Life Takes VISA? The Bible told me so!

It sure does, as VISA's national 2007 television and cable ads promote the need for a Mark for purchases coming to a neighborhood near you.

Visa Check Card. VISA ads was helping to promote the need for a Mark to shop fast. - YouTube
Source: YouTube

Just watch the above former 2007 VISA TV ad and decide for yourself about VISA pushing the ease of bringing in Revelation's Mark to a society, where those having it would be the only ones allowed to buy and sell.


"Young shoppers want to pay with chip in skin."

Daily Mail - UK - October 11, 2006


What an interesting time we have reached in human history as a low-key article from the Daily Mail of the United Kingdom almost yawns at the warning of a coming sea change in our world's society, a time that Christians believe the Bible writes that only today's generation would see. Coincidence? You decide, considering the following observations.

We have finally reached the event horizon where some of our youth have become so vain in their own selfish needs that they would give away their privacy in trade for an active microchip embedded under their skin, as if it was a piece of designer jewelry, one used to enhance a shopping experience at yuppie establishments. To buy and sell with an embedded chip, business owners would no longer need to reach into the pockets of the consumer. Instead, they would only need to get under their skin.

I remember it was just sixty years ago when Americans didn't even trust credit cards . . . didn't even want to carry the damn things . . . happy with simply paying cash for products and services other than the mortgages on their homes. Mortgages at the time had interest rates of around 5%, while a two bedroom, one bath newly constructed house could cost as low as $14,000 and involved a payment of interest and principle of about $75 a month. Families even planned mortgage burning parties after living in the same home with the same spouse for 20 to 30 years.

Today, homes are so expensive the mortgage payback time has been increased to 40 years with a home owner being allowed to only pay the interest for the first ten years. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen. And they call today's living progressive?

During those times of paying with cash, America's saving rates were one of the highest in our country's history, not like today where huge debts are owed by too many American families, late payments doubling and causing banks great distress with mortgage companies laying off workers or closing their doors.

America's young adults have become attached to their parent's wealth while never having to survive tough times. That's dangerous. They seem to almost demand that it's their right to be given things or own the best products . . . and right now! They are driven by an almost unnatural desire to own the newest in personal possessions even before they are shipped out of manufacturing facilities and onto the streets, teased daily by unlimited advertising from all media, from television ads to the world-wide Internet.

We believe the following describes an evolving brave new world, too many Americans may find themselves living in today:


"When people have control over their money and values, they are investing into their lives and future, and therefore contribute to the control of the daily workings of the government they live with. But when people lose control of their money and values, they are no longer functioning investors in the society but instead willing participants that wait like puppy dogs with tails wagging for what they feel are deserved entitlements, the government now controlling them." - Webmaster, Freedom is Knowledge, 2007.


Let's do a check on human events such as the one reported by the Daily Mail, where youth are almost giddy to accept embedded microchips under their skin that enable them to purchase items without the need for money or an identity device such as a credit card.

It was written 2,000 years ago in the Book of Revelations that today's society, 2,000 years into the author's future, would be so filled with technology that it would embrace the creation of a cash less society, not a barter society that was the norm back then. This society would not only be cash less but it would be one where everyone would be forced to carry a "Mark" on their hand or forehead. This "Mark" would allow them to participate in the buying and selling of goods and services for their everyday needs. What do you think would be the mathematical odds of this scenario coming true today when written over 2,000 years ago?

But let's continue.

Now add to the equation that the writer selects a hand or the head for receiving the device, his seeing in his vision there would be other societies on earth wanting the "Mark" placed on a different part of the body.

Then put into this mix that the individuals in the society he writes about would have become so self-centered in their own needs, they would even be delighted, (are you ready), to have a device (we know today as a microchip that can be scanned) implanted under the skin of their own bodies. In essence, they would actually welcome a "Mark" for the ability to simply walk out of a retail store with their purchase in hand, it confirmed before their feet would hit the sidewalk.

