"These are trying times to say the least. The negativity in our political system and the instability in the worlds geopolitical structure is disturbing. Currently we are in a war of words, ideas and ideology; different understandings due to ethnic and theological differences. These could turn into a shooting war very easily.  Crime, both statutory and capital, are off to a good start." - JamesPlace, James Calhoun Jr.





JamesPlace is dedicated to those who protect our nation, serving in the United States Military. It is named after James, an honorable veteran with over two decades of service in the United States military, retired as a Staff Sergeant, SSGT.

Having traveled around the world, he has learned to question everything:

And so the content here reflects an American I want you all to meet, one who continues to protect a Constitution that gives him permission to be whomever he wants, to believe in the faith he chooses and to challenge anything that is said by any government official local, state or federal.

He is a man who loves the Oath keepers and what those brave Americans stand for, demanding all citizens never forget where this country came from and why people all over the world want to share in its freedoms paid for by others.

But today for the first time James sees that freedom under heavy attack, disappearing through the rule of elites whose service is not measured by honor and duty but by faux titles, six-figure salaries and Ivy League diplomas dripping with political correctness that has become fascist in nature. It is something that has not been seen for eighty years with the politics of another government that was feared by millions, known as the Third Reich. - Webmaster, FreedomIsKnowledge


My good friend, James Calhoun Jr., passed away on May 20, 2020, at 76 years old.

May you find those fields you wanted to run in plentyful and filled with warm sunshine. - Webmaster

Click Here For His Obituary


The Days Of Elijah!

If video has been taken down by YouTube, Click Here to watch.

Oorah! "Days of Elijah" by Marines at Camp Pendleton, 2015. - NewSalemChurch

Video Source: Merrie Pardee Baldwin / NewSalemChurch



Special Forces

Guardian Of The U.S. Constitution | All Who Serve Our Military Branches | Special Operation Forces | Dedicated To Informing Citizens About Their Government. - Military Special Forces


Tribute To The Troops

Song by Tim McGraw, If You're Reading This. - Google Play; Lyrics

Video Source: YouTube


Armed Forces Medley: National Memorial Day Concert

Video Source: PBS, 2014


"Through Project Appleseed, the Revolutionary War Veterans Association is committed to teaching two things: rifle marksmanship and our early American heritage. We do this for one simple reason, the skill and knowledge of what our founding fathers left to us is eroding in modern America and without deliberate action, they will be lost to ignorance and apathy." - Appleseed Project

Project Appleseed

Honoring Our Military - CBN News



When America Was Simple And All You Needed Was A Handshake.

The Last Cowboy Song - by Ed Bruce

Video Source: YouTube / OrchardEnterprises



A Prayer From James:

"God bless this country, its citizens and those willing to stand in defense of her founders' wishes, giving them wisdom in their actions. Provide them the courage to change the things they can and to let the Father's Hands guide the things they don't understand." Amen


Tribute To Our Local Police

Best Weapon Sites


A Warning About Our Government



My View Of The World

Protecting Our Children From School Shootings

1.) Lock all side and rear entrance doors. Use breaker-bar type door-lock hardware so fire codes are not violated.

2.) Install one video camera and one audible alarm at each access door location with feeds to a central monitoring area where someone is always available and trained to react.

3.) Install a metal detector at the main entrance with an ID card exchange system monitored by a trained employee. Require students to always enter in a orderly single-file manner.

4.) Have a two-person rapid reaction team ready to respond to ANY safety issue or alarm coming from the general monitoring area to verify there is a security breach.

5.) Make sure there is a methodology in place from well-trained local authorities.

6.) Anyone who pranks a security area needs to be dealt with immediately.

7.) Follow the State Of Israel's solutions for security;

a.) Instill responsibility and accountability in all students.

b.) Have local authorities ready to teach any student who desires the responsibly and reliably of using weapons for self-defense. This will create an important 24/7 attitude of self-sufficiency in those who qualified. It will also give students around them someone to talk with if questions would arise on protection and safety during a security breach or drill.


Protecting Our National Traditions

To protect the traditions that continue to make this country unique in the world, it will always require active participation by citizens across all 50 states to remind the population to never forget past memories and achievement so they may stay alive not only for us but for our children and grandchildren.

After 240 years of history, we can no longer leave the burden of protecting and defending this nation to only those few that represent about 1/2 of 1 percent of the nation’s population who are actively protecting the rest of us, putting themselves into harm's way around the world. However after eight years of rule by a socialist president from 2008, some of his radicals seem to now feel they're obliged to ask, “Was the Revolution of 1776 necessary, that maybe everything would have worked out anyway?” 

Not surprisingly that question comes only from Obama’s progressives, our remembering that some of them follow Karl Marx “as if it was the cool thing to do.”  So as you participate in this journey of MyView, please take time to click on the highlighted links below that will help you remember the debt owed by all of us to those who have given their lives for freedom since the Revolution of 1776, July 4th a day we have put aside to always honor their sacrifice. 

It is a debt that can NEVER be repaid.The following embodies the spirit that has made this nation a world leader, one that immigrants will stand in line for years so they may also take their turn in becoming citizens of the United States of America. - Stars Spangled Banner: As you've never heard it before

We also must never forget the resolve of the everyday brave men and women who protect others, many who have paid the price with their safety and their flesh and blood . . . creating what is known as Hallowed Ground where they fall.

- U.S. Armed Forces AnthemArmed Forces medley

We also send up our prayers for those who are unknown, their names lost in battle represented today by the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" along with the belief of millions of citizens that a divine creator will remember each of them. We will always need to take a moment to ask Him to give them the peace, love and care they have honorably earned in duty to country..

- Sergeant Of The Guard: Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

Let us not forget our Revolutionary War, Civil War, the great wars of WW I and WWII and all of the other conflicts, as cowardly politicians influenced by a dangerous Obama administration start to remove our memorials. They shove them into storage out of view to not offend others who whine, the memory and sacrifice of others suddenly taken from view and in some cases after over 100 years.  This is while the best corrupt "congress money can buy" will not stop their removal "Under Established Law" by a few of today's locally elected officials who suck off the tit of government for their financial gain, creating their own law while seeing our Constitution as old fashioned . . . beneath them!

- Stars Spangled Banner: Full Version (with lyrics)- Navy Seal Commander: Advice To Graduates - Amazing Grace - Cherokee: A Prayer- Amazing Grace (Bag Pipes): Taps And 21 Gun SaluteMay God the Father, God The Son and God the Holy Spirit bless and keep each of us with the resolve and courage to never back away, remembering those who stayed the course and didn’t run even when the odds seemed futile or at times even impossible to win while they were being fought on the field of battle.

An adopted Marine, raised in service to the United States Army. Semper Fidelis – James


The Soldiers: Stand By Me - Sylvia Mccue


Rear Admiral Lee: Religious Liberty - YouTube





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These sites to often have items in stock when others don't. And they offer information about ammunition besides just selling it. The information would be characteristic of ballistics and performance.

Ammo SeekAmmunition To Go

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Weapons: Manufacturers, Training and Safety . . .

National Association For Gun RightsNational Rifle Association

Shooting Industry

The Yankee Marshal

US Concealed Carry Association


Nine Line Apparel

Owned and operated by a vet, in opposition to Nike shoes the Nine Line company proudly produced a special Betsy Ross flag shirt. Be sure to check out the Nine Line's patriotic clothes selection.

Great stuff from a vet!



Want to Donate For Those Who Serve?

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Finding Hope In The Darkness: Addiction And Suicide Amongst Veterans - Drugrehab.org

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