Obama Bingo!

Rules: As you watch an Obama speech, see if you can circle Obama spin words in five horizontal, vertical, or diagonal squares as he is speaking and then shout out, Obama, Keep Your Change!
Restored Our Reputation Strategic Fit Let Me Be Clear Make No Mistake Affordable Health Care
Back From the Brink Signs of Recovery Out of the Loop Benchmark Job Creation
Fiscal Restraint Win-Win GREEN Previous Administration Greed on Wall Street
At the End of the Day Empower or Empowerment Touch Base Mind Set Corporate Greed
Ballpark Game Plan Leverage Inherited Relief for Working Families


"My attention span during speeches has improved dramatically." - David D Florida

"I had been listening to the speech only five minutes when I won!" - Jack W. Boston

"The atmosphere was stunning as eight of us screamed 'Obama BS' for the third time!" - Harry A Chantilly

- Thanks to Karl of Florida -


"Freedom is Knowledge"