Global Warming; A Communist Connection


You need to remember from this older post how the far left, now known as progressive socialists, began to push this agenda. They hid the real purpose of their faux climate warming was to eliminate borders, push collective/socialist lifestyles on populations and eliminate pride of country, which they referred to as "dangerous" nationalism. This was while Marxist Obama tired to make the idea look old fashioned and out of date, calling it "Romanticism."

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"Al Gore is a big fat liar. One thing about watching propaganda films all the time is that it tends to put one's BS meter on high, and that I remember that there was a Discovery Channel doc on what's called the “Little Ice Age,” an anomalous global cooling from 1200 to 1850. in the last couple of weeks, and it was still on my mind when Gore announced it never happened. That was a whopper." - Davis Guggenheim - Greenwich Village Gazette


So exactly what is a progressive agenda and why does it go against the grain of America's guarantee of self-determination? To answer that question you need to look at the promoters of a progressive movement, one that had recently harassed employees at NOAA's headquarters.

Below we have provided links that go back to this group's progressive beliefs and ideals for a one world government, posted to the Web. When you read their motives and words, you will quickly discover their ideals have little to do with global warming and more with instead using the agenda of global warming to create interest in a Communist movement without having to use the "C" word.

Once you read the heart of their ideas, you will see a fine puzzle coming together that should raise the hairs on the back of your self-determination neck.

Of course, first you have to know this gloom and doom about the world's weather is nothing new and should not be taken seriously at first glance, especially from a screaming far-left liberal like Al Gore. In fact if you're older than fifty, you might remember a Newsweek Magazine article that ran in 1975, saying the world was probably going to freeze over in ten years. Nutty scientists at the time wanted to spread soot all over the earth's frozen poles to warm the planet (I'm not making this up.)  Do you have any idea what these nuts would have done to our world today, at the time their being the Al Gore's of our world.

"They've been brainwashing us for 20 years," Gray says. "Starting with the nuclear winter and now with the global warming. This scare will also run its course. In 15-20 years, we'll look back and see what a hoax this was."

Gray directs me to a 1975 Newsweek article that whipped up a different fear: a coming ice age.

"Climatologists," reads the piece, "are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climatic change. ... The longer the planners delay, the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality."

Thank God they did nothing. Imagine how warm we'd be?

Source: "Chill out over global warming," by David Harsanyi, Denver Post Staff Columnist

Also see the Newsweek article documentation of that 1975 issue at


This progressive group, as previously mentioned, had harassed NOAA. They accused the director of the government agency of hiding global warming data and demanding his resignation, calling themselves the The U.S. Climate Emergency Council. It is the kind of name probably developed around a kitchen table one evening right after a few beers had been consumed and marijuana passed around. (See a reference bio to one of the organization's members at the end of this article if you think this image is off the chart.)

You might have read the news story about this group's actions against NOAA in late May of 2006:

"Hundreds of concerned citizens and leaders from across the nation will join Hurricane Katrina survivors Wednesday to call for the resignation of the heads of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) at the NOAA Headquarters just outside of Washington, D.C. During an 11 a.m. demonstration, advocates will demand that NOAA stop covering up the growing scientific link between severe hurricanes and global warming while insisting on real solutions to the problem of global warming."

Source: Drudge Report

The group's mission statement from its homepage read:

"The Climate Crisis Coalition seeks to broaden the circle of individuals, organizations and constituencies engaged in the global warming issue, to link it with other issues and to provide a structure to forge a common agenda and advance action plans with a united front."

Scroll down a bit on their official site to see its sponsors, for instance Tom Stokes, the Coordinator for the Climate Crisis Coalition, along with a Ted Glick. 

Who is Ted Glick? We had asked the same question. So we did some research and discovered content Ted had written in a submission to a Web site in December of 2000.

(Note: In 2007 their radical statements were finally removed from the Web, we assume these leaders not wanting the public to read their earlier writings and passion for Communistic rule. The URL had been < >)

One of the statements reads:

"The critique of the public ownership approach was eloquently and cogently posed by Albert Einstein, himself a socialist, in an essay, "Why Socialism?," published in Monthly Review magazine in 1949"It is necessary to remember that a planned economy is not yet socialism. A planned economy as such may be accompanied by the complete enslavement of the individual. The achievement of socialism requires the solution of some extremely difficult sociopolitical problems: how is it possible, in view of the far-reaching centralization of political and economic power, to prevent bureaucracy from becoming all-powerful and overweening? How can the rights of the individual be protected and therewith a democratic counterweight to the power of bureaucracy be assured?"

