On Bumps and Tebows

Repy to article on Politics Daily by Lizzie Skurnick, February 8, 2010



So the “bump” is maybe why no one in the liberal community would question why two lesbian women were allowed to create disabled children back in 2002, their purposely finding a sperm donor who had at least three generations of the disability in his family? 

To briefly summarize, two American, deaf lesbian women created two handicapped children to raise for their personal enjoyment, the children purposely planned from day one to be created to be just as disabled as they were. 

The first child was reported to have been born deaf to the point of using hand signs, (praise the pagan gods), while the second was only partially deaf (bummer.)  This is what you get, Liz, in your diversity society, where diversity means "We do what we want while you shut up about it." 

Gee, I seem to remember just reading something like that in your column. 

These women, in essence, created designer children for their personal pleasure as if almost off the shelf at a local Nordstroms.  Yet no one in your liberal progressive media nor any gay group was reported to challenge the morals of these women creating human beings as if pets, those “bumps” that no one wanted to discuss back in 2002. 

But then with moving on to your quote about Planned Parenthood “wisely answering” the Tebow ad in the 2010 Superbowl, I have to say, “I don't think so.” 

First, the ad used two black athletes to talk about how important it was to stand by your child while on the other hand they promoted a woman’s choice to not stand by your child.  This was laughable since Margaret Sanger saw black children as if useless human beings

And you should know more and more black ministers are tired of the double standard, seeing Sanger and her Planned Parenthood organization supporting a holocaust against the black race

Planned Parenthood would be quick to defend their abortion mill of black babies, telling you that if these black women, who aborted their children, had kept them the children would have probably gone to jail, which is exactly what Margaret Sanger would have said. 

So where did the Morgan Freeman’s or Lt. Col Allen West’s of the world come from, Planned Parenthood seeing no chance these aborted babies would ever grow up to be like them?

In other words, Planned Parenthood never wanted to see what the potentials of the black children they aborted could be, as Pam Tebow and her husband had seen for their son, Tim

And that's the ugly bottom line!

It's why Planned Parenthood is called an abortion mill and why Barack Obama, who has openly supported the mission of its founder, Margaret Sanger, is out of touch with some in his own race, not surprisingly since he was raised in African and in a strong Muslim environment

And his acceptance of Jesus was from the Christ of the Black Value System of listening to Reverend Wright’s teachings for 20 years, a religion based on Ethiopian colonialism by whites.   His Christ is going to come back to avenge the blacks, not save them from their sins.  And I have heard that at least one college has a PhD course on this Ethiopian subject under the heading of Christianity. (Read the following article to understand why Reverend Wright has focused on this country.)

Finally, you seem to have forgotten that Planned Parenthood on several recent occasions had openly called the supporters of the Tebow Superbowl ad, Focus and the Family, a hate organization, Planned Parenthood unbelievably NEVER having seen the ad they were attacking!  Well, the Tebow ad turned out to not be an anti-abortion ad at all, the vile feminists who run Planned Parenthood caught being the 24/7 haters, not Focus on the Family.

Oh, by the way, if you listened to Mrs. Tebow's story run on Focus on the Family's Web site, you will discover the doctors in the Philippines had thought Mrs. Tebow had a tumor growing in her womb, not a baby. 

But the father had prayed for a strong preacher to be born into the family, the Tebow’s amazingly spiritual belief telling them it was not a tumor but a child inside that “bump.”  And that is the real story behind the Tebow ad, one of faith and love of child, not the antithesis of Planned Parenthood, an org that holds meetings with porn providers

In the end remembering that I live in America and not in China, I would rather have Mrs. Tebow as a role model than those two lesbian mothers who created two designer babies for their personal enjoyment, not seeming to care about how the humans they had created would feel about what had been done to them long after their selfish mothers had died. 

It is the kind of world you get when the best view on life you can come up with is found in something like the Vagina Monologues.  Wow, don’t you just shiver from the inspiration?

Source of Article: Politics Daily


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