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NewsBusted's Miller on First Hundred Days.  What a hoot!

Politicians that catch Jody Miller's eye get busted!



Democrats / Marxists


Obama's War On Women


Levi's® Go Forth!
To the World's Youth: May the Gods be with You!
LEVI'S calls out to the Roman Gods . . . Support the Revolution


NYC School Children Heckled By Leftist Goons While Singing “God Bless the USA”

U.S. Forest Service Celebrates Groups that are aligned with North American Man / Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)

Planned Parenthood in LA high school ‘a referral service to more abortion’

University of Minnesota, NAACP, and University of Colorado run racist social justice ad against whites because . . . wait for it . . . they're successful

Jackson Lee proves voters there are fewer and fewer intelligent voters in America
Now its confirmed. Undercover in Arizona. Planned Parenthood was already accepting cash for an American death by gender.
‘My God Will Wipe This Country From the Face of the Earth’: The Real Louis Farrakhan in His Own Words on GBTV
Feds Fine Utah School for Soda Machine not being unplugged, but declare Snickers Bars Nutritious
Kid's Cartoon? How about instead blatant Marxist Indoctrination on our young! Gas Price Hypocrisy by . . . wait for it . . . Democrats!
M. Barry: "We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in." Remember first it was the browns. Now it's the yellows. Finally we have a benchmark to define a real racist. “Revolutionary Marxism” Course Offered At PSU
Ah, shucks! Congresswoman Can‘t Quite Remember Name of ’Young White Female’ Murder Victim of Equal Concern to Martin Case America's Commander in Chief, a perfect reflection of the intellegence of today's American voter who put him in office
Occupy Midwest Goon: Our Rapists Are a Product of the American Dream ‘Bring Your Kids!’: Atheist Performer Drops 75+ F-Bombs On Stage at ‘Reason Rally’
Not so funny! When the punch line is given out by Marxists.  
Occupiers, Anti-Semites & Code Pinkos Crash AIPAC Conference
Obama Administration Promotes “Al-Qaeda 7″ Lawyer to #3 Position at DOJ
Maxine Waters Calls members of GOP Demons
Pelosi's Statement at Hearing on Women's Health

Dershowitz: Media Matters, Center for American Progress the ‘David Duke of the extreme left’

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg interview with Al Hayat TV in Egypt. It speaks for itself..

Whitest Man on Earth, Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA), Sits in Judgment of Allen West's Blackness
Santorum holds back tears from Colmes comment
Perfect! Obama Leaves Event Promoting Clean Energy in Motorcade of 22 Gas Hogs
The man who called Newt very offensive name in video is a . . . wait for it . . . a well known Democrat who spews liberal hate. Think CNN reported that? Watch video.
Will the "Gimme Generation " work for their American Dream? Don't hold your breath.
Useful idiots in Wisconsin give the Governor a Nazi Salute, our guessing they have no idea who Hitler was or how his techniques are being duplicated by Obama.
Americans electing pin heads like this shows our voting process is not unlike a cow pie throwing contest . . . whomever throws the most s*** wins!

Among the proposed actions: “We can organize public forums, workshops and flash-mobs; we can promote the movement at local schools and neighborhoods or get in contact with humanitarian organizations working with the same goals.”

New Marxist Occupy plot: Flash Mobs! ‘Alternative forms of protest’ put cities, cops at disadvantage

One wrote, This man is amazing, able to walk with one foot stuck in his mouth.

Democrats show their true colors, aren't even aware as if diseased.

Democrat shows the party's mission, that the heart doesn't fall far from the sheets!

Democrat Bill would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which was signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1996.

For the first time ever, a congressional committee has voted to require the federal government and all states to recognize same-sex marriages.

Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp., has responded to the August 24 raid of Gibson facilities in Nashville and Memphis by the Federal Government. In a press release, Juszkiewicz said: "Gibson is innocent and will fight to protect its rights.

Obama's Justice Department bullies Gibson Guitar, shutting down its Memphis plant without charges, brining in Federal armed agents and sending employees how, confiscating wood. This also happened two years ago without changes, reports the CEO in this video. Update reports the raid was an act of madness by the Obama adminstration. Listen to another interview with the CEO.

Rep. Jesse Jackson compared congressional opposition to President Barack Obama's "American Jobs Act" to the Confederate "states in rebellion." But this isn't the most offsetting portion of Jackson's commentary, which will likely cause a "fair share" of shock and awe.

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr: says Obama should 'take extraordinary constitutional action', go around Congress like Abe did in the Civil War.