Currently there is a company out there that is quite capable of developing this chip to be scanned by retailers, as they use it today to track animals, the company ironically named Digital Angel. Their mission statement reads:

"Digital Angel Corporation GPS and RFID products are utilized around the world to save lives, ensure the safety of our food supply, reunite loved ones and improve the quality of life. We are a leading developer of technologies that enable the rapid and accurate identification, location tracking, and condition monitoring of what is important to people. Applications of our products include identification and monitoring of pets and fish with our implantable RFID microchips, identification of livestock with our ear tags, GPS based search and rescue beacons for aircraft, ships, boats, and individuals."

Finally, drop into the equation that those who would not want the "Mark" would be seen by the government as traitors. Why? Because they would be viewed as dangerous against a government that no longer wanted to manage actual paper money and coins, instead delighted it could now track the purchases of anyone that had logged onto the system and being able to know their actual location on the planet through the business address they had just entered. For this to work effectively, though, the "Mark" would require the participation of all citizens when purchasing personal goods and essential services.

This means an international organization, and one not restricted to a country's boundaries, would have to be responsible for the administration and operation of the logistics, along with the monitoring of the daily transactions that had been captured by the "Mark." Purchases would run the gambit from expensive products, such as automobiles and vacations, right down to requests for a single cup of coffee or a package of gum. Physical money would no longer be of any value.

As mentioned, the system would again always know the exact location of anyone that had the device implanted in their body. What is amazing about this prediction in Revelations is that the "Mark" would not be difficult to implement in humans today. That's because it seems that many of the world's youth are actually comfortable with the concept. Today's entire world is therefore "Mark-Ready" for a society that is already economically wired and connected by satellites that hover hundreds of miles above the earth's surface.

Thinking about all of this now, the writer's vision as written in Revelation and what we take for granted today, must have caused him to almost soil his pants.

Yet Revelations indicates there would be independent thinking people that would be fighting the system for their very lives, that conflict well described by the writer as extremely vicious times, one the Bible says will be made short by half.

These patriots would see the "Mark" as a violation of their right to privacy and individual freedom from a kind of one-world government. The government, however, would see these people as radicals, it believing the "Mark" to be the greater good for the overall society, justifying their arrests by proclaiming, "We have the right to know where anyone is at any times for the protection of the society; the "Mark" will not only discourage crimes, but for those who committed them against humanity, it will assist in quick resolutions and imprisonment."

Of course independent and freedom loving people (now radicals) would also understand that those in power would have achieved the ability of obtaining absolute power, even to the extend of creating fictitious paperless trails of purchases for the convenience of using them as evidence for anyone they found troublesome, able to be captured and brought into their justice system for trial without much notice.

It's why this futuristic society had been already coined in the last century as The Brave New World. Is the hair rising on the back of your neck yet over this under-reported story in the Daily Mail of the UK?

In today world's, though, it would be very possible that even the ACLU would buy into it, so stay with me.

Today's ACLU is already in a mode of acquiring absolute power for its small but elite membership through a driven secular-progressive (SP) agenda. The ACLU could be quick to realize the benefit of rounding up those it would see as radical individuals hostile to its SP movement. It could easily introduce these people to the general public as hostile radicals; individuals being driven by senseless emotions . . .generating that messages over and over again with a barrage of press releases to an already willing spoon-fed mainstream media.

Therefore, an entire society could be easily conditioned and indoctrinated to see freedom fighters as radial individuals with uncontrolled emotions, rather than viewing them as displaying a basic right of passage within a democracy that is to be shared with others.

To show you how far this brave new world has come today, the ACLU already has the help from many justices, who are willing supporters and even card-carrying members of its organization. And through their individual rulings, they are already redefining Constitutional language in America one case at a time. This can be shown by the ACLU's existing and successful creation of a very tall ideological wall, which they use today as a hammer is lawsuits across the country in the name of the separation of church and state, a legal biased instrument that can be used daily to target people of faith.

Virtually every university across America has already implemented the ACLU's secular-progressive agenda, as professors that had graduated from the 1960s and on have sought control of one classroom at a time, finally achieving a majority and migrating into hiring committees to keep conservative thinkers off the campus, off the payroll, and out of the classrooms.

They even have the power today to deny full professorships to other instructors simply over ideologies they don't like, ideologies they see as dangerous to their SP lifestyles; adult sex with children, sex with animals, marriage between two beings, banning religious organizations from the campus, promoting sexual lifestyles on campus as non discussable, days of silence dedicated to only selected lifestyles, restrictive speech codes, promotion of not only abortions on demand but disabled babies terminated within 30-days of their birth, calling religious people racists.

