So this agenda by the mainstream media is not only intentional but extremely destructive to our right to know, reminding me of a similar relationship between the media and the government of the Third Reich in 1932 that didn't turn out so well.

That one resulted in unspeakable corruption and mass killings while the one happening in the United States today is still waiting for an outcome.


America's Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Bernard Photo Source: b2bInternational

Photo Montage Source: FIK

And so the reason for Freedom is Knowledge is to help American citizens become aware of a corrupt media that's trying to social engineer Americans in the name of Obama's 2008 directive to, "fundamentally transform the United States of America."

From the SDS church in Hawaii to Obama's comment of being mentored by Communist Frank Marshall Davis, to his being raised in a Muslim home that later demanded strong training during his youth and for several years in Indonesia on the Koran, one can see why he would have no interest in protecting American values but instead to transform the country into accepting the only lifestyle he has known.

All we need to understand this is to look at "candidate" Obama's so-called accidental comment about "57 states" when he was running for president, a comment that any school kid attending an American classrooms would know was wrong.

Snopes, of course, had given the excuse for Obama that "he was just tired."

But what is interesting is the question not one person asked. Why 57? Why not 51 or 49? Maybe here is the answer we all needed to know from the Web site, Organisation Of Islamic Cooperation.

When Obama said 57 states, his guard went down to reveal what was really in his heart. His comment during the campaign that he was a Christian is now suspect as a campaign lie, just as his comment, "I didn't know Bill Ayers," was a lie. Not only did Obama know Bill Ayers, but he had actually worked closely with him in the late 1990's while Obama was the director of the board for the CAC in Chicago. Bill Ayers was writing a socialist curriculum for the public school students there in hopes of pushing social justice onto their free education.

In closing do you remember the photo below of Obama on vacation in Tahiti in 2017, standing on a yacht owned by one of the riches men in the world?

It again reveals Obama's real personality when going back to 2011 when he and Nancy Pelosi praised the riots by the Marxist thugs of the OWS in New York City against the rich 1% vs the rest of America.

But as Obama stood on that yacht in the late summer of 2017, taking pictures of Michelle that the progressive media fawned over, how did that same media ignore the elephant in the room, the huge vessel the Obama's were standing on. Suddenly the 1% Obama was attacking in 2011 were looking like the poor next to the owner of this huge yacht.

I wonder if Obama reminded the billionaire, "Hey, you didn't build that!"

Liar Liar, Pant on fire.


But what About The So-Called Horrible 1% Of Rich Americans Obama / Pelosi Encouraged The OWS To Attack In 2011?

In 2017, the Obama's "yachted" with Springsteen, Oprah and Tom Hanks.

The mainstream media just couldn't stop fawning over these images of their former president taking photos of his wife in the South Pacific.

"Former U.S. President Barack Obama takes a holiday photo of his wife, Michelle, as she poses on the top deck of the 138 meter Rising Sun yacht where the couple and friends spent the morning off the Island of Moorea, in the South Pacific, part of French Polynesia on April 14, 2017. The Obama's and Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks and TV personality Oprah Winfrey spent two hours aboard the Rising Sun before leaving Tahiti.

The Obama's left Tahiti after a one-month stay in French Polynesia. (Mike LEYRAL /AFP/Getty Images)" - MercuryNews

Photo Source: MercuryNews




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