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Our First HTML E-mails Went Out November 10, 2011.

They were started exactly one decade ago. The weekly summary of the news was called the "Shepp Report," Jon Shepp the pen name for the Facebook account of Freedom Is Knowledge opened back in 2011. You can click here to be taken to an archive of all the releases. They include news headlines that were added to Web pages before the Shepp Report was released, showing the subtle twists and turns that got us to this day in history.

Please note that Special Edition HTML e-mails on single topics will continue to be added to this archive as they are sent out in the future.

By the way, did you know Google banned searches for the Freedom Is Knowledge domain in August of 2005 for almost a year? You can read about it on my posting titled, Blackballed, to discover what caused a Google PR manager to be so upset over a little domain that could.

The author of the Shepp Report was raised by the men and women who won WWII, using the "Shepp Report" to warn others each week about new agendas coming from a dangerous leftist political party. As each month passed and then into years, their goals could remind one of the fascist SS secret police and the Gestapo that ran Nazi Germany in 1934 under the Third Reich, also getting there with subtle twists and turns.

At that time the SS had taken German youth under their wing. It was also a time when George Soros, a Jewish teenager, lied about his religion. He claimed to authorities he was a Christian, which allowed him to help the Nazis catalog the belongings of Jews who had been taken to camps. Today at 91, when asked about those services to the Reich, Soros responded with a smile, saying, Well, someone would have done it.

The SS during that time convinced German children, in the name of protecting Germany from traitors, to report back on what parents were saying around the kitchen table. When those parents started to disappear from their homes, the fatherland took up the responsibility of raising their young. Today the left doesn't need children reporting on their parents. Alexa will do it for them.

Eight decades later German history is now being repeated in America, as pious teacher unions, arrogant SS leftist school boards and blue state fascist leaders take over public schools one by one, hoping to indoctrinate youth across the country from K - 12.

At the same time we suddenly see corporations having no shame, also going after children to promote agendas on a global scale. In other words, they now view the United States as just another customer to be exploited. Check out the Pfizer ad below.

Shades Of Youth Indoctrination Under German SS

CEO's go after children, tells them if they take the vaccine they will become superheroes!

Click on photo below to watch disturbing video of children being seduced by the Pfizer Corporation.

Corporations go after the children. Never forget Gates reporting he makes 20% off of vaccines. - Webmaster
Pfizer ad tells kids Pfizer vaccines will make them into superheroes, stamping out the unvaxed as evil, like Hitler youth reporting on parents under Reich. Pfizer delights in reporting its vaccine sales reach $36 billion in 2021, while Pfizer advertising money goes to support the left's media mob.

Never forget Bill Gates openly reported vaccine investment make the best profit for him of 20%. - Webmaster

San Francisco To Force Children As Young As 5-Years-Old To Carry Vaccine Passports, Show Proof Of Vaccination. - GatewayPundit

Many parents, lured into complacency protected by a country OTHERS had built for them, didn't notice or believe there was a revolution going on against the family values of their children, started by the left and its early allegiance to Planned Parenthood. While some parents have awakened in the last few months to the indoctrination of their children by corporations like Pfizer, CNN, MSNBC, Planned Parenthood and many others that sponsor control of local populations, it may be too little, too late.

Planned Parenthood was allowed into classrooms across America for several decades right under the noses of Republicans, including George Bush and Dick Cheney. Planned Parenthood sold the idea that sexually active teens needed a sex education course within the trapped audiences in public schools, using the media to frighten the public that STDs were rampant in schools. It was the old Nancy Pelosi scheme; get someone in the media to spread your lies and then you can use them as an authority to spread more.

Unfortunately Planned Parenthood's intentions had nothing to do with stopping teens from being infected with STDs, their explicit education encouraging youth to experiment with fisting, oral sex and sodomy, actually spreading the infections even more. Today Planned Parenthood is going after children in kindergarten, which Obama had thought was a good idea when giving speeches to Planned Parenthood during his second term.

