Islam Is Not What You Think

Contributed by Lt. Col. Karl Bossi, Retired

August 21, 2006

An early morning fog drifts slowly across the Hudson River, near the place once called the Battery, where early European immigrants once embarked from sailing ships to a land of freedom. As the heat from the rising sun slowly dissolves the moisture in the air, a huge golden dome and four tall minarets can be seen on the old site of the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

The year is 2101, the hundred year anniversary of 9/11, the horrific day Muslim terrorists destroyed a proud symbol of American strength. In Washington DC, a major renovation had converted the capitol building into an imposing mosque. All across the 50 states where Christian cathedrals and Jewish temples once dotted the landscape, wailing calls to prayers resound from mosques.

The faithful arrive in droves and remove their shoes and bow to the East towards Mecca. Years before anyone who failed to convert to Islam was cruelly executed in public. Not by a firing squad, but as dictated by the Koran. Each of them had a hand and their opposite foot cut off. They bled to death on the cold concrete sidewalks in the country once known as the United States of America.

The scenes described above are not a figment of a runaway imagination. Ideas are more powerful than any modern weapons, including the nuclear variety. During the American Revolution, Thomas Paine understood the power of ideas. Ideas, like his, resulted in a new nation where freedom of religion existed. And whenever religious fanaticism is involved, how can the free world defeat an enemy bent on destroying Western ideals? Radicals whose ultimate goal is to fulfill the prophecy in the Koran, a world where only Islam rules?

The media and national governments across the globe have yet to confront the perilous teachings of Islam. Voices of those who try to sound alarms about the truth of Islam are stifled. Yet, even a cursory review of the life of Mohammed and the Koran, the book of Islam, reveals a troubling picture.

Unlike Jesus, Mohammed gained notoriety through death and destruction of his opponents and their way of life. He is depicted in the Koran as a brutal warrior. Un-believers and those who had turned against their faith were hunted down and killed. Muslims believe that the Koran is based upon the direct word of God or Allah, through the angel, Gabriel. Sunnis and Shiites generally take the same approach against un-believers.

Interestingly, the Koran also instructs the faithful to practice deceit, to lull un-believers into thinking that Islam is a religion of peace and it poses no threat from radicals. Today, Iran continues to deny an existence of a nuclear weapons program, a living example of this philosophy.

Jews are described in the Koran as apes and pigs and the mortal enemy of Islam, a description radical mullahs use to dehumanize them. Children from an early age are taught to memorize the Koran word-for-word and an increasing number grow up seeking martyrdom. Not long ago in Holland, a film producer who made a documentary about the plight of women in the Muslim world died on the streets. An Islamic fanatic shot him several times, then cut his throat as the producer pleaded for his life. Few Muslims have the courage to step forward and decry despicable acts for fear of retribution.

The festering malaise of the Palestinian and Israeli problem certainly has to be resolved in conjunction with defusing the ambitions of Iran to turn the entire Islamic world against us. The Iranian leader acts in a way reminiscent of Adolph Hitler and enthralls many of the Muslim faithful across the globe into believing that Israel, America, and Great Britain are a plague against humanity.

And yet, even though the Koran is compared in some quarters to Hitler's book, "Mein Kampf," a blueprint for 'the struggle,' the media and Western governments continue to turn a blind eye to the threat radical Islam poses. Like a potent acid, the hateful ideas spread by radical Islam are slowly eating its way throughout the hearts and minds of the faithful. Islamic fascists have confronted the free, secular world. Are we to sit idly by and wait until it's too late or do we compel our leaders to dispel the myth?


Source: Old War Dogs




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