Request for a Congressional Hearing

January 24 , 2006, Letter to Captain Winchell

(Letter sent while Matthew was serving)


January 24, 2006

Captain Winchell:
U.S. Marine Corp

Dear Captain:

Attached is a letter from Matthew’s stepson concerning his character.  You may also be getting one tomorrow from his former junior high school principal, who Matthew had stopped by to see last summer, a Ph.D.

You should also have a letter in hand of character from Matthew’s fifteen-year friend, and a personal friend of the family, Mr. Bill Rizzo of New Jersey.

Finally, I have written a letter that is also prepared in case I need a press release that you can also use for Matthew’s character.  On top of that, I have our letter to Senator Dole along with my putting Matthew’s original complaint all processed into a Word document. 

I also have the letter from a Staff Sgt. that tells what had he saw happen to our son while serving in Afghanistan.

My newly written letter along with the info sent to Senator Dole’s office is all in Word.  If you have this software on your computer, please call me with your e-mail address and I will not have to fax it.

If that is the case, I will then attach the two documents to an e-mail, while still faxing the letter from the Staff Sgt., which was a three-page hand-written document.  I believe the two documents in Word will make up about 22 pages, which you can then print out on your own.

Let me know if I can e-mail you the above-mentioned attachments.

Best regards,






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