Planned Parenthood's goal, and why the leaders of the Democrat Party protect it without fail, became obvious in 2012 as Obama / Biden ran again for office. The porn you see in 2021 came directly from Planned Parenthood's content of a decade ago. When viewing the video link below, you can see where those current sexual cartoon images came from.

The Shepp Report warned parents about this, posting a documentary video that was produced in 2012 by the American Life League (ALL.) Over time the horrible content would be normalized by 2021, Planned Parenthood being allowed for decades to infect the nation's youth in their own classrooms. It was like COVID with no chance of a vaccine.

Planned Parenthood's influence on America's youth would soon be guaranteed with an Obama / Biden win in a second term, Czars already brought in to weaponized the FBI and CIA.

FBI claims to have "lost" 5 months of text messages; Michael P. Ramirez suggests rebranding it the FIB. - Michael Ramirez

Graphic Source: Ramirez

In 2009, America's national training manuals to protect the country were being rewritten through directives by Obama, who was now in the White House. Those documents had protected the public from domestic enemies of the state. But Obama knew they had to be amended if he was to keep his promise to fundamentally transform the country and destroy or rewrite its Constitution.

At the time of those edits, retired General "Ace" Lyons was sending out warnings that Obama was weakening America's security by rewriting how American law enforcement would view potential terror threats from radical Mosques, now downplaying the danger.

But few listened to Lyons as his warning went to the grave with him. Voters were obviously more interested in free stuff and aborting unwanted babies. To that end America is now reported to be equal with North Korea and China in the exterminations of the unborn.

With the Obama / Biden election secured in 2012, the transformation of America could be guaranteed. Eight years later Americans would vote Biden back into office in 2020, the other half of another destructive Obama ticket.

No regrets!

Photo Source: ChicagoMagazine

After decades of immense wealth, American voters thought their system of government could never go away. But now they have realized too late how quickly it could be dismantled by the wrong people put into office.

Polls today show that 45% of American voters STILL favor replacement of the Republic with socialism, somehow being blinded to the lies shown on the faces of many young indoctrinated adults engaged in burning down businesses, looting stores and pulling down statues representing American history they have been TAUGHT to view as racist.

They were never provided with the full history of the United States and its founder's vision when they attended those overrun public schools. Their misinformation would then be continued in fascist-leaning universities that included Columbia, Yale and Harvard, where the education of history teachers was reported to rarely include the history of their own country.

Again, this was allowed by administrators brought into many universities to ensure those directives were followed. Seeing the communism that has infected the National School Board Association, no one should be surprised by the planning of this slow invasion of another kind of body snatcher.

Then with COVID infections discovered in March of 2020, Washington D.C. Democrat leaders saw an opportunity to create weekly paychecks to millions of Americans out of work while businesses were forced to shut down over forced mandates that ignored the protections of the Constitution.

Later Democrat leaders would extend those benefits, ignoring the warnings that millions of workers could decide to stay home, understanding that if they were asked to return to work they would lose those handout. So guess what? They didn't go back to work.

The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet. Easily add text to images or memes. - Image Flip

Photo Source: ImageFlip

Suddenly as 2021 rolled in as a new year, middle class businesses found themselves competing with the government for salary caps. While Washington D.C. Democrats could print the money for their budgets on demand, middle class businesses across the country were forced to earn their income to pay workers.

Biden literally laughed at those business owners, telling them they would have to raise their hourly wage to get workers back. What would one expect from a president who had lived off the tit of government for over 45 years.

Now with the supply chain weakened by COVID, supported by poor policies and pushed to the brink by Democrat leaders continuing to pay workers to stay home, Biden's election was actually becoming Obama's third term. Obama could now finish what he promised in 2008 this time under a puppet president, no longer needing to be visible and allowed to stay in the background.

Obama's Czars filled Washington D.C. with leftists when Obama took office in 2009. It would create a deep state of employees who would stay loyal to him, even after his leaving office eight years later.

