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Response to Bernie Goldberg's article of February 15, 2012, Can Obama Win Re-Election by Promising Free Stuff?


How to Kill a Republic

Voting for free stuff off the backs of others.


The Democrat Party knew back in the 1990's if they wanted to win future elections, they needed to figure a way to make those elections go in their favor by just one or two points in a nation that had become split down the middle. 

It would take a while to get the engine moving, an engine related to free stuff.  But with the generation that didn’t want credit cards in the 1950’s no longer affecting the morals of the country, that objective could now be accomplished.

The first was to give mortgages to people who couldn't afford them, not requiring anything down and 40 years to pay, with Freddie and Fannie via the taxpayer taking the risks off the banks who knew the loans would go bad. 

The second was to give taxpayer money to Americans off the backs of others, calling it social justice as if they deserved it.  And the third would be to give illegal aliens amnesty. 

Those three would be game changers in the end for the votes to give Democrats control of what they needed to keep their promises; the American treasury and how those promises would be paid for, Democrats not having to risk any skin in the game.

And it looks as if their agenda is right on schedule.  So if Obama wins in 2012, this time he will have a CLEAR mandate to do what he had wanted to do as “candidate” Obama. 

As candidate Obama he promised a domestic security force with a budget equal to our military.  And through his efforts in the first term, the feds under another Obama administration will have 100% control of student loans, candidate Obama saying students should do community work during the summer as part of getting those four-year loans.

So what will an Alinsky-trained community organizer do with students if president for four more years, students who will do what he says if they want the loans?  I will allow your imagination to run wild on that one, coming from the candidate who also said he would fundamentally change America.

In the dictionary, fundamental is defined to as “deep-rooted.”  The synonyms for deep-rooted are: “deep-seated, entrenched, hard-core, rooted, settled.”  Does that help conservatives to finally get it?!

(Note: Allow video a few seconds to load off the server.)

So when a conservative on talk radio or cable says, "Obama doesn't understand economics," they’re missing the point.  He isn't interested in good economics.  He is interested in fundamentally changing America, an objective that hasn't changed since his famous crotch salute at a Democrat 2007 fundraiser in Iowa, the term coming from the military for Obama's stance as the national anthem was being played.  Anyone need the video?  (Allow videos a few seconds to load from serveer.)

And then Obama had asked why he had to wear “that flag pin,” the one synonymous with 9/11.  Anyone need the video?

So to answer Bernie’s question, you bet Obama can win by giving away free stuff. It’s the “fundamental” objective of a community organizer trained with the Power Points of Saul Alinsky. 

Sadly it has only been Newt Gingrich who would dare to say that out loud last month while the rest of the GOP candidates cowered in political correctness from the real truth about Obama.   




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