August 6, 2013

Mr. Gerard Baker
Managing Editor
The Wall Street Journal
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

Dear Mr. Baker,

I am writing to you today about an attack on an excellent medical specialist in North Carolina by a politically correct medical board.  But in watching the changes in a country where the means justifies the end, I shouldn’t be surprised.  Allow me to explain.  Then maybe you can help.

EPA Official: EPAs "philosophy" is to "crucify" and "make examples" of U.S. energy producers - YouTube

Source: YouTube

It is extremely disturbing that an EPA regional director felt comfortable in saying that Rome gained control over a region by placing a few crucified citizens at the entrance of a town to send the message that they should obey when occupied. 

Smiling, the EPA spokesman said the tactic worked for the Romans so why not the EPA in forcing regulations onto Americans.

That message wasn’t any different a few years before when a candidate was answering a question about an elderly mother’s life.  It had been greatly improved through the implant of a pacemaker.  Her daughter had asked the candidate how he felt about the capability to improve the lives of elderly citizens.  The candidate was obviously not impressed, implying that her mother should have instead taken pain pills, a much better use of available medical funds.

Obama to Jane Sturm: Hey, take a pill - YouTube
Source: YouTube

However, what was more important than the answer were the enablers who surround the candidate.  They were not unlike the EPA director, being sure any opposition in the room remained silent, knowing if they didn’t the candidate’s media would label them a racist.

Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

That candidate was Barack Obama, early on giving a sign that would have crippled any other candidate, a “crotch salute” to America’s national anthem when played at a summer Democrat Party fundraiser in 2007.  Even Hillary and other candidates had put their hand over their heart. 

And so a year later, with lights blazing and cameras live, Obama would soon be accusing America’s world-famous medical community that its doctors were cutting off the feet of diabetes patients to make more money rather than provide needed medication. 

This was as rows of progressive Americans, who well understood Obama’s crotch salute signal, allowed themselves to be arranged behind Obama so the cameras could verify their approving nods and smiles.  Obama, a community organizer and follower of Saul Alinsky, well understood what had happened eighty years earlier on the other side of world where intimidation was becoming an art form.  You could easily bet and win that no one in that group of Obama props knew of any doctor cutting off the feet of a patient to make more money by refusing medication.

So as I watched the doctor who saved my life become a target of political correctness, I began to wonder if well-intentioned doctors across the country, like this one, were being Stupaked again.

Stupaked: When government forces unpopular legislation down the throats of the people that elected them. – The Urban Dictionary

The doctor is a neurologist, Doctor Michael J. Rosner of Hendersonville, North Carolina. In fact the board is now attacking Dr. Rosner a second time, looking as if professional jealousy was in play while this doctor cured patients like myself, misdiagnosed by other medical professionals and left to die.  In the first attack, Rosner got his license back after filing a lawsuit.  So what now? 

I've attached a letter I sent to a local daily newspaper of record on July 14th, 2013, the Asheville Citizen Times, of what Doctor Rosner had done to change my life as I passed 60 years old.  I wanted the newspaper to tell readers about how Dr. Rosner of Park Ridge Medical Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina, saved my life while three other specialists from Mission Hospital in Asheville decided to stop checking on me after six months of combined tests.

Two of those Mission Hospital doctors thought my problem had a mental component to it, or in other words that my breathing problem was my imagination. One even had confirmed medical documentation of my heart going down to 35 beats per minute at night when I was hospitalized for three days. Yet the doctor's assistant said to me on release, "You don’t want a pacemaker." 

That assistant’s response was identical to Obama’s on the medical care for senior citizens.

Also, all three specialists didn't want to commit to the medical costs of a MRI.  I was 64 at the time and on my wife’s corporate plan.  These doctors did other tests that included two biopsies. Yet their answers were the opposite of Dr. Rosner’s, whose first question was when we met, "Where is your MRI?"  He was stunned I didn’t have one after my seeing three specialists.

Within a few days Dr. Rosner ordered that MRI, which revealed my problem.  Three weeks later I was in surgery, Dr. Rosner telling me if I waited another year, he might not have been able to get the medical drill in to remove the bone that was putting stress on my spinal cord.  The MRI also showed a bone spur growing inward that could have punctured my spinal cord in a minor front-end car collision that would have killed me instantly.

But there was more.  To ensure patients get better, one year after surgery Dr. Rosner requires patients have a tilt-table test to check their heart and blood pressure. That is where I met another cardiologist for the first time at Park Ridge Hospital.  He asked me while watching a monitor, as I lay on the table in front of him, “How long has your heart been at 35bpm?” He also asked several times if I was dizzy.  I wasn't.  He commented that was a dangerous sign my body had become used to the slow heartbeat, which must have gone on for many years.

Ordering a nighttime heart monitor, he discovered my heart was dropping to 27 bpm while I slept.  At 20 bpm, he said I might not wake up.  I was back in the cardiologist’s office in two days to arrange for a pacemaker implant.  After that my problem of waking up with violent gasping of air disappeared. Amazing what can happen when a caring doctor is more concerned about the patient than the political correctness demanded by a growing defective medical system.

I have often referred to the first three original specialists from Mission Hospital as the Three Wise Men.   None of those specialists ever invited me back for a check up. In fact they never contacted me again over the years to ask if a solution had been resolved for my problem, allowing them to learn from it.  Not being rich, I had run out of chips to play in their game.  

