The Energy Independence Project

By John Tyreman, 2012



Going Nuclear Allows Time For New Energy Sources To Be Developed Over The Next Century

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Don't Allow America to Fail!

- A Proposal for Putting America Back to Work -

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Demanding Energy Independence for a return to a strong America. Some say one day in the future. I say let's start January 20, 2013



Hello, my name is John Tyreman. 

I am a tech professional who, like you, is very concerned with the condition of America’s financial institutions and the overspending of Congress and our Federal Government. No one in power seems to be willing to grab our problems by the neck and find solutions. 

Times are very bad. Our economy is failing, our superstructure is deteriorating, and our public school system has become focused on useless social engineering rather than achieving simple basic knowledge.

Without basic knowledge that leads to learning important work skills needed in today's manufacturing sector, America can no longer hope to be competitive in an aggressive global marketplace filled with well-trained technically savvy societies located on the other side of the world, a planet that seems to grow smaller every day. 

This country has been lead in the wrong direction by neo-socialists who wanted to redefine the United States of America, a country fast approaching the loss of its position of respect in many of the world's communities. 

We must change our course and we must change it now!

My Energy Independence Project's primary goal is to restart the nation by converting the country to pollution-free electricity as rapidly as possible. This will quickly revive our dismal economy and put our country back on the road to the prosperity it has historically enjoyed until recent times when progressives took over the government

This effort would not only put jobs in the hands of millions of workers with existing skills, but more importantly would create new training centers for those new positions that will be needed for advanced multiple skill sets in creating America's energy independence plus the technical skills that can be used well into the next century. And best of all it would be paid for by domestic savings, which will be described for you herein and the heart of this project getting off the ground.

How we got to where we are, what the problems continue to be, and how to fix them.

I’ve watched my country deteriorate in front of my eyes over the past several decades.  America’s influence around the world, initially high and admirable after WWII, was supported by goals to provide help and assistance to the rest of the world. It enabled other countries to raise their living standards and become global partners with America in its wealth. 

But America has slowly become out of sync with those powerful goals of past generations. America's partners over time have become strong while America has become weak in its resolve to continue to be a world leader. It is a country in the last decade that has been crippled by the choke hold of social engineering under the heel of liberal progressives finding their way into high levels of leadership in the government, ones who view achievement as offensive to others of less motivation under their banner of social justice.




America’s slow demise is also irritated by severe economic problems from a foreign policy that listens more to the United Nations than its own people.  Stunningly, this demise has been lead by a confrontation from the federal government against its very own people through domestic vs. foreign policy management decisions that no longer protect the nation from foreign invasion across its borders. 

The corruption has become so deep that the controlling political party in Washington D.C. actually wants these invaders to become future voters for their party by giving them free basic services off the backs of taxpayers, spending tax revenues as if an open tap of gushing water.

One of the Places where the Country’s Problems Started

In the middle of the last century a decision was made high up within American politics, while we were living in a very wealthy environment, to start purchasing oil from the Middle East.

Many grand ideas pushed this decision without understanding the very dangerous long-range impact. At the time no one dreamed progressives would take over leadership in this country and then actually shut down America’s oil production, their message lead by revolutionaries in the name of faux Global Warming hype

In the end this action to buy raw oil from the Middle East would over time send huge wealth to many Middle Eastern countries. At the same time it would encourage and push Sharia Law into Western societies through the immigration of Middle East citizens, moving into Western Countries but not assimilating into the culture. 

As the wealth was drained from these Western Civilizations, including America, they found themselves accumulating massive debts on the back of liberal socialist policies that had taken over their budgets. It would ensure progressives in government would become the nannies for the rest of the population, able to then dictate lifestyles.

The enormous costs of this social engineering and its regulations on everyone in the society would soon create such massive debt that it would effect basic government services to everyday citizens, one country after another already beginning to crumble under the load. 

And the new liberal promise of “hope and change” in the American elections of 2008 euphemistically promised the pursuit of an increase in the socialist style of government, adding even more crushing debt to an America already reeling from its yoke. 

Future forecasts of improvements are dismal with little real “hope for change” in our economic and world stature.  Housing starts are at depression levels while interest rates have dropped to historic lows. Job losses in some states have to be measured in double digits to include the poor souls who have given up looking for work. Something has to be done and it has to be done now!


Thank you for listening. If you agree with what is happening to our society, follow me and let's get down to business.




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American first and foremost needs to remove the failed leadership in Washington D.C. at the end of 2012.

Since early 2009 the leadership in our White House has surrounded itself with troubling Czars that have created thousands of regulations tied to social engineering to indoctrinate Americans of all ages. Political correctness only weakens a nation, never strengthens it for a path that leads to long-range success.

This country needs to focus on job skills for the future, not agenda-driven social engineering that is aimed to be distributed to a captive audience in public schools across America while dumped upon everyday citizens through government agencies enforcing a paper storm of new regulations. These regulations, which have come from Czars assigned to surround the president, are so numerous they can't even be counted. In fact the way the administration handled the take over of American car companies in 2009 caused a member of the U.S. House of Representatives to call it Gangster Government.

The current federal government has become so abusive it doesn't seem to even want to hear complaints about freedoms being replaced by socialist mandates that seem to be filled with the four letter word, “Obey.”  Look what happened this year to just one corporation, the Gibson Guitar Company, a nonunion shop, the Justice Department sending in machine-gun armed federal officers to shut down its factories and harass its employees.

Yet a charge was never filed. And this is not the first time it has happened to Gibson.

Social engineering quickly becomes public intimidation through reams of regulations that highlights the agenda of a small group of progressive leaders that want more control over the choices of citizens. What happened to protecting American individualism?  These leaders seem to hate patriotism, flag waving, and love of country. Under this kind of control no program to help America get back on its feet would have a chance of succeeding.

"In writing this book Professor Groseclose has done a great service for our country." -  Congressman Allen West (R-Fla.), (Lt. Col. U.S. Army, ret.

Liberal Media Bias Distorts the Mind

This is why a prerequisite of my new energy program requires a return of leadership to Washington D.C. that not only respects the American spirit but calls upon it for real change, real hope, and a return to real individualism, not a Nanny State full of controls and overpaid bureaucrats.

The removal of this dangerous leadership we have in Washington D.C. today and the corrupt media that follows it around can only be accomplished by a committed leader who understands the importance of returning America to its roots of independence, self-reliance, and the respect of risks that go with success. 

But most of all, this leader must be one the people can believe in again who will welcome new ideas and the entrepreneurs who create them.   

A great leader can help achieve my goal of turning the country around by 180 degrees simply using logical changes I have suggested in the way America currently conducts its business.  These changes will not only reverse America’s negative direction in growth with the rest of the world, but can pay for this renewal without raising the debt

In fact, it will even eliminate the debt! To this end I have developed an important and strong proposal for America to achieve energy independence, a massive first step toward recovery with vibrations felt from coast to coast.