Because there‘s nothing more convincing than using kids who don’t understand government and economics, Van Jones’s Rebuild the Dream group is employing tiny tots to push a progressive liberal agenda in a new video.

Van Jones Group Uses Kid's Video to Push Obama's socialist policies of Universal Health Care, Higher Taxes, right of union to organize, and . . . wait for it . . . renew our (cough) democracy.

The shooting of the bear is not the story.  It's the Marxists at the HuffingtonPost/AOL that put this story in their (cough) "Green" category!

Watch this news video from the socialists at Huffington Post / AOL, as they seem to almost want to accuse FOX News of siding with a father for protecting his small daughter when three "GRIZZLY" bears were nearby. (Now watch another video on how fast just one Grizzly can attack a human, which you wouldn't see in the HuffingtonPost / AOL story published under a Green umbrella, Green meaning animals over humans.)

The political correctness of the Feds in America's new socialist bully government is why the father may go to jail if he can't prove the Grizzly bears near his daughter were (cough) only grazing. This reminds me of the same Feds when ranchers were killing wolves that were attacking their cattle, the Feds asking the ranches if they had a video to prove the kill by a wolf. This attitude is a mirror of the United Nation's Agenda 21 that is attacking our freedoms in America, while progressives sit safe in their cozy condos and eat at their veggie restaurants.

To survive in this country we live in today, you must connect all the dots to see the bigger picture. The positioning of the news video from the Huffington Post / AOL under its Green category for news is a perfect example on how your world of freedom could be collapsing around you. Don't believe me? Watch Newsy give a news report on the exact same subject. The reporting is like night and day, a breath of fresh air from progressive Green spin.

Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis.

Bush along with Republicans in 2004 demanded that the Democrats in Congress investigate Fannie and Freddie, the goose that laid the golden egg for Democrats. Of course they wouldn't and four years later their greed almost destroyed the United States financial system, their giving homes to the poor a Democrat program to create voting blocks for elections. Here's the proof of their whinning back in 2004 that Fannie and Freddie didn't need investigation.

 Bryant remains resolute.  To him, it’s just not worth the time, money, and regulatory hassle to open up a new mine—even one located in a remote area with less environmental impact.

Obama is successfully changing America. Hope all you "poor" voters looking for change are happy.

“Nearly every day without fail…men stream to these [mining] operations looking for work in Walker County. They can’t pay their mortgage. They can’t pay their car note. They can’t feed their families. They don’t have health insurance. And as I stand here today, I just…you know…what’s the use? I got a permit to open up an underground coal mine that would employ probably 125 people. They’d be paid wages from $50,000 to $150,000 a year. We would consume probably $50 million to $60 million in consumables a year, putting more men to work. And my only idea today is to go home. What’s the use? I see these guys—I see them with tears in their eyes—looking for work. And if there’s so much opposition to these guys making a living, I feel like there’s no need in me putting out the effort to provide work for them. So…basically what I’ve decided is not to open the mine. I’m just quitting. Thank you.”

National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership’s Rabbi Brad Hirschfield speaking on Obama’s Israeli policies’ impact on his donor and voter support in the Jewish community.

Nationally known Rabbi reports while Evangelical Christians protected him and his children in Israel during bus bombings, he will strongly support Obama's progressive agenda and vote for him again to run the country. Nothing personal, the Rabbi implies. It's what's great about America. What?

"It remains to be seen whether Redford and company will give WU radicals the glorified Hollywood treatment (The Motorcycle Diaries' is an example that comes to mind), or depict them as the narcissistic, deluded criminals they were." - The Blaze

In a new movie "The Company you Keep" Hollywood liberal Robert Redford is reported to play a Weather Underground Terrorist. Real Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers has unabashedly said that he still refuses to denounce the Weather Underground's violence. In this video Ayers calls John McCain "the" War Criminal. Ayers wrote the program for the socialist Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was chaired by Barack Obama who was reported to have given out millions of dollars on behalf of the CAC. Guess who else was reported to be involved in encouraging the CAC? Former Arkansas hippie, Bill Clinton, the CAC reported to have gathered one-billion dollars.

Candidate Obama refused to say he even knew Ayers during the presidential election. Obama's ability to so easily lie was to become his legacy as president. Of course with the liberal media loving another liberal, you can see the successful results of Obama's election and the smiles on the faces of network hosts. Voters then took the media lies with them into the voting booth in 2008. It reminded me of the propaganda from Marxist dictators and the media outlets they ran, backed up by the self-serving designs of Obama's visual icons.