They are able to do all this while tossing aside the views of conservative parents as useless and unrealistic in a secular-progressive world. Their term for these parents would now be spun to be "ill-prepared" to deal with their children's needs and therefore need intervention by secular progressive professionals. No wonder American students today rank 15th in math scores when compared to other countries in the world, when in fact it had been number one forty years ago . . . and no accident right around the time of the beginning of the hippie movement of the 1960s.

This newer learning environment has been labeled by the progressives as the age of tolerance and diversity. Of course, by any other name, it's still basic Fascism 101, the basic ingredient needed for the coming prophecy of Revelations.

Dr. James Dobson, of Focus on the Family, who has been called a homophobic radical by the leaders of GLAAD (visit the site and you decide.) GLAAD, an organization that says it promotes tolerance and diversity, has stated that when Christian children today leave the safety of their families and attend universities, more than 60% are convinced by the culture to toss their family's faith aside for a more risky secular-progressive view of life.

This is why your American university campus environment is leading the culture war against America.

So what is the objective of the ACLU and its supporting universities? It seems to be to cleanse Christian religion from all parts of federal, state, and city governments, while using sympathetic judges who will rule against previously held traditions, ones that had been unquestioned and openly accepted by America's society for hundreds of years. The ACLU does this today by attacking one issue at a time, using the very courts of the United States against a government that had been defined as "for the people, by the people, and of the people."

Believe it or not, the ACLU had already developed and put this strategy into motion in the mid 1980s, a cleansing of church vs. state never intended by the framers of the United States Constitution.

That's because the original framers, who had penned the Constitution, had roots still fresh from living in England where the Catholic Church basically ran the government, their personal Christian beliefs and rights to worship discouraged. They wanted no part of that kind of state religion for the new government, nor did they want open discrimination of people of faith either, one which they were forming in the mid 1770s. Yet they never intended religion itself, as the ACLU has declared, to be cleansed from the everyday decisions of creating laws for the public's good where the majority rules.

This is not for debate, because it is how they lived their everyday lives, not once having to fear to speak their religious views on or in government debates and events, even meeting in churches, something you will not see much of today. Wouldn't that be amazing to have the right again in America to speak your religious views in government without censorship, one that is now suppressed and intimidated by the ACLU to the point of restricting free speech in the name of civil rights?

Every American can easily see the change that has occurred in their democracy from the activities of memberships of today's national private organizations, [such as the afore mentioned American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), along with GLAAD, the North American Man / Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), the National Education Association (NEA), the National Organization of Women (NOW), and Planned Parenthood to name a few], and that anything is possible in the slow dismantling of a working democracy. These organizations have proven without a doubt that a secure and working Constitution can be easily made to evolve from its current form to one that controls the social fabric of a society.

This is also accomplished through the use of intimidation techniques created by accepted political correct methods that force a society's population into line. They can even go so far as to threaten one's business or livelihood by labeling them hateful names such as homophobic, racist, and bigots, promoting this through a community via a willing and intimidating mainstream media, it openly abusing its freedom of the press.

In fact, the morphing of an open society to a secular-progressive one can happen almost without citizens realizing there has even been a change, and that is the most frightening part of the scenario from Revelations when tied to the disturbing realities of our current world as mentioned above.

Don't understand the feeling of this concept when trying to get your own views heard or subjected to speech codes? To experience this in full, we suggest you immediately run out and rent the classic horror movie, "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers." (Before going to site, if music is playing turn off on home page .)

It's only then you can experience the effects of losing total control of the environment around you, as people are seduced into believing they can do whatever they want. This was only magnified in the last decade by the legacy left by Bill Clinton's presidency, where he wrote in his book concerning his questionable activities while in office as a role model for the nation's youth, "I did it because I could."

Here is how the people themselves can allow this to happen to their democracy.

When a society, which has a Constitution that protects it, gives up its right for patriots to take responsibility for their own government, decisions from the grass roots can then be allowed to slowly transfer to the elites in government and to related powerful, private and well-oil organizations, ones who already hold the power with interconnections through the banking system, law enforcement, the judicial system, along with tight relationships with chief executive officers of major domestic and international corporations. For instance while corporations used to say the customer was king, some have now translated their activity into being called "high maintenance accounts," seeing them as eroding the bottom line. We believe that is why you are finding less and less contact with humans at the other end of the phone when trying to get customer service to solve a problem.