Energy independence is the methodology that will cure America’s problems while rapidly improving its economic status in the Western world. It begins by converting the country to clean electricity, pushing that objective to full steam within the first eight years following 2013 and a new president that wants to return America to its rightful place in the world.

We must quickly begin to plan right out of the gate to build major energy construction projects across America. In doing so these projects and their many activities will create employment for millions of out-of-work Americans, causing the economy to roar back to life.  We must update city transportation systems, motivate private electric transportation to come off the drawing board for real ideas, retrofit manufacturing centers for electricity, and advanced home appliance designs to run on a new stable and reliable clean electric network that will crisscross America.

Americans have always shown throughout their history a love for innovation.  It’s time to again activate that burning desire for self-achievement.  And upon that desire I believe we can build a foundation that the American people will not only welcome, but demand!

(FOX News Screen Chyron) - They're laughing at us they think we're so stupid, and our representatives are so stupid." - Donald Trump, April 8, 2010.

Donald Trump, one of most successful corporate managers in the world, correctly complained on August 2, 2011 after the passage of the 2011 Debt-Ceiling Bill in Congress, China is laughing at us!”

His comment hit the mark of the major flaw in America’s leadership today and in past decades, which have led up to this moment in time.  Since WWII this nation has been saving other nations.  I submit to you the time has come to start to save our own!

It's an understatement to say that recent national administrations have not been very supportive of fossil fuels. They have been blinded by this country’s former wealth, which they have ironically helped to destroy in their arrogance for political power.  But without fossil fuels, innovative energy solutions will not be allowed to accumulate the necessary time for them to be properly researched, designed, and tested. So fossil fuels will be still needed for a time to keep America's electricity flowing while its clean energy network is growing.

Progressives in Los Angeles say they love green energy. So I ask them to turn off their non-nuclear power sources and hook up now to all those wonderful windmills and solar panels they have built to run their city along with the needs of the energy-guzzling lights of Hollywood’s entertainment industry. However, they wouldn't because the green energy alternative is not there. They will want to keep the existing current flowing to their lights and refrigerators as much as any other American. Without it 24/7 their whole west coast society would fall apart, pushing them back into the 1800's. So I ask them to drop the ideology of "could be, should be" and join me today in empowering America, stopping all the politically correct nonsense that has lead to few watts and a lot of hot air.  

It must be obvious now to Americans that little can be achieved from renewable resources as they now stand to support an electric grid on a scale that coal plants provide 24/7 to tens of millions of Americans.  Even the president in September 2011 backed off from the EPA regulations that would shut down several coal plants. He knows that brown outs wouldn't get him elected in 2012.

So the truth is the politicians want the green energy but not enough to lose their seats of power in Washington D.C. And that is where the rubber meets the road, isn't it? Voters understand only one thing. When any one of them serviced by a coal or oil electric power plants hits a light switch or opens a refrigerator door, the light better turn on and the food better be cold at eight in the morning or eleven at night.  While the appointees in the EPA might not care, those who are elected and make those appointments do.

So America can never become free of fossil fuels unless there is a paradigm shift in rethinking the production of electricity and how to establish a grid that can instead be weaned off of fossil fuels while allowing renewable fuels to fill in the gaps as they become ready to go online.  In other words, they will produce electricity seven days a week, 24 hours a day. From what is seen from the Obama administration in 2011, its own false nature is to focus only on political correctness to create energy in the United States.

We've already seen what happens when progressives mess with Mother Nature, thinking they could take corn and create a combustible liquid to make a major dent in oil usage. They called it Biofuel. Basically, they took America's main breadbasket commodity and created fuel with it to burn in gasoline engines. Millions of gasoline engines! What happens when you take a major food group that Americans eat and make it into fuel? You make corn more expensive to buy for the kitchen table, even Mexicans south of the border complaining the cost of soft shells to wrap their food in has doubled. But it didn't end there. Instead reasonable people took hold of what the progressives had done and discovered a minor flaw. Biofuel took more energy to produce than it saved.

My Energy Independence Project will be free of this useless political correctness that only feeds itself. The good news is that this can all begin with the elections in November 2012 and the installation on January 2013 of an American president and an administration that believes in the importance of rewarding innovation while removing the destructive political correctness that has handcuffed it. 

“Political correctness runs nothing and everything else into the ground.” –  Webmaster,

To achieve this important end-goal, I believe the education of the voters is paramount to winning the 2012 election. They must be shown how their future will look without a change in the way America deals with its energy crises.  However, that education might already be moving into place as tens-of-millions of Americans see the consequence of voting for the promise of free stuff off the backs of others.  Looking at job loses and sparse pickings at kitchen tables, Americans are discovering their folly in actually believing that free stuff would actually come from well-paid politicians only interested in keeping their power, identifying those voters as their useful idiots to stay in office. None of this free stuff, of course, would come out of the pockets of politicians. They will steal it from other people's pockets, using the age-old smoke and mirrors trick.  

Voters therefore are begging for real solutions that don’t come from fat cat liars in Washington D.C. They have discovered with pain that solutions come only from independent thinkers who can be found around kitchen tables in private homes and/or in small businesses owners across America who are willing to take the financial risks. It is those risks that create the innovative product that builds the factories that hire the workers to give them paychecks to feed their families. It's not rocket science.  

This is a full size replica of Henry Ford's first engine. He brought it home from Detroit Electric Illuminating Co. where he worked and set it up on the kitchen sink where he demonstrated it to his wife on Christmas eve 1893.
Video Source: Neil Butterfield, Inc.

In fact Americans need to be reminded that America's huge corporations were not discovered in Washington D.C. They were discovered in garages and in small workrooms across the country where individualism reigns.  Henry Ford was known to have worked on the basics of the automobile engine on his wife’s kitchen table.  To that end the Chinese have always believed the same truth about dreams; that the longest journey always begins with a dedication to the first step.

Understanding these simply proven steps to success, we can start immediately to put America back on a path to success beginning January 20, 2013.  

I believe many who are discouraged in Congress, along with voters who are discouraged about the future of their country, would readily want to take advantage of the idea I have developed for energy independence. It is a project that will stop foreign oil from bringing America and all its people to their knees.  What I propose would resolve many of our existing unemployment problems and take the economy off of life support. 

What the American voter may finally understand is that change doesn't come from politicians making campaign speeches to get money dropped into their pockets.  It comes from visionary leaders who are willing to walk the walk so the American people will immediately recognize it, believe in it, and then act on it.  

It is why I believe only a commitment to this country’s energy independence can turn it around.  What a shock it was for me, and I hope for you, to hear that the famous Polish Freedom Fighter, Lech Walesa, had made the comment in early 2010 that America was no longer the moral leader of the world.  What a slap in the face to today's American leadership.

