Americans are starting to understand, "It's No Joke!"

August 4, 2009


Source: Pamula Getter of Atlas Shrugs

The newly found Joker poster of Obama on the left was discovered on a side street of LA and in Hollywood in August 2009. The original photograph is on Pamula Geller's Web site, Atlas Shrugs. It had been pasted onto concrete supports near an on-ramp like an advertisement for a Broadway Show. I REALLY had to think for a moment, looking the the artist's conception of Obama.

But this Joker symbol is more than a simple graphic calling Obama a Joker. I believe it's much deeper than that.

The Joker of Hollywood fame was created to design horrible and sinister things to frighten and kill the people of Gotham City. Movie goers were able to watch these evil deeds from the safety of their seats in movie theaters or on couches in homes across America, eating popcorn and sipping Pepsi knowing it was all just special effects with excellent actors.

The poster's artist may be saying that a real Joker has NOW entered into our world as if coming to life from the movie, Last Action Hero.

I didn't get this idea in the beginning, simply amused by the graphic of the large mouth. But I'm not amused anymore. I get the message!

The above Joker image and the ones below are not of circus clowns simply describing Obama as a bimbo. That seems far from the artist's objective. They are all instead drawn to look like Batman's worst and most evil adversary, the Joker!

The word Socialism below the art threw me off until I thought about what the fictional Joker really wanted to do to the citizens of Gotham City, laughing all the way to the bank. The art work morphs us into today's real Obama and what he has already achieved in only the first seven months of his term. We now watch as he tries to turn us against each other using the slobbering mainstream media as a club.

This means Obama has 41 months to go to complete his agenda as a community organizer, and I believe he means to do everything he promised with the backing of YOUR elected representatives in the Democrat Party. With Obama in the White House, they are now consumed with absolute power, given to them by voters who wanted a free ride at others' expense.

Obama also gets the backing of radical progressive organizations -- from the teachers' NEA whose leader had called conservatives "bastards" with 8,000 cheering teachers at their July 2009 convention -- to the labor unions he gave deals to, cheating GM investors with 29 cents on the dollar.

Thomas Jefferson warned that if the American people who didn't work were large enough to vote to take money away from others who did , that the Republic would be over!* Maybe it is. America has cancer, and Obama hasn't had time to metastasize his social justice agenda, planning to do it one city at a time. But like we said, he has 41 months to go!

In less than a few months Obama could pass a Cap and Trade Bill on the faux global warming scheme, potentially doubling the energy costs to every single family in America. This could be done while continuing to force upon Americans dangerous mercury-filled CFL's whose sales may now be lining the investment pockets of Al Gore, a multi-millionaire since pushing his global warming agenda.

I have continued to report on my Web site that the pushing of these dangerous bulbs, which are now finding their way into landfills, has taken away from the real green light source, LEDs that last longer than CFLs (11 years), while using less energy with NO dangerous mercury.

But it doesn't end here.

Remember the radicals in the 1970's with Newsweek's story, (not much has changed with these publishing nuts), of dropping soot on the earth's poles because they were screaming global cooling was going to kill the planet. Well now National Geographic reports in its July 2009 issue that these radicals are now thinking about how to shade the earth from the sun in outer space.

I now wonder if their end-goal is to starve tens-of-millions of people on the earth by interfering with the earth's growing season, as some scientists recently suggested as a way to save earth from humans. Of course, these scientists would live. And I wonder how much this would assist Obama in his plan for social justice beyond the United States. The publisher of Newsweek said Obama was different from any other president whose only concern was for the country. He additionally said Obama had a bigger picture, looking at the whole world as if he were God!

Obama also wants to establish as soon as possible what he calls a "charity," which will be his Civilian National Security Force. It is supposed to run on the backs of those who need the money to attend college, their parents unable to foot the bill. The words Obama used to describe this force sounded fuzzy and nice. But it is reported the participants will be required to serve in a Brown Shirt-like environment for each summer they need the government loan that Obama will fund with your tax dollars.

At the same time Obama uses your tax dollars, he will be taking AWAY from real charities, the donations previously given by the very people who had provided 50% of the funding. This is the group that makes over $250,000 a year and will now not be able to deduct their giving from federal taxes. When Obama was told this would hurt legitimate charities, he laughed.

While real charities already suffer, such as our local SART theater in Mars Hill, North Carolina, it is reported these Civilian National Security students will be given taxpayer money for housing in towns across America.They will be trained on Obama's social justice agenda through the promotion of his issues such as global warming and sensitivity to other lifestyles, to name a few.

What this group will be required to do while living in American towns is unclear, but we wonder if they will be asked to quietly collect information on local individuals who don't cooperate with Obama's youth force and report back to an Obama official.

This group may also be required to use directives from Obama's Czars or other appointees. And that may not be easy.

That's because one of Obama's appointments is the developer of GLSEN, who ran a seminar a few years ago in Massachusetts that's now known as Fistgate. I read Google had blocked the Web site as some kind of hate speech. But the content was only audio captured from the meetings where GLSEN members were teaching kids as young as 14 about male sex acts. The Webmaster was only trying to inform Americans what this group was up to with their kids.

Finally, Google did allow the site to be picked in searches but said it might be with a warning. GLSEN's job for Obama, as we understand it, will be to encourage sensitivity training for all children in America's public schools.

We must remember that the Joker's character was not trying to sell socialism. Far from it! He wanted to own Gotham City and control ALL inhabitants.

