Healthcare - And It's Student Loans, Too!

Originally Posted 2009


But the Future of Obama's Brown Shirts May Still Live On, Obama adding a student loan provision to his massive Healthcare Bill in March 2010, after his original student-loan bill failed to pass the Senate in 2009.

The bill includes a provision for the government to begin directly lending to students, bypassing financial institutions like Sallie May that traditionally have provided the loans. Obama said that such institutions have soaked up billions in subsidies.

Democrats laugh while Obama signs student loan bill on March 30, 2010, to now be part of the healthcare bill instead of standing alone with the healthcare bill. Sallie Mae blames 2,500 layoff in 2010 on this Obama's job-killing student loan overhaul. (Did anyone read the fine print?)

“The Obama administration’s motto is turning out to be, 'If we can find it in the Yellow Pages, the government ought to try to do it.’" - Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee), New York Times


Here comes Obama's Brown Shirts?
H.R. 1388 may have set the stage.
"Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act" (GIVE act), HR 1388


Obama's Civilian Army through H.R. 1388 taxpayer funded law?


I was shocked when even the conservative media missed the point about the importance of a government-only student loan bill that was passed in late December by the House with H.R. 1388 already being law.

I still believe Obama wanted his Democrats in Congress to keep the media focused on the Obama's healthcare bill while the Democrats slip a student-loan bill under it, a bill that could have forced all student loans to be made only through the federal government and in turn the Federal government making the rules for payback or even eliminating payback, making it free.

The president thanked Pelosi for passing the bill through the House, and spoke directly to the members of Congress who voted for it. "I know this wasn't an easy vote for people, but it was the right vote," he said. "This is what change looks like."  (Photo source: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images.)
Progressive Democrats lead by Pelosi parade after having convinced Mark "Stupid" (D-MI) their faux promise taxpayer funds wouldn't be used to pay for abortions of progressive women.

Obama had already believed students who got federal loans from the government should serve their country as part of the payback, meaning 100% by kicking the private sector out of the student loan business to accomplish his goal. Congress said passing the bill was only about cost savings, but when has this administration saved anything?

And of course, like our military, these kids would come from the lower middle or lower classes of American families, wealth families putting their kids through college without student loans and therefore allowing them to avoid having to serve annually in Obama's civilian domestic workforce.

We may never know the real language Obama's regulator Czars would had slipped into the student loan bill that could have forced students to serve the government in the field for several months each year in exchange for a fed-only student loan. The opportunithy to nudge students into Obama administration's socialist agenda. The payback could go so far as to having them knock on doors to see who supported Obama and who didn't, not unlike the youth programs instituted in Germany in the early 1930s to find out what mom and dad were saying around the family dinner table.

But Americans had little information to what Obama's regulators had slipped into the 2000-plus pages of the Obama healthcare bill, several conservative members of Congress not discovering some of the language until over a year after its passage, tens of billions of taxpayer dollars had been buried in the bill. One regulation gave the head of the oxymoron, Department of Health and Human Services, unlimited financial resources.

At least that's what the 2009 Democrat House had tried to do around Christmas of that year, silently burying the new student loan bill under the 2,000-plus pages of the Healthcare bill hoping no one would notice. And it worked.

And you thought Nixon was only capable of dirty tricks!

Thankfully, the Senate never bought into it, keeping Obama from signing it into law with his already signed H.R. 1388.

But now Obama has taken his student loan bill and instead made it a provision of his huge 2000-plus page Healthcare Bill, signing the provision into law on March 30, 2010 as Democrats smiled with joy in the background.
Two years ago I created a Civilian National Security Force Web page while Obama was still running for the office of president. I was warning my surfers of Obama's heinous goal to hopefully establish a nationalized civilian work force and how it would help force his agenda on populations in America city by city . . . town by town.  I thought I would be considered way “off the wall” . . . a nut, for saying it. 

But seeing what went on in the passage of the Obama healthcare bill over a year after its passage, the language in the student loan bill could have been damning to push a socialist agenda on America using her young as the messenger. It is why Obama has been forced to hold back on his civilian work force during his years in office. 