Later in the evening, Beck admitted he had to call his daughter and console her because she was so distraught, not unlike what Jewish parents must have told their own children in early 1930s in Germany's Third Reich.

Obama's Progressives in Nazi-form, not unlike Obama's union supporters and his own attitude when unions supported candidate Obama, harass Beck's Family at Bryant Park, applaud when the family leaves.

Remember candidate Obama's speech about POWER?

Only 58% of residents know that the United States declared its independence in 1776.  26% are unsure, and 16% mentioned another date.

1 in 4 Americans don’t know which country America Declared its Independence from

"There's my little Miss Sunshine with Dr. Death standing right behind her."

AOL wets its panties posting site that remembers Kevordian as simply brilliant

'You Not America' : Desperate to Remain Relevant Van Jones Begs Glenn For TV Time .

Van Jones, who is still part of the Obama Administration, and in a video tape the day after 9/11 blames America for the attack and murder of nearly 3,000 people, now calls FOX unpatriotic!

Anita Wooten-Franci, an assistant special education teacher at PS 224, claims that she was teased, harassed and then wrongfully terminated last June.  While the school claims she was fired for allegedly grabbing a child, Wooten-Franci denies this charge and insists that her firing was based on her Christian beliefs.

Government treats teachers who pray as dangerous to the population as terrorists

Beck was right to warn that international socialists are working with Muslims to take down Western World.

Socialists explains how they work with Muslim Brotherhood & Islamic Extremists in the Mid-East Revolutions to Unite Arab World against the United States, Britain, and Israel. Beck was right to warn that international socialists are working with Islamists to take down Western World, and why Obama's radicalism fits into their Marxist agenda.

“Obama wanted the National Black Chamber to dance to his music and have blind allegiance to his crazy programs and agenda, which are totally anti-business. We are a pro-business organization. So we have to stand on the side of business, and the benefit of our members, which are black entrepreneurs.”

Remember this exchange in July of 2009, Senator Barbara Boxer taking on Harry Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC)?

Well is he mad now! Obama obviously doesn't like conservative blacks like Mr. Alford, Obama reported to be forming his own NBCC in the White House to go around Mr. Alford's African-American business organization. This is not surprising, remembering Democrats in North Carolina murdered conservative black businessmen in the massacre of 1898. Democrats never looked back, running the state until 2010. Even the Democrat's state fundraiser was named after White Supremacist, Charles Aycock, for over 40 years starting in the mid 1960's.

I admire Mr. Alford for his honesty and bravery, also admitting like many African-Americans will not that he voted for Obama in November of 2008 because Obama was black. Now Mr. Alford sees Obama as many Americans had already warned the voters before the election of 2008. Obama is a Marxist.

Not Just Geronimo, Tomahawk Missiles, Apache Helicopters, Using Any Native American Term Is.

Indian activists doesn't like that Navy SEALS used American standard word for success, Geronimo, as code in the capture of Osama, saying it was a disgrace to the Indian Nation. But Indians running multi-million dollar casinos across America making tons of money off of a destructive habit that destroys families does honor Geronimo's image? Could someone be speaking with a forked tongue?

Is America really broke? Michael Moore (and others) tells us that there are oceans of cash being hoarded by the wealthy.

Rich Piggie Moore and his rich Democrats want to . . . wait for it . . . eat the rich!

On March 22, 2011, U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg stood with, and was applauded by, Planned Parenthood supporters and state lawmakers and said, "They [Tea Party Republicans and the majority of Americans who don't want their tax dollars funding Planned Parenthood] don't deserve the freedoms in the Constitution, but we'll give it to them anyway."

New Jersey Democrat, Marxist Senator Frank Lautenberg said anyone who is part of the Tea Party didn't deserve to have Constutional Rights because they were against killing the unborn. Hey Lautenberg, ask the mother's of aborted babies where are their babies today with only Campbell Soup cutting ties to firm using aborted fetal cells to test food enhancers.

Farrakhan warns, advises Obama on Libya.

Minister Farrakhan blasted Pres. Obama and Secy. Clinton for their arrogance in meddling in another sovereign nation's affairs and publicly recommending regime change. He then instructed Americans to look beneath the surface to see who stands to benefit from the unrest and warned Pres. Obama to be careful of the words coming from advisors lobbying him to move in with military forces to depose Libya leader.

You Should Have Listened to Farrakhan When You Were At His Table: New Black Panthers.