That is not some politico musing.  It came from a major leader of a foreign country who had risked his life for freedom, making an independent non-political statement about our country and its fallen reputation in the world.

“We’ve been warned.  It’s time to stop talking.  It’s time to act!”


Overview Of Solar Power




Moving America to the Front of the Class

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Nissin Electric (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is located at Wuxi National Hi-Tec New Zone. It was called Wuxi Electric Capacitor Co., Ltd. before Jan. 2001. The company founded in January 18th 2001 and the registered capital is 174,500,000 Chinese Yuan with more than 700 existing staff. The firm contains Capacitor Department, Capacitor Voltage Department, Technology Service Department, Market & Business Department, and Administration Department. In addition the new energy research and development center set up in 2003, the area about 160,000 square meters.
Nissin Electric in China is surging ahead in R & D


Below you will find the basic concepts of my Energy Independence Project.  To achieve this project's benefits, bold action must be taken along with an adherence to basic and proven ideas that will work for energy independence for all Americans.

We must put our country on a positive road to the prosperity hard-working Americans deserve and have been yearning for. Their call for a return to sanity continues to fall on the deaf ears of greedy politicians more interested in pushing personal ideologies of social engineering and political correctness then solving the problems of the everyday America. It's an arrogance that has put this country into such a huge debt that it endangers our very security in the world.

My project would consist of the following primary elements that America’s current administration unbelievably sees as offensive, typical of how socialism overtakes a successful healthy society:

1. Drill for domestic oil, which will start eliminating the need for importing foreign oil
2. Exploration for additional domestic natural gas
3. Construct new nuclear generating plants
4. Dramatically modernize the national power grid
5. Develop a desalinating water program to anticipate potential fresh water needs around the nation
6. Provide strong incentives for immediate Research and Development (R&D) into new energy potentials through America’s major manufacturing firms protected by American patents.

These primary elements can be turned quickly into work projects for any American willing to work. It is not unlike the building of the Hoover Dam when Americans came together and built over 80-years ago.  These projects will dramatically restart the economy's engine overnight and encourage investment dollars back to America's shores. 

When this project goes online, implemented by a new administration at the beginning of 2013, America can quickly start pushing back its need for foreign oil, depending more and more on its own domestic resources.  We must meet this objective with no less enthusiasm for success then when our country had fought in World War II.  While others have put their energy solutions on the back of the American taxpayer by doing business as usual, my project relies on a return of money going overseas with the shutting down of doing business as usual.

Sixty-five years after WWII, America is again in a war. But this time it is a war for its very survival as the leader of the world. America is failing because of the arrogance and excess of its elected leaders, leaders that have pushed aside the attributes that made America strong in the first place as offensive to their new progressive ideology

Well over half of the US trade deficit comes from petroleum imports. Every year, America consumes more and produces less domestically, ensuring the problem will continue to worsen every year. As a result, foreign suppliers, many of whom don't like us very much, accumulate outrageous wealth and trillions of dollars worth of US assets. The accelerating process distorts and sends ripples through the economy. Even the housing bubble has roots in foreign oil dependence, and America the Prisoner explains the connection. One thing is for certain, oil costs Americans much more than just the price paid at the pump.
Graphic Source: American Energy Independence

America can win its new energy independence using my goal for the reduction and eventual elimination of importing oil, redirecting those energy payments once sent overseas to be reinvested back into our home economy.  Those billions of dollars that we send to foreign powers day in and day out would now be safely back where they belong.

This country has been sending up to $750 billion a year (2009) into foreign economies in return for oil.  But Americans need to remember those hard-earned dollars were invested in cultures that not only despise our way of life but also consistently and openly threaten to destroy it.  Those hundreds-of-billions of dollars that have been going overseas will now be used to support America’s energy independence, a constant stimulus to the American economy and its infrastructure priorities in the months that follow in 2013 and on into future decades for continued prosperity.

Over the last fifty years our foreign policy on oil helped build many Middle Eastern countries into economic powerhouses while our economy was sinking into a fourteen and one-half trillion-dollar debt.  This is an unbelievable figure, few Americans having a full understanding of what a hundred-million dollars is let alone a billion . . . or ten billion.  Then suddenly they hear figures such as 14 trillion?! The number is unfathomable as to how the nation will ever recover.

But other things need to be implemented, too, such as the removal of excess government regulations that have been the central discouragement for investment into new businesses and cutting-edge innovation. 

The political correctness that has failed our nation’s resolve since the 1970’s and brought in by socialists who invaded our universities, can be finally addressed with an America facing up to a very dangerous world that includes the United Nation’s Agenda 21, intended for world control. 

The project as outlined in the next section titled, Planning, will employ millions of older technically-skilled workers while creating millions of new jobs, many if not most of them permanent with more to be generated by technologies that spring up from new energy incentives brought about by the immediate removal of suffocating regulations.  

In this section you will see America’s energy independence begin with the decrease of imported oil through the rewards of having drilled new domestic oil wells along with development of other domestic energy resources.   The financial gain will allow America to focus on the building of multiple nuclear power plants that will convert the country into pollution-free generated electricity.  And the cost of my Energy Independent Project would be far less than the original TARP bailout. 

And investments into clean coal will allow power plants to continue supplying electricity to much of America as nuclear power plants are completed and begin to fill the energy gap across America, allowing nuclear to become the backbone of America’s clean energy network.

This will include the deployment of roughly an additional fifty to sixty various-sized nuclear electrical power-generating plants.  At the same time, not unlike America’s interstate system, the national power grid will be revamped along with the building of desalinating seawater facilities along side of coastal located reactors, distributing fresh water to nearby potential drought areas.  This would address national fresh water requirements that are growing fast in some parts of the country, not yet affecting population areas but eventually could become a problem for everyday living. 

The new mission statement for the Energy Independent Project will be “If it can be done, do it!  If it can’t be done, figure out why.” This bold effort to turn off the spigot of importing foreign oil and replacing it with domestic energy is one of the important keys to achieving major energy independence for America. 

Removing the need for huge quantities of imported Middle East oil will put our money back into our pockets decade after decade as new energy resources down the line are discovered, designed for mass use, and then deployed to replace older ones.

As we use America’s own domestic resources to fuel its energy needs, the federal government would provide incentives for developing self-sustaining energy projects using solar, wind, sea, chemical, algae, and biological fuel-cell generators, and eventually fusion

During this energy revolution American businesses will be encouraged to create innovative products that will be designed to depend on a new clean and readily available electric grid to crisscross the United States.  Oil will continue to be needed for gasoline, diesel fuel, jet engine fuel, and manufacturing facilities that have yet to be retrofitted for electricity. 

Oil will also be made available for today's basic and future innovative products that support our sophisticated society and include unique plastics for the medical industry to electronics for the home, office, and mobile communications.  But even these needs for oil will eventually be replaced through financial incentives used as the foundation to create new energy products such as biological and genetic advances for newer fuels to be run in advanced engine and motor designs. These fuels, once exotic, will become as common place as the microchip today is to the simple transistor.  