Obama wanted to give these students taxpayer money for stipends to live in communities across America during the summer where they would work to promote Obama's programs to local citizens in thousands of cities across America, large and small, to complete his fundamental change to America.  They could also do stealth programs as mentioned such as going door-to-door for surveys, reporting where opposition to Obama was by address. It's not that they would or could. It was that when Obama does one thing, you better watch what the other hand is doing. Here is what was on the Web when this was written.

Atlas Shrugs report March 12, 2010

Modern Brown Shirts

Of course if you were one of these poorer students and you don't want to do what you're told by an Obama field commander, you will probably become disqualified for more money.  So the pressure to obey would have been huge, just as it is today in far-left universities if young students don't follow the progressive professor's Marxist ideology. 

Too often I have heard students defended by Christian organizations because they had dared to talk about their faith or conservative views in class, then failed or threatened to be failed. This meant you could also be labeled on campus and experience problems graduating from that university. It is also why the ACLU Marxist's progressive membership has been after the Boy Scouts to drop their belief in a deity, successfully seducing the nation's once proud Girl Scouts organization with their feminist progressive agenda. However soon it will be no longer debateable because it will all come true under a growing socialist society more worried about gender then freedom.


"A Civilian National Security Force."

German Youth Movement

Remembering The Real Beginning of the German Youth Movement

Germany's Youth Movement did not start in the 1920s. It started 20 years earlier for change.

Building a national civilian security force has been done before.   But have you forgotten the dedication to their fifth column mentors, telling them what friends, neighbors, and even family members had said in confidence?
Original poster source -

Before the Nazi Party was founded, a strong youth movement already existed in Germany. It began in the 1890s and was known as the Wandervögel, a male-only movement featuring a back-to-nature theme.

Wandervögel members had an idealistic, romantic notion of the past, yearning for simpler days when people lived off the land. They rejected the modern, big city era and took a dim view of its predecessor, the industrial revolution, which had been started by their fathers and grandfathers. They scorned greed and materialism, and the new emerging corporate mentality. They found strict German schooling oppressive and rejected parental authority. They saw hypocrisy in politics and the social class system of Kaiser Wilhelm's Germany, which was based entirely on birth and accumulated wealth.

Instead, they longed for a Jugendkultur, a culture of youth led by youth, in which they would be truly valued. They wanted something greater to believe in than the values of their parents.

Wandervögel members distinguished themselves by wearing shorts and hiking boots rather than the starched shirts and creased trousers of the middle class. They delighted in rediscovering nature without any modern conveniences, traveling on hikes and sleeping out under the stars. They sang old German folk songs around the campfire and also developed a custom of greeting each other by saying "Heil."

This youth movement grew rapidly from 1900 to 1914, attracting the attention and grudging admiration of the mainstream political and religious establishment in Germany, which soon created its own competing youth groups, borrowing the back-to-nature theme and other ideas from the Wandervögel.

The Catholic Youth Organization, the Boy Scouts, along with a variety of political, religious, para-military, and sports groups sprang up, organized so that youth was indeed led by youth, with the leader being just a few years older than the boys he led . . . read more

Source: The History Place

The Cult of Obama

This national day of service will fall on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 19, 2009 and, unlike past calls to service, President-elect Obama is calling on all Americans to do more than just offer a single day of service to their cities, towns and neighborhoods.  He is asking all of us to make an ongoing commitment to our communities. Never has it been more important to come together in shared purpose to tackle the common challenges we face.


