NOT - Built in America!

If you have been watching cable programs like the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, or the History Channel for the last two years as we have, their focusing on the world's ultimate buildings or structures, did it ever cross your mind that nothing of interest has been showing up that represents America?

"What's going on?" we had wondered.

We now believe it's no accident, as America's higher education centers place their main focus on diversity and political correct issues, America's leadership in the world in manufacturing and construction is disappearing right in front of our eyes. Gee, think there is any correlation to this and the recent changes in America's politically correct culture?

For years now, America has been rapidly graduating far less top engineering students when compared to other nations around the globe. It seems that too many of America's universities and their professors worry more about speech codes and the lowering of the age of consent for sex between staff and students than keeping America innovative. Did you know that some universities even have silent days in honor of lesbian and gay lifestyles? Wow, that is just earthshaking?

But we fear that America has experienced a lack of pride these days, it really showing up when compared to other nations around the world. In fact, we couldn't name a single innovative structure that has been built in America during the last decade which is even worth mentioning . . . not even the replacement structures for the World Trade Towers that fell in New York City, the design looking very ordinary.

Toyota has become the third best selling automobile manufacturer in the world while China leads in the consumption of concrete and the buying of scrap metal from around the globe. South Korea has become the top ship builder in the world while India leads the world in recycling them. So as an American going overseas, if someone asks you what your country has done for the world in innovation, you could answer . . .

"Well, we are trying to lower the age of consent for sex with adults down to 13-years old, while we now instruct our future generation of children how to better enjoy gay anal sex. And of course, we don't allow any words spoken on campus that might offend someone, while the secular Jewish membership in the ACLU successfully changes age-old names of American cities, ridding them of offensive Christian references. So you can see America is entering into the light of a new progressive culture of tolerance and bullshit. We are so excited. Aren't you?"

While you're saying that, the foreigner listening would probably rather be enjoying the structure shown below, dude, a new concept in family recreation in Japan

So will you say you are from America when visiting overseas, or not? Gee, I'd think I would keep it to myself. Foreigners might just say, "So what?"



NOT built in America.

Thanks to Vina of Western North Carolina



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