Mission Statement


Freedom is Knowledge is a conservative Web portal to assist anyone interested in discovering conservative news events the mainstream media has usually chosen to ignore . . . daily knowledge for citizens that need to make decisions about their government's programs and promises.  The site has well over 1,000 archived Web pages and recently passed two million words in content. 

Weekly HTML e-mails are also sent out to those who would like to read a collection of news stories the mainstream media either placed on the editing room floor or tried to respin into a negative optic against conservative thought.

The site also contains general information on Internet search sites, the weather, airline arrivals, sports, information on government servants, fun cool sites, personal commentaries, special modules, conservative books, steaming audio, etc.  There is no blog on the site, the URL simply an area one can explore for research and how other news outlets see today's news stories. 

The site was developed after the year 2000 when it was discovered the mainstream media was purposely-burying news stories from the general public for political gain.  I saw their indoctrination morph to the point of corruption, attacking any individual not accepting the progressive agenda. 

One year after 9/11 an AP mogul decided that those airliners that had crashed into the Trade Towers really weren't flown by terrorists but instead bombers.  AP also decided that attaching Islam to Muslim terrorists was not productive to thousands of newspapers across America that AP serves with daily content.

Liberal local newspapers are delighted to follow AP's progressive agenda. A Gannett-owned daily newspaper will have color photos of local citizens who had been killed in war with flags waving, honoring them as patriotic to readers.  But when heroes were honored readers might not know about, such as in Washington DC, the newspaper will go out of its way to purposely ignore those stories, even for Metal of Honor winners. 

For example, this daily newspaper promoted an AP story where a young teenage terrorists, who had murdered American soldiers, was captured and wanted his mommy. Yet at the same time the newspaper ignored the story of a hero this same young terrorist had killed, that hero having saved Iraqi children the previous week who had walked into a mine field. 

That was important because the soldier not only left a wife and child behind, but had lived within a hundred miles of the newspaper and in the same state.  The managing editor, even when advised of the soldier's heroism, still ignored the story in favor of promoting AP's political correctness. 

So the intent by the mainstream media is intentional and extremely destructive to our right to know, reminding me of a similar relationship between the media and the government in Germany in 1932. That resulted in unspeakable corruption.



Freedom is Knowledge