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"...a time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to write a resume, and a time to gather thoughts; A time to throw stones, and a . . .

. . . " - the book of Ecclesiates (a liberal translation).


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A job has landed on the doorstep of your new degree . . . and you didn't even have to write a resume. Isn't that great! But write one're going to need it later.

Some college students will find jobs waiting for them as they pick up their diplomas at graduation while other will not. But all will need to write resumes. A resume is not only "...a written communication used for employment purposes..." as note by PARW (Professional Association of Resume Writers), but an excellent archived source of information that you can quickly retrieve at a later time. In addition, writing a resume motivates you to focus on achievements and goals, crystallizing a career and assuring a greater chance of success and personal achievement.

In James and Wayne Gonyea's book titled Electronic Resumes (ISBN 0-07-912166-7), (there may be a newer version) he suggests the importance of properly creating a resume for today's job market--that is a resume that can also be uploaded to the internet. One of the important headings in an electronic resume is the use of key words. In their book, James and Wayne provide illustrations to key words by job type. For instance, they say the key words for a human resource manager might be as follows:

"15 years of human resource experience. OSHA compliance. MSDS. Safety. Affirmative Action. EEOC. ADA. Performance reviews. Job evaluations. Employee assessment. Procedure development. Policy manuals. TQM. Group and organizations behavior. Trainer. Interviewer. Labor relations. Emergency medical technician. CPR. Audiometric technician. Hearing conservationists. IBM computers. (plus list appropriate software and their versions)."

Notice that none of the words listed above were presented in bold, italicized or underlined type. By eliminating these attributes from your resume, you help the resume to be scannable. And by using specific words in relationship to a position . . . such as a human resource manager . . . will make your resume more searchable. Being smart about uploading or sending your resume to a company . . . for archiving into their database . . . can only assist you in being found when a hiring manager uses this list to find a potential candidate for an open position. You can find more information located on this site under the subject of Scannable & Searchable resumes.

While you do not need to secure the services of a professional resume consultant or certified resume writer in developing your resume, these professionals can help you focus on the objectives of what could be one of the most important documents you create for describing your career objectives, achieved skills, and education. Here is some basic information on the Internet on how to prepare for job hunting success after putting down the controllers for PlayStation, your wanting to finally move out of your parent's house.

It comes from Marylhurst University*. While you may say, "I know that," you can get away with it as long as you have a job and you are on your way up. If you don't have a job, check out the excellent Web site on the basics of job hunting. I need to advise you this is the exact same information provided by those job search companies that are hired by employers to assist those who have been downsized, calling it a perk after being dumped. However, I highly recommend you add to this information a paid personal account for access to Hoovers database. The information on Hoover's site for a membership fee is like owning gold!

* Thanks to Lauren for the lead to Marylhurst University.


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(Note some links may have been removed from their servers. Google the headline to see if there is an update link.)

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Accredited Online Colleges - ( - (Thanks to students of

Note: The above link was passed by a parent that thanked me for all the sites that helped her child find a college. But that link has now been disabled at the user's request via Google contacting them, complaining that my site was "over optimized" with keywords and traded links. I never ask any Web site for a traded link, only adding a link if it assists the objective of my conservative portal to educate the public. My keywords from the homepage are: "Freedom is Knowledge, Asheville, North Carolina, HDTV, Color TV, Shopping, News, Job Search, Weather, troops." I have no idea why Google has trouble with them.

However, you should know Google blackballed my conservative portal five years ago because I complained on behalf of GrassFire that Google had refused to run a conservative political ad when Google had already run an identical Democrat political ad. To comply with Google, the conservative ad was reduced in content by Grassfire to literally be "identical" in text of the Democrat one except for the candidate's name to reflect the same accusation. Google still refused to run the conservative ad, proving Google's founders were personally pushing Democrat ideology over other political parties. It also shows that innocent college students becoming billionaires still corrupts souls and that absolute power still corrupts, absolutely.

Now Google owns Yahoo. It's shades of 1984, folks! This is while its founders were reported to have purchased an older jet fighter aircraft through another company they owned. What a hoot. It gets to the point that trust is a word that becomes almost laughable, as America continues to walk away from the sound advise of its founders. Values don't change. People do!

See Online Colleges Net for provider of online education content.)


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Sites for currently enrolled undergraduates

(Compliments of a great professor, Dr. Ellen Rudolph, PhD.)


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