Vicious attack by Black Panther on Obama - You should have listened to Farrakhan

Anti-American Socialist "Undocumented" Immigrant Youth Rally- Chicago, IL.

"My best friend was murdered by illegal immigrants 3 years ago simply because he was white and his girlfriend was hispanic. We later found out that this illegal immigrant gang requires their members to rape, murder or assualt a white person in order to get promoted. -

Protesters Storm Capitol.

The MacIver Institute's Bill Osmulski was on the front lines as protesters opened the doors to let in the crowds outside.

At the time of the play's production, the MassResistance's report on it caused enough waves in Concord that the far-left progressive Boston Globe's local edition published a puff article celebrating the school's production of the play.

A vile, homosexual-themed anti-Semitic musical play that was performed at Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) in December 2009 is the subject of community outrage. This was (according to press reports) the first time a high school had performed "Falsettos", a vulgar homosexual-themed play that is blatantly anti-Semitic and mocking of the Jewish religion and its traditions. The play was directed by Peter Atlas, a long time homosexual activist and CCHS faculty member who was an early collaborator with GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings, currently Obama's "Safe Schools" czar.

Tea Party member, Andrew, tells The Blaze that he was there to speak at a press conference in support of controversial anti-union bill SB5. While “walking around just viewing the union members protest to the Gov. State of the State Address,” he says he was confronted by the man in the video.

I'll break your neck, union worker to Tea party member. “I said nothing to the man and he approached and threatened me.”

Danny Glover enjoys his free speech in America, while supporting the dictator Chavez who takes it away from others.  To all those who have been tortured by Chavez, send the medical bill to Glover.

Short video of Danner Glover speaking at One Nation Rally. Note Glover pushes Chavez's agenda about the importance of a democracy, where dictators can manipulate the voters. (Glover doesn't seem to get America was established as a Republic, not a democracy, where even Communists such as Glover get to speak freely. This is while Glover's buddy Chavez shuts down all Venezuela media that opposes him. And it was no accident the progressive director of the movie 2012 had the Brazilian Christ and not a Mosque being destroyed while casting Marxist Glover as the U.S. President. It makes you realize that to some Hollywood directors, the viewer is only a pawn to their progressive message on the screen.)

Liberal Protester Assaults Human Events Reporter at "One Nation."

A liberal protester physically assaulted a Human Events reporter at the "One Nation" march in Washington, D.C. The protester was attempting to shake hands with Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY.)


September 93 video exposes Harry Reid's hypocrisy on illegal aliens violating our borders.

Seventeen years later, Harry Reid leaves his position to protect America and now has blood on his hands.

This video was taken after the One Nation rally on 10/2/2010 at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC. They left our Mall littered with their pre-printed Union signs and garbage.

Liberals literally TRASHED our veteran's WWII Memorial in Washington D.C. on One-Nation's Communist Rally on October 2, 2010. These are the same progressives who say they are worried about being green. As you can see their agenda has nothing to do with green but only to promote their Marxist agenda of control. That's why a picture is worth a thousand words, never said better in the above. Never forget who these people are.

The race-baiting democrats are at it again.

Disgusting. Liberal Candidate now sending supporters to Rand Paul Rallies to Act Like Racists

At a townhall public forum with Congressional  Representative Bean, who sent a thug to intimidate attending citizens from asking questions.  The event was held at Round lake, Illinois, public library.

Need motivation to vote these pariah out of office? If this doesn't show you how unimportant you are to your Congress, nothing will!

Tea Party kicks out racist.  Why is the NAACP lying about them?

But the Tea Party did ask a racist to leave, saying they're not about black and white. Both these panels are on video, the NAACP obviously the racist, lying about the Tea Party and those who attend it.

Barack Obama's training of ACORN in 1990s for banks to give bad loans, which helped to collapse our financial system in 2008, is at it AGAIN!  Missouri ACORN Assaults Chase Bank Branch.

As President Obama, formerly Marxist lawyer Obama who trained ACORN to harass banks to give out bad loans in the 1990s, signed the financial regulation bill the remnants of Missouri ACORN, reconstituted as MORE, assault a Chase Bank sales branch in St Louis. 40 angry leftists stage a protest including children, bullhorns, signs, professional organizers, and tips to a local news crew that involved storming the AMDOCS building and shutting down business for an hour.

As of 7/19, this speaker was asked to resign by the White House. But Beck says she might be innocent!

Stunning! - This video describes how official FBI website recommends an organization that praises unrepentant terror bomber Bill Ayers— who was once on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List. The FBI links as a "resource" to the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center.