Don’t believe me?  If you're in your late 50’s, do you remember your first Texas Instrument Computer?  Did you ever dream you would use that technology in its advanced form one day to turn on your car from a different location, watch your child come home while you’re at work, or quickly assist your doctor when you're in need of an important medical opinion? 

When you understand that achievement occurred in only 40 years, we can then imagine anything in ten or twenty years with today’s technology on a larger scale that reaches out to more than a few hundred-million people.  It will reach out to the people of the world. In 2011 a report came out that illustrated how fast technology can migrate into societies around the world when it is demanded. For instance, the mass distribution of Internet connections and computers bought more Chinese citizens onto the Internet than America has people . . . actually almost double. In fact the report estimates six-million new Chinese go online every single month!

It’s not that we can’t do it.  The question is will we have the courage to do it?

Additional income to pay for the Energy Independence Project would come from the export of domestic energy products, such as coal and oil as America moves onto full nuclear networking across the country. As decades pass when new sophisticated power sources prove themselves in reliability and costs, they will be approved to go online to replace traditional energy sources. America has lead the world in change to benefit human kind and will continue to do so well into the future encouraged by the Energy Independence Project.




Freeing ourselves from giving billions of dollars to societies that Hate Us

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The United States is spending approximately $1 billion a day overseas on oil instead of investing the funds at home, where our economy sorely needs it.

Oil Dependence is a Dangerous Habit


Planning for this project must start early with consideration of where nuclear power plants for future clean electricity will be located and then deployed.  Needing an energy friendly president, the Energy Independent Project itself obviously could not start before 2013.  With Obama elected again in 2012 comes zero hope of energy renewal, America having to wait until 2017 to see the needed changes.

One of the primary reasons for a friendly presidential mandate is to expedite electric plant building permits.  As you well know this has become a major stumbling block for today’s over-regulated American businesses by a government that has mushroomed into a socialist giant, smothering the Republic it sits on.  Obama’s administration and his radical Czars seem to have no interest in this country’s history and the guarantees of its Constitution that protects our freedom and right of self-determination

Because of the way issues have been handled with our current U.S. Justice Department, we have already seen how a president can control law and even ignore it.  This project to succeed under a new and friendly administration promoting America’s energy needs MUST BE free of political favors, graft, and cronyism.

The leadership for this project cannot be implemented by an administration that is constantly running for office and looking for campaign dollars.  It needs to be instead directed by a committed leader that will be ready to run right out of the gate, giving Americans a national mandate to work for and be committed to. 

America did it with its former Manhattan Project and as mentioned in the building of the Hoover Dam.  And it can do it again, this time on a much larger scale.  And it’s exciting to think it could all begin with the stroke of a pen under strong leadership provided by voters who finally understand the meaning of and advantage of self-determination.

I would suggest consideration be given to establishing a Project Planning Group (PPG) made up of innovative and experienced technical people with authority to keep projects on track and within budget.  Movers and shakers will be needed; others need not apply.  Only courage and resolve from the very top of our government will keep this project free of politics and political whims, eliminating contractors and project leaders interested in profit first and results later. 

As stated, the initial goal of this plan is for America to stop importing foreign oil. However, our cooperation with Canada and other allies must remain as a joint venture with our great neighbor to the north, Canada. The goal is to begin to achieve serious energy independence within eight years out of the gate.

Outwardly, it would appear domestic steel mills would be one of the main benefactors of this project and all its construction requirements.  Plus, the project would use hundreds-of-thousands of plumbers, electricians, cement workers, and other construction personnel of all skills for the initial years of the construction phase.  A very positive aspect of my Energy Independence Project would be the eventual stunning improvement in the quality of skilled workers across the nation. 

OPEC Official Homepage.

HE Abdalla S. El-Badri, OPEC Secretary General, April 2011

Through the immediate use of America’s domestic oil reserves, we would begin to reach the level of sufficient domestic oil production required to free us from OPEC’s strangle hold on America.  And the tapping of these new wells will keep American dollars here at homes instead of in the hands of people that despise our way of life, as already mentioned. 

The earnings from domestic exploration of oil would be applied to the project to help pay for America’s switch to clean nuclear energy.  The project would continue to use other electrical generating plants to keep the electricity flowing as America’s national power grid is updated and rebuilt.  At some time during this conversion process we could begin to cap the off shore coastal oil wells that helped us get over the technology hump. Or we could declare them a national reserve or leave them open, selling their output to friendly foreign nations.    

The nuclear waste law (passed during the Carter administration) regulating nuclear waste in this country would have to be revisited and upgraded to allow reprocessing of spent fuel as is done in France today, a country mainly run off of nuclear fuel.  This would allow us to dramatically reduce the storage of nuclear waste while producing a multitude of additional new high-tech jobs around the country geared to this specific reprocessing.   Once the law is changed, future nuclear plants would require much less storage waste requirements. 

As the conversion of the country to clean nuclear generated electricity begins, major corporations and many small businesses would start to produce and support the country’s conversion requirements for jobs and materials.  As mentioned in the positioning part of this proposal, the production of automobiles, city buses, and continental trains will be aimed at an America relying on clean nuclear energy along with the retrofitting of appropriate factories to electricity, encouraging engineering to prioritize designs.   Homes would be modified with home heating products for maximum use of pollution free electricity, as that power source quickly becomes commonplace and per kilowatt prices drop.  New high-storage long-life batteries would be encouraged for fast-track development for use in many renewable electric applications, manufacturing them in the U.S. that will help to keep more American dollars home.

This conversion of the country to clean inexpensive electricity would create new jobs in a variety of skills with cutting-edge industries that have been developed through entrepreneurs encouraged to join in America’s conversion to clean energy independence and away from domestic oil as the renaissance takes hold. With aggressive management, I believe this project could greatly reduce the need for imported oil in three to five years, with a good portion of the national power grid updated as it’s connected into new nuclear electrical generating plants going online over the next eight years


PHASE ONE – Building a New Superstructure

Goals of The First Eight Years, 2013 - 2021



Drilling For Oil Still Makes Sense. We just need to get rid of the acid politics of Washington D.C.

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Written by a top energy expert, this book outlines seven economically and politically viable ways America can more efficiently use and produce energy. Find out how carbon fuels negatively impact our lives and understand the political framework of the energy crisis.
Graphic Source: American Energy Independence


Returning America to its Natural Resources

Why buy another country’s resources where energy and responsibility to the land and air quality is not a priority?

Our switch from energy dependence of foreign oil would begin with our drilling for oil in ANWR and the North Shelf in Alaska.  This would also include domestic drilling from the Gulf while expanding the Bakken Formation efforts.  We would also explore other sources of oil, opening up drilling rigs that previous administrations had shut down.  

