Enlarged View of WWII LSD 553

Built in Evansville, Indiana, in the good old days when America was a world manufacturing giant


Matthew's grandfather after WII, with some well-known artists from the 1950's, shown in a store off of Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida.

Matthew's grandfather's served on LSD 553, shown off the beach on Okinawa in 1944 during WWII, after the Japanese surrendered the island



Other Family History


Click on photo for passenger information on date and ship arrival at Ellis Island.

Grandfather, Ernest Kallback, emigrated from Sweden in the early 1920s through Ellis Island


Wife and sons arrived from Gothenburg, Sweden, at Ellis Island on October 9, 1926. Matthew's grandfather was five years old. Click here to see full manifest.



Bob Jennings, early news film pioneer.
Grandmother's side of the family

Jennings Family / Craig




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