FBI recommends the far-left liberal group, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), as a resource for hate crimes list.

SPLC has complained that Oath Keepers was a potential hate group, the org also the one that gave the list to DHS that potential terrorist were abortion activists and vets returning home. REMEMBER?!

Scott Borkin should have known better. How dare he request a top Obama Administration official to cut taxes! Who does he think he is?

Wisconsin custard shop owner Scott Borkin told Greta Van Susteren that VP Joe Biden “went off” on him after he told the Vice President to “lower our taxes.” Borkin added, “I was shocked.”

President Barack Obama will be in Holland Thursday afternoon to attend the groundbreaking of a plant that will produce battery cells for electric vehicles.

Obama touts plant that creates jobs that cost $504,667 each! - Only the Democrats would celebrate this in little Holland, Michigan. Barack Obama will celebrate jobs created today at a Korean battery plant in Michigan. The federally funded plant makes expensive batteries for expensive electric cars.

Congressman Etheridge show his TRUE COLORS, but wants us to believe he really is a very kind and caring public servant!

Democrat Congressman Etheridge of District 2 in North Carolina attacks a student near the U.S. Capital, who is trying to interview him on the street about Obama's polices. The Congressman shows what is in his heart by his heated actions that were unprovoked, grabbing the young man hard by his neck as you can see. This is typical for people who believe they control everyone around them. When you're not used to grabbing another person like this, you don't do it. Congressman Etheridge says in a press release on his site that he is sorry, but I believe he instead needs to resign.

- Former Resident Recalls Run-In With Etheridge -

The people of NC also need to speak up or shut up about this, in what has become one of the most progressive states in the union. In the 1960s Democrats in NC named their annual fund raising meetings after the White Supermist, Charles Aycock, who supported an environment that allowed over a dozen black Republicans to be murdered by Democrats in 1898, our saying it proves the Democrat heart doesn't fall far from the sheets. We hope the young man's parents sues the pants off this so- called loving Democrat public servant.

Etheridge released the following statement on June 14th of what a wonderful man he was: “I have seen the video posted on several blogs.  I deeply and profoundly regret my reaction and I apologize to all involved.  Throughout my many years of service to the people of North Carolina, I have always tried to treat people from all viewpoints with respect. No matter how intrusive and partisan our politics can become, this does not justify a poor response.  I have and I will always work to promote a civil public discourse.”

Congressman Etheridge says in 2007 campaign, "Young people should be involved!"

(Note: Bret Bair of FOX News reported on 6/18/2010 that ABC, CBS, and NBC would not carry this story for their viewers, ones who obviously enjoy being made stupid!)

What a hoot, far-left Washington Post defends Democrat, writes Etheridge only hugs student.

Obama supporter takes it upon himself to deliver some street justice in North Caroliina, just like the SDS did to a former Congressman on immigration at UNC at Chapel Hill a year ago.

More violence encouraged by left - Drive-by Obama supporter attacks protestors in North Carolina and slugs it out for a few seconds, pushing a woman and then attacking a man in the small protesting party. We assume Obama would find it amusing, like kicking 'a**' literally on the street?

The address is important as those probing the incident of “jobs for favors” surrounding the candidacy of Romanoff and Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak will seek to determine if laws were violated — laws that include the illegal use of the federal government in offering the jobs.

Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff admitted on FOX News that the email sent to him was from White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina, offering a position with the administration and was in fact sent from a White House account

So Who Is Wrong?  In this case you can't deny it.  It will be a Democrat!

Congessman Joe Sestak claims the White House tried to bribe him out of the Pennsylvania Democrat Senate primary but the White House, well, we're not sure what the White House says. Both can't be right, so who is wrong? A no-brainer. A Democrat, of course.

Post note - Slick Willy in it again - White House: Bill Clinton spoke to Joe Sestak on post

Democrats in Congress screw the American worked to insure the Federal workers will vote for them in 2010 and 2012 by allowing them to continue pay raises while 80% of Fed worker pay is now double their counterpart in the private sector.  Conservative English parliment member warned what happenes when you have so many Fed sucking money from the country, they simple vote to keep their paychecks even when it sinks the country's economy they live in! (Example England's heathcare workers keep the horrid system going so they can continue their paychecks.)

Stunning! Democrats in Congress approve to continue Fed pay raises when Fed salary has now doubled over private sector, while at the same time giving itself a payraise!

" I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it." - Madeleine Albright, “60 Minutes” back on May 12, 1996.