You need to be reminded again and again that the student loan bill was to be attached to the healthcare bill so it would fly through Congress under the radar like one of our stealth aircraft.  It would have had all eyes off the objective of only the government being allowed to give out loans for advanced education in America, with all the energy for an investigation into the language sucked out of the air by the huge healthcare debate. 
In the Civilian Force Web page URL embedded at the top of this writing, I had referred to Obama's civilian work force as “America's Brown Shirts.”  With healthcare and student loans dictated ONLY by government, along with the take over of banks, Obama's administration and his radicals would have been able dictate daily life of all citizens leading later to such things as not only what they will be allowed to eat but more importantly what others would be allowed to say when serving in Obama's domestic work force.
The country would still have looked like America after all these laws had passed, but it would have been a Communist America. Looking at just the healthcare bill that did pass, I'm not far off the mark. Obama and his Democrats have been very slick in the way they have handled turning America into a socialist country, or in other words as Obama had said days before the election, "To fundamentally change America." Sadly almost no one in the media had asked the more important question, "fundamentally changing America into what?"

And this continued takeover by Obama is happening without a shot being fired. And it will continue if not shut down in its tracks by our Supreme Court.  All Obama needs to do is to successfully step on the part of the Constitution that gives you your rights under God. That directive is already foreshadowed by words from Chuck Schumer, a United State Senator who is well represented by ultra-liberal progressive voters in New York State that want to control your liberties.

In fact by doing this, Senator Schumer may have broken his owen oath of office to protect the Constitution and therefore should be removed office.   But he wouldn't be. The only thing left in the way of Obama and his Democrats taking away your individual freedoms is a Supreme Court with nine people separating you from your freedoms, four of those already progressives sitting on the far left.  One writer from the American Thinker has even challenged this in an article titled, Does the Supreme Court Still Sit?

Source: YouTube

Please remember Obama is a Harvard graduate who said doctors wanted to make more money by cutting off the feet of their patients while progressive Democrats in the audience cheered.  And Obama also said that doctors would take out tonsils to make more money rather than provide medicine.

The mainstream media had accepted the statement without challenge! Yet even illegal aliens know a family doctor doesn't do major surgery.  And Obama said his healthcare bill would save small businesses 3000% while all the little Democrats in the audience cheered again, Obama's people later correcting it by saying the Harvard graduate really meant to say $3,000. 

Someone had asked me if Harvard had passed Obama to get him out of the university, Obama on the campaign trail talking about being in America's 57 states with one left and then recent misspelling a basketball team's city name. I then read later that the Caterpillar Corporation says its healthcare costs will go up one-million dollars if the healthcare bill was to pass.  Gee, that’s not a savings of $3,000.

And don't forget Obama said that seniors should take pain pills instead of bleeding the medical system, and in this case no one in the crowd still said a peep. 

Hitler had told his population something similar about the value of people's lives, that Jews were less than human and the cause for Germany's problems.  And no one said a peep either, that is if they wanted to live. 
Now look at the real purpose of the so-called healthcare bill.  It will create 16,000 new jobs. But those jobs will be added to the IRS in the public sector to watch over the shoulders of 300 million Americans to be sure everyone has Obama health insurance.  Everyone! Even illegal aliens, Obama would re-identify as Documented Workers, getting them ready a new Democrat voters for the next presidential election, their very existance by the numbers in states affecting the electorial college.   Those that don't will be fined at least 2% of their income by the IRS or could even lose their refunds, which goes up to $2,200 a family annually by 2016. This is while the bill says illegal aliens shall not be fined!  How nice for the illegals, the ones the Democrats want for their next voting block.

 Roman Catholic who supports abortion rights, Sebelius' nomination prompted angry reactions from anti-abortion groups outraged by her ties to Dr. George Tiller, a late-term abortion provider in Wichita, Kan. Groups including Operation Rescue and Concerned Women for America vowed to mobilize against her nomination. The American Life League said it was rolling out a "STOP Sebelius" petition and asking other anti-abortion groups to join. ( Photo source:
The Kiss of Death for the Unborn!

And the IRS will also be sharing private information with the government's Health and Human Services, a department run by the former Kansas governor who received top dollar from the former abortion king, Tiller, Tiller when alive even being invited to the Kansas state mansion.   I even read with this healthcare bill taxes are going up including capital gains by 60%. And profits in selling your home will even be taxed to help pay for this monstrosity.  It means seniors who live off of their smart investments will have their annual tax bill increased, their being on a fixed income so the loss can't be make up somewhere else.  And ironically it was candidate Obama who had promised seniors a tax cut to get their votes. As soon as elected Obama forgot he had even made the promise, his AARP helping to be sure seniors would forget, too.

