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"Jody was Dayne's best friend," said Jessica Harris, 15. "That's why it escalated the way it did."

She was referring to what happened when Dayne Simons, 17, confronted Jody Ross, 19. Police in Leesburg, Fla., say Simons beat Ross with an ax, using both the blunt and blade sides.

Ross survived. Simons was charged with attempted homicide.

What provoked the attack? Simons became upset when he discovered Ross was dating Maria Mines, 35. Mines is Simons' mother. (you need to read that again before going on.)

It wasn't just the dating, but more Ross's taunts of "Who's yer daddy!?"

Source: Orlando Sentinel via Web site, This is True


A man in South Kitsap, Wash., had been working on his car, and needed to remove a wheel. One lug nut was too tight to budge, so he chose an unconventional tool to loosen it: a shotgun.

The 00-buck from the round ricocheted, carrying with it chunks of metal from the wheel.

The do-it-yourselfer was hospitalized with "severe not life-threatening" injuries from his shins to his chin. The unidentified 66-year-old man "wasn't intoxicated," a sheriff's spokesman said, and didn't say why he resorted to a shotgun.

"I don't think he was in any condition to say anything," the spokesman said. "The pain was so severe."

Kitsap Sun via Web site, This is True






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