Existing and new oil resources would gradually replace imported foreign oil, not to mention the shot in the arm for skilled Americans out of work. 

Top Ten Reasons to Support ANWR Development

Installing a pipeline to Prudhoe Bay from ANWR would seem to be a logical parallel first step.  ANWR should be capable of producing oil easily within a 1-2 year time frame based on a national directive from America’s new administration.  The pipeline between Prudhoe Bay and ANWR (roughly fifty to seventy miles, depending on the route) would be a parallel effort to the new drilling in ANWR. 

ANWR Photo Gallery

Once we get to the point of significantly dropping our need for foreign oil and keeping the billions of dollars home we had previously sent overseas annually, our leaders would be encouraged for the next step that would be the stabilizing the price of gasoline at the pump.  

As Americans begin to enjoy their energy savings added back into their pocket books, their renewed spending will help to build up America’s surplus dollars and destroy the ugly debt put upon this country primarily by the last two administrations.  At the same time as mentioned above, consumers need to be encouraged through incentives to switch to newer clean energy products.  Lower costs for energy would help do that.  

America becoming energy independent will have benefits to every citizen seen going into their wallets, gaining the support of millions of voters who had grown tired of sending their hard-earned dollars to countries that wanted to see our culture wiped off the earth.  And the benefit to small businesses would be stunning, their confidence in the Federal Government again shown in their releasing dollars for new product innovations, increased distribution needs, and more productivity demanding the hiring of new employees. 

And with government incentives to give tax breaks to small businesses that train new hires into new skills requiring computer knowledge with the upgrade of verbal and written skills, the Energy Independence Project will bring Americans back up to the skill levels its citizens had once enjoyed before the failure of a public school system that focused its students on social engineering rather than on real engineering that builds nations, not the worship of useless political correctness. 

That is why I believe this Energy Independence Project has something that will benefit every American citizen in one way or another, from the retired to supplement their incomes with better paying part-time jobs, to frustrated displaced workers needing new work skills but not knowing where to turn to find them.  The project’s hiring foundation would be based on a beefed-up E-Verify System that will give American citizens jobs first, not illegal aliens that are pawed over by politicians in Washington D.C. looking for a new liberal voting block to keep their progressive corruption in power. 

Look at the Benefits!

* Less expensive energy * Millions of new jobs for an awaiting American workforce.  * New highly skilled technical positions.  * A fast recovering economy. * A much better national environment focusing on pride of achievement. * The reduction of pollution levels in previous non-nuclear older power plant environments.  * Energy stability across the nation.  * And a method where Americans pay Americans for a good day’s work. 

It would be as if a dark cloud had been lifted from the land.




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'The American Public Is Ready for Nuclear'
Nuclear power plant in Hameln, Germany


Click here for a list of America Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear electrical generating plants and their size would be determined by need and ability to quickly connect to the revamped national power grid. Many of the new nuclear power plant construction projects will be deployed to serve large populated areas.  These are the most attractive locations for conversion to electricity, thereby reducing pollution at local levels.  Other new nuclear plants will be deployed on America’s coast lines where they will now do double-duty, not only producing large amounts of clean electricity but also desalinating sea water for storage and movement to areas where drought can appear from natural weather cycles.

Many portions of the country, particularly west of the Mississippi River, have been in drought condition for more than ten years.  Desalination would help reduce the drought problems associated in land areas where water levels are a problem yet with locations not too far from the availability of sea water. 

Procurement and deployment of nuclear power plants would be a major cost portion of this Energy Independence Project.  But planning for a large number could bring much of the overall costs down to a more reasonable level as America gears to volume.  The exact number of plants would depend on many different aspects, which will be determined by an assigned Project Planning Group (PPG). 

The major issue with the public for living near any nuclear plants is safety.  So that needs to be the number one goal when planning the location of power plants near large populations.  Building in known earthquake zones, which sometimes cannot be avoided, would of course equip these structures with the latest security and safety measures to keep water flowing to the reactor cores. 

Those nuclear plants deployed on our coasts would also be equipped with secure back-up power systems that would be able to cope with not only earthquakes, but tsunamis, as discovered too late by the Japanese that underestimated the effects of 9.0 or greater earthquakes and their related tsunamis.  Other plant locations would have to take into consideration the dangers of flood plains by building on higher land and be self-sufficient to live off their own stored electricity when necessary in emergencies. All locations would consider safety and security as a priority, which would be overseen by the aforementioned Project Planning Group. 

Many new nuclear plants being built at the same time would require a huge demand for construction materials and highly skilled workers to not only construct the plants but manage their operations for the foreseeable future, thus providing many well-paying jobs for thousands of workers and funds for businesses involved in bringing new workers up to speed before reentering the work force. 

The few areas surrounding plants that are built to serve large rural areas could see small towns emerge around them with normal support community systems coming online that would include schools, community colleges, support businesses, hospitals, and all normal trades needed to serve a growing community where one had not existed.  In the early days of America, huge communities grew up over night over the search of exotic minerals such as gold and silver.  However, gold veins run out but power plants just keep humming and growing to serve populations as they expand with businesses growing out of the land on cheap electricity, as was seen by the customers of the TVA in the 1960's.  

And excellent long-range planning would bring in new concepts near rural nuclear power plants that would also fulfill an end goal of creating new renewable energy, the new high-tech communities surrounding them being able to service any new technology that will always require maintenance and updating.  But any small cities that grow around these power plants will need to have manufacturing built-in to support other services for these rural communities that establish an economy of their own.




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Linemen on a high-tension/high-voltage tower. Helicopter works as crane/truck/bus/taxi. PG & E crews (Pacific Gas and Electric) is the local utility. Quite an amazing job. By the way, we could hear them perfectly!
PG & E High-Tension Wire Highly-Skilled Crews (Pacific Gas and Electric)


This would be another element that would require many new highly skilled workers and trained high-tech managers, accomplished at the same time nuclear power plants would be springing up across America. 

The renewed national power grid would be computer-controlled with encrypted signaling to prevent unauthorized penetration of the grid control management system.  Buried fiber optic land lines would be used to help security and survivability issues due to any attack by a foreign nation or attempted penetration by terrorists. 

The Energy Independence Project places emphasis and priority on planning a national power grid upgrading process.  The revamped grid must be designed to handle not only future population shifts but also encourage more extensive handling and improved consumption of electricity around the country. 

We will have to plan for the coming increases and movements of the nation’s population centers, where they will be located and how the revamped grid is deployed where expansion is required.  A goal would be to run the grid at around 70 % capacity, thus allowing for growth of electricity consumption for the next several decades.  The project, as it continues to build up America’s energy network, is designed to encourage consumers to use better, faster, cheaper forms of home appliances.  It also encourages city fathers to use more efficient and cleaner transportation networks. As mentioned, manufacturing plants will spring up in cities to serve the needs of domestic consumers. They can even export their innovative products to other nations.

