How a Lie Always Evolves into the Truth


Did the elderly and self-promoting host of CBS Evening News, Dan Rather, as well as most of America's elite media, really forget that a lie always evolves to the truth? You can bet money on it.

You must surely remember this sequence of events the media reported to you during those wretched times:

  First Hillary cried on NBC, "It was a right-wing conspiracy."
  Then it evolved to, "I didn't have sex with that woman."
  Follow by, "It depends on what is, is."
  The lie evolved to its high point when professional journalists like Rather adopt the Democrat party's talking points as their own, vomiting the acid agenda to all Americans that in the end it really wasn't a big deal because, "It was only about sex."

It wasn't about being a role model. It wasn't about whitewashing the important of the office of presidency. It wasn't about the abuse of power over a government employee. It wasn't about spreading a lie to discredit those who knew the truth to ruin their lives, which the corrupt American media gladly assisted with. In the end, the media told a nation . . .

"Don't be concerned. It was only about sex. Go back to grazing in your field of clover."

As the months dragged on, the media would have a field day with Clinton's impeachment, movie stars reflecting Alex Baldwin's outrageous statement that "Congressman Henry Hide's family should be stoned to death." The statement reflected how a so-called educated American male can become a walking idiot when moving into Hollywood circles, evolving from dumb to dumber.

Years later the truth would come out but only when it was safe to tell, Clinton writing it in his book about his presidency and basically saying it all had been a rouge.

We finally saw into the heart of this president and into the heart of a nation that went along with him. The reason for it all was now crystal clear and one that is as old as the pyramids.

"I did it because I could."



And what of Juanita Broaddrick?


Maybe not so funny, eh?

Ever had this many people die around you and not be a cop, fireman, mortuary manager, mortician, minister, disaster investigator, race car driver, or sky diver?

Even when the truth is exposed from all those e-mails that were running around a decade ago about people dying around Bill Clinton, the list is now even more impressive and overwhelming, looking at it in perspective ten years later.

For instance, of the 21-confirmed and investigated deaths, ALL WERE PROVEN WITHOUT A DOUBT AS VIOLENT OR SUICIDES, except for two that were heart attacks . . . which we all know can be caused or aggravated by external forces. That statistic is just so far out from the norm, leaving out all deaths caused by a variety of cancers, strokes, infections, other mortal diseases, pregnancies, and inner-family attacks, we are now more suspicious than ever about how these people died and the kinds of deaths that crossed their paths.

Sorry for the pun, but the list might have been more true than an 'accident.' We wonder if his post-reaction to the Monica event that 'he did it because he could,' puts a whole new spin on the deaths of these human beings, along with taking in the account of Juanita Broderick's allegation, which has yet to be resolved.

And because people around presidents tend to be more affluent, in other words taking better care of their bodies and out of everyday harm's way, it adds even more to the mystery.

Old sayings are more from truth than fiction, and why we like the one that says, 'If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck . . . ,' well you know the rest. Even our friend 'Murphy' would have trouble with this one.

Having watched all those suits surround Clinton in the photo on the White House lawn, on the day his impeachment died, was a very disturbing picture, almost as if a rite of passage had occurred. From that point on until today, the Democrat Party's Leadership is evolving to the dark-side for their values and standards.

For instance, their first allegiance seems obviously to the Democrat Party, then political correctness, secularism, money, ego, status, sex, followed by country, ethics, family, and finally values as a caboose, if it applies at all as they redefine this word in their daily talking points.

To even consider adding worship of a religion or a deity to the above list would be an oxymoron or laughable, especially with an organization that is going out of its way to reach out and touch some kind of new throne of evil.

The Democrats said the impeachment was only about sex, yet today our young have followed Clinton's role model to the point the CDC is now reporting one out of every two of our young adults will have an STD by age 25.

What an upside-down world from the days of John, Robert, and Martin Luther.

You can't make this stuff up.


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