What is that saying by Islamists that election promises by their candidates running for office are as if an Egyptian clearance sale? Washington is no longer a place where America is legislated from.  It is a place where America is controlled from. 

It has been taken over by the far left progressives of the Democrat Party, doing whatever is necessary to not only gain power but to keep power through creating new laws that have massive control over populations, not unlike what the UN is attemping with its Agenda 21.  All they need to do to keep their plan in motion is to begin to also control the Internet. 
And that may be next. 

I sent a news story out to my e-mail list that was critical to this.  It was about the new government of New Zealand controlling what its population would be allowed to view on the Internet.  PrisonPlanet Web site had discovered the scheme, reporting that many viewers of the Web site in New Zealand had complained that suddenly they could no longer view the PrisonPlanet site.  Finally a week later it could be viewed but only after many complaints. 

A front line Conservative radio host located in California.

So when a conservative Internet radio show such as the Jimmy Z Show goes over what the government calls a "line," those sites can suddenly go missing from Google or other search engines.  It is the reason I will not use an online storage for my content, knowing a corrupt government or paid hacker could raid that content anytime it wanted with the provider saying nothing.  Just read my Blackballed page to see what happened to Freedom is Knowledge several years ago when I wrote something to a Google manager he didn't like.

What do you think happened to the Chinese a few years back when Google censored the Internet for the Chinese people as directed by their government?  Later Google said that had not been a good decision.  I had asked why was it even allowed in the first place by a company with a mission statement that claimed it would (cough) "Do No Harm?"

White House to fly Red Chinese flag.

Yet it was Obama who raised the Communist Chinese Flag on a nearby lawn of our White House to celebrate Communist China's 60th year of having murdered over 50-million Chinese up to 1949 to gain control of the population.
And to this end with Google creating new technologies that is able to track you where you are if you turn on a feature, recording every keystroke to note intentions. Progressives had intimidate anyone who was concerned about this privacy issue that was destroying one of Google's marketing features, saying, "What’s wrong.  Are you doing something we shouldn't see?  I had titled the story "Revelations, Start Your Engine!"

Equally confusing is the fact that the rate of change of methane levels has declined over the last 24 years, while progressives went after cattleman and said nothing about the cows of India.
Result of the progressive's fear mongering on faux climate change

This is just a sign of what free governments are now saying around the world in the name of ugly political correctness, "We no longer have to worry about our people.  We can do what we want for control in the name of what is best for the globe. And only we know what that is, not you."  Therefore the very next big control coming after healthcare will be a faux climate change and maybe another attempt for a student loan fed-only bill, this one stuck instead as an addition to healthcare.

But as of March 2010 Obama got his way before the November 2010 elections, instead of passing a bill that failed with the healthcare bill in late 2009, he added the student loan changes to the healthcare bill itself in March of 2010. Did any conservative in Congress read the fine print? Did the media investigate the potential benefits to the Democrat Party in an election?
As of this writing Obama still has his first term to get more laws and their regulations into place.  But a friend caught something Obama said on his interview with Bret Baier on FOX the week of March 14, 2010, that I had missed and I guess everyone else did, too.  Obama had mentioned completing all his objectives by "my second term.”

Obama's election was the result of a perfect storm where the progressives owned a corrupt media that had refused to report on Obama's long history of radical connections and what these radicals wanted to do to America to destroy its Christian base. Think I'm wrong? Locally in nearby Asheville, NC, a city councilman now wants all conservative Democrats to resign from the Democrat party. This is what happens when voters elect a Marxist into office under the faux call for diversity, this one getting in when only 14% of the voters showed up at the city-wide booths.

The Obama/Soetoro Dossier.

