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Former CIA Official Dr. Peter Pry Predicts Devastating Attack on America’s Power Grid 

Article by Dr. Pry, 2017, Liberty Headlines

With side comments by author, John Tyreman


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Former CIA official Dr. Peter Pry warns ISIS terrorists are inside our country right now and predicts a devastating attack on America’s power grid.  Terrorist groups like ISIS realize they can’t beat us with brute military force on the conventional battlefield. We’re way too strong for that.

However we do have a weakness that mother nature or even (local or) foreign terrorists (or major enemy powers could) use against us,


Our Crumbling Electric Grid

Former CIA official Dr. Peter Pry warns, “There is an imminent threat from ISIS (and many other bad boys or potential enemies) to the national electric grid and not just to a single U.S. city.”

And when it fails, it will be like watching America have a heart attack right before your eyes.

Most of our infrastructure would stop or only last a few more hours or days. Gas stations would only have gas if they have emergency power to pump from their big tanks. But when they were empty those stations would close.  Food stores would only have food for a day or two and when empty would close. 

Riots would start and police would be overwhelmed within hours, ditto with fire and rescue folks.  Traffic would be chaotic because traffic lights would be out. Police and emergency services would be nowhere to be found.  The entire infrastructure would collapse.  Planes and trains would stop. Commerce as we know it would also come to a halt.  Streets and roads would be blocked with traffic some of which had run out of fuel to be "parked in place."

Because when the heart stops pumping . . . everything shuts down and the patient flat lines. Our great country would be crippled in a matter of minutes, without our enemies having to fire a single bullet. 

The situation would become unbelievably traumatic in just a few minutes.  Gasoline emergency generators would only run as long as their tanks had fuel. And once empty the generators would shut down because refueling would be a long time in coming, from weeks to months . . . maybe years. 

It’s a frightening idea… and worst of all, it may already be happening:

Dr. Pry says that attacks on just 9 of the nation’s 55,000 electrical substations could result in nationwide blackouts for up to 18 months.

This is because our national grid is in such poor condition.  It is presently running at over 106% capacity . . . that is poor management and puts the grid in very delicate status.  Remember a few years ago our grid was shut down in the northeast because one breaker was flawed in Ohio.  That should not happen, but because of the poor status of our Grid it did happen and the power was out for an extended time. 


Our Government And Civilian Infrastructure Are Woefully Unprepared

Our government has some systems that will survive for sufficient time to get more fuel to those critical sites . . . but it will be the critical sites only that will receive more fuel. Emergency communications and information stations will only last for some time depending on their refuel capability and that will be limited . . . very limited.  Our government will focus on keeping itself running.

It seems like the government has been fixated on taking more and more away from people who worked hard to earn it, while doing virtually nothing to secure our nation’s infrastructure. 

This is specifically applicable to our national power grid.  It is overloaded and protection schemes are slim.  The entire Grid needs to be updated and “sectionalized” with standard transformers or some other methodology and a new design to reduce potential failures and provide much more durability against failures and overloads. 

Our present grid does not have the physical protection it needs and the substations do not either.  Recently a station in California was attack by riflemen and taken down for a period of time.  That should not have happened.  The physical protection of substations and transformers therein must be improved. 

They’ve ignored dire warnings from experts about the grid’s vulnerability to physical, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and cyber-attack by ISIS and other terrorist groups. 


Our Death Toll Would Be Staggering - FOX News

We’re all fine when the power goes out for a few hours and even days. But an extended blackout would be devastating.

Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy predicts, " . . . should the power go out and stay out for over a year, 9 out of 10 Americans would likely perish.”

Imagine a blackout lasting not days, but weeks or months. Your life would be frozen in time right at the moment the power fails. Lights all over the country would go out, throwing people into total darkness. Without access to a generator, your fridge, electric range and microwave would be dead. All the food in your fridge and freezer would spoil.

Your well couldn’t pump any fresh water into your house. And even if you don’t have a well, a total grid failure means no fresh water to drink, cook, or clean with . . . (and in many localities sewers would quickly become full since pumping stations would cease to operate.)

You wouldn’t be able to operate your radio or TV, or charge your cell phone, so you’d feel isolated and cut off from your friends and family . . . (and cell phone relay stations would cease to work shortly after those with emergency generators ran out of fuel.  Hospitals and other emergency services would soon shut down also.)

Sadly, this is NOT science fiction or some crazy doomsday theory . . . (Unfortunately, mob rule would soon surface and those with generators still working and lights on might soon have unwelcome visitors or worse yet, mobs wanting in your home.)  

And retired CENTCOM General Lloyd Austin says, “It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.” That’s why many Americans are taking matters into their own hands and are securing their own solar powered generator.

Solar powered generators sound great but they are very very limited. They will not run your entire home . . . or even most of it . . . as the ads say it will run a TV set (if anybody is broadcasting), a charger for you cell phone (if the cell phone company is functioning) and a small fridge; yep ONE small fridge.

Solar power is advancing. But in order to supply power to your home for any resemblance of normalcy would require a major amount of solar panels and many batteries for storage to supply a constant of reasonable amounts of power.  People living in the suburbs with land and no restrictions could add windmills to their generator systems to recharge the batteries.  

However,  large converters to handle increased power levels normally found in home power panels are difficult to find today. And they are expensive. Plus most of them are not made in America. Thus their reliability may be in question.  If a system fails, your out of power for the duration unless you have stocked spare parts.

Solar generators are a smart choice because they produce an endless supply of life-saving electricity when you need it most – and without gas, fumes or noise. 

This is true if your power requirements are limited to 1500 watts or less, and not for long durations of time.  Many homes average power consumption runs between 5,000 watts and 12,000 watts.  Yes, some of the convenience could be deleted in an emergency. But I doubt would be appreciated for long periods of time. Air conditioners, clothes dryers, ovens, large refrigerators, and freezers are a few items that really would be missed in the early days.

Our top recommendation in portable solar generators is the Patriot Power Generator 1500. It’s a breakthrough new device that generates up to 1,500 continuous watts of clean, quiet renewable power.

That’s enough to power lights for safety and comfort, your computer, TV, or cell phone. Even small appliances like a small freezer or critical medical device that will sustain your family during a power outage.

Imagine how much peace of mind you’ll have right away when you get your own. Because if a crisis hits and your family asks, “When will the power come back on?” you’ll calmly reassure them that they’re safe and they will have plenty of electricity to power the critical items.

But what right critical items and for what duration? Is the sun shining?  Will your solar panels provide enough power to keep your batteries charged day in and day out?  Do you have another method of charging your batteries at night or when the sun is not shining?

I researched large solar systems to come close to normal home power requirements using larger solar panels and a large array of larger batteries, and larger converters that are barely available.   They get expensive but available.  I could add windmills, but the expense goes up rapidly adding components needed for distribution management and safety.

My conclusion is that solar systems should be restricted to critical power requirements ONLY until more advancements in solar power systems are available and when more efficient batteries and useful components are available to enhance the system. 



Above article by Dr. Pry, 2017, Liberty Headlines

With side comments by author, John Tyreman






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