The United Nations estimated that a total of one-million Iraqi civilians died as result of the sanctions on Iraq. This tragedy never seemed to bother Bill Clinton and the Left for some reason. But, now Bill Clinton and the Left are out lecturing American grandmothers at tea party protests about violence

Just what is Obama promising the American people when it comes to taxes. It's hard to tell if he even knows.

Read my lips. No new taxes!

Gibbs admits at press conference that Healthcare trashes Obama's promise of no new taxes for anyone making less than $250,000, which now opens the door for a VAT tax. Obama admits the VAT is now on the table. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Leftist thugs wearing USW T-shirts threw punches and rammed their way through the Tea Party Protest in Boston.

RADICAL LEFTISTS Ram Their Way Through Boston Tea Party Rally – Attack Protesters

Last summer, the Young Democratic Socialists voted to make “Free Higher Education” a national priority. It’s the next “human right” that democratic-socialists will want you to pay for.

Obama's support group from back in Chicago, ACORN and its leader, Bertha Lewis, tell audience at March 2010 meeting of Youth Democratic Socialists that Tea Party is a racist movement - they are coming after you - proud to be a Socialist!

Karl Rove attacked by Code Pink on stage at book event.

Marxist Code Pink Protesters and top Obama bundler shut down Rove book signing — as usual liberal media silent on their buddies at Code Pink!

“I’ve never seen anyone who is as amateurish in the conduct of his foreign relations as this president.”  - Lawrence Eagleburger

Lawrence Eagleburger on Obama: He’s Playing With Fire, Playing With Dynamite & Doesn’t Seem to Understand It

Watch the whole session at KitmanTV - (It rocks!)

David Horowitz and Pat Caddell on Soros´ Shadow Cabinet and the Green Communists

No Spin Zone allows Women's Media Center (whatever that means) to attack Forus on the Family's celebration of life.  Again, when visiting the Factor you're really in the Dead Zone.

The O'Reilly Factor has far-left Women's Media Center on again, allowed to attack Focus on the Family

Jan Helfeld interviews Senator Harry Reid about redistributive taxes. Reid maintains redistributive taxes are not a problem because people are not forced to pay taxes. He says taxation is voluntary, or didn't you know?

Bet you didn't know this. Harry Reid says we don't force people to pay their taxes in America. It's voluntary!

Coral Ridge Ministries on Obama's most radical appointments.

Obama is the most radical president in American History, noting Reagan's comments that "A president's appointments are his policy."

Sharyl Attkisson has more on her report of how more than 100 members of Congress and their spouses went to the Copenhagen climate conference -- on the U.S. taxpayers tab. How much did it all cost?

CBS reporter catches lots of Democrats gorging themselves at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen

- Click here for more details from CBS -

Taxpayers pay $101,000 for Pelosi's in-flight 'food, booze!'

Freedom of expression? Not under liberal control!

The liberal Directors Guild of America (DGA) honors Clinton-supporter Robert Iger with a life award, Iger suppressing the film ‘Path to 9/11' to protect the questioning of the decisions of Bill Clinton. (See how the Clintons also dissed Peter Paul, after giving $200,000 for a Hillary Hollywood Gala.) (Note: Anti-military directors James Cameron and his ex-wife are being recommened for honors by DGA. Cameron has been reported he supports eco-terrorism in America while Hollywood is one of the highest users of energy in California.)

A humorous look at a very distrubing Obama crime against the Constitution and our right of free speech.

Twitter Tampering

Voters are asked if they know who Obama is, dropping McCain platform.

Howard Stern asks voters in they know Obama

Security guard tell protestor about American freedom of expression, "It ain't no more, okay?"

Officer Cheeks, an African America and a trained member of the Fairfax County Public Schools' Security Officer team, tell protestor trying to hold up sign."

Undercover investigation featuring prostitution, sex trafficking, tax evasion, and money laundering.

Obama's training of ACORN is corruption at its best!

We know now Obama listened well to Wright's open teaching of the Black Value System that Wright says originated in Nicaragua.  Wright taught Obama his Liberation Theology that came out of the 1960s, Obama himself being around these radicals all his adult life while getting an education at a university that seems more far left each day, Harvard.

Black Liberation Theology (BLT), originating in Nicaragua, was taught by Rev. Wright

Rep. Jack Murtha presides, ignores reality to push through his preferences without a vote.

How House Democrats Abuse Their Power

Another in the series of videos from John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute.

Check out Rutherford Institute's Archive


Tom Tancredo Event UNC Shut Down By Violence




"Freedom is Knowledge"