While Trump's 2016 election interrupted the take over, ruthless Democrats remembered what Stalin taught; it's not who votes that determines who wins in an election but instead who "counts the votes." And so it would be for the November 2020 election (continued below.)

A Prophetic Warning To The America People From 1965.

Click Here to watch if video has been removed by YouTube's "community standards."

"In 1965, American radio host Paul Harvey gave an immense warning to the American people about the fate of the nation. "We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains" is a short film about the the parallels between the warning Harvey gave over fifty years ago, and today with the Socialist influences in government and society." - JoeMarranca

Video Source: JoeMarranca


Even the Supreme Court seemed to have lost its power to protect the words in the Constitution, the conservatives bending over when Schumer threatened their safety. Schumer understood the importance of ensuring that liberal women voters should continue to be able to abort their inconvenient babies by using leftist talking points such as, It's my body. A former Asheville, North Carolina, city official even went so far as to call a baby in its mother's womb a parasite.

Back in America in the 1950's, all human life in conception was to be respected and honored. No one knew who would be the next Henry Ford, Wright Brothers, Martin Luther King or an Abe Lincoln.

In fact abortion has become so successful among the people, probably even beyond Catholic Pelosi's own dreams, that in Schumer's New York City black babies were being aborted faster than those being born. Schumer couldn't have asked for a better outcome for the left's hero, Margaret Sanger.

His continuing to be elected to office would be guaranteed by those same minority women who had turned over the live babies in their bellies to Planned Parenthood. The organization would then made a huge profit off the collected human parts with some of the money later passed back to the Democrat Party as political donations. It was a win, win!

America was quickly disappearing as the moral authority of the world with an abortion mill under Obama / Biden in 2012 not unlike those seen in North Korea and China. In addition marriage would soon be deeply wounded, the courts deciding the Biblical two thousand year old union did not need to be only from a man and a woman but could be from two men or two women or two of whatever. Ironically even a "man" and a "women" would be questioned in 2020 by trans as abortions continue to destroy America's future workforce.

On top of this the stability of middle class families is being attacked by the Marxist leaders of the newer BLM movement while their youth are indoctrinated by Marxist universities under "gender" studies, humans able to become any sex they want to be . . . or anything in between.

To that end Princeton University in this new world, must have been delighted with their earlier hiring of professor Peter Singer, Singer pushing human sex with animals two decades ago. He reasoned if a dog can tell you he needs to go out, he can tell you other things, too.

Photo Source: Amazon

The left has become so corrupt that if someone does not call another by their "proper gender pronoun," that person can be fined or even fired from their job. So much for protection under the First Amendment.

And now for another first in world history, Biden has deemed that an "X" can be used in place of a male (M) or a (F) female for documentation of sex on passports. Even Putin, the president of Russia, has said America's political correctness goes against humanity itself . . . it's crazy.

As mentioned Columbia University was one of the early colleges to turn against America's founding, home of the infamous communist professors Cloward & Piven.

So in 2020 those hard working traditional white males, helping to keep the power on and running the heart of cities, were suddenly listed as the enemy by the left, "racists all" DNC leaders would proclaim in 2021.

Seeing how this all came about from the election of Obama to the office of president, shame on Sara Palin and the late John McCain. During the 2008 election they laughed at the Democrat "community organizer" running against them, holding the corrupted election machine ACORN close to his side.

Original Source: TIME Magazine

Did they forget it was Obama who created the "crotch salute," so named by some in the military? Obama had folded his hands over his crotch during the live singing of our National Anthem at a summer Democrat fundraiser in 2007.

But it was the exact same disrespect for the anthem that would be followed in 2020, literally infecting professional players in the MLB, NFL and the NBA suddenly forgetting what their great grandparents had passed onto them.

