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Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours

Our Annual Message For The Season

December 21 - 25, 2019



Please pass around for all to enjoy during this season of joy.


"In the midst of an overly connected world where everyone shares everything, often with fake perceptions, it’s easy to feel inadequate. It’s discouraging when everyone seems to have it all together when you don’t. And it’s hard to remember that you are enough just the way you are.  Everywhere you look it seems that people are doing amazing things. Especially during the holiday season. There’s elaborate Elf on the Shelf ideas, perfectly decorated Christmas cookies, creative homemade gifts, beautiful wrapping jobs, expensive presents, and more. When everyone seems to have more talent, time, and money than you, how are you enough?" - LivingWellMom.  (Click on link to read more.)

Photo compliments of Living Well Mom


Christmas Sermon, 1818, Worchester, Massachusetts - WallBuilders



"The Amazing History Of Christmas" - PragerU

"How much do you know about Christmas—about its origins and its many beloved traditions? Do you know where the idea of stocking-stuffers comes from? Or how lights found their way onto the Christmas tree? Or why we all have the jolly, red-suited, white-haired image of Santa Claus in our heads? In this video, historian William Federer explores the holiday’s rich and unique history." - PragerU

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To Our Friends Of Freedom Is Knowledge

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"Friends." - Michael W. Smith

"Friends" - Lyrics



For Those Who Have Lost A Loved One This Year

It's A Different Kind Of Christmas (when you've lost a loved one.) - Mark Schultz

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Have A Merry Christmas!

Christmas gospel flashmob with Chris Lass and his City Gospel Choir singing Feliz Navidad! - Chris Lass

Video Source: YouTube




Have A Big Band Sound U.S.Air Force Christmas!

U.S. Air Force Band at Union Station in Washington, D.C., December 2015 - U.S. Air Force

Video Source: YouTube

Head-up to Ellen of South Carolina




Have A Flash Mob Classic Merry Christmas From The U.S. Air Force

U.S. Air Force Band at Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, with a surprise performance of "Dona Nobis Pacem" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." - U.S. Air Force

Video Source: YouTube




Christmas In Paris

France, while a secular society, shows in this 2016 film the importance of celebrating its holiday traditions if it wants to keep them.

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"Merry Christmas" - Ray Stevens

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Pentatonix 2014: "That’s Christmas To Me." - YouTube

Official Web site - Pentatonix




"The First Noel." - Rhema Marvanne, 2010

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Mel Torme sings, "The Christmas Song." - YouTube

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"White Christmas" - YouTube

Video Source: Lot2Learn







The Joy Of Classic Songs Of Christmas / Praise From Many Decades



"Agnus Dei." - Michael W. Smith

Video Source: YouTube




"Amazing Grace." - Michael W. Smith

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Flash Mob Christmas - Thomas Aquinas College

Video Source: Thomas Aquinas College





Christmas Song From King's College, Cambridge, England

"O Holy Night." - Kings College

Video Source: Kings College, Cambridge




"Once in Royal David's City." - King's College

Video Source: King's College, Cambridge








The Reason For The Season Christians Need To Keep Telling!

American Christians, look how children Worship Christmas at St. Paul's in New Zealand. (2011)

Video Source: YouTube





Christmas Would Not Be Complete Without A Song From Home Free!

"Full Of Cheer." - Home Free

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While Before Or On Christmas Day

Best Christmas songs of all time you can enjoy around the house . . .

Enjoy hours of wonderful Christmas songs we grew up with. - YouTube

(Note: Some advertising for products may appear during the songs.)



. . . Or Two Hours Of Christmas Songs From Don Moen

"Feel the joy this season with 2 hours of nonstop Christmas music! This playlist is full of your favorite Christmas songs and is sure to bring you joy and hope this Christmas season." - DonMoen

Video Source: DonMoen



. . . Or George Winston: "December" 1982

"The complete 1982 studio album 'December' by George Winston, 40 minutes." - Geoff Jacobs

Video Source: - GeorgeWinston





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