True or False?!

November 2012

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Think you know Obama? Which of the following is TRUE or FALSE?

Simply roll your mouse over TRUE or FALSE to see which one is the answer.

(Note: Because this was posted in 2012, some links may have been removed from their respective servers.)


When Obama was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, it was reported he had assigned the class radical readings from racist professor Derrick Bell, Bell reported to have written whites were going to enslave blacks.

TRUE FALSE Obama in the late 1990's trained ACORN workers in Chicago to walk into bank lobbies and stand erect without moving to harass customers and employees, including CEO's at their homes. As ACORN's attorney, Obama's objective was to force the banks to give out mortgages to people who couldn't afford them while using tactics that would keep the ACORN protestors out of jail.
TRUE FALSE Obama's voting record when in the Illinois Senate came under fire when he voted against a bill that would allow babies who survived abortions in Illinois to live. This was while Obama was reported to have simply voted present in most other bills.
TRUE FALSE Obama was assisted by the Communist New Democrat Party in helping to chase away other candidates, allowing Obama to then become the only candidate running for Illinois Senate in his district.
TRUE FALSE Obama's personal background was either scrubbed or hidden to the point little or nothing could be found about him. Yet MSNBC openly proclaimed on camera going into the 2012 election that conservatives in America needed to be crushed.
TRUE FALSE Candidate Obama in 2008 refused to disclose who donated money to his 2008 election campaign, while other candidates had provided theirs.
TRUE FALSE In 2008, candidate Obama received endorsements from outspoken radicals such as Louis Farrakhan.
TRUE FALSE When it was pointed out in 2008 that candidate Obama had absolutely no experience in politics except as a community organizer, the mainstream media still praised him as the best candidate for President of the United States.
TRUE FALSE Obama chose revolutionary friends and acquaintances, such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.
TRUE FALSE Candidate Obama preferred to use his Obama "O" Icon on the tail of his campaign jet airliner rather than the standard American flag. This was while the DNC was also working on other images to replace classic American symbols of patriotism.
TRUE FALSE When candidate Obama was asked about his relationship with Bill Ayers in 2008, Obama replied he was only a child when the Weathermen Underground, (like Ayers), were bombing American buildings. Yet it was discovered before the election that Obama did know Ayers, Obama himself distributing millions of dollars for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) in Chicago for an education program written and updated by Bill Ayers in the late 1990's.
TRUE FALSE After giving his famous "crotch salute," as named by some in the military, which was captured at an Democrat Iowa fundraiser in 2007, candidate Obama then refused at first to wear a flag lapel pin that represented the attack on 9/11, Obama calling it "that pin."
TRUE FALSE A supporters of candidate Obama taught children in a school to sing praises to Obama, including using music of the Battle Hymn to the Republic.
TRUE FALSE Candidate Obama told Planned Parenthood in a meeting that the GOP was saying he favored sex education for children in kindergarten, including homosexual indoctrination. Obama denied it, then openly admitted in the next sentence it wasn't such a bad idea.
TRUE FALSE In 2008 while candidate Obama claimed he was a Christian, he never said he would use the office of President of the United States to support Muslims being able to practice their religion "as they see fit" in Western Countries, which includes Sharia.
TRUE FALSE In a meeting in San Francisco, candidate Obama in 2008 was caught making fun of Americans in the Midwest saying they needed to cling to their guns and Bibles.
TRUE FALSE It was reported in 2008 that candidate Obama told Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times that he could recite perfectly the Islamic call to prayer. Kristof was reported to have told Obama about his perfect call to prayer, "Don't tell the people in Alabama."
TRUE FALSE Candidate Obama stood with his hands folded over his groin area during the playing of the National Anthem at a 2007 Democrat fund raiser in Iowa, the military calling the pose his "Crotch Salute." Obama later tried to spin it as a joke.
TRUE FALSE When candidate Obama in 2008 was photographed speaking in a Christian church to help spin his faith to Christian voters, at the same time another candidate for president, this one for the GOP and an "actual pastor," was accused by Obama's DNC of promoting his candidacy to Christians because the bookshelf behind him looked like a cross.
TRUE FALSE During a national television speech early in his term of office, President Obama demanded that the IHS logo for Christ was to be covered and hidden from view of the cameras using a solid black cloth.
TRUE FALSE Entering office, President Obama took offense to the British people's gift to America after the Muslim terrorist attack on 9/11, which was a bronze bust of Churchill, the British Prime Minister in WWII who had kept Nazi Germany off of America's front door, immediately returning it to the British.
TRUE FALSE Valerie Jarrett, an avowed Chicago socialist, was selected by Obama as his Senior White House Advisor.
TRUE FALSE President Obama bowed down to the Japanese emperor on his European apology tour of 2009, apologizing for Harry Truman's dropping the atom bomb to end Japan's war with America.
TRUE FALSE Obama as president sent millions of taxpayer dollars to a deep-well oil drilling company in Brazil, which a huge campaign donor, George Soros had investments in. This was after the BP spill, where Obama in that case had banned deep-well drilling.
TRUE FALSE President Obama started off his administration appointing dozens of White House advisors from known radicals, revolutionaries, and avowed Marxists, using the historic Communist term of Czars to identify their positions.
TRUE FALSE President Obama appointed cabinet members and several advisors, who were discovered to be tax cheats and known socialists.
TRUE FALSE President Obama appointed John Holdren as his Science Czar. Holdren previously believed in forced abortions, mass sterilizations, and the seizing of babies from teen mothers.