Following Glick's submission on the site was another individual seemingly dedicated to Glick's agenda and posted to the same area, this one from Al Andersen. Here is a sample of his submission (underlines are added):

"This is not to say that there isn't a need for persons other than biological parents to assume parental-like responsibilities. Indeed there is. But such persons must be able to have much more intimate relations with their adopted extended-family members than the head of a governing body can possibly have.

Indeed, in today's break-up of biological families there is a crying need for extended families, in which parental-like responsibilities are shared among several persons, many of whom serve as parents to each other. The communes of the sixties and seventies, and the far more mature and highly promising "intentional communities" of today, have been sociological and spiritual developments designed to meet a hunger which traditional families have increasingly neglected and left unmet. Indeed, the more socially responsible of today's intentional communities may be either the catalysts or the seeds of the kind of caring communities which will gradually federate, locally to globally, into forming the truly just and wholesome world order for which there is such a crying need today."

Principle of Justice #2: Each person born into this earthly life has a natural right to a fair share of the financial and other benefits of our common heritage. The basis for this provision has been stated several times in the previous pages, including in the Preface (See P-4)."

The next submission that followed was written by John Lowery, a sample of his thoughts follow (underlines are added):

"A simple tax on excess wealth, sufficient to remove all economic motive from owning more than one can reasonably manage, will remedy part of the problem. But the bigger problem is the behavior of the large corporations, who are out of control precisely because no one owns them and they are not subject to human judgment.  Indeed, no one can own them.  They were meant to be collectives.  Unfortunately, they are governed by a small proportion of the community they were meant to serve.  The remedy is not confiscation or state control; the remedy is to broaden the governing body to include all the Stakeholders in the venture, typically including financiers, workers, customers, suppliers and neighbors.  Democracy begins with self governance.

With a coherent and reasonable plan to change the structure and distribution of power in a more equitable way, sufficient respect will accrue to also implement the possibly harsh measures needed for the reeducation of our young and/or maladjusted from miseducation.  This solution will look like fascism, but it should be thought of as an inoculation.  Since we failed to include public service, the glue of civilization, in our basic education, we have a society coming apart, and an extraordinary effort must precede the return to normalcy."

The next submission was from Richard Gross, Christine Rack, and Jan Roberts (noted separately.) A sample of their ideas follows (underlines are added):

"To realize these aspirations, we must decide to live with a sense of universal responsibility, identifying ourselves with the whole Earth community as well as our local communities.  We are at once citizens of different nations and of one world in which the local and global are linked.  Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of the human family and the larger living world.  The spirit of human solidarity and kinship with all life is strengthened when we live with reverence for the mystery of being, gratitude for the gift of life, and humility regarding the human place in nature."

and more . . .

"In order to build a sustainable global community, the nations of the world must renew their commitment to the United Nations, fulfill their obligations under existing international agreements, and support the implementation of Earth Charter principles with an international legally binding instrument on environment and development. Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life."

Wade Hudson, who is the editor of the published site, encouraged all these submissions and said in his Query (underlines are added):

"As a long-term activist on sabbatical, BY AUGUST 1, I’m seeking statements that present a compelling vision of a fully transformed, alternative society that is truly caring and democratic - statements that describe modern society following a fundamental, comprehensive transformation including personal, spiritual, social, political, economic, cultural, and educational dimensions."

His bio is also openly published on the Web, the following statement pulled from that published piece (underlines are added):

"During my absence, the small student co-op where I ate my meals had become immersed in LSD and marijuana. I soon began using psychoactive drugs myself and reading literature on related subjects, including William James’ Varieties of Religious Experience. I went to San Francisco for many concerts at the Fillmore and Avalon ballrooms and events such as the Human Be-In, which concluded with Allen Ginsberg chanting to tens of thousands as the sun went down.

I was mesmerized in an erotic way by the music and light shows, sensing that I was participating in a dramatically new cultural form. Though I usually went alone and never really danced in public at that time, I felt deeply connected with the audience, especially the women. Even with no significant conversation or physical contact, my loneliness diminished. Much of the music was political, which helped me feel a strong bond with like-minded people."

Read these quotes again from radical individuals that support progressive groups like The U.S. Climate Emergency Council, and then begin to pick up on the words and phrases that are also used by Communist all over the world to promote socialist causes to bring the people under a one-world order (for their own good.) It's as if their thoughts had been taken out of the Book of Revelations for its prediction of the condition of the End Times.

Now maybe you will have a new chilling respect for the term secular-progressive, one that if successful will change your way of life along with the lives of your children. If you look around you with any objectivity, you can see it already has begun.




"Freedom is Knowledge"