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A Warning About Our Government


“We have two major forms of law in this country, Admiralty Law, (Law of The Sea), and Commerce Law.  Then there are others that are less important such as Land Law and Common Law.

Even our law enforcement agencies operate under 'Admiralty Law,' where Constitutional rights are reduced to following proper charging and apprehending procedures, allowing a judge to later sort it all out.

Our government isn't operating as a constitutional form of government, or even a Republican form of government. It is currently formed as a 'corporate form' of government that had come about through "severe blows to citizen authority from a 1886 Supreme Court case.

Our courts operate under a type of 'Admiralty Law' that is very political and can compromise Constitutional Law. And on top of this through its original influence on the Colonies, England so to speak still greatly influences this country through the Law of Commerce and its established banking system.

So while charging, arresting and jailing someone for breaking the law, those cases that would bring down the stranglehold of the establishment on our system of government and laws will probably never happen. Oh, there will always be some low level violator tossed to the wolves by the elites as a sacrificial lamb to be charged, tried, jailed and then handed over to a spoon fed media to prove to people their system of justice is still working. But the fact it isn't and hasn't for many years.

President Trump and his administration have painfully learned that charging any of the establishment elites with corruption will not only be very difficult but almost impossible to bring to a fruition for draining the deep state, as promised during his campaign.

While Trump is only pulling some fangs of the offending parties, in return he is also taking one hell of a beating from our Marxist media, their so-called independence laughable. They are so eager to attack, they don't even try to hide the talking point list and exact words given to each of them for use on any one day. They literally will use the same exact words from one media network to the other as if we were to stupid to ever notice.

And as he boxes with the deep state, personnel changes are needed by him to reflect each new battle.  But sadly, too many times it is just a sting as deep state reinforcements are readily available from those well hidden within the ranks of the federal government, the ones our founders feared would grow to the point of affecting our individual freedoms.

If President Trump could ever seat enough constitutionalists, we might see some offenders taken down. For example, just look at the change in attitude toward Sheriff Israel and his police department down in Broward County, Florida. After all the evidence had come in, it was obvious he was not about law enforcement but about political correctness, a sheriff who was tied to members of Muslim organizations such as CAIR and had been labeled the top Democrat in law enforcement. It means justice will be defined by those who control the sheriff. It may all look like a democracy, but it isn't as he even paints photos of himself on the side of police cars, people reminded it is not the law but Sheriff Israel who runs the local barnyard. 

And then there is the FBI, whose incompetence not only let those 17 murdered kids down, but has let America down to the point one can say with accuracy that there is little doubt that much of the bureau has been effectively weaponized by the former administration of Barack Obama, an Alinsky trained community organizer.

Don’t think it’s bad . . . really bad?  Watch this.

Did the FBI allow the 'Draw Muhammad' attack to happen? - Tucker Carlson / FOXNews

Video Source: TuckerCarlson / FOXNews


However if one had also been watching Tucker Carson’s Wednesday specials in March of 2018, they would have discovered how deep the corruption goes within a liberal progressive system that pushes for the decline of fathers and even men in America to influence the teaching of traditional values to their children.

Just look at the women marches across the country who hate those same values, pushed by radical organizations supported by Obama. These millions of women demand that they not only have the right to abort any unborn that offends their bodies but also the sale of body parts for profits to Planned Parenthood. They even want to rename the sexes, that if you say man and women you are offensive to the worship of their progressive values.

Why men need marriage, fathers at home. But it wouldn't happen. - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Video Source: - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews


And gun control?  Those murdered teens in Florida would be alive today if the law had simply been followed. But that wasn't to happen as Obama’s “Promise program” was given 17 more trophies to pin to its wall that protects criminal teens that should have been report to law officials but weren’t. The Obama goal: to make the number of criminals in the community look 'politically better' for the Democrat Party and its future. However they never dreamed Hillary would not win the election to protect their deep state corruption.

Glenn Beck, when in his days at FOX News a decade ago, had warned that when community organizer Obama moves one hand, you better be watching the other. But no one listened, and now we have a deep state with 17 more American children dead in the name of acceptable political correctness. Never forget it is progressives who will "never allow a good crisis to go to waste" and why so many women marches are popping up across the nation.

JamesPlace, March 2018


"Only when government fears the people can justice, equality and balance exist. Protecting freedom has never been complicated for those that want it." - JamesPlace







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