Obama, too, almost laughs like the Joker when concerned citizens bring up his policies and ideology like the GLSEN appointment, not to mention all his appointed tax cheats and the strange 1970s radicals. But Obama in the end seems to be following his wife's promise from her speech on May 28, 2008, where she says, "We will change American history along with its traditions."

Isn't that what Russia once promised?

She also claimed at the same time that Obama's administration would NOT be about politics. "He will be different," she explained. It shows us today that the Obamas back then had no intention of a new Washington. Obama today has created 32 Czars like the Joker's thugs. It has gotten so bad that some in Congress now call Obama's administration a Gangster Government. This was made clearer when it was discovered that almost all of the Chrysler dealers cut had donated to the Republican Party.

Then the following month of Michelle's promises, almost to the day, Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi in a June 11, 2008, speech identified Obama as a citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim. In his speech look below what Qadhafi not only says about Obama's promises, but how he sees Obama related to himself. The following can be found in the Qadhafi speech accurately translated by MERMITV:

At 1 minute, 08 seconds: "Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origin, a Muslim."

At 1 minute, 51 seconds: " . . . when our African Kenyan brother, who is an American National . . ."

At 2 minutes, 16 seconds: "We hope that this [promises Obama made during the election] is merely  an election "clearance sale," as they say in Egypt.  As you know this is the farce of elections."    "Then when the people say you promised this and that . . . this was elections propaganda."

At 7 minutes, 17 seconds: "We still hope that this black man will take pride in his African and Islamic Identity, and in his faith."

As I write this, Obama is going after America's heath care system. His statements below are totally off the wall as if he were some kind of narcissist, which ironically brings us back to the Joker.

Obama even echoed what the Joker would have said; "Maybe you're better off not taking the surgery but taking the pain killer." To this end the Obama administration is obviously looking for more funds for its health care program. He sees the Social Security payments of older seniors being terminated early by not extending their lives through the elimination of care they receive today, a sort of ghoulish distribution of wealth through death benefits.

I had reported on this in a letter to the AARP. The organization used a photo of a hand giving the OK sign to Obama's health plan in its July-August bulletin while not warning its aging members of the plan's objective of helping older Americans die faster.

Then there is this report.

In his Wednesday night press conference, Obama claimed,

“…you come in and you've got a bad sore throat, or your child has a bad sore throat or has repeated sore throats, the doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, you know what, I make a lot more money if I take this kid's tonsils out.”

Doctors across the nation were furious at Obama's careless comment, saying doctors were giving surgeries only to make extra money. They demanded an apology! But of course Obama doesn't give apologies just like the Joker.

Obama is like no president we have ever seen in the lifetime of the United States. It is instead as if a man is playing president of the United States, not interested in the job but interested in the position as if for life, just like the Joker.

Your weekly comic strip - Batman 666, #3
Source: Mindless Ones

The problem, unlike the fictitious world of the Joker, is that America has no Batman to create a happy ending to all this. There is only an unknown Batwoman in the form of a Sarah Palin. The media crushes her like a villain, just as it crushed Batman in the movies.

America has been the land of the free, where the individual is king and open debate welcomed. Those days are gone. The nation is now under intolerant progressive rule. It has slowly destroyed America's morality, not unlike the Third Reich with its control of the media against the Jews as non-human.

One of the few movies to show this side of Germans being taught to hate Jews is titled, "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." If you have not seen this movie, see it to better understand what is happening in America to conservative. An example of this is the mainstream media's crucifixion of Sarah Palin almost 24/7. These attacks seem not much different from the film's depiction of hate spread against other Germans because they were Jews..

Glenn Beck, on his afternoon FOX show, tries to keep the American people informed so they can make good decisions about their democracy, which was the intention of our founders. In case you haven't seen his show, here is a video of Glenn with Ron Paul early in the 2008 election. This 40-minute interview in December of 2007 may give some important insight into how this all could have been handled differently if the right ideology had gotten into office. But with virtually 95% of all Blacks voting for Obama because of his skin color, no one else had a chance.

With his must-watch program, Beck is one of the few men who realizes what can happen in towns across America when corrupt media tries to crush the peoples' right to know. Media hosts have laughed at the peoples' petitions, effectively shutting off the natural safety value that keeps them from blowing up across the nation. Watch how CNN and the networks have done this.

Again, be sure to watch the above movie so you can understand what is going on around you. And while doing that, watch this short news story from CBN. Don't be turned off the name.

The story will shock you. The ending will stun you. It is about the vile Swedish media similar to its nasty counterpart here in the United States. You will understand when you have watched this very disturbing report from March 2009.

It is as if the media toads are the same as the Joker's little helpers, isn't it, taking the Joker poster one step further into today's reality.

I developed this site that includes an Obama page with archived news to warn people before the election. If you proactively search out information like this on the Web, you will be a more effective citizen in maintaining control of your democrat. Do not allow the mainstream media to spoon feed you with its progressive stories.

That is why I believe our freedom can be protected only through acquiring knowledge, which is why this site is named


Trailer of Joker's Evil, the media seeing Batman as the villian.
Source: TVTropes


* "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." - Thomas Jefferson



"Mr. President, America is not a joke!"

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Drew Friedman, the author of The Fun Never Stops, Old Jewish Comedians, and More Old Jewish Comedians, sent us the following visual comment. It is entitled "No Joke." - Vanity Fair.
Are liberal progressives mad about the Obama Joker poster? But look what THEY did to president Bush. Payback is hell, eh?





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