Ironically, it was the state medical board that was trying to force Dr. Rosner out of state, the one who had made the correct decisions while allowing the kinds of doctors who had originally seen me to second guess his decisions.  It was as if the medical board was upset that patients who should have been dead were still walking around enjoying life.

This illustrates that egos in the medical community may quickly get out of hand when their lack of interest is discovered, worried about costs instead of healing the patient.  They then complain to their state medical board that those patients they couldn’t help should have been allowed to die.  I wasn’t one of those, because my three wise men don’t know my problem had been solved.

To that end, I sent the attached letter to the Democrat-supported Asheville Citizen Times. It was sent certified mail.  After the green receipt was returned to me, I waited a week for a phone call or e-mail.  Neither came.  So I called the publisher, asking if my certified mail had been read. The next day an editor called me, saying my story had been put on his desk and that it was interesting.  However, they couldn’t publish it.  He told me what I wrote wasn’t verifiable

I was not surprised the Asheville Citizen Times would protect the state's politically correct medical board.  It is the same medical board that would not permit me to tell my story to them of Dr. Rosner saving my life. In fact I was told other patients were not allowed to give their story. 

In the board’s second attack on Dr. Rosner, it reported five patients of Dr. Rosner should not have had their surgeries.  I wondered if those “other opinions” came from the doctors who believed my medical problem had a mental component to it, then never checked up on me.  Wouldn’t you think a reputable newspaper would have contacted those five patients to report their side of the story?  I guess they were not "verifiable." 

In an earlier investigation of the North Carolina Medical Board, I discovered their rulings were untouchable, other than in a lawsuit. Their power to destroy the lives of other doctors was disturbing, yet obviously welcoming Obama’s socialized medicine because it was already practicing it.   And the progressive Mission Hospital has already purchased all other hospitals in the area except for a Christian-based one where Dr. Rosner operates, Park Ridge in Hendersonville.

This is the same Mission Hospital that serves Asheville, where one of the city’s councilmen wrote a book referring to Billy Graham as the "Prince of War." He also was reported to have written that a fetus is a parasite to its mother. In addition Asheville has a take-off-your-bra day, where mothers bare their breasts in the downtown area while their children look on. Photographs have shown men fondling some of the braless younger women. The braless day is ready to enter its third year supported by an elderly children's clown from Huntsville, Alabama. You couldn’t make this up if you wanted to. 

And the Asheville Citizen Times?  For an example of their content decisions, a few years ago the newspaper’s content children dedicated an entire Saturday front page, top to bottom, to a story that Steven Spielberg, (would be, should be), could be buying a condo in Asheville although reporters giggled, admitting the story was part rumor . . . not exactly verifiable. 

Concerning Democrat rule in North Carolina, and the ribbon that ties all this stuff together, the party ruled the state from 1898 until 2010 when the Republican Party won the state after 112 years of Democrat power.  Democrats gained power in 1898 through the murdering of over a dozen black Republican businessmen in Wilmington, North Carolina.  The political attack would be called the Wilmington Massacre.  Then in the 1960's the Democrat Party named in part its annual state fundraiser after Charles Aycock, the white supremacist who helped to establish the environment that allowed the murder of those African-Americans in Wilmington in 1898.

The Democrat Party tried instead to label Aycock an educator, who later ran as governor to “educate the Negro." Aycock died in 1912, which meant that while he was alive he was more a white supremacist than educator. And it was Barack Obama, when running for president, who attended a Charles Aycock fundraiser in 2008 in Asheville. He obviously didn’t blink an eye at the name. And no one picketed the name outside the famous resort, the Grove Park Inn

And that summarizes the political environment in which Mission Hospital and the North Carolina Medical Board operates in.  And if Park Ridge Hospital was ever allowed to be bought up, its open prayers would probably be terminated as offensive to the progressive medical establishment.

Ironically, Dr. Rosner is not a conservative. His only sin was not to follow the political correctness of denying older patients MRIs, thereby not receiving the positive medical points that may have been needed to keep the North Carolina Medical Board off his back.  Remember again that it was candidate Obama on camera who wanted the elderly woman to take a pain pill in place of getting a needed life-saving pacemaker.  So that’s the final tie to the knot. 

Of course Obama has never been a doctor, only a community organizer, with his early years mentored by a communist. This is while the average citizen probably well understands that pacemakers don’t relieve pain; they just keep hearts from stopping.

I hope you will encourage the staff at the Wall Street Journal to contact those five patients that the Asheville Citizen Times implied surgeries were not necessary in its article. Those patients may have been furious with the board for using them to go after Dr. Rosner. 

And of course you might want to ask why the Asheville Citizen Times told me they could not print my story because it was not verifiable, when it was. All this while the North Carolina Medical Board has refused to hear from patients who are still alive because of Dr. Rosner’s commitment to the Hippocratic Oath.  I hope your publication can assist this doctor with a closer investigation of the politics that are revolving around an attempt to close shop on him.

Progressive ideology is rapidly destroying America’s medical system, magnified by the influence of the Democrat Party in NC and its open support of a president who had given a crotch salute to the country’s national anthem.  It’s not good for doctors.  It’s horrible for patients.  And it puts a pimple on the face of North Carolina.  Retirees my want to think twice before moving to the state.


cc:  Governor North Carolina
The Honorable Governor Pat McCrory
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-0301

| Response to board attack in 2009 |


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

Obama's signal to progressives in 2007: Their messiah had arrived.




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