Obama's fundamental transformation has been complete with the collapse of American sports as patriotic, the one thing left that could have inspired youth to love the country that gave them birth. Now it's symbol of strength is mistrusted, its image stained for decades.

So as I turn 80, you can check out one of the very first e-mails sent out a decade ago posted below. It seems like only yesterday, with ten years passing in a flash. Note the violence of the OWS at the time when checking out the e-mail, shades of what Obama had in mind for the future of the America people who dared to call themselves patriots.

It was Obama who invited leaders of the BLM into the White House. The BLM is a Marxist organization, Obama knowing exactly their ideology. They had chanted while blocking streets to fry police like bacon and then later in 2020 found burning down businesses on Democrat ruled city streets. It was a time when cops were held back from protecting private property by corrupted local Democrat mayors and governors that seemed to want the BLM to riot. Not one of those BLM criminals was allowed to be fired upon.

Retired St. Louis officer Dorn lost his life protecting his friend's business from looters.

Even store owners weren't allowed to attack the BLM Marxists to protect their lives or property. That's because the left defined those Marxists as "youthful peaceful protestors," saying the Constitution protected them from being attacked because of "their free speech." Nancy called it democracy in action, what you would expect from an Alinsky socialist.

Just ask David Dorn's wife about that. David, a retired St. Louis police captain helping disadvantaged youth, was shot while protecting a friend's pawn shop. The BLM live-streamed his murder on Facebook, frying him like bacon?

MSNBC, CNN and other national "corporate- owned" media outlets then did their best to bury Dorn's death from public view while Washington D.C. Democrats saw his death as a simply act of acceptable collateral damage toward a mission of change under the directive of Obama from 2009.

And Pelosi's response to the destruction on main streets across America in 2020?

In 2011 she proclaimed, May God bless Obama's OWS. Her answer nine years later to the burning of businesses and toppling statues in 2020 by the BLM? People will do what they do. - Webmaster


A Country On Its Knees After Only Ten Months

America's days as a world leader is quickly coming to an end under the suicidal rule of Biden's left. This is as China's cities, transportation grid and artistic designed buildings (see below) rival the world while America goes into decay.

China's premier has already complained about the dirty West's influences on Asia, his noticing Japanese boys on the Internet looking like girls. He is becoming DEEPLY worried about the effect of this on his own Chinese male culture. And he should.

And he also could not be happy with America making transgenders a new untouchable ruling class. It has reached such a fever pitch that womens' sports is being attacked where male transgenders are encouraged to complete against females in their own sports. And of course the transformed males usually win, which everyone knew would happen.

Photo Source: FIK

America's left Democrat Party proudly refers to these men as being "inclusive," Democrats even adding pedophiles to the mix from men's groups such as NAMBLA. It should remind us of the days of Jeffrey Dirkhising, a 13-year old boy sodomized, tortured and murdered by two men in Arkansas back in the late 1990's.

Why is that important in the world we live in 2021?

Because at the time of the teen's torture and murder, all major newspapers and national TV networks were in lockstep to NOT carry the story of his horrid murder, leftist managing editors in news rooms from coast to coast run by the former ASNE, throwing dirt on the teen's body a second time.

It reminds us of the media being in lockstep since 2016, saying Trump was an agent of Russia or frantic against inexpensive medicines for COVID that could have saved tens-of-thousands of lives. Blue state governors didn't murder them. The media that fawned over them murdered those innocent Americans, many in rest homes never to see their families again.

I referred to Jesse's event as "the day the presses stood still." It was a day when America discovered for the first time that the media was secretly in bed with Democrat Party leaders. Even Shepard Smith, newer to FOX News at the time, mentioned that the boy's murder was unique, not because the boy was murdered but because of who murdered him.

Now with the President of Russia complaining about the gender movement in America in 2021, referring to it an offense to human nature, other country's are starting to chime in such as France, worried about the outcome of a nation that helped to save Europe from the Nazis in WWII. They should be because virtually all those members of the "greatest generation" are in their graves, while a few might be voting for Democrat candidates and not know it.