The power grid would have to be expanded to new areas where the population is not only growing but moving out from; i.e., new lines, towers, additional substations, new digital switchgear protected from EMP pulse attacks, and an army of skilled workers trained to run it.

This project again would employ vast numbers of electricians, steel workers, construction workers, and grid managers.  The goal of a needed Grid Management System, (GMS) for alternate routing would be to recognize power failures and re-route power around the failed components.  This would be by major sectors initially. But as the system grows, the sectors would become smaller and smaller thus restricting power failures to smaller geographic sections of the country and eventually to stand-alone communities.


The Need For Alternate Routing Now




Clean-Coal Power Plants filling the gap for electricity as Nuclear comes online

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A secure energy future, both in the United States and abroad, needs solutions that diversify an energy portfolio from dependence on diminishing fossil fuel reserves.
Clean Coal Technology, Purdue University


The Energy Independence Project would emphasize R&D to develop the technology for burning super-clean coal.  Coal is one of America's most available domestic resources for current energy needs, one that continues to stay in the ground because of political correctness from elite progressives that currently run the country down. 


Tour America's Current Coal Plants


High-Tech Coal Burner from Siemens.

High-Tech Coal Burner for 950MW Wall-fired Boiler

To lose technical and knowledge investments in growing clean coal technology because of shut downs from radical environmentalists would be insane. Trained workers are needed to keep active who understand the coal mining business and the running of clean coal plants to supplement the country’s electricity. Therefore the EPA shutting clean coal plants down for tiny emission benefits would be irresponsible from a national security perspective. 

America needs to be always ready to develop the ability to put up clean coal plants in the event of national energy emergencies via natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or, God forbid, wars.  WII and the planes and ships America built to win the war depended on readily available electricity that arrogant and aloof progressives have put into harm’s way with their liberal attitudes that America will never be attacked or would struggle with unexpected adversity.  

Once the super clean coal technology is tweaked for top performance to meet reasonable air-quality standards, it would be used for power plants until the nuclear technology could catch up.   In either case, large numbers of workers taught new skills would be involved in various levels of energy development, with some coal or gas plants always available into the foreseeable future, to keep that energy source alive.

While the Energy Independence Project focuses on nuclear power to be the energy of choice for driving America into the future, new technologies on drawing boards along with other methods not yet developed for mass use will be provided through incentives.  One or several of these technologies, depending on topology, weather, and population, will move to the forefront and eventually replace nuclear as these plants age over several decades.

America's arrogant EPA, whose lights stay on in Washington D.C. could care less if America homes go dark and food spoils. It is an out-of-control agency that needs to be reigned in by the Supreme Court. Fortunately, Obama will put a leash around the necks of the EPA Marxists. As mentioned, he wouldn't do that to turn the electricity on in homes because people need the power, but because if he doesn't, he would have to find someplace else to live. As I reminded you earlier, it's where the rubber meets the road.




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Natural gas is a versatile fossil fuel that we use for heating, cooking, electricity production, and transportation, and as an industrial feedstock. It currently makes up nearly one-quarter of the U.S. energy mix and continues to be a readily available domestic resource as a result of recent discoveries and advances in extraction technology. Despite significant environmental concerns associated with its extraction and production, natural gas burns more cleanly than coal and oil and therefore offers a substantial advantage in reducing global warming emissions and improving public health.
Current Uses for Natural Gas


During this conversion to nuclear power plants for the nation’s main source of electricity, America will need to take advantage of available natural gas to supplement local energy needs where nuclear power will not be used.  Natural gas can offset millions of barrels of crude incoming from the Middle East, so we must pursue its extraction and use as quickly as possible.  Also manufacturing of many kinds of products need the heat of natural gas for final products, so natural gas will always be in need if not for future energy, at least for America’s return to building more of its own products for commercial, consumer, and military applications.

Also consider that older coal-fired power plants not feasible for conversion to super-clean coal could be more economically and rapidly retrofitted instead with natural gas for the creation of steam for turbines creating electricity.  This is also important for communities that depend on these plants to support their local economy.




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As we move further into the 21st century, the growth of the Fukuoka urban areas continues to advance and consequently water demand shifts. Therefore, our most urgent task is to secure new sources of water resources to meet this changing demand, for we believe that a stable water supply is one of the fundamental criteria for urban development.
Japanese Desalination Plants - Looking To Floating Technology


"The world's water consumption rate is doubling every 20 years, outpacing by two times the rate of population growth. It is projected that by the year 2025 water demand will exceed supply by 56%, due to persistent regional droughts, shifting of the population to urban coastal cities, and water needed for industrial growth. The supply of fresh water is on the decrease. Water demand for food, industry and people is on the rise." - GE


Distribution of the fresh desalinated seawater to expanding communities would begin to be implemented after the initial deployment and activation of coastal nuclear plants.

The water desalination portion of the project would require new pipelines to be deployed to deliver the desalinated drinking water from the power plants to existing water departments from desalination plants.  The management and control of these new energy distribution systems needed for both the national power grid and the water distribution systems would all be new positions of employment.  The water distribution system would also require permanent jobs and a system to transport water to needed areas.

In addition to desalinated water, a plan would be initiated to identify the feasibility of moving excess spring floodwaters though large pipelines from the mid-section of the country to drought regions of the country for irrigation of existing or new farmlands. 




PHASE TWO – R&D, Manpower, and Support



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GTRI’s energy work helps companies conserve and cut costs. Our environmental technologies help companies maintain a cleaner, healthier work environment and keep workers safe on the job.
Georgia Tech Research Institute: Energy and Environment

The new administration, taking office on January 20, 2013, with the stroke of pen could begin to use entrepreneurs from business centers around America to immediately shift their labs into high gear for research and development and immediately start to build this country’s new energy infrastructure.

Super-clean coal is at the top of the list to begin to wean America off of overseas oil since it is available right now in the ground.  With America having some of the largest coal reserves in the world, it is critical we use what we have until it can be mostly replaced with totally clean nuclear. 

The new national lab at Boise would be tasked to develop the Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP), a future design for the out-years developed to eventually convert the existing nuclear plants to the new NGNP design.  This would improve the efficiency of the next generation nuclear electrical plants, but most important reduce the waste they produce. The deployment of new plants across the country will take only a few decades to complete.  

This would allow these new future plants to be budgeted at a low rate of perhaps five to ten a year, also replacing the existing older plants and ensuring sufficient strategic deployment to continue producing power efficiently for a solid economy throughout the country for this century until replaced by newer energy innovations. 

These deployments and upgrades would have to be integrated into a plan for 160 to perhaps as many as 300 plants, but not all nuclear by the end of the 21st century.   Based on many factors, decisions would be made to determine what new types of plants would be needed in a geographic area, and whether they should be nuclear, coal, or natural gas.  Once these are in place and keeping American dollars at home, America could focus on the development of exotic energy sources to begin to replacement of traditional energy plants within the next 30 to 50 years.   




