Let America Never Forget!

September 11, 2011


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Let America Never Forget!

9/11 was America's Pearl Harbor on its own soil. No changes have ever been made to remembering Pearl Harbor Day by politicians since December 7, 1941, to today. Yet some politicians keep poking their ugly finger into our history.

But times have changed as liberal progressives now actually ask for PEACE and HEALING, evolving 9/11 Memorial from a memorial to remember those who were murdered on September 11, 2001, to a Day of Forgiveness for those who still hate Christians, Jews, and freedom.

It is a hatred that is as much alive today as it was a decade ago when those planes had their noses lowered at those towers by well-trained Muslim Terrorists, the event forever changing the way millions of Americans have had to travel since 9/11/2001, costing them billions each year in added taxes and fees for national security.

Why? Because of the 9/11 attacks by Muslim terrorists, America now has a huge Department of Homeland Security. Its purpose as I write this is to still stop those that want to kill Americans as they did ten years ago on 9/11. If progressives believed in real peace and healing, the TSA would release all their trainers, send them home, and return our lives to pre-9/11 at airports across America. But they can't because the danger is just as great today as it was on 9/11/2001. And that's what makes this progressive day of peace and healing so laughable.

Progressives aren't looking for real peace and healing. They never do. They're looking to heal through spoon-fed political correctness so everyone gets along as if nothing happened. You know the signs of that from the original Star Wars movie, "More along, nothing to see here."

9/11 is an American tragedy. No other terrorist attacks around the world should be attached to this one-day annual event or tied to other events in the name of progressives reaching out for peace and healing. Progressives aren't asking for healing for those murdered, but healing for those who enabled the hatred that brought down those towers and the 3,700 who were trapped when they collapsed.

Were you ever in those trade towers? I was several times, always amazed how they stood bright in the sun. They showed American ingenuity and resolve as a free nation. I even flew over them once in a helicopter in 1984, never forgetting their former majesty on the New York City Skyline.

Peace and healing by progressives is an insult to 9/11, the word peace always constructed from weakness, cowards, and political correctness, not strength and resolve. The American people for hundreds of years were instinctively taught by their elders to know it was strength, not weakness, that always kept the peace from those who historically always wanted to take it away. And that hasn't changed on September 11, 2011.

But American resolve to win seems to belong to another time . . . another America that was known for its patriotic music, love of country, and pride of its independence. Today's America has been taught by a new administration voted in by liberals to run their federal government. It is an administration that has surrounded itself with Czars who train others to see the former America as offensive, almost dirty, some even saying such as Obama's Communist Green Czar, Van Jones, that it was America that sent those planes into the towers.

However, 9/11 stands alone as to what happens when evil men are trained by a single religion bent on murdering everyone except their own! In fact, you can read more on what is happening in the name of political correctness to ignore the hatred that is even now creeping against America from Egypt under its new (cough) democracy, one praised at the time by America's liberal mainstream media as if pouring syrup on pancakes.

What a bunch of spin jockeys . . . a fourth estate too often filled with elitists either indoctrinated by socialists professors or managing editors bent on distortions for painting the picture they want listeners and viewers to hang on the wall. While it was freed by our forefathers to speak the truth, it's also free to color the truth and scramble it into a mess so everything has the same progressive dingy hue.

Adding insult to injury, some of today's liberal progressive politicians want to personally control the 9/11 Memorial as some kind of political correct event that honors their ideology. One such politician is the New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire who demands that no Evangelicals will be allowed at the 10th anniversary Memorial of 9/11. It is no coincidence that this tycoon who wants to remove the Salt of the Earth of the Bible's New Testament from the 9/11 Memorial events on 9/11 wants to remove salt from the mouths of New Yorkers, too.

His political reasoning is simple, yet well cloaked. The mayor doesn't want to offend Muslims, a huge voting block, which Evangelicals have criticized for their violence overseas. Remember how last year Franklin Graham was disinvited to a Pentagon Prayer Day because he had dared to complain of the murdering of Christians and the burning down of their churches by Islamists. And we all know how the ACLU's membership despises Born-Again Christians, the ACLU filled with Secular Jews still at war with Christ. Mayor Bloomberg, a secular Jew, obviously is falling in line with the ACLU's agenda.

Bloomberg seems to only wants to talk about political correct peace and healing so it takes the focus off the truth of 9/11. That's strange, because the America I knew never talked about healing after Pearl Harbor. Yet after the war this country helped to rebuild Japan back to a nation that would again be great among others . . . but this time with the hatred of its former leaders removed. Today America's leaders have returned to the coward's answer, "What's the point. Leave the hate alone and it will go away on its own."

You can give thanks for this new faux healing to progressives such as Bloomberg, who will settle for peace at any cost even with our own liberties, which ironically are being removed personally by him at the 9/11 Memorial.

This is the same mayor who went out of his way to defend the construction of a 13-story Mosque just outside of Ground Zero on 9/11. It is no mystery that Islamists for centuries have built Mosques as a symbol for where they have conquered the land, that Bloomberg treats as if denial is only a River in Egypt (pardon the pun.)

Yet the mayor of New York still ignores the rebuilding of a Greek Church that was already located near Ground Zero and actually destroyed by the falling towers on 9/11. And don't forget there was virtually no discussion allowed on the U.S. Park Department's design for the crash site of Flight 93 on 9/11, which at the time was taking on significant Muslim symbolism.

9/11 Memorial Video to "Ground Zero" - Like Pearl Harbor, the name will live in infamy!
9/11 Memorial Video.
Warning. Graphic video of 9/11. Historians never cleaned up the images of Pearl Harbor. Don't let the progressives clean up the images of Ground Zero in the name of their politically correct peace and forgiveness. It is what it is, and a memory to those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, by Islamists taught from childhood to hate the West.


In fact, here is what a Brit warned in 2010 about what was happening to 9/11, defining politicians who see this event as if through the eyes of the United Nations asking only for peace and healing. Sound familiar to the calls for peace in WWII to Adolph Hitler? This Brit should know about the peace the United Nations is talking about, watching his country nearly destroy by it.

It is the support of our United States Constitution for the individual that is the heart of what is offending the progressive leaders of the United Nations who run it. The UN views this individual freedom as a wall to its taming the world in the name of peace and healing, ironically having no problem with its oxymoron Marxist control that was first seen over 35 years ago in 1976 in the UN's Vancouver Project, magnified then in the UN's Agenda 21 now updated to Agenda 2030 (the year 2030.)

Therefore you can always easily view the wider picture of what is happening to the 9/11 Memorial this year and in future years by simply connecting the dots, the victims turned into objects of peace by the very religion that took their lives.

Finally, if you want have an historical perspective on the events that are going on by many different groups across the country to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11, please go to the following Web site for the list.

9/11 List of Events

And even if progressive New York City Mayor Bloomberg will not allow it, continue to pray on your own for those families of lost ones in the Trade Towers on September 11, 2001, the Pentagon, and the passengers on the three airliners that were crashed by Islamists first trained to hate Americans and then trained to take-off commercial jets while never having to worry about landing them.

However, my prayers will also always go out to The Falling Man and others like him who lost their lives in the way he did, choosing death by falling rather than death by burning the day a few Muslim terrorists took down America's World Trade Towers. Strangely, it took America four years to help win WWII. Yet it has taken more than ten years for America to replace those buildings.

Something is still very wrong in our country today with its leaders seeing winning as an embarrassment. With little pride for their country and needing to continue to apologize to others for its existence, they better look at a clock and then consider their generation may not have long to live. - Webmaster, September 2011

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