When this country's political correctness starts to influence the youth of China and Russia, you need to understand those world leaders will protect their historic straight male population.

Photo Source: Financial Times

To understand the seriousness of this, China is already putting questionable satellites into orbit and has successfully sent a nuclear capable missile literally around the world almost undetected. It was so fast that our defenses in the future may not see it coming the second time until it's too late.

Yet Americans are numb to what is going on around them, as a transformed Democrat Party attacks, with nails out, American family units along with white Christian males. That was one of the actual goals posted by the BLM on its Web site a few years back, "woke" Walmart and other CEO's later throwing tens-of-millions of dollars at the BLM, their climbing over each other to see who could be first.

What cowardly pariah too many American corporate leaders have become, cockroaches in suits coming out of the woodwork, few of us having any idea they were probably always there.

(Click On photo to watch video of one of the largest structures in the world.)

A complete traveler review of the new Beijing Daxing Airport. This video covers the transportation, the terminal (landside and airside), lounges and provide useful tips for traveler using Daxing Airport. -  Sam Chui Video.

Beijing's New Doxing Airport

Americans need to be aware that China will not tolerate their societies being infected with America's strange progressive mental disorder, nor will Russia. They will do whatever is necessary to protect their young people, the opposite of what the Biden administration is doing to everyday Americans here on their homeland.

As just a reminder of the technological world we live in, a pulse bomb is able to destroy sensitive electronics over a hugh area of land without killing anyone directly. However it can send cities into instant chaos with their ability to provide the most basic needs gone in the blink of an eye. It would result in the eventual deaths of millions through starvation and infighting, many wishing they could go back to the days of simple toilet paper shortages. Check out the book, "One Second After," to read the potential devastation, like going back to the stone age.

The bird cage built by Swiss and Chinese architects.

Photo Source: Chinaicons

American media laughed at the former ghost cities in China. But over a decade later many of those cities now stand as a testament to stunning workmanship and design while China's leaders are actually encouraging the growth of a middle class.

If you want to see the rising of those cities, there are hundreds of YouTube channels covering China's spectacular technology. Their content is stunning, showing the resolve of people who have brought themselves out of poverty.

Maybe one day Americans will chose to confront CNN and MSNBC at their headquarters, as the Turkish people did with CNN TURK. Those Turkish citizens did not want their country to go back to Sharia law, at the time media outlet CNN TURK siding with the Turkish dictator and just as CNN does today with America's corrupted Democrat Party leaders.

The Turkish Republican People’s Party had warned its members to NEVER go on or interview with a journalist from CNN TURK, because it said CNN TURK's reporters would always twist the news in favor of the Sharia Law dictator of Turkey. Sound familiar in America?

We should not be surprised to see the secular Turks are way ahead of Americans on CNN's mission to support anti-government parts of the population. And with corrupt American corporations, one could understand why they would want to advertise on a corrupted network.

But be aware that it is the older American citizens, who escaped dictatorships and came to America, that have become the warning canary in the coal mine. It is sad so few are listening, fools to think their freedoms can last forever by doing nothing, living off the sacrifices of great grandparents no longer alive.

China's growth as a country is sometimes beyond words. Its high speed rail system is the largest in the world. It's engineering developments for structures puts America to shame. This is as China graduates tens-of-thousands of engineering students from colleges while America's inner cities are collapsing with many not educated beyond an eighth grade level. China is even starting to develop the construction of its own commercial airliners.

As American businesses complain that too few Americans want to come back to work, the Chinese people overall are exceptionally hard workers, shown in the impressive documentary from a few years ago titled, "The Last Train Home." Americans need to understand the Chinese people's intense resolve to be the best as Americans had been in the 1950's, a time progressive Democrats hate.

Tianjin Binhai Library

Click On photo to see tour of inside of library.

Take a tour of this stunning library, leadership doing something right as President Biden stumbles around looking for his mask.

