Save the Planet! Is that what these Magazines really want to do?
If TIME or NEWSWEEK are really serious about global warming, we have an immediate fix using their lead!

Cold set to snap city record in Canada - 2006

Formerly of the L.A. Times, Ramirez hasn't missed a beat, one of the best social and political cartoonists of our time.
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TIME Magazine printed in their April 3, 2006 Vol. 167 No. 14 Issue . . .

"When Coldplay cut A Rush of Blood to the Head, the rock band didn't want the album's production and distribution to add to the greenhouse gases flowing into the atmosphere. So, working with a small British firm, the CarbonNeutral Co., the group bought 10,000 mango trees for villagers in Karnataka, India. Since plants breathe in carbon dioxide as they grow, Coldplay figures the mango trees will eventually neutralize all the CO2 released in the making and selling of its CDs.

It's a sweet deal all around. Coldplay gets to do right by the environment; the impoverished Indian villagers not only get the mangoes but will also earn money from the CO2 locked in the trees when the gas is sold on a surging new market--one that trades carbon saved for carbon burned. Capitalism is nothing if not adaptive, and its champions have responded to global warming with a market-based solution that provides polluters with a profit incentive to mend their ways."

Source: Time Magazine, April 3, 2006, "How to Seize the Initiative,"by Unmesh Kher, Daren Forda, Michael D. Lemonick, and Margot Roosevelt.(Note: Link is e-mail response to their article.


Our Suggestion following TIME Magazine's lead

. . . if they're really serious.

Is Time Magazine really serious about this?

If so, we have the answer for an immediate solution for future global warming due to green house gases. And it's easy, too!

If the earth really is in a crises as TIME says it is, then let's take it seriously and begin to shut down within the next twelve months every newspaper, magazine, and news print publication around the world where the Internet exists with at least 70% of the population online. For those not yet online, governments could provide tax credits or the like to help these less fortunate to become online users, helping them to do their part to help Save the Earth while moving into the new information age.

Think immediately of all the trees that would be saved starting today!

We all know these print houses and newspapers are dinosaurs anyway that not only duplicate information that is already known on the Web, radio, or television, the electronic media, but what they print is old news ready to be thrown into the garbage before it has arrived.

Let reporters and content providers work instead from home in a virtual environment that they already exist and live in, their using services they are already connected to and use. They don't need to drive to a huge office building in New York, L.A., Chicago, or other large and small cities.

Think of the savings if all these buildings that currently support the print news media were closed and mothballed, no longer adding to the pollution of the planet. The former print media would then evolve to online business content providers, an area that most of them have already entered and / or are currently supporting, selling, in part, their words and ideas now in a non-polluting online environment using paid subscriptions that were previously used for their printed products.

With their fixed costs removed for printing, mailing, real estate, nor paying employees higher salaries to afford to work in the city, these new content providers could even dramatically reduce the cost of their online subscription from the previous printed rates they had been charging.

If people don't want to pay, then the service that was being provided really wasn't needed in the first place, was it, just adding to the pollution of our world.

The Web and Internet are here to stay, providing in real time what these print and newspaper houses are duplicating on paper for tomorrow's delivery, in the process killing our forests and removing plants that use up CO2.

Save the forests? Reduce the pollution caused from the high production of inks? Reduce the need for heating buildings and driving cars?

It's a no brainer!

Hey TIME. If you really want to Save the Earth, you and your print community could start planning that today. How about it? Let's not only think outside the box. Let's create a whole new environment that doesn't even need one!

It's time to put your money where your mouth is.

Poor Al Gore. First he releases his findings of global warming in New York City on one of the coldest day's in the city's history. Then in 2006 his wild hurricane season was a no show. I think we have all finally realized that the weather will do what it wants to do, in spite of what comes out of the mouth of a tiny spec they call Al Gore.

"Get a life, Al, and a real job. Snow jobs are not exactly the ones that will put you back on America's center stage, like in the mid 1970s when your elite scientists wanted to drop soot all over the earth's poles, concerned the planet was cooling. Too many billions of people's lives could be affected by a planet that gets too cold via bad decisions created by a few momma's rich boys that just can't seem to find something useful to do with their lives other than scream, 'The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling!'

We live on a tiny active planet in a solar system that has no mercy to living things. This little blue marble is a miracle, and we need to enjoy each day as it is provided to us being as responsible as possible without going nuts.

Mother Nature has proven again and again she knows how to fix things far better than filthy rich elitist running around, their attention based on being born with a silver spoon stuck where the sun doesn't shine.

Some of us have to make a living, Al, not being able to run around the world creating tons of pollution through riding on corporate jets, or haven't you figured out that's exactly what you've been doing these last few years?

I think that sadly qualifies your life as an oxymoron."


Save the Planet? Here's another suggestion!


Let's also remove the pollution caused by millions of illegal immigrants that now live in America, having come in to the country from south of its border, putting to work instead the people that are already here as legal citizens, providing them with realistic hourly salaries that support the cost of living in America . . . not the cost of living in Mexico!

2/27/06 - Instead, the immigration debate has split the GOP, with many Republicans in the House and Senate, worried about alienating voters, openly opposing the president. In December, the House tossed aside the worker program and passed a bill that features tougher security at the Mexican border—including Tancredo's cherished fence—and crackdowns on illegals who are already here. "You can't ignore him," says a GOP leadership aide who wouldn't be named because he wanted to keep his job. "The administration doesn't want to hear this, but a lot of Americans think he's right." In the Senate, Republicans, led by John McCain and Arlen Specter, have been working to come up with a compromise that would include border security, a guest-worker program and a way for illegal immigrants to "earn" citizenship. But Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a presidential contender with one eye on the anti-immigration vote—and the other one on outflanking McCain—has threatened to put forward his own get-tough plan this week if the senators fail to come through.

