Snotty Snopes calls person who complained about CFL bulb a liar

I have been watching Snopes more closely for the last few years, my seeing it as a very clever liberal progressive-looking Web site that claims it can be trusted to snoop out the truth.

But when I saw how Snopes had treated complaints against Obama using kid gloves, I became concerned that the information provided from Snopes was looking a bit more like propaganda than fact. It was no different when Snopes basically called the person who put up the above photo on the Web a liar. This also caused me to now question the intent of any source that would recommend only Snopes for information while not providing some kind of disclaimer.

To that end I published the following Web page that pulled content directly from Snopes own site. You should find it very revealing.

Update on the Hand of Hope Photograph

Let's start out with what we know. First, you can see that the above CFL bulb is obviously burned out, a CFL I believe you would NEVER want to have in your home.

Secondly the CFL bulb itself has become as if a faux poster child for liberal progressives in their socialist push of global warming hype, allowing progressive investors to see more personal green from global warming in the form of money (profits.) An perfect example is Al Gore's soaring to become a multi-millionaire as he supports this far-left global warming agenda . . . one that says global warming is caused by man and not by the sun.

This blaming the warming of the globe on man allows radicals to then use global warming to control human lifestyles to gain power over local and world populations. It's why I have always said the CFL bulb is not about science. It's about Socialism. I believe Al Gore's warning about the huge rise of sea levels, while building a nine-million dollar home (cough) near the Pacific ocean, says a lot about the real global warming agenda.

If these so-called concerned global warming activists were really interested in cutting back on the use of energy, they would have supported the push for the development of LED lights over CFLs, CFLs containing trace amounts of mercury while LEDs do not. In fact, the government's pages upon pages of procedures how a consumer must clean up a broken CFLs in their home reads as if one is learning about the control of a dangerous substance.

These CFL bulbs will eventually be forced upon all Americans by their dangerous politically-correct government, the production of regular bulbs used since Thomas Edison being terminate and taken off the market. In other words, if Americans want to buy normal safe light bulbs, they will not be able to after 2014.

So what about the above photo of the burned-out CFL. Below is what Snopes reported on their Web site about the story posted to the Web.

Snopes Web page on February 7, 2011

Reading the above Snopes content you would think CFLs were sweet little cute puppy dogs just perfect in any home. Notice in the above copy from Snopes, the smoke from a burned out CFL bulb is passed off as if only a little annoyance . . . you know acceptable collateral damage or the boilerplate of progressive thought. I also read into it that if anyone would question the safety of the CFL bulb . . . well they could be seen as if a conspiracy theorists.

To show you the difference in reporting on this important subject, below is a Web posting from Urban Legends on the CFL bulb. In fact it's on the same story covered by Snopes.

"Use as directed

CFLs do become potentially hazardous when safety instructions aren't followed, however. Here's a list of "CFL Don'ts" from the San Francisco Fire Department:

  • CFLs should NOT be used in track, recessed or inverted fixtures
  • CFLs should NOT be used with a dimmer switch UNLESS clearly marked otherwise
  • CFLs should NOT be used in place of a 3-way bulb, UNLESS clearly marked otherwise
  • CFLs being used outdoors MUST be enclosed
  • CFLs should NOT be used in emergency exit fixtures or lights."

And in the above same report, Urban Legends reminds us of a recall of CFLs as a fire hazard . . . that's correct, a fire hazard in October of 2010.

Trisonic Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Recalled Due To Fire Hazard

Hazard: Light bulb can overheat and catch fire.

Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received four reports of incidents, including two fires that resulted in minor property damage.

Description: This recall involves Trisonic 15-, 20-, 22- and 25-watt compact fluorescent light bulbs with the model numbers TS-EN 15W/SP, TS-EN 20W/SP, TS-CFL 22WB or TS-EN 25W/SP printed on the base of the bulb.

Sold at: Discount stores in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut from January 2008 to December 2008 for between $1 and $1.50.

Manufactured in: China

So after reading the above recall, what would you say to this father about having to eventually buy only CFLs that were forced upon him by an American government that seems more Marxist then Constitutional? In fact it was a CFL bulb that caused a fire in a daughter's bedroom, which could have burned down the home potentially injuring or killing those in it.

He said the local fire department reported that the fire was caused by a malfunction of the electronics in the CFL bulb. Sure sounds familiar to where I started at the top of this page and the photo of the burned out CFL bulb, doesn't it, my reminding you that Snotty Snopes had called that writer a liar giving his story a (cough) FALSE rating.

Snopes Web page on February 7, 2011



Be sure to read the comments below the article by clicking on either photo , a few complaining of the same problem when using a CFL bulb. You will also find one comment that seems to follow the liberal agenda of Snope, writing in so many words: I don't leave our lights on because I know the bulbs could be dangerous, but the only way to be loyal to CFL bulbs and those who promote them.

I rest my case.

By the way, ever notice any problems in listening to your AM radio near a CFL bulb? Or if a room is cold, the light seeming to be a bit (cough) dim?


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