Photo Source: BloombergBusinessWeek

Democrat leaders across the country run today like a pack of wolves, not caring about the reading level of inner city kids. Why? Because their mission is not about building a nation but accumulating personal power for party members. Remember the life style of Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama? Democrat leaders know educated inner city young adults may stop pulling the "D" lever in the voting booth and instead look forward to growth of their families and local community.

Sadly inner city students who love TikTok may have forgotten that the software is a product of China, their antics being watched by Chinese authorities to see the strength of who is protecting the homeland.

But you can bet those progressive leaders in major Democrat run cities may be interested in those inner city kids checking out their "pronouns" and sexual identity, backed by new porn textbooks approved by progressive school boards. Some of the publications may have come from financial donations that were made by dangerous "woke" corporations, many of those disgusting corporate leaders having the whitest thin skin ever seen.

While Democrats Pelosi and Schumer attack those who walked around into the Capitol Building on January 6th and wore patriotic gear carrying American flags, they need to remember many of those citizens received their patriotism from relatives who inspired them after coming home from WWII.

Our boys and girls going overseas in 1942 could never have dreamed that Marxists would control and stain their Capitol Building in Washington D.C. 80 years later. They also could never have imagined that students at Harvard and Yale would be educated to hate their great grandparents or refer to them who followed as domestic terrorists.

Many of those great grandparents were the same ones who fought fascists in WWII to protect freedoms back home. And then there were those left behind in graves overseas, giving their lives on foreign soil with names such as Okinawa, Tarawa and Normandy. What could we say to them today in this anti-American environment, sorry for your loss? - Webmaster


What BS. Pelosi, Schumer and other leading Washington D.C. Democrats are seen kneeing for a virtuous photo op in 2020 to pretend how much they care about black culture. But in their haste, they didn't realize they were wearing the scarves that superior tribal blacks wore in Africa when selling other blacks to slave traders several hundred years ago.

A reported 10% of those slaves were sold to America while the rest went to mainly South America. But you probably will not find that in any progressive textbook. - Webmaster

The bill [to defund the police] was sponsored by Rep. Karen Bass of California, who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus, and Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, in the House. Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California sponsored the bill in the Senate. - Business Insider



Gestapo News Outlets CNN And MSNBC . . .

. . . with their fascist hosts, not only refused to recognize the first African American woman to run for the Virginia Lt. Governor's position, but after winning on the evening of November 2, 2021, the two cable networks would not run her live acceptance speech. And America is racists? No, the CEOs who own these Gestapo news outlets are the racists.

Shame on the CEO's of Comcast and AT&T in supporting hosts who want white Americans dead and then drop their pants on the first black woman to serve as Virginia's Lt. Governor, a former Marine.

There is no excuse. It is a stunning statement about the fall of America's corporate giants via the attitudes of CNN and MSNBC, which is endorsed on the watch of these two CEOs who have needed to step up to the plate but have chosen not to.

I wonder how the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia feels about billionaire Roberts today, honored in 2002 with an award for his commitment to youth programs and community partnerships in the "city of brotherly love." It's Robert's CNN that has attacked police, his Comcast also having bought AT&T, a double whammy.

Click On photo below to watch Ms. Sears acceptance speech.

Racist cable channels MSNBC and CNN did not show Ms. Sears acceptance speech live.  Shame on the elitest CEOs who allowed these Gestapo cable outlets to exist in America. - Webmaster

"Glenn Youngkin's running mate describes herself as an example of the American dream as she becomes the first woman of color elected as Virginia lt gov." - FOXNews

Video Source: FOXNews



The Reign of Baal

Jonathan Cahn's May 2021 Prophetic Message

Click Here to watch if removed by YouTube's "community standards."

I knew of Jonathon through a close friend in Northern New Jersey, who attended Cahn's Messianic church around 20 years ago when it was located near Lincoln Park, N.J.