With the ACLU having such a huge membership of secular Jews that have crossed over the line to use the organization to intimidate people of faith, its flexibility is further enhanced in being able to achieve SP goals with hopes of maximum success and exposure upon the entire population, from child to grandparent.

All that is left for the elites of the ACLU, and its supporting organizations, is to control the national and local media by only allowing the placement of sympathetic people to their cause, one at a time, into key positions of leadership and power at every newspaper and network outlet across the United States.

The purpose is simple:

to suppressing news and reports that do not support the ACLU's politically correct agenda, while promoting news that does . . . and to promote it to the point of saturation, getting every little drop out day after day after day so the people become indoctrinated with the message . . . the message called "the massage" by hippies in the 1960s.

For instance, in the Valerie Plame stories, the Bush administration was accused by the entire mainstream media of leaking a name of a CIA agent, White House officials harassed with reporters hanging out on the front lawns of their homes. This went on for months with banner headlines for the public to read, the administration accused of doing this to get even with Plame's husband, who had been assigned by Plame to investigate if the leader of Iraq was trying to purchase material (yellow gold) for weapons of mass destruction from an African nation. The press had said that when the administration didn't like Plame's husband's findings, which would not support WMDs, they then leaked her name to get even.

Three years later it was discovered no one had ever leaked any names from the White House, that in fact it had been an enemy of Bush at the State Department who had leaked the name, Plame's husband knowing that fact from day one. His name? Richard Armitage, the former Deputy Secretary of State for the United States Government, and a Bush hater.

When the true story hit the fan that the mainstream press itself had created the wrong impression, reporters grabbing false information to sell an agenda, that story lasted for one day and then only hit a few newspapers. There wasn't even one apology to those the media had tried to destroy. Not one! While the media had trashed the lawn of Carl Rove years ago, it suddenly was no longer interested leaving Armitage to simply go about his business as usual.

Finally when the truth had come out years later, the media had quickly washed it down the drain no longer being able to feed its agenda of personal destruction. And that is how a willing and lazy spoon-fed media can easily spread and fuel lies, causing damage where ever it can while understanding that when the truth finally comes out there will be almost no takers, which is exactly what happened in the Plame case.

Therefore we know the media has the willing capability to create a news and entertainment environment where its readers and viewers, without realizing it, could easily be made to become sympathetic to a socialist system of government for the good of all the people and especially those of lesser means. It would simple take money from people who were successful, and spread it to people who had nothing to do with the success, hard work, and risks. They would frame this new concept into a friendly socialist term they would call the "Redistribution of Wealth."

And I had mention, our entertainment industry today through its production of television shows and movies almost always positions all people of religion and personal faith as freaks and stupid, who follow an ideology the industry has already judged to be faux, mocking it at every opportunity. The industry also puts down the importance of the family, making fathers look like idiots and kids controlling the household, while the mother is running tricks and cheating on her spouse.

That would not have been acceptable in the 1950s, families across America shutting it down. Even men have been feminized, a Ford SUV ad showing a wimpy father thanking the mom for allowing him visit with his kids on the weekend in her SUV. You can easily see now how subtle the message is and how corporations join in the message against families and male responsibility. That's how slick today's media is for a willing public that is too lazy to look any deeper into the message, and why the new VISA ads are so disturbing.

So as a result in today's society, where the youth will accept microchips under their skin to improve their shopping experience, you have a society that has been stripped of its ability to function, ready and able to accept anything the media wants to deliver to it, labeling the safety valves of patriots as radicals and flag wavers.

With the ACLU already having achieved its goal of infiltrating supportive leaders into the media, the universities, the public schools, the boardrooms of corporations . . . from key parts of the government along with its judicial system to the bathrooms in public schools, this scenario for today's American society becoming friends of socialism or communism is not only possible, but I believe already underway as of this writing, fulfilling Revelations and its prediction of the Mark and the environment that needs to come with it.

Morphing a Constitution to cleanly fit into a secular-progressive and socialist movement is easy to achieve.

