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(Note: these guidelines may change. Please check with your local USSBA for up-to-date information.)

The United States Small Business Association (USSBA) provides an impressive list of free services for small business owners and individuals who want to form a Sole Proprietorship, A Partnership or a Corporation for the purpose of providing a service or product to the general public. Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) can offer help for established businesses that may need help with:

Check with your local Small Business Development Centers to see what programs they offer you in starting or maintaining a business.

As an example of how a Small Business Development Center can serve you, listed below are some of the specific services you can find at the Skylands Small Business Development Center, 57 West, Washington, New Jersey.

Individual Counseling:

Professionals with small business experience help you analyze your business (or idea) and draw up plans for controlled future growth and development. Business counseling and workshop sites are located in several different counties, for instance just in Northwest New Jersey alon one couldl find help throughout Sussex, Somerset, Morris, Hunterdon and Warren Counties. Call the SBDC office for the location of the workshop and counseling site closest to you.

Small Business Resource Library:

Select from books, magazines, periodicals and videos chosen with the small business owner in mind. In western New Jersey, all Skylands SBDC clients may obtain SBA publications and use the WCCC library free of charge, regardless of residence.

Computer Training:

The small business learning center gives you a hands-on introduction to computer usage. Automated learning center are sometimes donated by manufactureres that are working with the Association of Small Business Development Centers. As you progress, you can prepare your own business plan if a system is available and you don't have a computer at home.

Business Development:

Monthly newsletters may be available covering all aspects of small business . . . from start up, to franchising, financing, selling and marketing . . . may be mailed free by request to addresses in the five-county region.

Low-cost Workshops and Seminars:

Federal and state government specialists, college faculties, experienced business owners and private consultants conduct courses throughout the year on such topics as:

- Marketing Basics - Tax Planning Tips - People Management - Record keeping Overview - Designing Your Business Plan - Starting a Business on Your Own - Choosing a Business Structure - Managing to Keep the Customer - Selling: Discover What Works for You - Financing Your Small Business

- Family Day Care and Child Day Care Center Operations and Management

The services mentioned above--along with their descriptions--are taken from the Skylands Small Business Development Center's brochure. Its office is located in Warren County, New Jersey, its managers can provide excellent counseling assistance to the small business owner.


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