Jonathon went on to write the book The Harbinger, which was followed by several other publications. With some mainstream Christians believing the last months of 2021 could be a special time in Bible prophecy, Jonathon's words may have special meaning for those who believe America is being judged with providence purposely putting Biden in power.

Biden has a drug addicted son who is openly tied to prostitutes and has admitted passing big bucks to his dad. This is while virtually all the Western media closes its eyes to the son's drug dealings, as the morality of the country collapses around liberal journalists, stunning corruption never before seen in the country's history.

The Bible wrote about the Jews taken over by their enemies when they went rogue with golden statues to Baal. But that ended in 1948 when the fig tree bloomed for the last time. We therefore seem to be living in an end times as the prophesied technology of "The Mark" has arrived with the spread of the COVID virus.

By pushing people around the world to take the "jab," former elected government officials suddenly and literally ignore the rights of the free citizens who had put them into office.

It therefore looks like there is a deeper agenda being passed onto those who are in positions of power in so called "free" countries, with each one treating their citizens exactly the same while obviously reading from the same rule book someone had written. But whom?

If you want to know who is running this world-wide dog and pony show, find out who wrote the rule book. It's that simple. But I know one thing for sure. This kind of "nudge" was started by Barack Obama in 2009. surrounding himself with Marxist "Czars" as he walked into office on January 20th.

It proves dark forces have been at work since Obama proclaimed, with authority in November of 2008, "In five days we will fundamentally transform the United States of America.' - Webmaster

Video Source: Jonathon Cahn

Thanks for the heads up to Bill of Florida.







E-Mail With Obama's OWS Video From One Decade Ago.


Date: November 10, 2011

Subject: Vet's Nightmare Comes True

From: Freedom is Knowledge


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In the evening of November 4th, 2008, the following e-mail was sent to me by a friend retired from the U.S. military. It was simple, bleak, and to the point of what just happened to America. The e-mail read:

"Today, everything I fought for was undone without the firing of a single shot."

Well, three years later and almost to the day, it has all come true.


Obama's OWS Activists Shout, F. . . The Daily Caller, As Nancy Pelosi Proudly Proclaims God Will Bless Them.

Click Here if video has been removed.

"Occupy DC" Violently Raids Tea Party's "Defending the American Dream Summit." - jesusox

Video Source: jesusrox / Daily Caller

OWS Rushing USA to Point of No Return



OWS Questioned On Politics

Click Here to watch if video has been removed.

"From Brain-Terminal.com: My heavily-edited video of a good-natured stroll amongst the occupiers of Zuccotti Park, which is a few blocks north and slightly to the west of Wall Street in New York City." - Evan Coyne Maloney




Obama's Storm Troopers 2011 in Towns Across America

(Similar tactics and social pressure was used early on by the Third Reich to protect their storm troopers.)

Under the new Washington administration, law enforcement is suddenly handcuffed to leave Obama modern-day storm troopers alone, called OWS, as happened in Asheville, North Carolina, after several weeks of the city treating the squatters like Obama-Gold. Remember I had warned you in 2009 what Obama was planning long term, I believe the OWS just the tip of the iceberg.

Below is an e-mail from a local Republican of what is going on in this city. But notice when a department employee simply posts an item of what the unruly crowd is literally doing, her free speech is shut down by Asheville's progressive city government! Please read in the letter below how a local Republican was treated when the exact same thing happened to him.

Finally, and most disturbingly, notice how political correctness has shut down the international corporate policy of a fast food restaurant for drink refills per person per single visit, a rule you and I as customers are expected to follow in any McDonalds. At my local McDonalds the policy is even posted on the door.


November 9, 2011

From: Chad Nesbitt and Carl Mumpower
Subject: "Cesspool of Sin" continues to churn
To: Concerned WNC citizens

ASHEVILLE - City police have put a department employee under investigation following accusations she called Occupy Asheville protesters "nasty" in a Facebook post and complained they left "stinky belongings" on a sidewalk. (Asheville Citizen-Times / 11-7-11)

ASHEVILLE - Asheville City Manager Gary Jackson went on to say "We need to treat everybody with respect [even when they crap on sidewalks] and so it's just not acceptable under our diversity policy our core values to say anything or do anything that doesn't show the utmost respect for people regardless of their values."