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"Under the Energy Independence Project America would shift its national priorities for education to focus on high-tech skills.   A massive shift in attitude on knowledge of critical skills would be required to build and manage the massive rebuilding of America’s energy network to assure energy independence into the near term and foreseeable future."  


Those workers already trained will become a premium in the job market, so immediate attention needs to be given to educating America at all levels of technical skills.  While Asia has been already focused on high-tech skills for well over a decade, America at the same time has changed its focus to social engineering, not high-tech engineering. 

Social engineering interferes in a country's success. It is a major problem for growth, as the Communist Chinese discovered.  But reports show that Chinese leaders now encourage entrepreneurs and their personal wealth to motivate people to success and enable China to be a richer country, America is going in the opposite direction.  Some Americans living overseas have been laughed at by others who say they are living in Communism.  But those Americans living in China have responded that California and Massachusetts have become more Marxist than modern China. 

To this end the Energy Independence Project will get Americans thinking about their personal security in the world and what they can do to contribute again to America’s growth, rejecting the ridiculous and Marxist indoctrination from the federal level on how to behave.  If America doesn’t lead in the world, what is the point of social engineering when other societies will be establishing the world norm for behavior?
An army of assigned project planning groups, project managers, contractors, and workers that would range from general skills to highly evolved technical trades would be needed across the nation to begin deployment of new energy plants or the retro-fitting of them, not to mention the immediate need for skills that are required for extracting America’s national materials, such as from oil to natural gas.  And don’t forget the project’s secondary objective, the building, storage, and potential distribution of desalinated water based on pre-established historic geographic needs. 

Add to this the advanced R&D support these projects will demand, such as reprocessin: g of spent fuel, will account for tens-of-thousands of more highly skilled jobs to be filled just in this area of the project. 

On top would be millions of new support jobs in the building or retrofitting of commercial and consumer factories to create new projects that would now depend on an energy independent network of electricity supported by domestic mined and drilled resources.  Our country would no longer have to worry about the inflated cost of these same resources coming from overseas. 

New products and concepts coming onto the American market for domestic consumption and export would not be unlike those that were created from JFK’s investment in NASA, the effectiveness of the American institution destroyed by progressives putting socialists into positions of power in Washington D.C.   This is not an opinion, but fact from the current administration openly creating Czars, the actual name used for those who would be writing new regulations to control the American population instead of advancing it.    

At the same time that millions of new employment positions are being created and in demand with continued training of Americans of all ages into new high-tech skills, America may find that its existing availability of skilled laborers and highly skilled operators and technicians will be almost tapped out as various aspects of energy projects come online. 

However, Americans get “first shot” at obtaining these new positions from a job pool where they’re either already trained or enrolled in fast-track jobs skills.  America will be forced to understand that it needs to modernize and improve the way it approaches its public and higher education systems for future technical training, returning to technical skills while taking social engineering off the front burner.

Our teaching techniques will have to be vastly improved, pushing students to their maximum learning curve.  This may mean more early detection of students willing and able to follow technical career paths through advanced training programs, resulting in well-paying jobs in the Energy Independence Project for decades to come. 

The requirement for skilled workers managing hundreds of new nuclear plants across America, the maintenance of revitalized power grids that crisscross the country, new water distribution schemes, and the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel would make America a new mecca for foreign workers with professional technical skills looking for work.  But as mentioned open positions would require a mandatory effort to hire American citizens first, even from other parts of the country. 

Once these jobs are filled only then would foreign workers be considered, the new administration providing these highly skilled workers on a fast-track path to citizenship where they would be required as now to learn our history, our language, and our free way of life guaranteed by the Republic built by our founders.  For this reason, America will be finally forced to address its present immigration policies for people wanting to come to America legally with useful technical skills and most important willing to assimilate and become Americans. 

Prior to the mid-1960s, we had large quotas for well-educated people, primarily English speaking Europeans, who could immediately be put to work upon arrival.   These were people who wanted to become Americans and historically have assimilated into our country with ease. 

In the mid-1960s the laws were changed, which gave major quotas to third world countries in the ridiculous “hope” of improving their lot and ours.  That effort has been a dismal failure with a major negative impact on the country, costing us roughly $335 billion a year in added costs (2009 est.) 

This not only has added a huge cost to federal and state subsistence programs, but has contributed to serious civil unrest in several areas of the country, crippling state budgets through added costs of food stamps, housing, medical, prison, and education, illegals then competing for the minimal skilled jobs with the current population of legal citizens who are out of work in the tens of millions.  

This highly negative situation will be changed into a positive one for our nation when the new Energy Independence Project is deployed in 2013.  It will save hundreds-of-billions of dollars a year in most of the 50 states across America and allow us to improve our intellectual lot in the future at the same time, supporting entire new technical communities across the country. 

These savings will go a long way toward supporting this project, converting a disastrous situation into very positive one, putting America back on track. 




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A presidential mandate beginning in late January of 2013 would expedite the Energy Independence Project and make the mentioned time frames feasible.

It will be like night and day to the current Obama Government.


Careful timing and critical management of parallel operations would be mandatory for success.   But over two presidential terms I believe we could complete the initial project foundation of energy independence and convert many of our energy requirements to clean electricity as the new elements come online and support the national network. 

The Porcupine Caribou Management Board was formed to facilitate the detailed studies needed to properly assess the effects of oil exploration - among the projects which have resulted from this concern is one which involves the fitting of radio collars tracked by satellite, to determine precisely the movements of the caribou herds.

Photo Resource: Explore North
This is a photo from Explore North of wildlife lying around a drilling rig, mainly caribou and reindeer. The Web site suggests . . . "With the complexities of the northern ecosystems still little understood, the effective care of the land, and of the caribou and reindeer, may ultimately depend on the establishment of a trusting relationship between scientists and the indigenous peoples of the North."

Oil from ANWR should be feasible within one to two years.  Given such a priority, a specifically sized nuclear plant can be deployed within four to six years, many being deployed across the country at the same time.  Budgeting for sixty additional plants over a cooperative president’s two terms would allow us to build many dozens of additional nuclear plants and put the country on a firm path to conversion to totally clean and cost effective electricity.  Eliminating the threats of brown outs by pushing out radicals from the EPA, a wicked organization that has become more Marxist than a contributing source for America’s benefit, American industry could settle down to producing new products that would be used within a stable national electric network of energy.

As already mentioned this project would bring our total number of nuclear plants in the country to about one hundred and sixty going into 2020 with a future goal of three hundred as we move into the middle of the century.   Gas and clean coal generating plants would supplement nuclear facilities as they become available, making America 100% energy independent in just a few decades. The sooner we start, the sooner we get there.   