First, it slowly evolves away from its intent of protecting freedom-loving citizens, ones who had been left with the responsibility to guard it. Later generations, who no longer would be taught the basic responsibility to support the values of the republic's original framers, lose interest in watching over their society, wanting instead to participate in the lure of personal mass consumption, which is readily available and one they believe they are richly entitled to.

Too many Americans today have traveled from the spirit of self-reliance, to taking for granted the sacrifices of others, patriots who had come before them with a whole different set of values, sadly not having a clue they were going to die for future generations where most people would not care and view their morals as offensive, sticking noses up at their politically incorrect air, some calling those that sacrifice their lives in the military as baby killers.

Below is a chronological list on how a democratic society can evolve from success to failure within its lifetime, and why Plato was probably correct when he said no successful democracy could never survive.

While the following is not set in stone, it's logical steps of evolution of a society speaks well of the history of the United States, its beginnings to its ultimate end, this writer believing that except for a pyridine shift crashing through the society via such events as a world war, the end of this country could be right around the corner and happening later in this century. Looking at the list, our society seems to be at level 6 or 7 where so many Americans today look for the entitlements of socialism:

1.  Bondage to spiritual faith;
2.  Spiritual faith to great courage;
3.  Courage to liberty;
4.  Liberty to abundance;
5.  Abundance to complacency;
6.  Complacency to apathy;
7.  Apathy to dependence;
8.  Dependence back into bondage "

Leaders of democracies, who try to obtain absolute power, watch these trends and wait patiently for the society to evolve to an acceptance of what is the greater good for the community, observing to see when it's ready to embrace a banner of socialism where everyone gets a little piece of the pie, while patriots, who believe in individual freedom, are seen as dangerous. When this occurs within an established democratic civilization, you can be assured its republic is in danger of eventual collapse.

So throwing this all together for a future world as described in Revelations, what do you think the odds would be if these prophecies of Revelations were to come true?

I believe the number would be so off the chart that we would have to say the writer, who penned Revelations, had a real vision of our world today, thousands of years into the future from his original writing. For instance, he writes of a "Mark" but never tries to explain how it would be physically used for buying and selling, probably having no idea how it would function in relationship to his basic and limited financial world of coins and one-on-one bartering.

Once we all arrive at the agreement that the odds of someone not only hitting the lottery on the kind of society that would exist 2,000 years into the future, but the kind of sophisticated economic system they would have to be in use, then what about the rest of the prophetic book's statements; The Book of Life, the Armageddon, the Beast, a world war against Israel, the whore (the United States of America* or Europe?), Israel rebuilding its Temple in which the beast enters within three and a half years of its final construction, the return of Christ, and the consequences for those who accepted the Mark on their body?

Whether you believe in it or not, the projections for what is going on in our world today, from a writer of 2,000 years ago, is absolutely stunning.

You should be aware that right now in Israel there are fundamentalist Jews, who have already prepared and are putting aside the needs for a working Temple, making plans for the immediate construction of the new Temple on the Mount while believing some catastrophic act in the near future will bring down the Muslim shrine, which is currently built over their Sacrificial Rock.

Remember that this building is not a Muslim Holy Church, but only a shrine.

And remember that it was Christ, who said the path to him would be narrow. He also said, before the Pharisees of his day had arranged for his trial and hopeful murder by the Romans, that if they took down this temple, meaning his body, it would rise again in three days. He also said of their Temple that not one stone of it would remain upon the other. The Parsees laughed at him.

Yet 70 years after Christ was murdered, Rome conquered Jerusalem and set the Temple on fire, the amazing amount of gold it contained melting down its walls and running into the cracks of each stone that was set upon the other. The Roman commander allowed his troops to sack the Temple by removing all the gold they could find that had cooled in between the huge stones.

And in that command, he unknowingly fulfilled Christ's prediction that not one stone would remain upon the other, as the Roman soldiers scraped out every tiny piece of gold they could find. They were not much different than those early American prospectors on the other side of the world, who 2,000 years later would live many years of their life in a desert environment, searching for the smallest glints of gold between the stones.

The old sage statement was correct when it observed, "The more things change the more they remain the same," even when they are separated by millenniums.





"Freedom is Knowledge"