City Manager Gary Jackson informed WLOS Lynn Fraser faces scrutiny after posting disparaging remarks about Occupy Asheville on her personal Facebook page. Fraser is now under non-disciplinary, paid investigative suspension. (Melissa Williams, a media specialist for the city is also included in this action) (WLOS / 11-8-11)

ASHEVILLE - A half-dozen members of the Occupy Asheville movement purchased a single cup of coffee on Tuesday at a local McDonalds. They proceeded to share the cup and make multiple trips to the counter for free refills. Their adventure in crony socialism was capped by the direct harassment of two businessmen working on computers as they ate breakfast. In response to the question, "Why are you working here?", one responded in typical capitalistic fashion, "So I can earn a living and pay taxes so that that you people can protest and milk they system like you're milking McDonald's."

A manager later apologized to this gentleman, noting, "I'm sorry for how you were treated, but the company will not let us kick these people out." (McDonald's 11-8-11)

Asheville City and Police administrator's selective enforcement of city policies and the law are further illuminated in this week's actions.


1) Last year a city employee created a fake Twitter account ridiculing then Buncombe County Republican Party Chairman Chad Nesbitt. The employee's actions were brought to the attention of the City Manager and no apology, reference to employee policies, or other disciplinary action was taken. In a left-leaning town, city administrators apparently feel safe in ignoring a conservative voice while showing great enthusiasm in responding to the hurt feelings of Occupy Asheville protestors. That's stinky.

2) Following is a letter to the Asheville Police Department complaints administrator reference their denial that officers failed to perform their duty during the August GoTopless.Org event. That inconsistency is revealed in photographs. When one of their staff calls someone (from eye witness accounts at McDonald's yesterday, and management concerned about Thrifty Muffler being used as a giant port-a-potty, the descriptor is very accurate) nasty, administrators rush to act. When people behave in a nasty fashion on our public fountain, those same administrators run for cover. Political correctness is nasty governance.


Chad Nesbitt / Carl Mumpower




November 8, 2011

From: Chad Nesbitt and Carl Mumpower
Subject: Complaint against APD for enforcement failures during topless event
To: Lt. Sean Pound (spound@ashevillenc.gov)
Asheville Police Department
Office of Professional Standards
Post Office Box 7148
Asheville, North Carolina 28802

Dear Lt. Pond:

Thank you for your response to our formal complaint against APD actions during the August topless protest rally in downtown Asheville. We note your position that there was no performance failures by your officers.

It would be our continued position that Asheville City and Police administrators did condone the violation of NC General Statutes 14-190.131&6, 14-190-15(b)&(c)3, 14-190.15, and 14-190-9(b) governing sexually explicit behavior, child sexual abuse, public nudity, and exhibiting harmful performances to minors during the August 21st rally.

For purposes of clarification, we did want to make sure, per your notice that APD officers performed their duties, that going forward the following behaviors will not trigger enforcement in downtown Asheville?

1) Stripteases, dancing, sexually expressive behavior, and other forms of performance on the city fountain.

2) Squeezing exposed breasts in a sexually suggestive manner in public view.

3) Underage topless teens actively participating in organized protests.

4) Fondling exposed female breasts in public view.

5) Sexual performance in the presence of minors.

(Please email us at drmumpower@aol.com if you would like copies of the pictures noting 1-5 above)

It would be our further observation that political paralysis and principle pretense is more damaging to officer morale than factual criticism of city and police administrations. Per the pictures above, your investigative outcome must be at least a little bit embarrassing.


Chad Nesbitt / Carl Mumpower

Asheville Topless Complaint Web Site





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