And as mentioned, consumer electric rates would be reviewed and bought down to reasonable monthly rates to motivate consumers and commercial to buy energy saving electric products, moving demand away from heating oil and kerosene for use in homes, businesses, factories, and transportation systems wherever possible.  As technology advances, weaning America off of oil for energy, domestic oil could then be concentrated for unique products such as high-tech plastics as already mentioned, which are a byproduct of oil at the current time. Turning imported oil on its head, America would now export oil to bring more funds into our growing financial superstructure. 

The Energy Independence Project would create an all-around robust economy, providing our nation with a pollution free, stable economical power supply throughout a vast majority of the country, including as mentioned fresh water to assist communities to get through natural cyclical droughts. 

Revenue from this nationally motivated project would flow into the national treasury to stimulate the financing of other infrastructure projects that would continue to bring the cost of electric power down, leading many decades later to more efficient and smaller power sources that would evolve to supply individual communities.  This will ensure further security to American citizens from natural disasters or terrorist attacks against formerly larger networks. 

Thus a stable and greatly improved economy will help to provide continued funding for Social Security and Medicare programs as America’s debt eventually turns into a surplus.  Exports will include many side aspects of this project that will create new products, improving America’s relationship with friendly trade partners. They will welcome a technology-driven America to provide better and cheaper products for use by the world’s poorer nations that do not support or export terrorism, from medical innovations to the growing of food to its safe storage.  

Manufacturing plants such as steel, long ignored by America since the end of WWII because of cheaper imports, would get an immediate major shot in the arm from the Energy Independence Project that will demand the use of newly constructed domestic manufacturing plants or the retrofitting of others that have been idled or shut down. 

These will be needed for the millions of new components required for the construction and running of America’s new nuclear plants, the upgraded national power grid, and the new water distribution pipelines.  And don’t forget the side products that will develop along the way needing raw materials such as rolled steel, steel that can now be exported from America, not to America. 




Regaining our former established history of exceptionalism

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The Energy Independence Project will demand an immediate improvement in our country’s public education system, moving from the social engineering curriculums we have today to 21st century nonunion models that prepare students for advanced technical support positions in a modern, highly technical society. 


The Energy Independence Project will use the tools of the Internet along with new school models to provide a fast track for talented capable students into America’s new energy systems.   In looking at the agenda of the NEA, the education of children is being used as the excuse to pay huge salaries to teachers.  In other words, let’s put it this way.  The teachers don’t exist for the kids today.  The kids exist for the teachers from the radical Marxist position of the NEA. Don't believe it has gotten this bad? Read what the NEA's outgoing leader at the NEA 2009 National Convention said about conservatives.

The Energy Independence Project would instead demand higher standards from grades 1-12 in our schools, returning them to the ideology of public schools and away from the ideology of "State Schools" they had been under. Benchmark priorities would be set in math, physics and the other sciences in order to prepare millions for higher standards of education.  Now trained with useful skills they would be placed into good paying jobs well into the 21st century.  And the improved skill levels could be required for future American endeavors into exotic fuels, perhaps many we won’t even know of until well into this century and beyond.   

Thus, we would improve our country’s overall knowledge and skills-base for this century, a shot given to the education community not unlike when Russia launched the new Sputnik.  This effort could raise the standard of living for tens-of-millions of American families across the country.

Using the billions saved from importing less and less foreign oil and the revisions of the immigration laws would, each year, be fed back into Energy Independence Project in order to support it to maintain the timeline while paying for the project as it becomes a revenue generator on its own.  With 12-15 million new workers employed, the national treasury would see major increases in its federal coffers.  With logical cuts in spending by new government control in 2013, we will be able to get control of our national debt and turn it into a surplus.

Again, to come to fruition this must be part of a new presidential mandate that would see congressional pork and political pork a thing of the past.  Reduction of unions in the project’s national work force would be expected when union dues are replaced by fair pay and required benefits dictated by the project’s high priorities for success and personal achievement.

Padding any projects will be the enemy of a new America being put back to work.  That is something that we can avoid from the on-set with high standards and zero tolerance for abuse and personal profit.

“There’s nothing wrong with being proud to be an American.  It’s simply comes down to your will to defend it over those who want to control it.  They hate your being free to make your own decisions.  It relieves them of the job to make those decisions for you.” – Webmaster, Freedom is


On Electric Cars

I have been saying for several years, America cannot afford to go full electric cars.

We would need a major boost in power production, distribution, neighborhood distribution improvements, home power improvements and power stations around the country. However major national power production and distribution improvements which could be cost prohibitive at this time, looking at America's huge growing debt.

First, America does not have the power. Its national power grid is running over 100% capacity. The ideal load would be at 80-85% IMHO. That over-running capacity is a disaster looking for a place to happen.

Other technologies that need to be created or 'fixed' are charging times, more power to equip charging stations and funds to support these subordinate elements going electric, including the national power grid itself.

As I mentioned in my paper, we have enough crude in our country to maintain independence for another 150 - 200 years. We need most of that time to improve other support elements to allow electric vehicles feasible.

Trump had the right idea when in office. Now we need to get off 'the fantasy kick' and create the pipe lines, restart drilling in ANWR / other locations and continue to make innovative improvements in existing methodologies such as more secure pipelines and innovative / safe / cost effective power storage.

The country needs to restart the crude flow to allow these concepts to become a reality. America needs to get serious about fixing the national grid. Nothing can happen until our continued energy problems are fixed.

John Tyreman, August 2021, Retired CIA





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My sincere thanks goes out to Retired Brig. General James Cash for his assistance in distributing this report on America’s Energy Independence Project. His understanding the importance of America relying again on its resources and individual self-dependence, provided by America’s forefathers in the creation of this Republic, comes from his long and honorable service to his country.

And this effort would still be a few sheets of paper were it not for the great efforts of the Webmaster of Freedom is Knowledge Web Site, organizing and editing this proposal into an easy-to-read well-aligned document, then formatting the original Word file in HTML with links and supporting graphics. America thanks you for your dedication to make America energy independent again.



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John Tyreman, Author



My experience in suggesting this new Energy Independence Project is based on my career experience.  I have spent forty years working in the Intelligence Community and in the foreign arena, observing our actions and those of many of our friends and enemies. 

Since I retired, I have spent time reading and researching our energy situation.  Having an extensive technical background, I started looking into energy about seven years ago when Arizona started to look for alternative methods of obtaining water. I expanded on the subject of energy and started to look into how the country could improve our lot by becoming energy independent. Spikes in the price of crude oil in the recent years caused me to look deeper into all aspects of our energy situation. The result was the genesis of this paper and the inception of the Energy Independence Project.

I hope this report will stimulate conservative leaders to return our country back to the independence it has enjoyed since its inception.


John Tyreman




The Energy Independence Project is the property of John Tyreman, September 1, 2011

All photographs and graphics are the property of their respective owners

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