Winnie the Who? 


A group of kindergartners were trying very hard to become accustomed to the the first grade, seeming to meet head on with a bit of political correctness for their young age.

This new hurdle they faced in life was a teacher that kept insisting she would not accept any baby talk from them. On their first day back to school after a weekend off, one could easily see these California youngsters were still struggling with this new concept of so-called big people's words.

"Now let's keep in mind you need to use big people's words," the teacher kindly reminded all the little faces looking back at her. So on this bright shiny Monday she began to ask each of them what they did over the weekend.

She first asked Chris what he had done after leaving school on Friday.

"I went on a drive to visit my Nana," Chris happily replied. "I had a good time playing outside with her doggie, Spark."

"No," the teacher replied in frustration trying to be kind, "You went to visit your grandmother,  not your Nana. And Spark is not a doggie. He is a dog. Let's remember to use big people's words."

The teacher then regained her composer. "Okay," she asked, "Let's see what Mitchell did over the weekend." Putting a smile back on her face she asked, "Michael, how was weekend?"

Michael held back for a moment but then continued, hoping he would get it right. "I took a ride on a big people's choo choo," he replied. "And my mommy's girlie friend liked it, too."

"No, no, Michael," the teacher immediately replied with her voice raised slightly. Michael's face dropped. "You took a ride on a train.  You must remember to use big people's words. And it's not your mommies' girlie friend that went with you, but your mother's partner."

Michael said, "But Miss . . ." the teacher stopping him and moving onto the next child.

She then asked little Zach what he had done with his time over the weekend. 

Zach proudly proclaimed, "I read a book!"

"That's wonderful," the teacher replied with a huge approval that was clearly understood by all the students . "What book did you read?"

Zach thought real hard about it, first looking over at Chris and Michael. He then puffed out his chest with great pride and said, "Winnie the shit."







"Freedom is Knowledge"