TRUE FALSE President Obama appointed Cass Sunstein as Regulatory Czar, a professor who believed in "Explicit Consent," harvesting human organs without family consent. He also wanted animals to be represented in court.
TRUE FALSE President Obama appointed Kevin Jennings, an advocating homosexual and organizer of the group GLSEN, (Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network), to National Safe School Czar. Jennings also had a reported friendship with NAMBLA members, (North American Man / Boy Love Association.)
TRUE FALSE President Obama appointed Mark Lloyd as Diversity Czar. He believed in curtailing free speech and the taking from one and giving to another to spread the wealth (social justice.) He was reported to also support the ideology of Hugo Chavez.
TRUE FALSE President Obama selected Anita Dunn as his White House Communications Director. Dunn reported to students in a speech that Mao Tse Tung was one of her favorite philosopher and one of the Communist leaders she turned to most for inspiration.
TRUE FALSE President Obama appointed Carol Browner, a well known socialist, as his Global Warming Czar, who worked on Cap & Trade in an attempt to create this nation's largest tax against energy for homes across America.
TRUE FALSE President Obama appointed Van Jones, an avowed Communist, as his Green Energy Czar who was brought into the administration by Valerie Jarrett. Jones's Communist organization, Color of Change, used Marxist tactics to harass sponsors to drop Glenn Beck's program on FOX among others.
TRUE FALSE Tom Daschle was Obama's first pick for Health and Human Services Secretary, forced to leave his position when discovered to be a tax cheat.
TRUE FALSE President Obama then picked another candidate for his Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS), Catherine Sebelius, a former Kansas governor who had accepted tens of thousands of unreported dollars in campaign money from a popular abortionist. The abortionist was known nationally as,"Tiller the Baby Killer," personally invited to the Kansas Governor's Mansion. Tiller's medical assistant later lost her license for not correctly reporting on the younger teens that were receiving abortions from Tiller.
TRUE FALSE Obama, as President of the United States, ran over to take time to bow to a Saudi Prince.
TRUE FALSE President Obama decided to rename the act of terrorist's murdering innocent people around the world as "Man-Made Disasters." Obama didn't stop there, going on to identify the murders of Ft Hood military personnel on their own soil, (by a Muslim claiming Jihad), to the meaningless term of "Workplace Violence," as if these military personnel were killed on base by an out-of-control garbage truck. The label would deny families a Purple Heart in memory of their loved ones.
TRUE FALSE President Obama traveled around the world in 2009 criticizing America and later labeled his "Apology Tour."
TRUE FALSE President Obama's actions concerning the Middle East gave support to the Palestinians over the Israelis.
TRUE FALSE President Obama sent millions of taxpayer dollars to Kenya to help force a pro-abortion constitution onto its Christian population.
TRUE FALSE President Obama upset newer democracies overseas, which are overshadowed by the former Soviet Union, Obama removing plans for a missile defense system against Russia.
TRUE FALSE President Obama set a date of withdrawal of our troops that sent a message to the Taliban that they could soon return and set up business again as usual, ten years later.
TRUE FALSE President Obama has taken America's debt and equaled it to the country's GNP.
TRUE FALSE President Obama used the stimulus bill to pay off organizations, unions, and individuals that had financially supported his 2008 election.
TRUE FALSE President Obama tried to sneak $5 billion taxpayer dollars to ACORN through his huge approved 2009 stimulus bill. Obama had trained ACORN to harass CEOs in the late 1990's, a convicted social justice group involved later in voter fraud.
TRUE FALSE President Obama gave investors of General Motors 29 cents to the dollar to get rid of them, then turning the company over to the unions while forcing dealers, most of them contributors to the Republican Party, to hand over to the government their decades-long customer lists.
TRUE FALSE President Obama took away the rights of banks to compete for student loans to keep the costs down, forcing all loans through the federal government.
TRUE FALSE A former government official called President Obama's Healthcare fascist in its nature, taking control of medical information on every American.
TRUE FALSE President Obama said he would be happy to have an African-American son like the one involved in a shooting with a Florida Hispanic. Obama allowed his supporting media to identify the shooter as a "White-Hispanic" to further divide the nation. Yet Obama never said a word about a black infant murdered by a stray bullet from a black gang a month earlier while the infant was sleeping.
TRUE FALSE President Obama invested billions of taxpayer dollars for new jobs in alternative energy, some calculated at a million dollars per job. The taxpayer investments were for green companies that had bundled money for Obama's campaign. Those companies even got funds while ready to go bankrupt and lay off employees.
TRUE FALSE While President Obama went after Rush Limbaugh for calling a birth control supporter wanting her pills paid for by taxpayers a slut, reported to use it to sleep around, Obama said nothing about a vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, being called the "c" word by one of Obama's own million-dollar supporters.
TRUE FALSE President Obama's support of the OWS evolved to disrupt cities across America, where they were invited to gather by progressive leaders in Obama-friendly districts. Communists then marched side by side with the Obama OWS protestors to mark wealthy Americans as their targets. Obama, while close friends with Hollywood's millionaires and wealthy black artists, had labeled other wealthy Americans as a greedy 1%.
TRUE FALSE The Human Rights Council (HRC) of the United Nations, a body dominated by Islamic countries known for their hostility against Israel, in October 2012 called for international economic warfare against American companies and their employees that do business in Israel. U.S. President Barack Obama chose to join the HRC soon after taking office in 2009. Members of the HRC include infamous human rights abusers such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Libya, China, and Cuba.






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