Fasten Your Seat Belts!

Maybe you need to be reminded where you could be sitting if you don't change things!


I don't know if there are enough Americans left who believe in, or at least remember, the individual spirit that will make a difference and stop what is happening in our culture today.

It seems the only ones who get it are The Tea Party folks, liberals seeing their patriotism and love of country as offensive to the liberal progressive causes.

It's an amazing time we live in to combat the evil of progressive control and obey!

The Tea Party doesn't have a leader . . . no funds coming in from a central source. Yet there they stand, the same kinds of Americans that had well over four times the number at the Washington Mall than the vile One-Nation crowd had, reports that even some were forced to attend or had their food paid for such as some Marxist members of the NEA.

I understand that most of the damn New York City media purposely hid the attendance of One-Nation from their viewers, while I remember that bastards at CBS News actually went out of their way to say Beck's meeting had only 87,000 people, calling it news!

But as one can see from aerial photos below of the two events, the sides of the pool of water along the Mall were filled with people at Beck's Founder's Rally while the same areas were virtually empty at the One-Nation Marxist Rally.

Comparison of Beck's 8/28 Founder's Day Rally . . .   to One-Nation Marxist Rally 10/2
Beck's crowd cleaned up the Mall without being told . . .   while One-Nation Rally left tons of trash, even at WII Memorial.

Yet CBS News still went after Beck as having less than 100,000. We now know that Beck probably had close to half-a-million people who only came because Beck believed from millions of viewers that If I built it, they will come.

Want to hear another story of denial?

I remember the playwright who wanted to leave the Netherlands, seeing the handwriting on the wall that Islamists would eventually, by the numbers, take over his country. He was gay and very frightened, acknowledging he had enjoyed 25 years of freedom, now seeing it disappear in front of his eyes while never having to fight for it. He said he didn't know what to do, submit or run away?

What a stunning statement for our times from a liberal progressive living in a Western culture ready to implode on itself. Isn't that how almost all civilizations have fallen since record keeping began?

That statement from the playwright is on my Web site from three years ago when the playwright Van Gogh, while riding his bike, was stabbed to death by a Muslim. The Danish people were so angry they burned down a Muslim school the next day, the government shocked to see the anger.

Talk about a liberal progressive government in total denial about the failure of its liberal agenda, the authorities now actually going after Gene Wilders in court for making a film that had only included images of violence from Islamists against others around the world. The Danish authorities said this short film was a hate crime! Again, stunning for a society that calls itself "intellectual."

Wait until their liberal heads are sitting next to their bodies so they can understand what real hate crimes are.

To that end of understanding how dangerous denial can become, it's amazing that so many blacks sold their soul on an empty promise from Obama that they might be given free money through social justice. Two years later they haven't even gotten a free tank of gas from Obama, and yet they still support this man because his skin is the same color as theirs.

There were buses a-plenty to take people away during the evacuation before Katrina.

The same thing happened in New Orleans. The black mayor there, a former cable company executive, didn't heed Bush's warnings to get the people out of New Orleans, over a thousand school buses waiting to drive them out of harm's way. But the keys never went into the ignitions to start their engines.

Instead blacks had to punch their way out of their roofs to get away from the rising waters, while others were seen carrying $3,000 televisions from stores they had broken into. Other were in the Dome Stadium, no food or water, with ninety square miles of destruction on roads between them and help, roads that couldn't be driven on for days.

The same media that lied about Beck, lied about New Orleans saying sharks were in the water, blacks eating their dead, and women being raped in the stadium, none of it true. The liberal progressive media, rather than helping to solve the problem, added to the problem for ratings and rage against conservative leaders.

And few stories were told by the national media reporting on the Vietnamese people in New Orleans, solving their own problem of getting out. One grandmother, who had seen the terror in Vietnam, said the high waters were no more than a pimple on her side compared to what she had lived through in her life.

Yet who did the New Orleans' blacks vote for again as their mayor? The same black mayor that had left those school buses sitting when the hurricane hit. I guess it's true that misery loves company and a real warning of what is coming in 2012!

The liberals in New Orleans are probably some of the same types that recently showed up at the Mall for the One-Nation Rally, leaving all the garbage on the Mall grounds and the WII Memorial in Washington D.C. I'm just sick of all this hypocrisy by liberal progressives bragging about their sensitivity and being "green!" What liars.

Looking at today's generation of Americans, how fast did many of them forget about those Towers Falling on 9/11? It's only been nine years, more people dying on 9/11 than at Pearl Harbor.

Yet Americans from 1941 on remembered those ships sinking in Pearl Harbor for over 50 years, warning never forget or it will happen again. Now some calendar companies, under pressure from liberal progressives, are trying to replace that attack on December 7th with a Muslim holiday that falls on the same date. Again, not adding the Muslim Holiday but having it replace Pearl Harbor Day!

The story is part of my Ten Reasons why I believe Obama is a Muslim.

Finally, Sean Hannity had an author on last night who writes biographies on the faith of American leaders, Sean discussing the one the author had done on Sarah Palin. The author had also written bios on Clinton and Obama. When asked about Obama's being seen as a Muslim, the author said it was just because Obama was a ultra-liberal Christian and why people got the idea he was Muslim.

I was really angered by the statement, my thinking it was okay that Obama is an ultra-liberal Christian?! Is that nuts? If you can have an ultra-liberal Christian than you can also have an ultra-conservative Nazi not being questioned about making fun of Jews and then rounding them up as if cattle.

The changing of words to hide our enemy is the liberal progressives' way to continue their war to water down Christianity to eventually make it become meaningless. And when they do that to our society, they can then take God out of the Constitution. And when they take God out the Constitution, the Republic is gone and so is the Constitution, all replaced by a useless human-run democracy such as the one in Venezuela.

After hearing what that author said an image popped into my mind:

Fasten your seatbelt!

I feel like conservatives Americans are all sitting in the cabin of a very large airliner, while Democrats in Congress and their liberal buddies, such as and Daily KOS, are standing at the windows in the terminal waving goodbye as the plane takes off, big smiles seen on their faces.

What the people in the plane don't know is that Obama is the pilot, his Czars the attendants, and the only ones with parachutes.





"Freedom is Knowledge"