I had completed a lot of research into who Obama was in 2008, stunned the Democrats had picked this Marxist/socialist to run their party until I realized the Democrat Party was no longer the party of JFK.  But I recently did come across this video that literally place almost everything I had found into a seven-minute stunning summary of who sits in our White House today.

If you still don't understand what Obama is doing to the nation, check out my Web page with simple instructions on how to capture wild pigs.  It's easier than you would think when you understand the technique only Obama's and Hillary's Saul Alinsky would have taught.

At the top of the center column of my Web site I have a question that simply asks, "Want to know what it was like living in Germany in the late 1920s And the answer is, "Just step outside your door!"

Obama Voters - "Oh God, he's going to pay my gas and mortgage!"

"The darkest hour in any man's life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it!" - Horace Greeley - Bits & Pieces

U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area.


FOX Turns On Wilders, shows influence of major Islamic investor


Great read about our America History

In this book, discover the 28 Principles of Freedom our Founding Fathers said must be understood and perpetuated by every people who desire peace, prosperity, and freedom. Learn how adherence to these beliefs during the past 200 years has brought about more progress than was made in the previous 5000 years.




2012 Update

Today, January 12th, 2012, it was revealed by "Now The End Begins" that Obama had launched an effort to fill a FEMA YOUTH CORPS DIVISION claimed for disaster relief four months ago.

Do you remember an organization called AmeriCorps during Obama's 2008 election? It's been active since Obama was elected in 2008. The FEMA Youth Corps is just a very tiny tip of Obama's desire for a nationwide Civilian National Security Force. As candidate for president, he said he wanted the effort to have funding equal to the U.S. Military.

The article from "Now The End Begins" reads:

"Established as a new unit within the existing AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), FEMA Corps engages young adults ages 18 to 24 to provide ten months of full-time service on disaster response and recovery projects. Members will be deployed to assignments ranging from working directly with disaster survivors to supporting disaster recovery centers to sharing disaster response and mitigation information with the public."

It goes on to report:

"At today’s induction ceremony, members of the inaugural FEMA Corps class took the AmeriCorps pledge to “get things done for America” and heard from agency leaders about the important work that lies ahead. FEMA Deputy Administrator Richard Serino and CNCS CEO Wendy Spencer were on hand to welcome the members and thank them for their commitment to service."

"FEMA Corps members will be based out of five AmeriCorps NCCC campuses across the country: Sacramento, Calif.; Denver, Colo.; Vinton, Iowa; Perry Point, Md.; and, Vicksburg, Miss. The program will engage 1,600 members annually when fully operational next year." . . . Read More

This Announcement came from FEMA in a press release in September of 2012, conservative Internet media finally picking up on it. FEMA reported then, "After completing 1,700 hour of service, FEMA Corps members will receive a $5,550 Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to pay for tuition or pay student loans."

On the site, FEMA acknowledges Obama's objective when running in 2008 for a Civilian National Security Force. It writes:

The Corporation for National and Community Service [CNCS] is a federal agency that engages more than five million Americans in service through its Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, Social Innovation Fund, and other programs, and leads President Obama's national call to service initiative, United We Serve . . . Read More



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How The 2008 Obama Campaign Saw Patriotic Symbols.

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Obama's Brown Shirts In 2015

And Now It's Seven Years Later. And After "OWS" And "Hand's Up Don't Shoot," Obama's Brown Shirts Have Come To Life
"Throngs of protesters converged around fellow students who had not joined in their long march. They confronted students who bore 'symbols of oppression': 'gangster hats' and Beats-brand headphones. The flood of demonstrators self-consciously overstepped every boundary, opening the doors of study spaces with students reviewing for exams. Those who tried to close their doors were harassed further. One student abandoned the study room and ran out of the library. The protesters followed her out of the library, shouting obscenities the whole way." - TruthRevolt - Video: URL

Georgia Student Speaks Out Against Obama's BlackLivesMatter. The Fascist Group Gets Her Fired From Her Job. - IJReview









"Freedom is Knowledge"