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Bill O'Reilly and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell debate Louis Farrakhan's "White Right" speech. During his speech, Farrakhan said, "The white right is trying to set Barack up to be assassinated." He also said, "There are Christians praying for God to kill Barack Obama."


I was troubled watching you on O'Reilly on March 2, 2010, sad to see you seem to have eaten the spin that whites are somehow bad people as looked upon by Louis Farrakhan, as if Chinese, Puerto Ricans, and others didn't also have trouble making it in America.  Yet today these people have merged into the American society with great success, as well as many blacks and why America is called a melting pot and not a salad bowl.

It is why my wife and I respect brave Americans such as Lt. Col West and not opportunists like Barack Obama.  How Lech Walesa and Barack Obama can have the same Nobel Peace Prize is beyond us, Lech for putting his life on the line for freedom in Poland while Barack got it for what he might do in the future.  The fact Obama actual accepted the award knowing it had represented nothing he had done to date like Lech Walesa had achieved shows Obama's true character of being an opportunist.

If you remember some outlets on the far-left press that had promoted Obama as the "one" had also reported blacks were left to die by the Bush administration during Hurricane Katrina.   But it was the director of the National Hurricane Center who contacted the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana two days prior to a Katrina landfall that the storm could be very serious and that they needed to take action.

The following day President Bush was also contacted by the director, Bush declaring a state of emergency for Louisiana as soon as the governor had contacted him with the request. The mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, also had the ability to arrange the poor to be driven out of harm's way in hundreds of school buses to safety.  Yet Nagin incorrectly thought Katrina was just another storm, later leaving flooded out blacks in the dome while he settled his family to Houston.

What can you expect from a cable executive.  But after leaving all those poor in the water, the same voters elected him to "lead" again, whatever that meant.

The press had gone nuts in New Orleans, putting down a Republican president by saying blacks were eating their dead, sharks were swimming through streets filled with water, and women were being raped without mercy in the dome. 

Yet these claims turned out to be lies, the media dogs jumping through hoops for ratings. Then after taking a dump on the facts, they left the city. 

Many people have no idea this same media would not report nationally on the Vietnamese who also lived in New Orleans and had to deal with the same Hurricane, poor fisherman and others that never asked for any help or handouts from the U.S., their having their stuff together with families not waiting someone else to do it for them.  

I read the accounts of a Vietnamese grandmother outside of the mainstream media, seeming to remember her past in Viet Nam saying Katrina was only a pimple on her side.  An amazing statement and stories too many in the mainstream media had nationally flushed down their toilet during the hurricane in favor of sharks stalking the streets of New Orleans, which made better press, you know if it bleeds it leads. They seemed to ignore the Vietnamese nationally because they didn't have the story the media wanted to report.  However the Vietnamese have since well adapted to American life.

So who are we to complain about Obama?

My wife and I are retired from the northeast.  She was raised in Wyoming by a father who worked on the railroad.  I was raised by a father from Swedish immigrants.  My grandparent's lived in servant's quarters of estates in New York State where I was raised as a child, my grandparents helping to take care of me as my father fought on Okinawa in WWII.  My grandparents never talked about blacks, raised in Sweden where is wasn't an issue. 

I had worked in a Fortune 100 company as a middle manager hiring people that included those of color, one man moving up from my department to corporate responsibility while another had asked me to speak at her church when her husband died, and was honored to do so. 

Complete book of lists of African-Americans who have contributed to the success of their country.

When my wife was an acquisitions editor for a national publisher of education materials, she brought in a book of lists for teachers called the African American Heritage, (no longer available in a spiral bound format.) 

At the time the book was being developed I lost her for a whole summer while she helped the authors to finish the book, their filling it with much information on what blacks had contributed to America.  She was even able to contact Dr. Ben Carson to write a forward. 

I had accidentally seen a show on television on Ben Carson while living in near New York City, hearing about his amazing mother and how a knife breaking in a belt buckle saved his life to later become a world renowned surgeon.  It was one of the most inspiring stories I had ever heard. 

So that is who we are.