Source: Newsweek


So let's get this straight so even I can understand it ___________________


If you're out of work, you are one in twenty whose job has been already taken by an illegal immigrant, while American tax dollars pay for their education, social services, and clinic/hospital usage. Did you know that just the cost of educating non-english speaking children from illegal aliens in public schools has risen from the thousands to the millions of dollars from state to state, where these students should have already been taught the language by their illegal parents? It takes away from American kids who need the added support.

Photo Source- Drudge March, 27, 2006

These illegal aliens that have crossed America's borders in mass for decades have now become large enough to organize marches in the hundreds-of-thousands as seen on the left. American citizens across the country watched these marches on television while sitting on their couches picking their noses or scratching their butts . . . not knowing what to do about it.

Well, President Bush and the Democrat leadership has betrayed the American people!

These large marches prove without a doubt how bad it has become out there, the participants simply going to help to bring MORE of the same across our borders. Already it was reported last year that half of those employed by the city of Los Angeles cannot even read English! In this environment, why do city fathers allow communist-like organizations like the ACLU to remove a tiny cross from Los Angeles' City Seal that has been there for decades and at the cost of millions of dollars, yet say nothing as the city is overrun by illegal aliens from another country.

Now you can see clearly the corrupting objective of these organizations. Now you know what they are trying to do to your influence on American culture. So what don't you get about it while saving the planet?

As American citizens lose control of their country to people stealing here in the dark of night, hotels, fast food corporations, and others in our business community must be forced now to raise their basic hourly pay to encourage everyday Americans to take the jobs that need filling. In other words, the corporations simply need to pay the hourly salary necessary to support the cost of living in America . . . not in Mexico!

American workers will then fight the illegals for those jobs, sending the illegals home to find work in their own failed country. Mexico's inability to take care of its own is not America's emergency! By allowing illegals into this country with such ease, President Bush and the Democrats are supporting the corruption that runs rampant in Mexico, which has virtually destroyed that country's ability to stand on its own two feet.

America is not here to subsidize the Hyatt House, Westin Hotels, McDonalds, or the rest of the Forty Thieves that could give a damn about our country and its security, as their CEO's decide if their families need three or four homes to live in.

America's foundation has always been based on supply and demand. Bush and his Republicans along with the Democrats have cast this formula for success to the wind, allowing corporations to hire illegal aliens at cheap hourly rates rather than allowing those rates to simply seek the level at which people can afford to live in America's society of the new millennium. Americans in the past had always done their own labor. What happened to that idea?

These two political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, from Hillary Clinton to George Bush, care only for their party's control of power in America, when instead they had been elected to focus on the people's business. They are influenced by a few wealthy individuals through political payoffs to keep the hourly pay rate at less than half of what it should be.

Let Hyatt, Westin, McDonald's and the other corporations charge more for their services while cutting the salaries of upper management and CEOs that have been pampered too long. I believe Americans would pay 50 cents more for a hamburger or ten dollars for a hotel room if I knew it would stop illegal aliens from taking jobs from my American brothers.

If people don't want to pay the new prices, then let those corporations fall along the wayside that can't survive in the new competitive climate. We have seen what this kind of economics with cheap labor has done to Europe, France on the edge in the next two decades of total collapse under the weight of aliens, their doing the dirty work the elite French youth don't want to touch. Let them die if they don't care enough to support their own culture.

France and the decline of morals in Europe has nothing to do with us. This is America. We are different, and we always need to stay that way.

So let this be a message to the Supreme Court of the Land, one which has judged too long our society compared to the morals other failing nations live by in Europe. This has been the direct cause of giving this country legal sodomy, leading quickly now to the abuse of male teachers on their male students without penalty, judges now seeing sodomy as a standard in the American way of life.

This is the same federal court that now allows America's most wealthy to bribe city officials to take away land from everyday Americans just because these poorer land owners happen to live in a location the rich now want as their own.

People are getting mad as hell as to what is being done to their country by a few elites who no longer respect the rights of American citizens to control their own fate by a majority vote.

I tell you there is a deepening anger that is moving across this land that is no less than if a roaring river running underground, weakening the stability of the land above it as hundreds of millions of Americans quickly become fed up with their hundreds of years of values being treated as offensive by a few elitists. Their ideals are treated as old fashioned by politicians that travel the low road as judges make decisions on personal beliefs rather than the law, giving birth to new and strange rules to live by that the majority of Americans are forced to follow against their wishes and conscience.

A time is coming when Americans in mass will say, "No more" . . . a time when those who abused and tried to control our government will be remembered, sought out, and removed from office in the running of the people's business.

The country is being made ready for that one individual, who will come from neither of the current political parties in control, standing up to shout across the land that enough is enough and asking us to follow to return America to the one we all remembered . . . one that had worked and had always respected the wishes of the majority. There is a vacuum out there that is begging to be filled by someone outside the mainstream of today's corrupt politics.

I for one will cast my vote for that individual, saying just fix it. Be sure you are there when the time arrives.


When illegal is right, what is wrong?

March 29, 2006,
Kathleen Parker

Let's just say that convincing others of one's desire to become an American citizen would be more effective if one were to do so in English - while waving an American flag. Just imagine how welcome 500,000 bubbas waving American flags and chanting, "Hell no, we won't go," would be in Mexico City. Now before I'm accused of being biased against Latinos, let me be clear. Yo quiero a los Latinos. I could go on in Espanol, but when in America, I always say, do as the Americans do. Speak English. Otherwise, I'm over-the-top pro-Latino and pro-immigrant. I grew up in Florida with Cubans as my closest friends, and my stepfather is Mexican - a legal immigrant who came to this country at age 16 to attend medical school. I am, in other words, an unapologetic Hispanophile . . . read more




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