As you can see we don't like Obama, his character, or his values. We see him as an emperor without clothes trying to indoctrinate our children from the influence of all the radicals he had hung around all his life, including the violent SDS.  While we don't trust him, we don't wish any harm either.

But we know if anyone is that nuts to try something, it will come from someone furious with Obama on the left, similar to the suicide pilot who drove a small plane into an IRS building or the Alabama Harvard graduate who killed three professors.  The media tried to tie these nuts to tea party members, until it was discovered the suicide pilot hated government along with organized religion, the far-left media like MSNBC drumming hate into people like this day after day after day. 

Then suddenly the media shut up when these crazies were discovered to be liberals, the media seeming to look for sharks swimming in the streets again to distract from the truth.   

There are many blacks my wife and I greatly respect, such as Lt. Col. West who could have as president brought together the United States under the values he had stood for in the military.  Lt. Col. West would not have brought in Czars, as Obama has done.

And we have met Tim Johnson several times, former military and one who now serves at the state level for the Republican Party of North Carolina, a man filled with character and conviction.

Tim is not a man like Obama, who would not admit his business relationship with radicals like Ayers. I had discovered before the election in my research that Obama had distributed millions of dollars in an organization where Ayers was responsible for writing the entire program development curriculum.  

And Obama had said as president doctors made more money taking out tonsils instead of giving out medicine, while even illegal aliens understand that a family doctor is not the surgeon.  Obama as president also said a doctor would rather cut off the feet than give medicine to another human being.   This is a man who reports he graduated from Harvard, a college that has strayed far from the America values that formed its original core. Yet no one in the corrupt Democrat Congress peeped a word about his lies.

Obama had even said in public that the Cambridge police were out of line without his checking into the facts first, Obama instantly protecting a professor who had donated to his campaign.  And he said America was not a Christian nation while denying his Muslims ties, even praying with Muslims in Washington DC while at the same time refusing to attend a Christian prayer breakfast. 

Obama said he believed in Christ.  But I discovered the Christ he said he believed in was from a religion that was developed in Ethiopia over colonialism; that this Christ coming back was not about saving souls but to avenge the blacks against the whites.  I understand there is even PhD. classes taught on this at black colleges, the movement called Black Liberation Theology.

And most disturbing, Obama had bowed down to others as the President of the United States, the most recent to the mayor of Tampa, Florida.  Yet no one in the media dared to ask why!  But I believe it was because the mayor gave the Muslim organization CAIR a day of their own in the City of Tampa in 2008, Obama bowed acknowledging the Muslim ties. Again the media was moot that CAIR had been involved in fund raising for terrorist organizations overseas.

In choosing Barack Obama, blacks had picked a Kenyan-raised man who grew up around Muslims in Indonesia and then around SDS radicals at a Unitarian church in Hawaii as a teen. So he really was not familiar with the United States of America and all its traditions, and probably why in 2007 he saw no reason to put his hand over his heart during the playing of the national anthem at a Democrat fund raiser in Iowa. .  

His grandmother stayed with him and raised him with effort and money, yet he called her a "typical white person" or a racist, the words typical white person as offensive to me as a typical black person would be to you.  There were so many black heroes out there to chose from, yet ignored by the community because Obama promised blacks free money.

My wife and I see Obama almost as if a child being given the keys to the U.S. treasury by the Democrat Party, seeming to want to bankrupt the United States under the concept of Social Justice.  That was a term used by Nazis in the 1930 in America as an excuse to try to take over the nation.  80 years later the Communist call for social justice is back, this time under the Obama administration.

This is not about color or race.  It is about a president who has gathered communist sympathizers around him along with people who have agendas our grandparents would have ran from or fought against giving their lives if necessary.

However there are consequences for bad behavior. Someone said to me the other day, which I had not even thought about, that Obama's radical connections, nutty remarks, and bowing as president to just mayors could cause Americans to not vote for another black man as president for the next 30 years!

But as I had said, if Lt. Col. West had been the black candidate, the first black president would probably be a hero today instead of looking like Obama, a puppet propped up by a Soros, the SEIU, or ACORN, one who has admitted he loved hanging around radicals and ones we know today hate America's success in creating the strongest middle class in the world.  

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